John T. Mahaffey and Mary Lowe
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  John T. Mahaffey was born December 08 / 28, 1805 in Simpson Co Mississippi, & died April 02, 1894 near Tryus, Mississippi,
  burial in Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Sontag, Lawrence Co Mississippi

     He married  Mary Lowe about 1832
     Mary Lowe is the daughter of John Butler Lowe and Susannah Sturdivant 
     John and Susannah are buried at buried at Rockport in Copiah Co Mississippi
     Mary Lowe Mahaffey was born May 13, 1815 in Georgia, and died January 01 or 27, 1909 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, 
     burial beside her husband at Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery in Sontag Mississippi

     Elizabeth Jordan writes:
     In John Butler Lowe's will, his daughter, Mary is listed as the wife of John T. Mahaffey.

   1840 Simpson Co Mississippi    p. 219  Microfilm # M704-217
   Enumerator  William McCaskill
   John T. Mahaffy - no slaves
Census Image
1 m under 5
1 m 30-40
1 f under 5
1 f  5-10
1 f  20-30
 1850   Simpson Co Mississippi
  p. 218  #438/438  Farmer  $250
Census Image
John T. Mahaffey 44 Ga
Mary Mahaffey 34 Ga
Susan M. Mahaffey 17 Ms
Mary Mahaffey 15 Ms
William Mahaffey 11 Ms
Nancy Mahaffey  9 Ms
John Mahaffey  7 Ms
Eliza Mahaffey  5 Ms
Phebe Mahaffey  3 Ms
Robert T. Mahaffey  1 Ms


   1860 Simpson Co Mississippi   p.137 
    #1/1   Harrisville  Farmer  $1500 / 600
Census Image
John T. Mahaffie 54 Ga
Mary Mahaffie 44 Ga
Susanna Mahaffie 27 Ms
Nancy Mahaffie 20 Ms
John B. Mahaffie 18 Ms
Eliza Mahaffie 16 Ms
Pheba Mahaffie 15 Ms
Thamer Mahaffie  8 Ms
Albert G.B. Mahaffie  6 Ms
Almanza Mahaffie  4 Ms
Isaac Mahaffie  1 Ms
1870 Lawrence Co Mississippi 
pg 20  #169/169  Farmer  $180
Census Image
Jno Mahaffey 65 Ga
Mary Mahaffey 55 Ga
Suzana Mahaffey 38 Ga
Tamor Mahaffey 19 Ga
Brown Mahaffey 16 Ms

1880 Lawrence Co Mississippi 
Beat  #1      ED  118     pg  13
 No dwelling or house #  Farmer
Census Image
J.T. Mahoffey 75 Ga
Mary Mahoffey 65 Ga
Susie Mahoffey 49 Ms
Phipy Mahoffey 36 Ms
Dinah / must be Tamor Mahoffey 30 Ms
Sariah Mahoffey - grdaughter 24 Ms
Lency Mahoffey - grdaughter 16 Ms
Ferdnan Mahoffey  grson 14 Ms
Allie Mahoffey - grdaughter 10 Ms
Green Mahoffey - grson 18 Ms
  Indexed in the 1866 Simpson Co Mississippi state census, pg 4, no township listed.  No record available for
  Notes for 1860 census:
  Robert must have died before this census
  Mary has married Christopher Columbus Barlow
  At least one researcher shows that Wm has died, so without proof, I have another possiblity, though it is not
  Notes for 1870 census:
  Isaac  must have died  before this census.   I do not find him or Almanza anywhere in Lawrence or Simpson
  Co for 1870, but reseachers show that Almanza was living and  that she married  E. Herring in 1874.
  Phebe has marry William Wilson. 
  Nancy has married John Taylor
  Eliza  has married  Benjamin F. Davis
  Brown is Albert G.B. 
  Notes for 1880 census:
  I do not known the date of Phebe's marriage to Wm Wilson, but since she was not in the 1870 census with
  her parents, I assumed she had married.   If so, then apparently Wm  died, or they were divorced, as she is
  back in the parents home in this census, using the Mahaffey name. The grandchildren may be  her children
  but I don't know  the reason why they would be carrying the Mahaffey name. 
Children of John T. Mahaffey and Mary Lowe are:

1.   Susannah M. "Aunt Shan" Mahaffey,  born January 01, 1833 in Simpson Co Mississippi & died December  21, 1914, 
      burial in Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Sontag, Lawrence Co Mississippi. 

           She never married. 


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2.   Mary Jane Mahaffey, born April 10, 1835 in Copiah Co Mississippi and died September 25, 1886 in Utica, Hinds Co
      Mississippi, with burial at Kelley Cemetery, in Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi.

           She married Christopher Columbus Barlow on May 04, 1853 in Simpson Co Mississippi. 
           He is the son of William Bryant Barlow and Nancy Harrington / Herrington,  born March 02, 1836 in 
           Perry Co Mississippi,  and died  about 1897 in  Utica, Hinds Co Mississippi,  where he is said to be 
           buried in an unmarked grave at Meeks Cemetery.

This family is outlined at:

Descendants of Christopher Columbus "Lum" Barlow
** **

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3.   William Mahaffey, born January 05, 1839 in Simpson Co Mississippi
 One researcher put's Wm's death date of 1852, but I find:

                                          1870 Simpson Co Mississippi, pg 352b 
                                           Farmer    $300 / 300

Census Image

William Mahaffey  30 Ms
Jenettia Mahaffey  31 Ms
William Mahaffey  11 Ms
Jeff D. Mahaffey   8 Ms
John D. Mahaffey   5 Ms
Robert Mahaffey 6/12 Ms
Living within a few doors of  John J. Hilton, and William Isaac Hilton
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Children of William Mahaffey and Jeanette are:

        i.  William Mahaffey, born c1860

        ii.  Jefferson Davis "JD" Mahaffey, born August 16, 1861, and died November 09, 1936.

        iii.  John D. Mahaffey, born c1862

        iv.  Robert Mahaffey, born January 1870

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  This will of course, need more reseach to prove, William may be a son of another Mahaffey.
graphic by rhio
4.   Nancy Matilda Mahaffey born March 03, 1840 or 1841  in Simpson or Lawrence Co Mississippi and died May 04, 1928, 
      burial in Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, Sabine Parish Louisiana.   see: HUGHES FT

           She married John Alford Taylor, son of John Taylor and Emiline Hilton. 
           He was born January 26, 1848, and died August 10, 1917, burial in Ebenezer Cemetery, Sabine Parish Louisiana.


Emeline Hilton is the daughter of William and Mary/Josie/Amy Hilton
John A. Taylor filed a for a Civil War pension, as did Nancy Mahaffey Taylor
     1870 Lawrence Co Mississippi    page 20 
     #170-170   farmer  $120
Census Image
Jno Taylor 27 Ms
Nancy Taylor 29 Ms
Julia Taylor  3 Ms
Wm. Taylor  1 Ms

     1880 Lawrence Co Mississippi
      page 12  Beat #1 
Census Image
J.A. Taylor 32 Ms
Nancy Taylor 37 Ms
Julia Taylor 12 Ms
Mary Taylor  6 Ms
Frank Taylor  4 Ms
Addie Taylor  2 Ms
  Known Children of Nancy Mahaffey and John Taylor are: 

Click on the links for more about each family

i. Julia Ann Taylor, born January 20, 1867 and died 1915 

She married William Jackson Powell, Sr.

ii. William, born c1869, apparently died before 1880, he is not on the census.
iii.  Mary Jane Taylor, born March 29, 1874 and died September 15, 1915

She married Wiley G. Miller

iv.  Frank James Taylor,  born January 18, 1861 - according to census records, 
he was not born until about 1866 in Mississippi

He married Martha Livicie / Lavina Leach 

v. Addie Taylor, born about  1878 in Mississippi
vi. Annie Taylor  born July 03, 1886 in Louisiana, and died December 23, 1974 

She married Gilbert Berian Arrington. 

vii. Brown Taylor 

If you have arrived here via the Hilton pages, and wish to continue that genealogy, click "HERE"

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5.  John Billy Mahaffey, born November 28, 1841 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 1933, Sabine Parish Louisiana, 
     burial in Ebenezer Cemetery, Florien, Sabine Parish Louisiana.

        He married Amy Elizabeth Hilton December 27, 1866, daughter of John J. and Mary Taylor Hilton.
        She was born December 15, 1844 in Mississippi and died January 08, 1932 in Sabine Parish Louisiana, 
        burial in Ebenezer Cemetery, Florien, Sabine Parish Louisiana.


           1870 Lawrence Co Mississippi  pg 20 
Census Image
J.B. Mahaffey 27 Mississippi
Amy E. Mahaffey 24 Mississippi
Andy T. Mahaffey  3 Mississippi
John Thomas Mahaffey 4/12 Mississippi
 John J. Hilton is the son of William and Mary/Josie/Amy Hilton, 
and a brother to  Emiline, shown above.
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John Billy Mahaffey was in Civil War Confederate Army
3rd Battalion  Company A   Mississippi
  The Sabine Index March 10, 1933

  We are sorry to  note the death of  Uncle John B.Mahaffey.  He passed away last
  Thursday at the age of 91 years, three months and one day. 

  Uncle John was loved by all who knew him he had a kind word for all he met.  His
  wife  preceded him to  the grave.    He is survived  by five children, two boys, Poly
  Mahaffey of Florien and Martin Mahaffey of Hemphill, Texas; three daughters, Mrs.
  Florence Sanders of  Fisher, Mrs. Emma Wesbery of Esto, & Mrs. Lizzie Chance
  of Hornbeck, besides 38 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren. 

  He was  laid to rest at  Ebenezer church Friday.   Rev.  Henry Chance conducted
  the services.   Uncle John was active  until a few  months before  his death, could
  walk two or three miles to town and back in a day. 

  We sympathize with the bereaved, but are sure he is at rest in a better world.

Children of John and Amy are: 
Click on the links for more about each family
i.  Andrew Tinslie Mahaffey, born November 09, 1867 and died November 14, 1928, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish Louisiana.
ii. John Thomas 'Tom' Mahaffey, born February 1870 in  Mississippi, apparently died before his father's death in 1933
iii. Mary Florence Mahaffey born November 25, 1873 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died December 24,
1973 in Leesville, Sabine Parish Louisiana.
iv Emma Estelle Mahaffey, married William Weathersby January 18, 1894 in Sabine Parish Louisiana.
v. Charles Mahaffey, apparently died before his father's death in 1933
vi.  Daniel Napoleon "Poley" Mahaffey born June 07, 1879 in Brookhaven, Lincoln Co Mississippi, and died December 12, 1977 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish Louisiana, burial in Ebenezer Cemetery, Sabine Parish Louisiana.
vii. Martin Monroe Mahaffey born April 10, 1883 in Louisiana, and died February 11, 1971 in Many,
Sabine Parish Louisiana, burial in Ebenezer Cemetery.
viii. Eliza Almedia Mahaffey was born November 25, 1888 in Florien, Sabine Parish Louisiana, and died
May 12, 1980 in Many, Sabine Parish Louisiana, burial in Toro Cemetery, Sabine Parish Louisiana
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6.   Eliza Amy "Liza" Mahaffey, born November 11, 1843 in Simpson Co Mississippi & died August 19, 1916. 

           She married Benjamin Franklin Davis, shown as D.F. Davis on 1880 census

1870 Brazos tx


            1880 Lawrence Co Mississippi, 
            Beat #1  ED 118  pg 13
            No dwelling or house number    farmer
Census Image
D.F. Davis 40 Mississippi
Liza Davis 37 Mississippi
Anna Davis 14 Mississippi
James L. Davis 12 Mississippi
Mary F. Davis 10 Mississippi
George W. Davis  8 Mississippi
Marthia Davis  6 Mississippi
James Davis  5 Mississippi
Lemel Davis  2 Mississippi
**   **
      Known Children of Eliza Mahaffey and Ben Davis are:

      i.   Anna Davis, born c1866

      ii.  James L. Davis, born c1868*

      iii.  Mary F. Davis, born c1870

      iv.  George W. Davis, born c1872   4 Apr 1871   Died: 20 July 1960

       v.  Martha Davis, born  c1874

      vi.  James Davis, born April 07, 1875, and died October 31, 1957 in Sabine Parish Louisiana*

      vii.  Lemel Davis, born c1878*

graphic by rhio
  * The record here is confusing.    It seems  they  have 2 children named  James,  both in  the 1880 
    census.   Apparently  the  second  James  middle initial is also L. for  Lazerus,  as  shown  in the
    following funeral home record:

  Warren Meadows Funeral Home Sabine Parish, Louisiana     Book 1957  Pg 84
  James Lazerus Davis,  born April 07, 1875  in Mississippi, and died  October 31, 1957 in DeRidder
  Louisiana, a widower, burial in Prospect Cemetery, Sabine Parish Louisiana, son of B.F. Davis and
  Uza Mahaffey

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7.  Phebe Mahaffey, born in Simpson Co Mississippi

         She married William M. Wilson

        Both are buried at Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi. 

  I have been unable to  locate them in any census record index for  Lawrence, Simpson or Hinds Co
  in 1870.   William Wilso being such a common name,  it would take a lot of searching to find them,
  especially not having any dates to go on.  Phebe was not in the 1870 census  with her parents, but
  was back again in 1880, still using the Mahaffey name.   I have not checked  census for 1900.
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8.  Robert T. Mahaffey b. 1849 Simpson Co Mississippi, apparently died before 1860, as he is not listed in that census.
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9.  Tamer / Dinah Mahaffey, born April 07, 1850 and died September 05, 1939. 

          She married either William Boutwell, or James M. Boutwell on August 19, 1882 in Lawrence Co Mississippi 


  Internet message board written by  Margaret Mahaffey Owens

  My father was Simeon Woodrow Mahaffey, born in Silver Creek,  Mississippi, son
  of Sim Mahaffey, born in Silver Creek, Mississippi, son of Tamer Mahaffey, daugh- 
  ter of John T. Mahaffey and Mary Lowe Mahaffey.

graphic by rhio
  I have been unable to locate any records to verify any of this information.
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10.  Albert Gallatin "Brown" Mahaffey, born March 28, 1854. 

            He married Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Douglas, born c1843, daughter of  Elisha Douglass and Nancy Davis.

Albert Mahaffey Photograph

           1880 Lawrence Co Mississippi
            ED 118 Beat 2, pg 14
Census Image
A.G. Mahaffey 25 Mississippi
Betsey Mahaffey 37 Mississippi
Ben Mahaffey  4 Mississippi
Cilles Mahaffey  2 Mississippi
Elizabeth  6/12 Mississippi
            Living two doors from NC and Sicily / Susian Barlow. 
            Sicily is a sister to Betsy

Mahaffey Family Reunion Photo c1900

  Known Children of Albert Mahaffey and Elizabeth Douglass are:

          i.  Ben Mahaffey born c 1876

          ii.  Cilles Mahaffey, born c1878

         iii.  Susie Mahaffey married Mr. Davis

         iv.  Rebecca Elizabeth Mahaffey, born October 10, 1888 in Sontag, Lawrence Co Mississippi
              and died October 29, 1921 in Sontag, Lawrence Co Mississippi. (according to the 1880 
              census, she was born in January 1880.)

                  She married Clarence "Todd" Barlow  December 20, 1908 in Sontag, Lawrence Co
                  Mississippi  -book 7 pg 320-  son of William William Walter "Doc" Barlow and Annie
                  Henrietta Wise.

Marriage License

In Memory of Rebecca E. Mahaffey

For more of this family, see:   Christopher "Lum" Barlow Family

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11.  Alamanza Mahaffey born May 22, 1855. 

             She married Elisha L. Herrin / Herring on  August 25, 1874 in Lawrence Co Mississippi


   I wonder if she ever used the  name Alexandra, or the census taker may have even misunderstood
   the pronunciation of the name.   The  1880 census of Lawrence Co  shows an E. Herring and wife,
   Alexandra,  living next to John T. and Mary Mahaffey.    Shown  to be age  23, she would be in the 
   right  age range, they  had 3 children,  the oldest,  Christianity, age 4,  would  have been born in a 
   time frame  fitting with the date of marriage.   The other 2  children, Mary,  age 2, and  Ellic, age 7
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12.  Isaac Mahaffey born 1858-59 Simpson Co Mississippi, apparently died before 1870, he is not in that census.

  Descendants of William and Mary Mahaffey

  Mississippi Kinfolk

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