Descendants of William -Moses- Bridges

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        The Bridges Family

Susan BARLOW Holmes

Generation No. 1

 1.  William -Moses-1 Bridges was born 1726 in Virginia
              --I have both names, perhaps they are first and middle names--

Child of William -Moses- Bridges is:

+ 2 i. Moses2 Bridges, born October 12, 1773 & died 1830

Generation No. 2

 2.  Moses2 Bridges (William -Moses-1) was born October 12, 1773, and died 1830.
      He married Mary Blackburn January 17, 1796 in Simpson Co Mississippi.

Children of Moses Bridges and Mary Blackburn are:

+ 3 i. Blackburn3 Bridges, born 1815

+ 4 ii. Ephraim Bridges

iii.  Samuel Bridges.  He married Nancy Tatum.

Generation No. 3

 3.  Blackburn3 Bridges (Moses2, William -Moses-1) was born 1815
      He married Rebecca Hill

Child of Blackburn Bridges and Rebecca Hill is:

+ 5 i. Robert L.4 Bridges, born 1842

 4.  Ephraim3 Bridges (Moses2, William -Moses-1).
      He married Jane E. VanZant, daughter of Abraham VanZant and Hannah Blackburn.

Child of Ephraim Bridges and Jane VanZant is:

+ 6 i. Green4 Bridges, born September 16, 1822 & died November 01, 1883

Generation No. 4

 5.  Robert L.4 Bridges (Blackburn3, Moses2, William -Moses-1) was born 1842.
      He married Lorinda Chandler.

Child of Robert Bridges and Lorinda Chandler is:

 7 i. Willie5 Bridges, born April 13, 1868 & died June 08, 1945
       She married Thomas Wiley Allen September 14, 1890.

Both Willie and Thomas are buried in the Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Pinola Simpson
Co Mississippi - located in Simpson Co Mississippi just across Pearl River from Georgetown,
Copiah Co Mississippi.

Rachel Easterling Allen
January 14, 1918
September 27, 1922
Thomas Wiley Allen
April 9, 1862
October 10, 1941
He was a kind and noble man
Willie Bridges Allen
April 13, 1868
June 8, 1945
Her life was beauty, goodness & love

These two headstones join with the following initials between them
TWA         REA          WBA

Note: Rachel Easterling Allen was the mother of Thomas Wiley Allen

This family information is from:
Mrs. J. L. Root, niece of P. G. Allen

Allen Lineage

 6.  Green4 Bridges (Ephraim3, Moses2, William -Moses-1) was born September 16, 1822, and died November
      01, 1883.

He married 1) Sarah --maiden name unknown--
He married 2) Almanza Bridges c1870, daughter of Martin Bridges and Eliza Hill.

Green and Sarah are buried at Hopewell Cemetery in Copiah Co Mississippi
and Almanza is buried at Harrisville Cemetery along with her husband at the time of  her death, William Jefferson Burkett.

Child of Green Bridges and Almanza Bridges is:

+ 8 i. Robert Hamilton5 Bridges, born October 03, 1871& died May 13, 1934.

Generation No. 5

 8.  Robert Hamilton5 Bridges (Green4, Ephraim3, Moses2, William -Moses-1) was born October 03, 1871, and
      died May 13, 1934.

He married Annie Beulah Burkett, daughter of  William Burkett and Arcadia Polk.

Burkett Lineage

Polk Lineage

Both Robert and Annie are buried at Harrisville Cemetery in Simpson Co Mississippi.

Notes for Robert Hamilton Bridges:
Robert Bridges was Postmaster at Harrisville, Mississippi

Roberts wife, Annie, was the daughter of William Jefferson Burkett -- William's fourth marriage was to Robert's mother, Almanza -- thus making William, not only Annie's father, but her father-in-law.

This is one of those complicated "intermarriages" for sure!

Children of Robert Bridges and Annie Burkett are:

9 i. Viola "Ola"6 Bridges, born October 15, 1889 & died August 24, 1968 in Mississippi. married  J.D. BARLOW

 10 ii. Edna Bridges, born October 01, 1899 & died August 08, 1900, burial at Harrisville
           Cemetery Simpson Co Mississippi

Generation No. 6


Mississippi Kinfolk


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