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William Bryant Barlow and Nancy Herrington /Harrington

Bryant Barlow descendants, 2002

Descendants of William Bryant Barlow at family reunion 2002, Copiah Co Mississippi
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BRYANT / BRIANT BARLOW was born c1791 in North Carolina, and died between 1850 and 1860, probably in Perry Co Mississippi

He married NANCY HARRINGTON / HERRINGTON c1814.  She was born c1801, either in Georgia or South Carolina, and died after 1870, probably in Jones Co Mississippi.   Nancy had always been suspected to be a Herrington, but it was proven when we recieved the death certificate of son, Darling, though the spelling was Harrington.
I have yet to see any documents showing his name to be William, that name comes from family.  The William is thought to be the name of John's father, and following naming practices of the time, the first born son is named for him.  All records found shows him to be Bryant.  Bryant is thought by family members to be Lydia's maiden name, but no proof has ever been found of her maiden name.
Bryan Barlow, 1820 Covington Co Mississippi, pg 50
1 male 16-18   1 male 16-26    Bryant    1 female 16-26   wife, Nancy    4 females under 10

I believe the male age 16-18 is Henry, his brother.   He is not listed in a census as a head of household and does not appear to be in his parents household either, so I think this must  be him.  This couldn't possibly be a child of Bryant and Nancy, as they would have been at the most 10 years old at the time of birth even if he was only 16.

If it is not Henry, then where is he?  It is not until 1830 that Henry is shown as head of household, now in Simpson Co Mississippi with a wife and 6 children, all under the age of 10.
Briant Barlow, 1830 No Twp, Perry Co Mississippi   pg 149
3 males under 10  1 male 40-60

3 females under 10   4 females 10-20   1 female 20-40
Briant Barlow, 1840 Perry Co Mississippi, pg 174
1 male under 5   1 male 5-10   1 male 10-15    2 males 15-20   1 male 40-50

1 female under 5   2 females 5-10   2 females 20-30   1 female 40-50
1850 Perry Co Mississippi, pg 376  #88, value of property $500
Bryant Barlow, age 59, born in NC, Nancy, 49, NC, Joyce, age 20, MS, Christopher, age 18, MS, Rebecca, age 16, MS, Bryant, age 14, MS, Nancy, age 12, MS, and Darling, age 9, MS
In 1860, Nancy is living with son Henry     
In 1870, Nancy is living with daughter Elizabeth
July 2014: Gary Barlow writes: I will mention that I refer to him as Briant and to his son as Bryant P.S. to keep them straight in my head and papers. I know tax collectors, census takers and land agents spelled it both with an "i" and a "y" throughout his life, but in the only document I've seen that was signed by him personally, the "Separate Answer of Briant Barlow to the Bill of Complaint of Patsy Myrick" in 1840, he signed it "Briant Barlow." Like I said, that just makes it easier for me.
We know, of course, that Briant was in the 1850 U.S. Census but in the 1860 U.S. Census he was not listed and his wife Nancy was living with their son Henry. I recently found that the Mississippi Department of Archives has scanned and put online a great many county tax rolls from the 1800s (http://mdah.state.ms.us/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/), so I have been going through those and have found what I believe is solid evidence that Briant was alive in 1859. Further, I have gone back over some copies I made a couple years ago of two entries referencing Briant that I found in old deed books in the Jones County Courthouse in Ellisville and now believe, in conjunction with the tax records, those show that Briant passed away sometime between late 1859 and late 1860. First, the tax rolls. Briant was apparently alive in 1859 because there is a Perry County Tax Roll for that year, and he is listed. It doesn't show acreage but it does say that Briant owned 63 cattle and paid $43 in state taxes. His son Bryant P.S. was also shown there to own one clock, paid one poll tax and paid $42.50 in state taxes. That tax roll is dated
Nov. 16, 1859. I believe Briant did not pay a poll tax that year in Perry County because I think he and Nancy had moved to a home in Jones County. Briant's property in Perry County was on the county line, near the present-day intersection of Macedonia and Morriston Roads. I have driven through that property many times and there is nothing to indicate when you pass from Perry County into Jones County. Jones County tax rolls
from the 1850s do show that Briant had purchased additional property in Jones County by then and the Section and Township numbers show that it
was adjacent to the Perry County property where he and Nancy had lived for decades.
In 1854 there are three listings for Bryant Barlow in the Jones County Tax Roll. While it is possible that one or all of these could have been Bryant P.S., I doubt that, as Bryant P.S. would have only been 18 and those properties add up to 560 acres. Further, we know that Bryant P.S. owned the above-mentioned Perry County property in 1859, shortly after he had started a family with his wife Ellen. At any rate, I know at least one of the 1854 Jones County properties was Briant's, which I will get to in a moment.In addition, there is a combined tax roll for Jones County for 1857-1860, with additions for 1861. For some reason they don't break down the taxes by year. It seems perhaps they had been a bit lax with submitting their records to the state for several years and just caught it all up with this combined tax roll. But they again show three properties owned by Bryant Barlow and one by B. Barlow. These are in the same Sections as the 1854 properties. They also, by the way, show properties owned by Henry Barlow and Wolf Hair. So, as I mentioned, I had copied a couple of entries in old Jones County deed books at Ellisville. One just shows a Bryant Barlow purchasing property in Jones County in 1857. I believe that could account for the fourth property in the 1857-1860 Jones County tax rolls (as opposed to just three in 1854). But the other entry had really baffled me, though I just filed it away and hadn't gotten back to trying to figure out what it meant. Dated May 31, 1861, it starts out, “Know all men by these (unreadable word) that I Bryant Barlow being moved by natural love and affection for my wife Nancy Barlow do hereby give and deliver to her a certain piece and parcel of land lying and being in the County of Jones and State of Mississippi (to wit) SW 1/4 S. 23 T. 6 & R. 12 containing 160 acres and 25/100.” It goes on to say that this land is to belong to her for her “natural life” and then to go to his son Christopher C. Barlow and his heirs. It further said it was signed in the presence of John Gillander and Elizabeth Hair. I know from the tax rolls that Gillander was a neighbor and that you believe Gillander was married to Briant's daughter Phoebe, and we know Elizabeth was Briant's daughter.
That is followed by another separate paragraph stating that “Personally appeared before me the undersigned probate judge in and for the county and state aforesaid Bryant Barlow who acknowledged that he signed sealed and delivered the written deed for the use and purposes expressed.” It is then dated May 31, 1861, and signed by William Hood, Judge, with a hand-drawn symbol that appears to say “seal”. Thit deed book entry, by
the way, was a transcription, done by the same clerk who hand-wrote all the other deed book entries on the pages before and after it. It baffled me because we know Briant wasn't in the 1860 census and Nancy was living with Henry, with Briant presumed to be dead. Further, I thought when I first saw it that it reads like a will. So I did a little research this past week and found that such wills deeding property were commonly just entered verbatim into deed books in the South as evidence of transfer of ownership of property. Further, the property Briant gave Nancy in this entry matches up with one of the Jones County properties he paid taxes on in 1854 and 1857-1860. I also looked up the 1860 U.S. Census and found that it was conducted throughout the U.S. from June 1, 1860 to Dec. 1, 1860. So, given all of this, here's what I think happened. I believe, one, Briant and Nancy were by the mid-1850s living on the Jones County property he gave Nancy. It just makes sense that he would have given her the property where they had a home. Unfortunately, unlike the Perry County tax rolls, the Jones County rolls don't list poll taxes. But I think Briant didn't pay a poll tax in 1859 in Perry County because his home wasn't there. Two, I think Briant died some time after late 1859, as he was certainly alive to pay his taxes on the Perry County property late that year. And, three, I think he did indeed die before the U.S. Census was taken in the second half of 1860. I believe the entry in the deed book in which his gift of property to Nancy was recorded in May 1861 was done once Nancy and the family completed the probate process, which would have taken some time even if there were no loose ends. And I doubt that there were. I think this gift of property to Nancy was done by Briant precisely because of his bad experience dealing with his father's estate. I'm guessing, being in his late 60s, he wanted to make sure Nancy was taken care of when he died and that there would be no questions about his estate. I am hopeful I'll soon be able to find out even more. I'm planning a trip to Mississippi in a month or so and will visit the Ellisville courthouse again. The State Archives website shows that in recent years they have completed an inventory of records in county courthouses throughout the state and those records are now listed on the website. One record they list as being in the Ellisville courthouse is "Administrators, Executors and Guardians Settlements, July 1859 to April 1880." Hopefully, there will be details about Briant's probate settlement in there, perhaps even a date of death.

I looked at the Simpson County records of the 1850 Mississippi Agricultural Census, which attempted to detail what each farmer owned and produced for the previous year. Listed were Green W. Barlow and Norvel Barlow.
Here are the details for Green Barlow: 100 acres improved, 200 acres unimproved, $600 value; machinery valued at $125; 5 horses, 1 mule, 12 milk cows, 2 oxen, 20 other cattle, 4 sheep, 40 swine, total value of livestock: $765; 500 bushels of corn, 50 bushels oats, 14 bales cotton, 6 pounds wool, 100 bushels peas and beans, 100 bushels Irish potatoes, 200 bushels sweet potatoes, 200 pounds butter, 45 pounds beeswax and honey; value of homemade manufactured goods: $132, value of livestock slaughtered: $180.
Here are the details for Norvel Barlow: 25 acres improved, 80 acres unimproved, $300 value; machinery valued at $70; 2 horses, 2 milk cows, 3 other cattle, 28 swine, value of livestock: $244; 180 bushels corn, 330 pounds rice, 3 cotton bales, 40 bushels peas and beans, 100 bushels sweet potatoes; value of homemade manufactured goods: $50; value of animals slaughtered: $40.

Here is some additional information from the Jones County Tax Rolls I've looked at on the Mississippi Department of Archives website.

For 1854:
Bryant Barlow - Section 23 & 24, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 240.75 acres, $1.25 per acres, $300.93 taxable, 48.25 cents state tax.
Bryant Barlow - Sec. 35, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 160.15 acres, $1.25 per acre, $200.18 taxable, 32 cents state tax.
Bryant Barlow - Sec. 36, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 159.88 acres, $1.25 per acre, $199.85 taxable, 32 cents state tax.
Wolf Hair - Sec. 26, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 40.11 acres, $1.25 per acre, $50.13 taxable, 8 cents state tax.
Enoch Barlow - Sec. 36, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 79.94 acres, $1.25 per acre, $99.82 taxable, 16 cents state tax.

For 1856 (labeled "additional"):
Wolf Hair - Sec. 35, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 160 taxable acres, .25 per acre, $40 taxable value, 6 cents state tax, 4 mills.

For 1857-1860, with 1861 additional (all in one book):
B. Barlow - Sec. 36, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 160 acres, $1.25 per acre, $200 taxable, 400 acres vacant land, 32 cents state tax.
Bryant Barlow - Sec. 35, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 160 acres, .62 per acre, $100 taxable, 16 cents state tax.
Bryant Barlow - Sec. 23, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 240 acres, .29 and a half per acre, $7 taxable, 12 cents state tax (I don't get this valuation
Wolf Hair - Sec. 26, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 40 acres, $1.25 per acre, $50 taxable, 8 cents state tax
Wolf Hair - Sec. 35, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 160 acres, .62 per acre, $100 taxable, 16 cents state tax.
Henry Barlow - Sec. 25, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 40 acres, $1.25 per acre, $50 taxable, 8 cents state tax.
Henry Barlow - Sec. 24, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 40 acres, $1.25 per acre, $50 taxable, 8 cents state tax.

From the Perry County Tax Rolls, 1857:
Briant Barlow - Sec. 2, Twp. 5, Range 12 - 100 acres, $2.50 per acre, $250 taxable, 40 cents tax.
Briant Barlow - Sec. 2, Twp. 5, Range 12 - 180 acres, $1.25 per acre, $217 taxable, 34.72 cents tax.
(I think this could be Briant and Bryant P.S., who was married and had his first child that year, but it's impossible to know for sure.)

I was curious as to how long Briant had owned property in Jones County so I just spent a while going back further in the Jones County tax rolls. I found the answer in the 1844 roll, in which they have a category for "Date purchased." It shows the following listing:
Bryant Barlow - Sec. 35, Twp. 1, Range 12 - 160.15 acres, purchased Feb. 12, 1818.
It also lists, in the next line, this: Norvel U. (?) - Sec. 36, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 159.88 acres, purchased Feb. 12, 1818.
In the next line, it shows this: Henry Barlow - Sec. 23, Twp. 6, Range 12 - 80.25 acres, purchased Dec. 15, 1841.
I have no idea who the "Norvel U." listing is or why it's written like that. Of course it wouldn't have been Briant's son in 1818. Click for photo of entry

Children of Bryant Barlow and Nancy Herrington are:
1.  LYDIA JANE BARLOW was born September 22, 1815, and died c1860 in Jasper Co Mississippi, She was said to be part Choctaw Indian.  If this is the case, then I suppose all of Bryant's children were part Indian, though I do not know if it is through his family, or through Nancy's, as Lydia, wife of John, is also said to be Indian.  

She married RICHARD 'LUCKY' GRANTHAM III on October 06, 1835 in Perry Co Mississippi.   The son of Richard Grantham II and Elizabeth Ammons, he was born October 06, 1811 in Robeson Co North Carolina, and died c1902 in Pleasant Hill, Sabine Parish Louisiana, burial in Zion's Rest Methodist Church Cemetery, De Soto Parish Louisiana
2.  CYNTHIA BARLOW, born c1817, and died January 28, 1899, burial in Grantham Cemetery, Jones Co Mississippi.

She married WILLIAM GRANTHAM.   The son of Richard Grantham II and Elizabeth Ammons, he was born October 17, 1808 in North Carolina, and died March 30, 1899, burial in Grantham Cemetery, Jones Co Mississippi.
3.  ELIZABETH BARLOW, born  c1818, and died between 1880-1900, probably in Jones Co Mississippi

She married 1.  WOLF HAIR c1838 in Perry Co Mississippi.   He was born c1820 in Germany, and was murdered sometime around the time of the Civil War.
by Hosea Barlow, grandson of Christoper 'Lum' Barlow, contributed by Carolyn Cole

In the days before fast transportation, merchants built camp houses in the towns for country people to stay in when they were in town as it was often many days journey from their homes to town.

Once when Great-Grandpa Bryant Barlow and some of his friends were camped in Mobile where they had gone to market stock, a teen-age boy ran into the camp house and begged them to hide him.  He said he had deserted a pirate ship and the pirates would kill him if they found him.

They hid the boy and soon pirates came hunting the boy.  The next day Great-Grandpa rolled the boy up in bedding and loaded him into the wagon.  Again the pirates came hunting him as they were on the road traveling toward Great-Grandpa's home.

The boy said that he had been on the ship for as long as he could remember.  The pirates had called him Wolf Hair.  That was the only name he had and he kept it as long as he lived.

Of course, the boy was completely ignorant of all things on land.  That was a great source of amusement and amazement to Grandpa and his brothers who were also teen-age boys.

On Sunday the boys and their friends went to the river to swim.  Not thinking, but what he was as ignorant of swimming as he was of everthing else, they jumped into the river, leaving him on the bank.

Pretty soon they heard Wolf yell, "Get out of the way.  I am going to dive."  They looked up and he had climbed a tree.  They told him, "No, no, that is not the way to dive.  Get down and come dive off this board."  He said, "No, get out of my way."  They hurried out of the way expecting Wolf to break his neck when he hit the water, but instead, he jumped out of the water as a fish sometimes jumps and he laughed at them and told them he had fallen off ships masts, been thrown into the water by pirates, and had to swim for hours before being picked up.  They quickly learned that he was at home in the water and could climb any tree.  Great-Grandpa gave Wolf a home and when he was grown, he married one of Great-Grandpa's daughters.

Although Grandpa Lum didn't like Uncle Darl and didn't seem to care much for Uncle Henry, he almost worshipped Uncle Wolf.  Someone killed Uncle Wolf just before the Civil War and the murderer was in jail awaiting trial, when all prisoners who would join the army were freed.

Grandpa meant to kill the murderer if the law didn't execute him but he was in the army and gone before Grandpa knew it.  Grandpa looked among all the soldiers he ever saw but never found the murderer.  He said the murderer must have been killed in his first battle.
Elizabeth married 2. ROBERT GEORGE JORDAN c1865.    The son of Peeples C. Jordan and Charlotte Weldon, he was born 03 Jan 1837 in Alabama, and died October 04, 1892 in Mississippi, burial in the Lee and Jordan Cemetery, Jones Co Mississippi. He married to Nancy Hall after Elizabeth's death. [Jordan Genealogy]

Elizabeth bore no children
11 September 1850,  Jones Co Mississippi  pg 04   #226/226
Wolf Hare 24 Farmer $50
Elizabeth Hare 32    

28 June 1870  Twp 6, Ellisville, Jones Co Mississippi   pg   #39/39
Robert G. Jordan 33 Farmer $160/655
Elizabeth Jordan 52 Keeps House  
Nancy Barlow 69 w/o Occupation  
Susan Grayson 13 At Home  
18 July 1860,  Jones Co Mississippi  pg 664   #39/39
Wolf Hair 31 Farmer $600/500
Elizabeth Hair 42    

__ June 1880  Beat 5, Jones Co Mississippi   pg 346  #347
Robert G. Jordan 43 Farmer **
Elizabeth Jordan 42 Wife **

< I wonder who Susan Grayson might have been.  Nancy would be the mother of Elizabeth.
4.  PHEBY BARLOW, born 23 September 1820 in Mississippi, and died 22 December 1903, burial in McGilvary Cemetery, Perry Co Mississippi [IGI]

She married DANIEL MCGILVARY c1862.   The son of Alexander McGilvary of Scotland, and Polly McCloud, he was born 01 January 1814 in North Carolina, and died 04 August 1892 in Mississippi, burial in McGilvary Cemetery, Perry Co Mississippi.  He had previously been married to Catherine McDonald, who died in 1862, burial in McGilvary Cemetery, Perry Co Mississippi. [IGI] Daniel and Catherine had several children: Angus, Flosey/Floryann, Catherine, Mary Jane, William, Alexander, Duncan, Margaret, and Daniel are known. [cenus records]

IGI information provided by Barbara J. Johnson of Tuscon Arizona.

I don't know where Pheby was during the 1850 and 1860 census.  She may also have been married prior to Daniel.  She and Daniel had no children.

I did a complete search of Jones and Perry Co Mississippi, just looking for the name Phebe, and found that in 1850, and 1860, Jones Co Mississippi, a Feeby / Phebe was married to John Gillander, but John was no longer listed in the 1870 census records.  They had no children in either census, but the age fit to be our Phebe.  You will also note that a Phebe Gillander was living in Phebe and Daniel's home in 1880.  Also, in 1880, a Bridget Gillander, niece to Columbus Barlow, was living in his home.  Columbus was a brother of Phebe Barlow. I haven't been able to find any marriage records to verify my suspicion that Phebe was first married to John Gillander.
26 June 1870  Tallihana Creek, Perry Co Mississippi  pg 6  #70/114
Daniel McGillberry 50 Farmer $600/3000
Phebie McGillberry 48 Keeps House       /300
William McGillberry 16 Farm Hand  
Alexander McGillberry 14 Farm Hand  
Duncan McGillberry 12 Farm Hand  
24-25 June 1880  Twp 5, Perry Co Mississippi   pg 329  #70/114
Daniel McGilvrey Head 56 Farmer
Phebe McGilvrey Wife 55 Keeps House
Duncan McGilvrey Son 22 Farm Hand
Daniel McGilvrey Son 17 Farm Hand
Phebe Gillander Boarder 22 w/o Occupation

14 June 1900  Beat 3, Perry Co Mississippi   pg 168  #81/81
Married 13 years / 0 children   Phebe McGilvary - widow / 0 children
James Runnels Head 36 June 1863 MS
Phebia R. Runnels Wife 41 February 1859 MS
Phebe McGilvary Aunt 79 September 1820 MS
Dan Hartley Boarder 20 October 1879 MS
George Merrick Black / Servant 19 February 1881 MS
5.  HENRY BARLOW, born c1821 and died c1885.     He married CYNTHIA STRICKLAND / SKELLY c 1868.

6.  NARVLE R. BARLOW, son of Bryant Barlow and Nancy Harrington/Herrington, was born February 15, 1823, and died March 25, 1870, burial in Barlow Cemetery, near Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi

He married ELIZABETH BYRD February 27, 1845 in Rankin Co Mississippi.
7.  ENOCH BARLOW was born c1826, and died after 1877    He married SARAH JIMMERSON c 1848.  He married 2.  NANCY M., before 1860.

8.  JOYCE BARLOW was born c1830      She married MR. CULP     I have been unable to locate any records to verify her family.


bv Hosea Barlow, grandson of Christopher 'Lum' Barlow, contributed by Carolyn Cole

Uncle Culp (I fail to recall his first name) married one of Grandpa's sisters.  He, Grandpa, Uncle Ashley Mahaffey, and a few others were professional gamblers at one time.  They sometimes cooperated to help one another to "skin the suckers."

I have often heard my Papa tell about Uncle Culp (pronounced 'Cup') winning a bunch of big wagons with big ox teams to pull them from the sheriff of their county.

He took gambling partners with him and loaded the wagons (such outfits were called a freighting outfit) with merchandise and went west.

Grandma drove a surrey hauling her family and Grandpa drove one of the freight wagon teams.  Incidentally, one of Grandma's surrey team was a blooded colt who became a famous racehorse.

Somewhere out west (you know the west was wild and wooly then), Grandpa's best friend became ill and died.  His death bed confession and plea to Grandpa concerned Grandpa quitting gambling, and he never touched another card.

He worked for sometime as a foreman for a Major Hart's horse ranch and cotton farms, while his boss went to the Indian nation with seventy-five mares that he had gone to Kentucky to collect.

The Major used cowboys to herd and protect the mares to raise horses, as that was before the day of fenced ranges.
9.  MARTHA JANE BARLOW was born 1831 in Mississippi, and died before 1900 in Jones Co Mississippi, burial in Jones Co Mississippi

She married JAMES MADISON 'MATT' HERRINGTON in 1852.  The son of Samuel S. and Mary Herrington, he was born in August 1824, and died August 08, 1908 in Ellisville, Jones Co Mississippi, burial in Mack Brown Cemetery, Jones Co Mississippi.
10.  REBECCA J. BARLOW born May 1833 in Mississippi [1910census], and died after 1910, probably in Forrest Co Mississippi.

11.  BRYANT P.S. BARLOW was born 1836, and died June 24, 1863 in the Seige of Vicksburg, Warren Co Mississippi.    He married SARAH ELLEN RUSH

12.  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 'LUM' BARLOW was born March 02, 1836 in Perry Co Mississippi, and died c1897 Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi, burial probably in Meeks Cemetery Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi, unmarked grave

He married 1. MARY JANE MAHAFFEY on May 04, 1853 in Simpson Co Mississippi   The daughter of John Mahaffey and Mary Lowe?, she was born April 10, 1835 in Copiah Co Mississippi, and died September 25, 1886 in Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi, burial in Kelley Cemetery, Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi

He married 2. JANE AUSTEN on August 23, 1888 in Hinds Co Mississippi
13.  NANCY C. BARLOW  born 1838   She married NATHAN M. LEE

The first record I find for them is in 1870 Copiah Co.  Nathan Lee, age 38, is living in the home with Harmon and Elizabeth Barlow Bufkin.  Two doors away, Nancy Lee    I could not locate any of them after 1880.
Linden, Copiah Co Mississippi   22 July 1870  pg 334  #602/589
Nancy Lee 30 Keeps House $
Phebe Lee 12    
Bridget Lee 10    
Cynthia Lee  8    
Edmond Lee  3    
Beat 1, Claiborne Co Mississippi    04 July 1880  pg 504   #608/602
Nancy Lee Head 40  
Sinda Lee Daughter 16 Servant
Edmund Lee Son 12  
Sarah N. Lee Daughter 10  
14.  DARLING BARLOW was born March 26, 1841, and died  August 11, 1926 in Houston Harris Co Texas, burial in Evergreen Cemetery Houston Harris Co Texas

He married SUSANNAH CRACKER on February 14, 1861 in Lawrence Co Mississippi
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