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8. Isaac4 Herrington (William3, Charles2, John1) was born between 1780-1790, and died 1878.
He married Nancy Walker Blackwell

Petition of Jones Co Mississippi, 1822
Record Group 47 / Legislative Papers, Box 17

To the honourable the General Assembly of the State of Mississippi to convene at the town of Jackson on the fourth Monday in December 1822. The Petitioners of the undersigned Citizens of Covington County respectfully sheweth that your petitioners labour under intolerable grievances: For that whereas, the said County of Covington is of the most inconvenient and unreasonable extent - comprehending within its extended boundaries an expanse of county amply sufficient for two constitutional counties. We believe that the area designated by the constitution is, generally, the most eligible extent for a county:
- But that your petitioners should be necessitated to suffer the many inconveniences resulting from a residence in a county the enlarged boundaries of which include a tract of country of more than double that extent, is a burthen to which we cannot submit with silence. It is a duty we owe to ourselves to present our grievance before you. We sensibly feel these grievances. And a removal of them would be of unspeakable advantage to the county. All parts of the county most cordially concur with the measure. It is not the selfish request of a few interested individuals. It is the prayer of a county which is severely suffering innumerable disadvantages and hardships arising from the extensive dimensions of our County.

We therefore pray your honourable body to remove our grievance by passing a law to divide our said county and form a new county of a part thereof. And we your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

Norvell ROBERTSON Jun. / John HITE Angus McINNIS / Norvell ROBERTSON Sen. / Albert HITE / William McCLELLAN / William HERRINGTON Jun. Reuben PRICE / David SCARBOROUGH / John TARBURTON / Elbert WOOD / Frederick CROSS Junr. / Silas STEVENS Sen. / Allin MURDOCK / James TAYLOR / Lewis PEARCE Sen/ John MORRIS / John FLAGG / Lewis PEARCE Jun. / Jas. TATE / Francis SEARLE / Joshua NEWTON / Ewin SMITH / Thomas PAGE Sen. / George BAYLIS / Calvin SUMNER / A. STEWART / George P. SMITH / Danil WINDHAM/ Thomas PAGE Junr. / Joshua SMITH / John SHOWS / Henry PAGE / Oliver M. SMITH / Willis WINDHAM / Willis PAGE / John McCORMICK / John RUSH / Jacob PAGE / Wm. McCORMICK / Thomas Loveless MOTT / William WEEK/ John LIGHTSEY / Isaac HERRINGTON / William COOSEY John PARKER / Adam SHOWS / Peter COULTER / Wm. JUDGE / John SCRIVINER / Allin HADIN / Micajah HARGROVE / Seaborn WADE / Drury BURGE / Absalom LOPER / John SHOWS Sen. / John L. REID / Peter LOPER / Henry WAID / Hughey McNEERS / Zachariah BLACKLEDGE / Daniel SHOTS (marked out) / Daniel McNEAL Jr. / illegible name / Francis WILLIAMSON / John CARILEE / illegible name / Reuben WATTS / William BONDS / illegible name / John B. LOWE / Jesse LEE / William PRINE / Luke NORRIS / Henry LUMPKINS / Jesse SCRIVINER / Stephen DAMPIER / John HARVEY / William COULTER / Daniel YATES / William MILES / Evin HARRY / Daniel McINNIS Senr. / Joshua HERRING / Daniel McINNIS Jun. / Alexander McCLOUD / Jesse HEDGEPETH / Seaborn JUDD / John GRAHAM / Archibald GRAHAM

  1820 Covington Co Mississippi Series: M33 Roll: 58 pg 30

5 m 10-16 1 m 45 > 1 f 10-16 1 f 45 >

  1850 Jasper Co Mississippi Reel #: M432-374 pg 41a #147 / 60
  Enumerated the 19th day of September 1850 by Duncan McInnis
  Assetts: $2400

Isaac Herrington 60 Farmer North Carolina
Nancy Herrington 60 Keeping house North Carolina
George M. Herrington 18 Laborer Mississippi
Nathaniel Herrington 16 Laborer Mississippi
Cynthia Lang 22 * Texas
Stephen J. Lang 1 * Mississippi
Chas. A. Smith 20 Teacher Tennessee
Malona Easterling 20 * Mississippi
Joseph Hickman 18 Laborer Germany

Known children of Isaac Herrington and Nancy Blackwell are:

  15 i.  George M.5 Herrington, born c1832
  16 ii.  Nathaniel Herrington, born c1834
Mississippi Kinfolk
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