Henry Berry and Zillah Huckaby

Henry Berry3   (John2, John1)   was born July 02, 1807, and  died April 1858.

       He married Zilla Huckaby.   The daughter of Willis and Rebecca Huckaby, she was born April 08, 1810, and died c1889.

Joseph Carter  donated  the following  Bible record of Henry and Zilla Berry,  which is a  wonderful find,  but  also  raises a   lot more  questions,   some  of  the  dates  are in   conflict  with  those  of cemetery  records, and those of other researchers, see below.

Henry Berry Bible 
In the possession of Mrs. Albert Gallatin Sutton -1966
Magee, Simpson Co Mississippi, transcribed by  Inez Myers Coleman 
Bible published 1829 

Henry was born 2nd July AD 1807 
Zilla was born April 8th AD 1810
John Berry, son of Henry and Zilla Berry was born 29th October AD 1832
Mary Berry was born 17th of August 1835
Brilla Berry was born blank
A.G. Berry was born 12th October 1839
                        ----Page 2----
Prior T. Berry was born the 23rd January 1842
P.T. Berry departed this ___ Sept. the 21st, 1871
Zilla Berry was born the 26th of June 1848
Brilla Berry was born the 23rd of February 1837

Note:  several  researchers  show Henry's  date of  birth as February 07, 1807.   I have not seen an actual copy of the Bible record, only a  photocopy of the transcription,  but it appears that  someone has likely  transposed an 02/07/1807 and  an 07/02/1807,  but who may be in error is the  question. 
Not having any other record to check, we at least know, he was born in 1807

Also in conflict are the dates of births for Zilla and Brilla.  Brilla's birthdate is shown to be the same as the cemetery records  show as  date of birth for  Zilla's husband, Edward Riley, while  both girls dates of birth are in conflict with cemetery  record transcriptions.   If anyone has proof of births for any of these folks, please let me know.

1840 Simpson Co Mississippi 

  1 m under 5  (Albert G.)    1 m 5-10 (John)  1 m 30-40 (Henry) 1 m 70-80
  1 f under 5  (Brilia)  1 f 5-10 Mary  1 f 20-30 (Zilla)

  Since his  father is  said to have died c1835,  I  do not know who  the elder male might be.

  Lives between John and Wm. Berry 

  1850 Simpson Co Mississippi

  Henry Berry, age 42, born in SC
  Zilla, age 42, born in SC
  John, age 17, born in Ms
  Mary, age 14, born in Ms
  Brilia, age 13, born in Ms
  Albert G., age 10, born in Ms
  Prior, age 8, born in Ms
  Zilla, age 1, born in Ms
  German, age 30, born in Ms

    Next door to Hugh and Frances Thurman

  1860 Simpson Co Mississippi

  Zella Berry, age 52, born in Ms
  Albert G. Berry, age 20, born in Ms
  Prior T. Berry, age 18, born in Ms
  Zilla Berry, age 11, born in Ms
  Mary Berry, age 19, born in Ms 

    Next door to Pheriby Moore

Full names of the children of Henry and Zillah, as well as their spouse & childrens names initially 
  retrieved from The Magee Courier, The Family Tree Column,  dated 1982, submitted by  Inez Myers
  Coleman.   Using her data, I will search  census  records to confirm and add data as best I can.

   Children  of Henry Berry and Zillah Huckaby is:
 i.  John Paul Berry4   born October 29, 1832  in Mississippi, and died c1860

He married  Sarah Elizabeth Newsom


  • James Foster Berry  born 1856 and died c1948     1900 Census JF? ???Berry, J. F.    Shell, Margaret  20 Dec 1877 in Simpson Co Mississippi
  • Jacob Thompson  Berry  born  1857 and died 1945, burial in the New Hebron Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi.                                   He married Sarah Anne Frances Watson
  • Sam Berry  born c1858Jane Berry  born c1859
  • Tamer Leander Berry  born c1860 and died 1909  ???? Tyrone, H. W.   married Berry, T. L.   20 Jan 1876 in Simpson Co???
  • Mary Berry
 ii.  Mary Berry   born August 17, 1835  in Mississippi, and died c1890

She married  Joseph Robert Morris


  • Gatsie Morris
  • Stephen Morris
  • Robert Berry Morris
  • Celia Morris
 iii. Brilla Berry   born February 23, 1837 (according to Bible record transcriptions)   in Mississippi, and died c1897

She married James F. Newsom


  • Estus Newsome
  • John Newsome
  • Henry Newsome
 iv. Albert Gallatin Berry  born October 12, 1839, and died March 20, 1926, burial in Stonewall Baptist Church Cemetery, Pinola, Simpson  Co Mississippi
 v. Prior T. Berry  born January 23, 1842 in Mississippi, and died September 21, 1871
 vi. Zilla Berry  born August 04, 1848 in Mississippi, and died 1922 in New Hebron, Lawrence Co Mississippi

According to the Bible record, Zilla was born June 26, 1848, but from cemetery records, she was born August 04, 1848.

She married Edward Madison Riley Sr., on January 11, 1866 in Lawrence Co Mississippi.
He was born February 23, 1837 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died on May 08, 1917,

Both are buried in Riley Cemetery, New Hebron Lawrence Co Mississippi


  • John Franklin Riley  born January 02, 1867 in Mississippi, and died June 26, 1941 
  • He married Laura J. Dampier, born October 24, 1874, and died November 08, 1859.                                                                                 Both are buried in Riley Cemetery, New Hebron, Lawrence Co Mississippi
  • Edward Madison  Riley, Jr., born April 29, 1869 in Lawrence Co Mississippi
  • Infant Daughter Riley, born 1870
  • Richard Henry Lee Riley, born July 19, 1872  in Lawrence Co Ms, and died November 18, 1920 in New Hebron, Lawrence  Co Ms.       He married Mary Winnie Idella "Della" Shows on January 10, 1898 in Lawrence Co Mississippi   She was born March   05, 1875 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died March 05, 1941.      Both are buried in Riley Cemetery, New Hebron Lawrence Co Mississippi 
                 Edward Monroe Riley, born October 03, 1898 in Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi, and died April 04, 1980
                 He married Vera Pearl Burkett on January 28, 1923 She was born July 05, 1903 in Hattiesburg, Forest Co Mississippi, and died 
                 February 10, 1987 in Winter Park, Orange Co Florida,  burial in New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi
                 Tillman Shows Riley, born July 07, 1900, and died August 16, 1904, burial in Riley Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi
                 James Arthur Riley
                 Ruby M. Riley, born February 22, 1904, and died October 28, 1904, burial in Riley Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi
                 Sabra Irene Riley, born August 02, 1905, and died August 20, 1905, burial in Riley Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi
                 George Henry Riley, born August 05, 1906 in Lawrence Co Mississippi
  • George Deemah Riley born March 26, 1874 in Mississippi 
  • Mary Helen Riley born October 01, 1876 in Mississippi, and died in 1916.  She is buried in New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi, along with an infant.   She married Charles D. Dampeer, dates and place of burial is unknown. 
             Sons:  Steve Dampeer, died 1904, age 4, burial in Riley Cemetery. 
                         Archie Riley Dampeer, born May 04, 1905, and died April 17, 1952, burial in New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Ms.
                         Tombstone inscription:  Mississippi CPL CMP WWII 
  • Thomas Jackson Riley born February 26, 1882 in Mississippi
  • Silas Paul Riley  boren April 01, 1884 in Mississippi, and  died September 16, 1945,                                                                                He married Mattie Helen Morris, born July 01, 1890, and died May 05, 1934.   Both are buried in Riley Cemetery, Lawrence Co Ms
  • James Luke Riley born March 08, 1886 in Mississippi 
  • Bessie Eunice Riley born October 1889 in Mississippi
  Albert Gallatin Berry4  (Henry3, John2, John1) was born October 12, 1839, and died c1926

                He married Lucy Leinden / Leander  Mullins in 1865.
                The daughter of Andrew Jackson Mullins and Rebecca Graves, she was born October 10, 1849, and died April 22, 1934

Both are buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi.
1870 Simpson Co Mississippi
Page 107 #173 / 174 
Farmer  $1500/$500

Census Image

Albert Berry, age 30, born in Ms
Lu Berry,  age 20, born in ms
Minta Berry, age 2, born in Ms
Zilla Berry, age 2 mo, born in Ms
Zilla Berry, 60, born in Ms.  (mother)
Mirium Berry, age 80, born in Ms

     Next door to black family, Dave Berry
      Who is Mirium?

1880 Simpson Co Mississippi

Albert Berry, Jr., age 40, born in Ms.
Lucy Berry, age 30, born in Ms.
Zilla Berry, age 10, born in Ms.
Henry Berry, age 5, born in Ms.
Berilla Berry, age 1, born in Ms.
Lucy Berry, age 3, born in Ms.
Zilla Berry, mother, age 70, born in Ms
Walther Autry, age 19, black, servant

    Next door to Leander Berry

1880 Simpson Co Mississippi, Beat 3
Page 222a From Family Search Organization

Albert BERRY Self M Male W 40 MS Farmer MS MS
Lucy BERRY Wife M Female W 30 MS Keeping House MS MS
Zilla BERRY Dau S Female W 10 MS MS MS
Henry BERRY Son S Male W 5 MS MS MS
Berilla BERRY Dau S Female W 1 MS MS MS
Lucy BERRY Dau S Female W 3 MS MS MS
Zilla BERRY Other W Female W 70 SC Keeping House SC SC
Anthony WALKER Other S Male B 19 MS Works On Farm MS MS

1900 Simpson Co Mississippi

A.G Berry, born Oct 1839, age 60
Lucy L. Berry, born Oct 1849, age 50
Henry J. Berry, born Oct 1874, age 26
Ola Berry, born Sept 1876, age 23
Hettie Berry, born Sept 1881, age 18
May Berry, born Sept 1884, age 15
Tama Berry, born Nov 1886, age 13
A.G. Berry, born Apr 1891, age 9

  Next door to G.K., J.F. and M.F. Berry


 Albert  served in the Civil War as a sergeant but was discharged, due to the loss of an eye in the Battle of Sharpsburg.
The Westville Guards, Company B, 16th MS. Inf. listed the following : 
Berry, Albert G., Pvt., disability discharge, January 11, 1863
Confederate pension application filed 1917 - 16th MS

Albert served the Baptist Association as Treasurer for 12 years and attended its sessions 52 years in succession.
From 1880 til his death in 1926, he served as clerk of Stonewall Baptist Church, where he and his wife are both buried.
Albert Sr.'s grandson, Kenneth Wade Berry, served until his death in 1998: 
His dates:  August 24, 1928 - April 16, 1998, Sgt USMC Korea - Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

  Children of Albert Berry and Lucy Mullins are:
 i.  Minta Berry, born c1868, apparently died before 1880
 ii. Zilla Rebecca Berry  born December 1869 in Mississippi, and died 1947

She married Jesse P. Manning on February 11, 1886 in Simpson Co Mississippi
He was born in January 1861, and died in 1937.

Both are buried in the Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
1900 Simpson Co Mississippi
Married 14 years  5 children born,  4 living
J.P. Manning, age 38, born February 1861 in Mississippi
Rebecca Manning, age 30, born December 1869 in Ms
Albert Manning, age 13, born February 1887 in Mississippi
John Manning, age 11, born March 1889 in Mississippi
Emma Manning, age 8, born September 1891 in Ms
Thomas Manning, age 6, born October 1893 in Mississippi

Son  Albert  married Nannie / Nancy Viola Fortenberry, daughter of  Isabella Berry and Jacob Thomas Fortenberry.

iii. Henry Jackson Berry, Sr. born October 1874  in Mississippi, and died 1952

He married Lula E., born 1881, and died 1962

Both are buried in Brady Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

1910 > Mississippi > JEFFERSON DAVIS > 1-BT Series: T624 Roll: 744 Page: 207

  • Henry J. Berry, Jr., born August 17, 1912 - ____       Wife:  Inez B. Bass Berry, born August 14, 1921, and died June 04, 1983         Double stone in Brady Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
 iv. Lucy Viola "Ola" Berry  born September 17, 1876 in Mississippi, and died March 05, 1966

She married Sim Sutton, born April 08, 1876, and died February 14, 1956.

Both are buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
  • Lucille Sutton
  • Albert Gallatin Sutton
 v. Berilla Valona Berry born January 22, 1876, and died February 27, 1930.

She married Robert Hooker Fortenberry on April 23, 1899 in Simpson Co Mississippi, son of James Russell and Nancy Jane Newsome Fortenberry, grandson of Blanche Shivers Fortenberry.

Both are buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

vi. Hattie Jane Berry  born  September 26, 1881 in Mississippi, and died August 23, 1959

She married James P. Fortenberry, on December 19, 1900 in Simson Co Mississippi
He was the son of James Duncan Fortenberry and Molly Odom.

Click on his name for more of this family

vii. Lena Mae Berry, born September 20, 1884 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died May 16, 1912
Berry  Lena Mae sep 9 1884  May 16 1912  Stonewall Cemetery

She married Dodgery Hall Berry     He was the son of Alonzo Berry and Martha A. Dampeer, born October 03, 1881 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died April 05, 1943 in Prentiss Mississippi, burial in Dublin Baptist Church, Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi

He had married first to Ethel Parkman.


  • Albert Burkett Berry, born June 26, 1903
  • Hattie Mae Berry, born April 28, 1905
  • ______  Berry
 viii. Tamer Arcola "Susie"  Berry, born March 24, 1887 in Mississippi, and died January 05, 1969

She married Robert Ray Myers    The son of Hanson M. Myers and Missouri Elizabeth Dampeer, he was born January 03, 1887 in Mississippi, and died July 21, 1941. 
Note:  Hanson Myers is the son of Isham Myers and Rebecca Huckaby; Rebecca is the sister of Zilla Huckaby Berry.

Both are buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Lucy Inez Myers married  George Anse Coleman
  • Bertie M. Myers
  • Maxie Lee Myers
 ix. Albert G. Berry, Jr., born April 04, 1891 in Mississippi, and died December 17, 1963

He married Katy Edna Thurman, on September 17, 1910 in Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi
The daughter of  Abel Chatman Thurman (3rd)  and Minnie Thompson, she was born August 09, 1891, and died December 17, 1963.

Both are buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Earl Vernon Berry, born February 02, 1912, and died January 17, 1987.  He married Ina Mae Buckley. 
              Children:  Grady Earl Berry, deceased    Carl Nevis Berry, living    Lucy Carolyn Berry, b. Sept. 17, 1937 - d. Oct. 28, 1997
  • Clyde Wilson Berry, born March 17, 1913, and died September 18, 1972.  He  married Lottie Weir, deceased, dates unknown.        Both are buried in Lakewood Memorial Park, Jackson, Hinds CoMississippi. 
             Children, all living:    Jo Ann Berry     Patsy Clyde Berry   Audry Katy Berry
    Ola Mae Berry  - living.  She married Vernon Russell.     Children, all living:  James Vernon, John Earl, and Edna Mae Russell
  • Wade Hampton Berry, born April 19, 1918, and died April 27, 1997, burial in Lakewood South, Jackson, Hinds Co Mississippi            He married Dorothy Crawford, living. 
            Children:    Wade Harold Berry, b. March 05, 1940 - d.  Oct. 06, 1985, buried in Lakewood South, Jackson, Hinds Co Mississippi 
                               Edward Richard Berry  and Ella Kay Berry, both living
  • Hyram Henry Berry,  - living.  Never married.
  • George Riley Berry, born July 29, 1921, and died August 18, 1995.  He married Nell Sherman. 
             Child:   Lynda Jean Berry, living
  • Robert Ray Berry,  living.  He married  Amanda Elizabeth Hartzog, living. 
             Children, all living:    Robert Ray, Jr., Paula Elizabeth, and Lyda Kathryn Berry
  • Kenneth Ware Berry, born August 24, 1928, and died April 16, 1998, burial in Stonewall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi.               Note:  At least one cemetery listing gives his name as "Wade" which  is not correct, his family says his name was "Ware"                He married Joyce Bourgeois, living, on November 23, 1949.
  • Fred Marshall Berry - living.  He married  Fredna Hough, living.    Children, all living:   Cindy Berry    Donna Berry    Jean Berry

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