Descendants of William Mahaffey

These records are a compilation of records by various researchers, compiled by Susan BARLOW Holmes, along with the many other records that I have collected throughout my years of genealogy.   For a list of those researching these lines, click here.

We find Mahaffey spelled so many ways, it is a bit harder to locate family.  A few of those spellings include:

Mahaffa ~ Mahaffy ~ Mahaffie ~ Mahafa ~ Mahoffy ~ Mehaffy ~ Meheffey ~ Mehaffy
Mahafee ~ Mahaffee ~ Mahafey ~ Mahavvey ~ McHaffey ~ Mahoffey~MacPhee~MacFie
  Kevin Davis writes:

  There  are two different Mahaffey families in the Simpson Co area, but they still tie together several generations back.
  Original Mahaffey  settlers to the area were a William and  Mary Mahaffey who came to the area in the 1830's.  They 
  had several children.  Two of  their sons, William Mahaffey Jr., and Robert Mahaffey always remained in Simpson Co
  Mississippi.   The descendants of these  two brothers  form  what  some people  believed were  two  different sets of 


  William Mahaffey was born in 1780 / 1784, probably in South Carolina, and died c1831, probably in Simpson Co Mississippi

  He married Mary who was born about 1784 at North Carolina.  Her maiden name may have been Durden
  Mary died after 1860, probably in Jasper or Tyler Co Texas. 
  Mary married 2nd to John Richardson, who was the father of Sarah Richardson that married Wm and Mary's son, Amos. 
  Mary and John Richardson were said to have gone to Texas via the "Wheat Wagon Train"

  The  Mahaffey family is said to  have migrated from Ireland.   We  think this line of
  Mahaffey's migrated from North or South Carolina

  William Mahaffey was granted land in Montgomery Co Georgia 
  Georgia Land Book IIIII or HHHHH 
  William Mahaffey - Montgomery 2,507  1808  p. 360 

  William Mahaffey - Montgomery Co Georgia  1811  KKKKK  p. 414

  1805 and 1806 Tax Records of Montgomery Co Georgia

                              1820 Washington Parish Louisiana p. 185 
                              Wm Mahafa   8 agriculture   7 slaves

Male 2  under 10 2  10-16 1  45-up
Female 2  under 10 1  16-26 1  26-45
Census Image

                        1830 Simpson Co Mississippi  Microfilm  #M19-71
                        Enumerator  Malcolm McDuffee  p 183 
                        William Mahaffy

Male 1  5-10 2  10-15 1  15-20 2  20-30 1  50-60
Female 1  5-10 1  10-15 1  40-50 7 m slaves 6 f slaves
Census Image

  Checked for William Mahaffey in War of 1812  no record 
  Revolutionary War records show an Oliver Mahaffey

  Mahaffey message board / internet:  Mahaffey -Simpson Co Mississippi
  Posted by: Kevin W. Davis   July 26, 2000

  I  would like to share information with anyone who is working on the William Mah- 
  affey family of Simpson Co Mississippi and East Texas. The Mahaffey's settled in
  Simpson Co Mississippi in the late 1820's.   Here is the family as I have it:

  William Mahaffey was born about 1780/1785 and died about 1831 
  m Mary who was born about 1784 and died after 1860 in East Texas
  They had at least 8 children. They were as follows: 

  1. John T. Mahaffey (c1805-1894)  m Mary Lowe (c1815-1909) 
         They moved to Lawrence Co Mississippi

  2. Oliver Mahaffey (c 1809 -) 
        m Elizabeth Oliver and Elizabeth died after 1870 in Jasper Co Texas

  3. Phebe Mahaffey (c1811-1874) 
        m 1. Thomas Hilton (c1800-1845)  m 2. Dempsey Touchstone (c1791-1874) 
        Phebe remained in Simpson Co

  4. Robert Mahaffey (c1813-1866) m Catherine (c1821-1880) 
         They remained in Simpson Co

  5. William Mahaffey Jr. (c1814-1860) 
          m Martha Patricia Touchstone (c 17 SEP 1817 - 19 OCT 1858) 
          They remained in Simpson Co

  6. Ashley Mahaffey (c1815-1858)  m Rutha Mullican (c1825-1895) 
          They moved to Tyler Co Texas.

  7. Martha Mahaffey  (Oct 29, 1823 - __  ) 

  8. Amos Mahaffey (c1821-1867) m Sarah Richardson (c1827-1889) 
       They moved to East Texas

  I can share information on the  children who stayed in  Mississippi and on Ashley
  Mahaffey who went to Tyler Co Texas.  I need information on the families of Oliver
  and Amos Mahaffey, and daughter Martha Mahaffey who was born in 1823.   Any
  help would be appreciated. 
  Thanks, Kevin Davis  1201 Harrisville - Braxton Road   Braxton, Mississippi 39044


  Shirley Jones writes:
  Mary is  possibly the daughter of  J. J. Durden who is found owning  property with
  William Mahaffey  in the  West Florida Parishes in  Louisiana and died (a Revolut-
  ionary veteran) in Simpson Co Mississippi.   He received a Revolutionary Pension,
  but no children are  listed. 

  From the "Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files":
  John Durdin:   North Carolina Line,  applied  for pension 15 Oct 1832 Simpson Co
  Mississippi,  aged 70,  soldier was born in  Dobbs Co  North Carolina and  soldier
  lived there at enlistment.   I would like to pursue that line. 

  Verna Reed writes: 
  I  have interesting  information on the Durdens, I suspect William Mahaffey's wife 
  Mary b. 1784 in  North Carolina, d. after 1860 in  Texas,  second husband -- John
  Richardson)  may  have  been  a  Durden, or Durdino, used  interchangably.  The
  Durdens were in  Montgomery Co Georgia  at  the same  time  William  Mahaffey 
  appears.  Some of  the  Durden genealogies say there  was a  Mary Durden.  J.J.
  Durden owns  property  with  William  Mahaffey in  the  West Florida Parishes of 
  Louisiana, and a  John Durden died in Simpson Co Mississippi.   Anyone  having
  information on the Durdens, I sure would like to share information.
  If  anyone would  like the  Durden  attachments  I  have received,  I am  happy  to
  share.  Extremely interesting.   Sure gives me some ideas where to look for more
  information about William Mahaffey.

  1820 Washington Parish Louisiana p. 185 

                                John Richardson    7 agriculture  5 slaves

Male 2 under 10 1 10-16 1 45-up **
Female 2 under 10 1 10-16 1 26-45  1 45-up
                                John Durdano   2 agriculture   1 slave
Male 1   16-26 1  45-up
Female 1  10-16 1  45-up
                       Wm Mahafa   8 agriculture   7 slaves
Male 2  under 10 2  10-16 1  45-up
Female 2  under 10 1  16-26 1  26-45
  Also on the same page,  Widow Richardson,  Stephen Richardson, and two Benj. 
  Richardson's                       Census Image
  Birth records come from Bible near Houston, Harris Co Texas belonging to Amos
  Mahaffey.    No information as  to who presently owns the  Bible,  or  it's  present

  Children of William and Mary Mahaffey:

     Nancy Mahaffey born 04 September 1804

     John T. Mahaffey born  08 December 1805

     Eda Mahaffey born  04 September 1807

     Oliver Mahaffey born 27 August 1809

     Phebe Mahaffey born 19 July 1811

     William Mahaffey born 30 May 1813

     Robert Mahaffey born  06 February 1815

     Sarah Mahaffey born 16 June 1817

     Ashley Mahaffey born 20 April 1819 and died 1858

     Amos Mahaffey born 31 May 1821  and 05 January 1867

     Martha Mahaffey born 29 October 1823 in Washington Parish Louisiana

Children of William and Mary Mahaffey:     --Follow the links to children about whom more information is known--
1.  Nancy Mahaffey   born 04 September 1804, nothing more is known.
2. John T. Mahaffey    born  08 December 1805
3.  Eda Mahaffey   born  04 September 1807, nothing more is known.
4. Oliver Mahaffey    born 27 August 1809
5. Phebe Mahaffey   born 19 July 1811
6. William Mahaffey   born 30 May 1813
7. Robert Mahaffey    born  06 February 1815
8. Sarah Mahaffey   born 16 June 1817
9. Ashley Mahaffey    born 20 April 1819 and died 1858
10. Amos Mahaffey    born 31 May 1821 and died 05 January 1867
11. Martha Mahaffey    born 29 October 1823 in Washington Parish Louisiana

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