Grantham Family      Virginia - North Carolina - Mississippi - Louisiana - Texas

Disclaimer:  This is a compilation of research of several researchers, and much of it  has not been proven.  If you have correct information, please do not hesitate to send it.  I will add it as time allows.   If you have documentation for any of the work, that would be greatly appreciated!

Researchers of the Grantham surname

Generation 1 Edward Grantham and Elizabeth Andrews
Generation 2 Edward Grantham and Catherine Proctor
Generation 3 Edward and James Grantham
Generation 4 Richard Grantham Sr.
Generation 5 Richard Grantham, Jr. and Elizabeth Ammons
Generation 6
Thomas Jefferson Grantham and Lydia Woodbury
Howell Grantham and Abeline Gore
Sina/Cynthia Grantham and William Herrington, Jr. / Herrington pages
Daniel Grantham and Charity Chappell
William Grantham and Cynthia Barlow

Richard Grantham and Lydia Jane Barlow

Mississippi Kinfolk
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