Blueberry Farm
Edward Evan / Ivan Shivers and Pheriba Beasley

Edward Ivin Shivers 3 (Jemima2 Berry, John1) , son of Jemima Berry and John Shivers, was born September 24, 1802, and died March 03, 1849.

            He married   Pheriba Beasley,  daughter of Daniel Beasley and Catherine McLendon
            She was born August 15, 1814 in South Carolina, and died April 16, 1907 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
Ron Williams makes note:  Ivin is buried in Old Salem Church Cemetery, but his tombstone was moved to Shivers Cemetery with his wife.
1850 Simpson Co Mississippi
October 30, 1850 by Angus W. Smith
Page 322  #484/484 
Next door to German A. Shivers
Keeping house   $1000 
1860 Simpson Co Mississippi 
Beat 3 Westville
page 180  #285/285
August 21, 1860 by CB Banks
Farmer  $2000 / 4470
1880 Simpson Co Mississippi 
SD 2 ED 100  Beat 3
Enumerated June 29, 1880 by LB Harper
Page 28  #249/249
Pheriby Shivers, age 25, born in SC
Jemmima Cliburn, age 16, born in Ms
Gilbert B. Shivers, age 14, born in Ms
Evin C. Shivers, age 10, born in Ms
George W.D. Shivers, age 7, born in Ms
Franklin E. Shivers, age 5, born in Ms
William Cliburn, age 22, born in Ms

(obviously, Pheriby's age should be 35) 

Feriby Shivers, age 46, born in SC
Iven Shivers, age 19, born in Ms
George WD Shivers, age 17, born in Ms
Franklin E. Shivers, age 14, born in Ms
Phoeba Shivers, age 66, born in Ms
Fannie Shivers, age 15, born in Ms

Next door to Francis & Margaret 
"Fortenberry"  Thurman 
--double relationship--

In 1870, Phebe is living with  Evan and Sarah Shivers
In 1900 'Feriby Shivers' lives alone, age 85, Simpson Co Mississippi
* Children of Edward Shivers and Pheriba Beasley are:
1 i.  German A. Shivers4  born 1828 in Mississippi.
2 ii.  Delilah Shivers   born June 06, 1829 in Mississippi, and died February 08, 1901 in Woodville, Tyler Co Texas
3 iii.  Alice Shivers  born July 09, 1831 in Simpson Co Ms, and died March 10, 1881 in Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi
 iv.  Jemima Jane Shivers  born 1834. 
She married  William Cliburn.
5 v.  Gilbert B. Shivers  born 1836.
  vi. Brilla / Arilia Kate Shivers  born July 03, 1838, and died September 12, 1844, burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi 

Researchers show her as Brilla, however, the tombstone, though in bad shape, can be read and shows the name to be Arilia.

6 vii.  Evan C. Shivers  born 1840
7viii.  George William D. Shivers born 1843
  ix.  Franklin E. Shivers  born September 02, 1845, and died November 18, 1862, burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi 
The following is quoted from Dr. Shivers book:
"Franklin E. Shivers, born 1845 - 46, married Ella Spurlock.  Died young.  No record of wife or descendants." 
He would only turned 17 two months before his death, I doubt that he had children at the time of his death. He was at home in the August 1860 census, thus, he could not have been married very long, not too mention his young age.
Blueberry Farm
German A. Shivers 4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)   was born 1828 in Mississippi, and died c1867.
One source says he was killed by carpetbaggers.

       He married Sarah Boone  February 10, 1848 in Copiah Co Mississippi.  The daughter of Richard Boone and Mary Sones,
       she was born in 1834, and died in 1905, burial in Carmelite Church Cemetery, near Brookhaven, Lincoln Co Mississippi.

1850 Simpson Co Mississippi
Enumerated October 30, 1850 by Angus W. Smith
Page 322  #485/485 

Next door to his mother, Pheriby Shivers

German A. Shivers, age 22, born in Mississippi
Sarah Shivers, age 16, born in Mississippi
Mary A.M. Shivers, age 1, born in Mississippi
Children of German Shivers and Sarah Boone are:
i.  Mary A. 'Mattie' /  'Molly' Shivers   She was born March 28, 1849 in Copiah Co Mississippi, and died December 24, 1926 in Lawrence Co Mississippi.

She married  Raiford L. Leonard   March 02, 1880 in Copiah or Lawrence Co Mississippi. 
The son of William T. Leonard and Mary Elisabeth Stewart, he was born c1836 in Pike Co Mississippi, and died April 11, 1888 in Lawrence Co Mississippi. 

It is said that she married a second time after the death of Mr. Leonard, but her spouse name is unknown.


  • John Warren Leonard, born December 18, 1880 in Lawrence Co Mississippi 

  • He married Nancy Caroline Etheridge.  She was born October 10, 1885, and died May 08, 1938
  • Benjamin M. Leonard, born May 22, 1883 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died November 23, 1960.  He married Mary Boyd 
  • Louvenia Leonard, born September 1886 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died 1948.  She married J.W. Money 
  • Henry William Leonard, born May 1889 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died May 03, 1919.    He married Alice Randall
  • Calvin R. Leonard, born July 03, 1893 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died February 12, 1968. 

  • He married Jerusha Russell.  She was born January 19, 1903, and died May 03, 1979
  • Ida Helen Leonard born September 22, 1897 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died May 18, 1949 

  • She married Edward Harrison Sigrest, who died in 1839, after which she married J.C. Lott.
ii. Cynthia Shivers

She married 1)  Mr. Gartman      She married 2)  Mr. Hanson     She married 3)  Mr. Rogers

iii. Elizabeth "Ella" Shivers born c1852

She married  Joseph Clinton Graham  c1870, the son of William Henry Graham and Sarah Ann Pittman.


  • Lela Graham, born c1871.   She married Mr. Napier. 
  • Tera Graham, born c1873.  She married Mr. Davis. 
  • Laura Graham, born c1875 
  • Walter Graham, born c1877 
  • William Graham, born c1879 
  • Alpha Omega Graham, born 1885, and died 1953 in Marion Co Mississippi.  He married Mary C. Morgan 
  • Joe Graham, born c1883.   He married Irma McKenzie c1905.    Children:   Will Graham   Robert Graham
iv.  Gilbert Shivers born c1856 in Lincoln Co Mississippi.

He married Sarah DePriest

From "Shivers Genealogy" by Dr. Marcus O. Shivers. 
Published by Deseret Press, Salt Lake City, Utah 1950.  Page 25.
"Lived in Arkansas.  Moved to Marion Co Mississippi, when Homer F. Shivers was sixteen years old."
  • Henry T. Shivers, born c1875.    He married Leona 

  •          Children:    Julius D. Shivers, Sr., born c1895.    Maud Shivers, born c1897. She married Joe Perviance.
                                Felix Shivers, born c1899.     Henry Toxie Shivers, born c1901.  He married Nora Mae Cox.
                                Madeline Shivers, born c1903.
                                Delly C. Shivers, born June 05, 1905; died November 1965 in probably Mississippi. 
                                He married Aylene Simmons October 18, 1927 in Walthall Co Mississippi.
  • Evan Shivers, born 1876, and  died 1880.  
  • Lillian Shivers, born c1877.    She married  1) Clay Basham.     She married   2)  W. R. Rominger. 
  • Homer F. Shivers, born November 16, 1886, and died August 1966 

  • He married 1)  Willie Mae Ramsey in Hugo Oklahoma. He married 2) Lottie Thompson 1920 in Arkansas.
                 Children of Homer and Willie are:    Virginia and Velma Shivers
v.  Evan Shivers  born c1858

He married   Annie  Elliott   March 19, 1880 in Bolivar Co Mississippi.

They moved to Texas


  • Callie Shivers, born c1885 
  • John Shivers, born c1887 
  • Evan Shivers, born c1889
vi. John A. Shivers  born c1860
vii. Henry Thomas Shivers, born c1865 in Copiah Co Mississippi

He married Leona Boutwell

Blueberry Farm
 Alice Shivers 4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)  was born July 09, 1831 in Simpson  Co Mississippi, and died March 10, 1881
 in Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi

        She married  George William Cammack  February 26, 1848
        The son of  Thomas Cammack and Jemima McLemore, he was born July 09, 1820, and died January 19, 1895.

Both are buried in Providence Campground Church Cemetery, Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi
Cammack family information supplied by Ed Miller
"Some Notes On Thomas Cammack  1784-1860 and His Descendants" by Hayden L. Alford.

"Our father William  Cammack was born 1820.  Died near Rockport, Missississippi, Copiah Co, January 19, 1895.   Was buried at old Providence Camp Ground near Rockport beside his wife Alice Shivers of Simpson Co Mississippi.   Noble man.   His Godly  life, upright walk and conversation had much to do in shaping the lives and character of those around him.   Two of his sons were preachers of the Mississippi Conference for many years.

  Children of Alice Shivers and George Cammack are:

i. Thomas Franklin Cammack   born February 24, 1847, and  died December 20, 1902.

He married 1)  Frances A. Harris   February 03, 1874 in Copiah Co Mississippi.
He married 2)  Serena S. Harris  in 1886.  She was born May 20, 1855, and died July 15, 1917

All are buried in Province Church Cemetery, Copiah Co Mississippi
"Some Notes On Thomas Cammack 1784-1860 and His Descendants" by Hayden L. Alford.
"Only reference to oldest son, Thomas Franklin, is birth and death dates as contained in Family Bible. 
He married first Frances A. Harris, who died in 1885.  He then married Serena S. Harris.

His will, bequeathing everything to wife Serena and son Benjamin, was filed for probate on December 31, 1902. 
He, both wives and daughter Alice 1878-1882, are buried in Providence Church Cemetery".

Children of Thomas Cammack and Frances Harris are:
  • Alice S. Cammack, born October 26, 1878 in Copiah Co Mississippi, and died September 20, 1882 in Copiah Co Mississippi, burial in Providence Church Cemetary,  Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi 
  • Benjamin Franklin Cammack, Sr., born December 16, 1884 in probably Mississippi; died January 1966 in probably Mississippi.  

  • He married Marion Fox.
                        Child:    Benjamin Franklin Cammack, Jr. 
                                     He married 1)  Pinkey Conn (1911-1934)  burial in Felder Memorial Cemetery
                                     He married 2) Eleanor Hobson  He married 3) Ruth Roberts 
Benjamin Jr. was for 8 yrs. a member of the MS State Legislature, 1972-1976 & 1980-1984.
Residence:  Hazlehurst, Copiah Co Mississippi
ii.  Martha Jane Cammack, born March 27, 1851 in Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi, and  died May 17, 1938.

She married William Henry Beasley  December 23, 1869 in the home of Martha's parents, Copiah Co Mississippi.
He was born c1848,  the son of  Lewis and Margaret Beasley

"Some Notes on Thomas Cammack" by Hayden L. Alford, pub 1981:

"Martha Jane Cammack, daughter of Alice and William Cammack, was born near Rockport, Mississippi, Copiah County  March 27, 1851, at the age of 18  she married William Herney Beasley who was 20.   (son of Margaret & Lewis Beasley) The wedding took place at the brides parents December 23, l869. 
They are the parents of 11 children, 9 of whom are living.

1.  Mrs. Lou Featherston, Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
2.  Mrs. Maggie King, Greenville, Mississippi
3.  Mrs. Minnie Dunn, Greenville, Mississippi
4.  Mrs. Fannie Wicht, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
5.  Mrs. Ina Mae Condry, Tupelo, Mississippi
6.  Mr.  Warren Beasley, Pelahatchee, Mississippi  "dead"
7.  Mr.  J.T. Beasley, Leland, Mississippi
8.  Mr.  Lewis Beasley, 0ma, Mississippi
9.  Mr.  Phillip Beasley, Rockport, Mississippi
                                                 Note:  Lou Featherston is buried in Hazelhurst City Cemetery,
                                                           Copiah Co Mississippi

Many of their celebrations have  we enjoyed but  the Golden Wedding  (50)  Anniversary and the 66th Wedding Anniver-
sary December 23, 1935 were "Red Letter" days.  For 60 years they lived at the plantation home in which W.H. Beasley
was born and reared and he lived there 81 years.

At this point handwritten notation reads:   "This was the place Thomas Cammack settled & sold to Lewis Beasley,  Mrs. Featherstons Grandfather"

Theirs  was a  fine old fashioned family, all prominent in Church and State affairs.   Mr. Beasley is near his 87th birthday and  Mrs. Beasley is near her 85th birthday.   T hese two are very unusually  strong and  active for their ages, leading a normal, active life on the farm till later years and finding now as throughout the years, that life is altogether worth while,  sweet and beautiful".

Comments:  Hayden L. Alford shows name as William Herney Beasley
                    Cammack Family notes show name as William Horney Beasley
                    Ed Miller shows his name as William Henry

iii.  William Warren Cammack born February 18, 1853 in Rockport Copiah Co Mississippi, and  died July 06, 1946.

He married  Mollie J. Hays  December 22, 1881, Rocky Springs, Copiah Co Mississippi

Obituary for Rev. Warren W. Cammack, from newspaper clipping in Emma J. (Emanuel) Miller's papers:
"Rev. W. W. Cammack Buried Here Sunday; Died at Hattiesburg
Veteran Superannuate Minister of Mississippi Conference Was 93 Years of Age.

In the passing of Rev. Warren W. Cammack, on July 6, 1948, Mississippi Conference lost its oldest member. He was admitted to Conference membership in 1878 and served as itinerant pastor for 28 years, during which  time he was in charge of the  Indian  Mission of the Conference near Philadel- phia,  Mississippi.

Mr.  Cammack  was  a son of  the late William Cammack  and  Mrs. Alice Shivers  Cammack,  born February 20, 1853, at their home near Rockport, Copiah County, Miss.   He was  one of  a  family  of eleven sons and daughters of his parents,  all of whom have passed  on except  three sisters, viz: Mrs. Rosa  Martin, Gibsland, La.; Mrs. K. D. Smith, Georgetown, Miss; and Mrs. George Chadwick, Wesson, Miss.

Most of the members:  of this family lived to ripe old age,  this brother having surpassed the others
in this regard when he became 93 on Feb. 20, 1946.

Mr. Cammack is survived by  number of nephews  and nieces  who cherish  the memory of such a remarkable  uncle.   Few  of  them remember him as  a well man;  but his endurance  and ability  to retain a bright outlook on life  has been an inspiration to all.   His unusual strength  came  from  the Omnipotent wham he served through the years of his long life.

In  1911,  because of ill health, Mr. Cammack retired from active service as a minister;  but he and his faithful  and devoted  wife  who passed on several years  ago were  active in  church work  as
long  as  strength  permitted.   Following  his  retirement,  they  lived in  Gloster  for a while  before moving to Fayette.   After Mrs. Cammack's death, he  continued to live here  until November, 1945, when his health necessitated hospitaliization,  and  he became an inmate of the Methodist Hospital at Hattiesburg, where he passed away.

Cammack was brought back to Fayette for burial and the funeral was held Sunday afternoon July 7, with Rev. E. E. Samples officiating.   Very few of the town  people  knew of his  death or  about  the funeral arrangements and few attended.

Surviving  relatives and  friends are happy in the thought that he is enjoying fulfilment of the Scrip- ture promise of eternal life vouchsafed  those who keep the faith."

"Some Notes on Thomas Cammack" by Hayden L. Alford, pub 1981:

"Rev.  Warren W. Cammack,  son of  the late William Cammack was  born  near Rockport,  Mississippi,  Copiah County, married Miss Mollie J. Hayes, Dec. 22, 1881 in the parsonage home of Rev. W.W. Simmons at Rocky Springs, Miss.  by the  Rev.  T.C. Bradford,  then President of  Port Gibson College.     After a  brief  visit  in the  home of  Brother Simmons (stepfather of the bride)  they went by horse  and buggy conveyance through  the county visiting  relatives on the way to Winchester,  Wayne  County,  where  Brother Cammack was  serving his 3rd year  in charge of  a large  rural  pastorate
embracing a number of churches along the reaches of the Chickashay River.   He served 28 years different churches in Mississippi Conference.   His first text at Salem Church,  Simpson County  (which  was Evan  Shivers  Church  near his home)  "The birds have nests, The fox have holes, but the son of man hath not where to lay his head."

He was Superannuated of his own request because of ill health.  22 years active Superannuate in every good word and work.   Teaching in Sunday School,  taking an active part in the various activities of  the Church and  Community.   Rev. and Mrs. W.W. Cammack  celebrated their  Golden Anniversary Tuesday,  December 22, 1931 at  the  Methodist  Church Fayette,  Mississippi with appropriate services and ceremony.   Having no children of their own, relatives were invited to lunch with them in the Annex of the Church.   The public ceremony beautiful and impressive. 

He was a Missionary to the Indians.    His wife was a great help  mate in Church activities.    One of his Indian converts made a preacher,  joined the Mississippi Conference, did a great work".

 iv.  John Edward Cammack   born June 17, 1855 in Rockport, Copiah Co  Mississippi, and  died November 21, 1945 in Fayette, Jefferson Co Mississippi.

He married 1) Rhoda Jane Hayes August 16, 1874 in Copiah Co Mississippi, daughter of Washington Hays & Pernice Parker.

He married 2) Catherine Louisa "Kate" Wright c1925,  daughter of  Elijah Wright and Mary Cranfield.
She was born born December 09, 1863 & died 1958 in Copiah Co Mississippi, burial in  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery,  Copiah Co Mississippi 

He was first married to Jennie Rhoda Hayes for over 50 years. 
According to the Fayette Chronicle Newspaper dated Friday, November 30, 1945, John Cammack was survived by three sons and  three daughters, two brothers and three sisters and a  large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren,
a total of about 158 descendents in a direct line


Fayette, Mississippi  January 15, 1931
Mr. Ralph Cammack  Marion, Illinois

Dear Sir:

Your letter  to my  brother,  J.G. Cammack was sent  to me for the  information  that  you  desire.   I cannot give you much,  I wish I could for I am anxious to know more about the Cammack family.

My  grandfather was  Irish (full blood)  his name was Thomas.  I  think  he  was born  in Ireland,  he
may have been born in the U.S.   If he was born in Ireland,  he came  to  the U.S. when very young.  When he was 14  years old (on account of his step-father)  he  left his home  in Horeb, Carolina and with a cousin came to Tennessee.  His cousin went to New Orleans, Louisiana and  later he was a prominant merchant, grandfather married in Tennessee.    I do not know who  he married.  Later he moved to Mississippi and at one time he owned the land that  is now  the  town of Crystal Springs, Mississippi in Copiah County.  He later moved to  Southeast Copiah County.   He lost his  first wife, then  he moved to  McLemore in  Henry or Jones County.   He raised seven children, two sons and five daughters.  Their names and the names of their wives and husbands were as follows: 
James  Cammack  married  Lucretia  McCorley;   William   Cammack  married  Alice Shivers;   one daughter  whose  name  I   have  forgotten  married  Abraham  Beasley;  Betsy   Cammack  married Middelton Beasley; Sarah Cammack married John Beasley; Gensey Cammack married Jule Alford; and Polly Cammack never married.

All of  them lived to be  old and  all of  them  lived and died  in Copiah  County,  Mississippi except Sarah.   She  died when  she was  very old in  Louisiana.  Yes, I  forgot  two daughters, there were nine children, two sons and seven daughters.  Ann Cammack married  Isaac  Bell  and  one whose name I do not remember married a Mr. Crawford and moved to Texas, I think.

Grandfather  lived  to  be  old,  I  think  he died  about 1860  and was  buried  near Crystal Springs, Mississippi.  We  spelled our  name Camak  or Camack  until about 1865 or a little later.   After  the 
L.C. railroad was built my grandfather went to New Orleans to visit  the cousin  that came with him from Carolina and found that he spelled the name Cammack and during the Civil War,  there was  a Cammack in an Army camp  near my uncle James and  they decided that  they were  close kin  and they  decided or  believed  that Cammack  was the  right way  to  spell  the  name.  So  then Uncles
family changed the spelling of the name from Camak to Cammack  except Aunt Sarah.   My   father,  William Cammack lived and died in Southeast Copiah County, Mississippi.  He was 75 years old at the time of his death.   He raised eleven children, five sons and six daughters, nine are still living.

My name  is John Edward  Cammack.  I  was born June 17, 1855.   I  married  Rhoda Jane Hays on August 16, 1874.   We celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary August 16, 1924.   My wife died March 2, 1925.  Counting  all  my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren  and  in-laws there are 86 in my family.

There is one  Edward  Camak and one  Gus Cammack at  Portland, Arkansas.   Edward is Irish and 
Gus is  Scotch.  Edward  came  from  Horeb, Carolina  and  I   think  we  are  kin.    There are some Cammacks  (at Tulwiler?) Mississippi. I have never met any of them.  There are a lot of Cammacks in West Alabama, some at Tuscambia or Tuscalusa, Alabama.

There are  a  great many of my father's family and I never heard of one being arrested for any crime
or for being drunk.  So far as I know all are Methodists except one and all are Democrats.  I will be very glad to hear from you and am anxious to  hear more about  the Cammack record.    I will try  to
find out more from my oldest sister and may write you again.

Yours truly,  J. E. Cammack

This short sketch was read at our family reunion, September 29, 1934 by J.E. Cammack, Fayette, Mississippi.

Our  grandfather, Thomas S. Cammack,  was  born  about 150 years ago.   He died  April 10, 1860, and was  buried  near Crystal Springs,  Mississippi.     When  he was about 14  years  of  age  he left  his  parents  at  Horeb, Carolina, went  to Tennessee.    Later came to Jones County, Mississippi,  from there to Copiah County, Mississippi.   He  settled the  place where Grandfather Lewis Beasley lived and purchased  from him,  near Rockport, Copiah County.   Thomas S. Cammack went from there to Crystal Springs.  He was a farmer.   At one time owned the land that is now Crystal Springs.  He came from Ireland.  He was the first and only Cammack that we know anything about in Mississippi and  so far as we know he had no kin in Mississippi.  He was full blood Irish.    He reared eight children, six daughters, and two sons.   All married except one. One son William was our father.    He married Alice Shivers. They reared eleven children, five sons and six daughters. All married except one.  Eight are living, seven are present.  Our ages  61 years, 6 months and 2  days to  83 years, 6 months and 2 days.   Our ages combined is  585 years, 1 month.    We have 46 children,  115 grandchildren,  32 great grandchildren.  The total number is 201.  All of our 46 children except 2 are members of the Church and most of our grandchildren are.   Not one of this large family has been  arraigned in Court for any crime and only 2 have had a case in Court and they were not criminal cases.

"Some Notes on Thomas Cammack" by Hayden L. Alford, pub 1981:

"John Cammack, son of the late William Cammack was born near Rockport Mississippi, Copiah County. 
Married  Miss Jinnie Hayes,  step  daughter of  Rev. W.W. Simmons.  (you  will  notice  the 2  brothers  John and  Warren married sisters).   Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cammack  reared a large family.    They  celebrated  their "Golden Wedding  (fifty years)  Anniversary  at  their home  in  Fayette, Jefferson County,  Mississippi  August 16, 1924.    A wonderful occasion.   Bishop Du Bose and  Rev. James C. Cammack, both of California,  joined  a  large circle of friends  and  relatives  there, partaking of a sumptuous dinner (see family reunion 1st page) at John Cammacks  home, September 29, 1934, followers of the Lord, Noble soul.


After having  lived for  sixty-seven years and a  few months, on  the evening of March 2, 1925, the spirit of Mrs. Rhoda Jane Cammack, Wife of Bro. J.E. Cammack, was transplanted in the heavenly home.

Loved ones, neighbors and  friends  all miss her so much.  She was of cheerful and happy disposi- tion.  A beautiful smile was one of her outstanding characteristics.

When only a young girl she united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and lived a beautiful Christian life.   She was devoted  to her church and  attended regularly  the church  services.    We greatly miss her in the regular services, in the Sunday School and the Missionary Society.

Brother and Sister Cammack were  a most  congenial couple,  having lived  devotedly  together for more than 50 years.

She was  the  mother of seven  children,  four sons and  three daughters, all of whom survive her. 
As a mother, she was sympathetic and very much devoted.

Dear wife  and mother,  so patient and good,  we are  reminded of  you every time we turn.   We are 
sad, yet rejoice;  for we know you are in heaven. We will not be separated long for we are coming.  We cheerfully submit to God's will.

May God sustain the loved ones in this hour of need.

Her Pastor,   Jasper B. Smith

Marriage Notes for John Cammack and Rhoda Hayes:
Ed Millers notes:   Family Archives CD #5, Marriage index, Copiah Co., MS, shows license issued August 14, 1874.

More About Catherine Louisa "Kate" Wright:
Burial: Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery,  Copiah Co Mississippi

Children of John and Rhoda  are:
  • Luther Eugene Cammack, born June 23, 1877 near Rockport Copiah Co Mississippi, and died September 1973  probably in Jackson Hinds Co Mississippi

  • He married Anna Lettia Herring June 13, 1898 in Shadyside-Rodney, Jefferson Co Mississippi, daughter of Isaac Herring and Mary Griffing.    Dates unknown, Anna is buried in Cane Ridge Cemetery, Lorman, Jefferson Co Mississippi.
                     Lewis Clifford Cammack, Sr., born October 23, 1899 in Shadyside Plantation Mississippi.
                     Edwin Luther Cammack, born July 01, 1903 in Shadyside Plantation Mississippi, and died March 1974 probably in Kentucky
                     Irene Gertrude Cammack       Anna Beatrice Cammack      Sylvia Mae Cammack        Dorothy Inez Cammack
  • William Harmon Cammack, born c1878 
  • Ella Lee Cammack, born c1881.    She married Jesse W. Wilcox c1900. 
In 1945 obituary for John Edward Cammack, Ella Lee is mentioned as daughter Mrs. J.W. Wilcox from Boston, Massachusetts
  • Ida Josephine Cammack, born May 14, 1882, and died January 19, 1930 in Natchez,  Adams Co  Mississippi 

  • She married 1) Samuel Erastus Emanuel March 12, 1899, son of Zachary Emanuel and Mary Griffing. 
    She married 2) Asa Coleman Emanuel December 22, 1904 in Ouachita Parish Louisiana, son of Zachary Emanuel and Mary Griffing.*
Obituary  for Ida Josephine (Cammack)  Emanuel,  from newspaper clipping  found in her daughter, Emma J. (Emanuel) Miller's papers 

Mrs. Ida J. Emanuel was born May 14, 1882, and departed this life January 19, 1930.
She was twice married, first to Erastus Emanuel.  Her second husband, Asa Emanuel, was a brother to the first.  She was the mother of ten children, all of whom are living except one who died in infancy. Besides these she leaves her husband, three brothers, three sisters, five grandchildren, her father, J. E. Cammack, and many relatives and a host of friends to mourn her departure.
Mrs. Emanuel was reared in a Christian home and in very early life embraced the Christian religion and united with the Methodist Church, but later in life joined the Baptist Church with her husband.  She lived a consistent Christian from girlhood until death, was a faithful devoted wife, a loving mother and grandmother, and kind, obliging neighbor.
Mrs. Emanuel was a great sufferer in her latter days, and had many hardships and difficulties during her widow hood; but she bore her trials with patience and Christian fortitude, and faced any and all conditions in a cheerful manner, always  looking to the future with hope for the better.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord----  yea, sayeth the Spirit, for they rest from their labors, and their works do follow them."
"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep."
 Uncle Warren -  Aunt Mollie.

In Sad and Loving Memory of Wife and Mother, MRS. IDA JOSEPHINE EMANUEL,
who departed this life January 19, 1930.
No one knows the silent heart aches;
Only those who have lost can tell
Of the grief that is borne in silence
For our dear Mother we loved so well
More and more each day we miss you;
Friends may think the wound is healed,
But they little know the sorrow
That lies within our hearts concealed.

We loved you, but God loved you best. Farewell, Mother dear, for a little while.
We will always linger around the grave where you were laid.

Sadly missed by your husband,


We sincerely  thank our dear friends and neighbors for their loving kindness to our loved one, Wife and Mother,  during her illness and death;  and  for your kindness and sympathy  to us  in our  grief. 
May God bless you.

Sincerely,   A. C. Emanuel AND CHILDREN.

Comment: Death date of Asas may be July 31, 1903.   His occupation was U.S. Postal Service: Postman

  • Clara Irene Cammack, born February 03, 1884 in Rodney Mississippi, and died October 06, 1967 in Mississippi

  • She married Samuel Eugene Emanuel March 12, 1902 in Jefferson Co Mississippi, son of Samuel Emanuel and Mary Callender.
Carolyn S. Smith

I have finally convinced my mother,  at the ripe  young age of 84,  to disgorge for eternity  some the wealth of family lore she harbors.    She told me a funny story last night that must be preserved:

Seems  my grandfather  Samuel Eugene Emanuel was known all  his  life as Bud.   One  time  he and  his  sisters  were driving to Texas  for some reason and stopped at a store to get something to drink.   This  country man  saw a sign for a drink he didn't  recognize called, "Budweiser."  He  thought  it was  neat that a drink had  his name,  so  he  bought one.  Didn't   take him  long to discover  that  this was undrinkable.  For the rest of his life, his sisters teased him that he was now "Bud Wiser."

One  she has told me  before is  that when he and his  sister Nellie were  little, they  played a trick on  their dad  Samuel Oscar.  He  chewed tobacco and  kept his chaw on the mantle.  One  day  they  found a piece of leather that  looked just
like  his  chaw, so they  switched  them, then  hid to watch  their dad try  to  chew that  leather.  Apparently it took him a 
while to realize what had happened.

Mother also sent me yesterday some  letters  her father and mother  had written.   These are  priceless.  Her  dad was ill with  heart trouble about seven years before he died.   One of  these letters is to his sister feeling guilty  about not being able  to carry his load, but grateful for the kindnesses he  had received from others.   One is  from her mom to her sister only a few days after he died lamenting about how much she missed him.

  • Warren Wain Cammack, born c November 09, 1889; died c July 1965 in probably Mississippi 
  • Alice Pernice Cammack, born August 01, 1894; died May 1977 in Nashville Tennessee 

  • She married William Frank Youngblood August 14, 1912, son of William Youngblood and Amelia Callender
v.  Jemima Emaline Cammack   born December 12, 1857
vi.  George Willis Cammack   born April 05, 1860 in Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi, and  died May 28, 1946 in Bogalusa Louisiana, burial in Meadville Cemetery, Meadville, Mississippi.

He married Annabel Isabel Emanuel December 25, 1900 in Jefferson Co Mississippi, daughter of Samuel Emanuel and Mary Callender.

Obituary for George W. Cammack, from newspaper clipping in Emma J. (Emanuel) Miller's papers:
G. W. Cammack Died May 28, at Bogalusa; Buried at Meadville

Mr. George W. Cammack died at a hospital  in  Bogalusa, La., on May 28, 1946, after a short critical illness.  He had been in failing health for some time.

Mr. Cammack was a  native  of Copiah County, Miss., born at  Rockport  April 5, 1860.   He came to Jefferson County in  his  young  manhood and  had  been a  resident here  for more  than fifty years, moving  to  the home of his  daughter several months ago in order to be close to  a doctor and hos-
pital facilities.

Mr. Cammack  was married to  Miss Annie Emanuel, Dec. 25,  1890, and  is survived by  this help- mate of fifty six years and by a son, five daughters and eleven grandchildren; also one brother and three sisters.  The son and daughters are:
S.W. Cammack, Coudersport, Penn.; Mrs. J.S. Youngblood, Meadville; Mrs. F.A. Robbins,  Greens- boro,  N.C.; Mrs. B. M. Perkins, Electric City, Wash.; Mrs. E. F. McKinion, New Orleans; and Mrs. T. B. Bell, Bogalusa, LA.

The brother and sisters are:  Rev. W. W. Cammack, Hattiesburg;  Mrs.  K. D. Smith, Hazlehurst; Mrs. Louise Martin, Gibsland, La.; and Mrs. G. W. Chadwick, Hazlehurst.

The funeral was conducted by Rev. Henry Rickey of Bogalusa, assisted by Rev. Charles Scultz and Rev. B. T. Bishop, and was held from Meadville Methodist Church at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 29. A  large  gathering of  relatives and  friends  attended  the  service  and  paid  silent  tribute  to  the 
memory of a  good  man--a loyal and devoted husband, a fond father, an excellent  neighbor.   Their  esteem  was  attested  by numerous  lovely floral  pieces.   Interment  was  in Meadville Cemetery  with  Donald Youngblood,  Hollis Youngblood, Wesley Youngblood, Lynn Shepard  Hollinger, Archie Coleman and   Bill Scott  serving as active pallbearers.   Judge R. E. Bennett,  Dr. J. F. McCormick and Mr. Dan Parnell were honorary pallbearers.

"We cannot say and will not say
That he is dead; he is just away!
He has wandered into an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair
It needs must be, since he lingers there.
And we who yearn
For the old time step and glad return
Think of him faring on as dear
In the love of There
As the love of Here--
Think of him as still the same--
He is not dead; he is just away."

Marriage Notes for George Cammack and Annabel Emanuel:

"Some Notes on Thomas Cammack" by Hayden L. Alford shows marriage date as 12/24/1890, while CD #5, marriage index for Jefferson Co Mississippi shows date as 12/25/1900.

  • Essie Cammack, born c1901, and  died 1993.    She married J. Swayze Youngblood c1927. 
  • Sarah Rosalee Cammack, born c1903.    She married Fred A. Robbins c1915. 
  • Samuel William Cammack, born c 1905, and  died 1947.   He married Laura Jane Vaughn 
  • Mary Alice Cammack She married Burdette M. Perkins. 
  • Katie Emma Cammack      She married Elmer Earle McKinion. 
  • Annie Florence Cammack, born February 02, 1913, and  died March 23, 1984 probably in Mississippi. 

  • She married Theodore Bennie Bell in 1944.
                 from a photocopy from Emma J. Emanuel Miller, probably  from a Union, Mississippi newspaper
Services were held Sunday, March 25 at  Roebuck Funeral Home Chapel for Annie Florence Bell. 
Rev. Ben Lawrence officiated the 2:00 P.M. services.   Interment was made in Union Cemetery. 

Pallbearers  were L.N. Brown, Montie  Davis,  Jimmie  McKinion, Sherrell Stokes,  Mike Addy,  E.J. Matthews.

Ms.  Bell was born  February 2, 1913.   She  died March 23, 1984  in  Laird Hospital.   She  was  the daughter  of  George W. Cammack and  Ann Isabel  Emanuel Cammack.    She is  survived  by  four sisters:    Mrs. Essie  Youngblood,  New Orleans;  Mrs. Rosalie  Robbins,  Greensboro, N.C.;   Mrs.
Mary  Perkins, Sacramento, Califomia; and Mrs. Katie McKinion of Union;  and a host of  neices and nephews.

Ms. Bell was a housekeeper for the elderly and a member of Union Methodist Church. 

Roebuck Funeral Home, Inc. was in charge of arrangements.

vii. James Gilbert Cammack, born July 09, 1862 in Rockport Copiah Co Mississippi; died July 26, 1940.

He married Ethel Daisy Wilson  December 23, 1890 in Rankin Co Mississippi.

Some Notes on Thomas Cammack  by Hayden L. Alford, published 1981:

"Rev. James  G. Cammack,  son of  the  late William Cammack,  was  born  near Rockport,  Mississippi, Copiah County, married  Daisy Wilson of Brandon, Mississippi.   After many  years  faithful service as  a minister and  evangelist  in the Methodist  Conference of  Mississippi, he  moved  to  Los  Angles,  California  beginning of  the  late  war.   He and Mrs. Cammack reared 3 sons of theirs who reside  in  Los Angles.   Wilson, Evans,  and William.   Rev. James G. Cammack had  to Superannuate while  in Mississippi  because of  ill  health.   He did a great  work  and  saved many  souls.   His
wife was a great help mate.   She  was sister of the  late Edgar and Bob Wilson,  noted  Mississippians.   He  served  4 years  at 3 different charges in Mississippi.   He became an evangelist.   Was  faithful Minister from 1887 until 1908, 21 years.   Hundreds of  people  joined the Church under his ministry and the cause of Christ was greatly advanced.  After his retirement he was a useful local preacher".

            Children:   Wilson Cammack, born c1886      Evans Cammack, born c1888      William Cammack, born c1890
viii.  Mary Frances Cammack, born July 24, 1865.
ix.  Emma Pheriba Cammack, born c1867, and died after1950.      She married Kirby D. Smith
Some Notes On Thomas Cammack 1784-1860 and His Descendants   by Hayden L. Alford.

Daughter  Emma  Pherbia  is  shown  here as single and  living  in  Shreveport, Louisiana.    She later married Kirby D. Smith and they were living in Hazlehurst about 1950.

x. Rosa Delila Cammack, born November 25, 1870, and died April 15, 1959.     She married  George Martin
xi.  Katie Victoria Cammack, born March 09, 1873, and died September 09, 1965. 
She married  George Chadwick  April 03, 1899.

Blueberry Farm
 Delilah Shivers 4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)  was born June 06, 1829 in Mississippi, and died February 08, 1901 in
 Woodville, Tyler Co Texas

 She married  John Shows Riley on January 06, 1845 in Mississippi.     The son of Edward Miles Riley and Mary Shows, he was
 born June 28, 1817 in Mississippi, and died December 25, 1880 in Woodville, Tyler Co Texas.

Both are buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Woodville, Tyler Co Texas

 Information for this family from:  Laura Buckmaster    and   Tresa Tatyrek
Buckmaster, Holmes, Lanier & Thurber Family

1880 Tyler Co Texas, Precinct 2
Page 395A
J.S. Riley, farmer, age 62, born in Mississippi
Father born in South Carolina, Mother born in Georgia
Delila Riley, wife, age 50, born in Mississippi
Father born in Georgia, Mother born in South Carolina
John S. Riley, son, age 23, born in Texas
P.F. Riley, son, age 20, born in Texas
Jas. B. Riley, son, age 15, born in Texas
Jemima E. Riley, daughter, age 12, born in Texas
Robt. E. Riley, son, age 9, born in Texas


Children of Delilah Shivers and John Riley are:

i.  Evan Miles Riley  born January 29, 1846, and died February 09, 1848
ii. William Edward Riley  born May 31, 1847, and died in 1894
He married Mary Ann Wingo Young.   She was born c1852, and died in 1947.
iii. Mary Ann Riley  born December 13, 1848, and died February 26, 1901
She married  Dickerson Richard Pope.  He was born June 10, 1838, and died October 16, 1909
iv. Tillman O'Connell Riley  born November 05, 1850 and died c1881
He married  Tabitha Elizabeth Flowers
v. Frances Elizabeth Riley  born January 27, 1853, and died February 19, 1930
She married  John Elias Masterson.  He was born c1858, and died April 25, 1912
vi. Alice Delilah Jane Riley  born April 25, 1855, and died September 02, 1916
She married  Joshua W. Pool.  He was born c1838, and died March 27, 1876
vii. John Shows Riley  born May 08, 1857, and died May 21, 1881
viii. Patrick Franklin Riley  born June 30, 1859, and died November 08, 1923.
He married  Mollie Kate Sandlin.  She was born September 11, 1859, and died July 31, 1941
ix. Nancy Pheriba Riley  born January 29, 1862, and died August 11, 1914
She married  William Absalom Gillespie.  He was born in October 1856
x. James Bunyan Riley  born December 30, 1864, and died April 19, 1943
He married  Mary Carrie Gillespie.  She was born September 16, 1866, and died March 18, 1948
xi. George Jackson Riley  born April 07, 1867, and died April 08, 1867
xii. Jemima Ellen Riley  born May 05, 1868, and died March 26, 1948
She married  James Bingman Jackson.  He was born November 1863
xiii. Robert Edward Riley  born October 13, 1870, and died April 26, 1881
Blueberry Farm
 Gilbert Bennett Shivers 4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)   was born c1836, and died on June 28 or 29, 1864 while serving in
  the Confederate Army in the Civil War, burial in the Marietta City Graveyard, Marietta Georgia

        He married Lorena Ann Berry on February 02, 1859 in Lawrence Co Missisissippi
         The daughter of   Richard Talley Berry and Martha Wilkes, she was born on June 23, 1839 in Lawrence Co Mississippi and died September 13, 1907,
          burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

*ed December 29, 1955 in Simpson Co., Mississippi.
Dawna Carlton
Gilbert Shivers, served in company A, 39th MS.   Killed in Marietta, Georgia.  He was shot at stream as he stood up 
from getting a drink by sniper. His brother Evan C. was with him and tracked the sniper for two days afterwards but never caught up to him.



1860 Simpson Co Mississippi  Beat 3 Westville
page 180  #285/285         Census Image
Enumerated August 21, 1860 by CB Banks
Gilbert B. Shivers, age 24, born in Ms
Lorena Shivers, age 22, born in Ms
Elias P. Shivers, age 6 mo, born in Ms
1870 Lawrence Co  T 9 R 18 W  Monticello PO
Enumerated 26 July 1870 by W.S. Baggett
Page 130-131  #1032/1032 
Next door to Edward Riley 
Farmer  $400/345
J.P. Waltman, age 24, born in Ms
Lorena Waltman, age 31, born in Ms
M. E. Waltman, female, age 2, born in Ms
Julia Waltman, age 2 mo, born Apr 1870 in Ms
GP Shivers, male, age 10, born in Mississippi
E.A. Shivers, female, age 9, born in Mississippi
MJ Shivers, female, age 8, born in Mississippi
Fannie E. Shivers, age 6, born in Mississippi
1880 Lawrence Co Mississippi
Beat 4 SD2  ED 121
Enumerated 15th /16th June 1880  by RO Byrne
John P. Waltman, age 32, born in Ms
Lorena A. Waltman, age 41, born in Ms
Gilbert Shivers, age 20, born in Ms
Mary Waltman, age 11, born in Ms
Julia Waltman, age 9, born in Ms
Alice Waltman, age 7, born in Ms
John Waltman, age 6, born in Ms
Gennie Waltman, age 4, born in Ms
Richard Waltman, age 3, born in Ms
Babe Dau, age 10 mo, born Aug 1879 in Ms
Alexander Lofton, black, age 16, born in Ms


Children of Gilbert Shivers and Lorena Berry are:

i. Elias P. Shivers  born c1859-60 in Mississippi
He may be the same as Gilbert, they may have decided to rename him after this census, or perhaps the census taker wrote the name in error.  Most researchers show Gilbert's middle initial as P.
ii. Gilbert B. Shivers, Jr.  born November 11, 1859 in Mississippi, and died March 24, 1905 in Simpson Co Ms

He married  Sarah Josephine "Josie" Sterling,  c1890. 
The daughter of  Willis Bennet Sterling and Susan Williams, she was born September 17, 1861, and died January 01, 1918.

Almost the entire Sterling family intermarried with our Berry and allied families


  • Gilbert B. Shivers III, born July 09, 1893, and  died August 1962 probably in Mississippi 
  • Houston Shivers, born c1895.  He married Mattie Slater February 20, 1916 in Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi. 
  • Julia Shivers, born c1897.
iii. Eliza Arilla "Dit" Shivers    born February 11, 1861, and died December 16, 1936 in Simpson Co Mississippi

She married John Qunicy Williams  January 02, 1879 in Lawrence Co Mississippi.

The son of William Williams and Mary Walker, he was born August 12, 1858, and died November 20, 1930 in Simpson Co Mississippi

Williams family  supplied by  Ron G. Williams

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

  • Bob Williams.  He married Millie Ora. 
  • Susie Mae Williams.  She married   1.) Crocker Stampley.    She married 2.) Mark Magee. 
  • George B Williams, born November 1880.  He married Maybell 
  • Edna May Williams, born June 1881.    She married Thee Chatman. 
  • Jeff H Williams, born May 1883. 
  • Vester Lorena Williams, born May 30, 1885; died September 12, 1976 in Collins, Covington Co Mississippi. 

  • She married William Harrison Hughes  November 09, 1908 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, son of William Hughes & Martha Merchant. 
    He was born November 18, 1880 in Leake Co Mississippi, and died December 31, 1973 in Collins, Covington Co Mississippi.
    Both are buried in Mt. Horeb Cemetery, Covington Co Mississippi
          William Madison Hughes, born August 02, 1909; died November 20, 1992.
          John Q Hughes, born January 07, 1911 in Covington Co Mississippi; died November 12, 1958 in Minden, Louisiana.
          George Clay Hughes - Private           Milton Guycell Hughes   He married Alma Sanford.
          Ethel Merle Hughes  She married Carl Dixon Magee.    Madeline Hughes   Willie Juanita Hughes    Benjamin Franklin Hughes
  • Ethel Williams, born July 1887.  She married Hal Jolley; born Abt. 1882. 

  • Sugarman Williams, born August 08, 1890 in Simpson Co Mississippi; died May 07, 1971, burial in Goodwater Baptist Church,   Magee, Simpson Co Mississippi.     He married Helen 
  • Fannie Etta "Sweet" Williams, born December 23, 1892 in Mississippi; died August 1923 in Chase, Louisiana. 

  • She married John Henry Smith, Sr.  He was born 1892 in Mississippi, and died February 06, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana, burial   in Whitesands Baptist Church Cemetery, Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi
          Children:   John Henry Smith, Jr.  born June 16, 1918; died July 15, 1975.        Frank Edward Smith  He married Frances Harris.
  • Ada Williams, born January 1895.  She married Henry Smith. 
  • William Boykin Williams, born February 24, 1897 in Simpson Co Mississippi; died July 21, 1983 
  • He married Ruth E.; born December 22, 1912; died October 05, 1987.  

  • Both are buried in St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Carson, Jefferson Davis Co Mississippi
  • Marcus Williams, born February 1900.    He married Emma Magee.
iv. Martha Jane Shivers   born September 21, 1862, and died November 01, 1953
She married   James Damascus Dickson, Sr., son of Archibald Dickson and Mary Miller. 
He was born April 26, 1860, and died September 05, 1942.
Family information provided by  Ron G. Williams

James and his family lived near Old Hebron and Shivers until 1900 when they moved to Mt. Olive, Mississippi. 

Julia Dickson Laske  says that her  father never  talked about his family.  She had learned about the death of her grand- mother, Mary Ann Dickson Foles, from her mother. It must have been a shock for Jim Dickson to learn at age 23 that he was the only surviving member of his family.



  • Frank Sexton  Dickson, born January 11, 1881; died November 18, 1959. 

  • He married Sarah 'Sally' Franklin.  She was born April 06, 1879, and died November 05, 1956.
    They  lived in Mt. Olive, Mississippi, all their lives.  He was a rural mail carrier.  They are both buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetary.
          Mattie Mae Dickson, born September 04, 1903 in Mt. Olive, Mississippi; died February 25, 1965.
          Franklin Dickson, born January 02, 1905; died c1940.  He married Ruth Shirley.
          Paul Hardin Dickson, born April 10, 1906.
          Lorena Dickson, born January 30, 1908.  She married Will T Murray; born November 28, 1902; died 1960.
          Infant Dickson, born June 23, 1910; died June 23, 1910.
          Dorris Dickson, born November 17, 1911; died October 30, 1975.
          Sara Nell Dickson, born February 19, 1916; died November 16, 1935.
          She was attending Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, when she was killed in a train accident near where the
         Jackson zoo is  now located.  The auto collided with a train at Livingston Park crossing.
  • Mary Elizabeth 'Molly' Dickson, born February 24, 1882; died February 17, 1972. 

  • She married Henry Leonard Magee.  He was born September 18, 1882, and died October 06, 1934.
          Children:   Lawrence Jack Magee   John H. Magee married Mrs. Kathryn Coates   Knox Magee married Jessie Hammond
          Minnie Magee.     Betty Magee, died August 19, 1993.  She married George Ferrell.
          Mary Magee.  She married 1) Ed Ware.  She married 2) Dennis Stringer.           Archie Lewis Magee.
  • Archie Lewis Dickson, born October 02, 1883, and died December 25, 1972,  burial in Lakewood Memorial Park, Jackson, Hinds Co Mississippi 

  • He married Maude Ellen Thompson, daughter of George Ranson and Endora Thompson.  She was born c1885 in New Hebron, Mississippi,  and died April 08, 1978.
            Children:       Herbert Alton Dickson.    Mary Louise Dickson.     Ellen Virginia Dickson.       Archie Lewis 'Sonny' Dickson, Jr.
  • Martha Jane 'Mag' Dickson, born November 03, 1885; died September 04, 1956. 

  • She married Edmond Rufas Russell.  He was born September 21, 1879, and died May 09, 1927.
    Dawna Carlton email message 9-28-2001: 
    "Edmond my grandfather was a contractor and was painting a church  steeple when he fell and he died a month later from his
    injuries in the  Baptist Hospital in Jackson Mississippi. They are both buried in the Mt Olive City Cemetery along with Martha and James D., Dickson." 
           Lowery Lee  Russell, born October 23, 1903; died January 1970.  He married 1) Marie Russell.  He married 2) Irene Allison.
          Infant Russell, born October 26, 1904; died October 1904.
          Ruth Etta Russell, born June 22, 1907 in Mississippi; died August 29, 1995 probably in San Francisco Co California
          She married Bowman Brodnax; born April 05, 1907 in Mississippi; died April 01, 1991.
          Pearl Deloris Russell, born January 25, 1909; died March 26, 1990.  She married Tally Slade.
          Clyde Lafayette Russell, born September 26, 1910; died November 24, 1966.  He married Berta / Alberta
          Martha Edwina Russell, born October 19, 1913; died July 02, 1999.
          Mary Edna 'Boots' Russell, born July 02, 1915; died January 24, 1988.
          James Damascus Russell, born April 30, 1918; died November 27, 1978 probably in Harrison Co Mississippi.
          Eddie Rufus Russell, born April 15, 1920 in Mt. Olive, Mississippi; died February 04, 2002 in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Fannie M Dickson, born August 02, 1887; died January 29, 1934.    She married Oscar Eugene Carter.  He was born c1882. 

  •         Children:   Mildred Carter.  She married Charlie Riggs. 
                              Oscar Eugene Carter, died in San Francisco, California.   He married Barbara
  • Julia Rose Dickson, born April 22, 1889; died July 23, 1979. 

  • She married Augustave Arnold Charles Laske.   He was born December 01, 1883 in Germany, and died October 29, 1950 in Jackson, Hinds Co Mississippi.  Both are buried in Mt. Olive Mississippi
    Julia met her husband in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was a brickmason and a stonecutter, and not long after their marriage they moved to Jackson where work was plentiful.  They lived in Jackson for the remainder of their married life. 
           Child:  Alice Reinette Laske, died c1983.
  • Mae Etta Dickson, born September 25, 1891; died January 01, 1892 of measles & pneumonia, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • Lennie Ann Dickson, born September 04, 1893 in New Hebron, Lawrence Co Mississippi; died December 20, 1985. 

  • She married Homer Van Rice.  He was born 1890, and died 1967.
          Children:    Homer Van Rice, Jr.         Charles Williams Rice        Martha Beatrice Rice
  • James Damascus Dickson, Jr., born October 16, 1895; died October 10, 1956. 

  • He married Gladys Velma Nolan December 06, 1919.  She was born c1900.
          Children:   Richard Dickson, died in Died as a young man by electrocution in Florida.        Marie Dickson.
  • Fitzhugh Lee Dickson, born May 06, 1898 in Lawrence Co Mississippi; died August 05, 1971, burial in Mt. Olive Cemetery 

  • He married Faye Gatewood , daughter of Hiram Gatewood and Annie Sanderford.  She was born October 20, 1903 in Scott Co Mississippi, and died May 25, 1992.
           Fitzhugh Lee Dickson, Jr., born December 15, 1922; died May 20, 1977 in Clinton, Mississippi.
          Joe Sharp Dickson       Marion Rufus 'Jackie' Dickson      Mary Ruth Dickson
          Robert Charles 'Bobby'  Dickson, born September 18, 1932; died December 03, 1978 in Meridian, Mississippi
  • George Tymes Dickson, born August 06, 1902; died July 04, 1969, burial in Mt. Olive Cemetery 

  • He married Allie M Taylor.  She was born December 15, 1907.
          Children:       Hazel Dickson.       George Tymes Dickson, Jr.       Allene Dickson
  • Vernon Miller Dickson, born September 12, 1906; died June 19, 1914, burial in Mt Olive Cemetery  

  • Vernon was burned badly when playing with a kerosene lamp.
v. Fannie Elisabeth Shivers,  born July 01, 1864, and died December 29, 1955, both in Simpson Co Mississippi
She married Robert C. Williams January 04, 1881 in Simpson Co Mississippi.

            The son of William Williams, and Mary Walker, he was born November 13, 1863, and died June 26, 1930
            He is also the brother of John Q. Williams who married Fannie's sister, Dit

Williams family  supplied by  Ron G. Williams

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

In 1880 Simpson Co Mississippi census, Fannie is living with her aunt, Pheriba Shivers
Fannie is listed as 15 & niece to Pheriba age 66. 


  • Mary Elizabeth Williams, born May 24, 1882 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died May 25, 1882 in Simpson Co Mississippi, burial in  

  • Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
  • Estus W.  Williams, born July 05, 1884 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and  died September 06, 1885 in Simpson Co Mississippi, burial    in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
  • John Houston Williams, born December 24, 1885 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died June 28, 1955. 

  • He married Amy Barlow April 11, 1908 in Pinola, Simpson Co Mississippi.  The daughter of Len M. "Dock"  Barlow and Mary Jane 
    Nelson, she was  born April 11, 1889, and died April 25, 1975.    Both are buried in Mendenhall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
                  Children of John Williams and Amy Barlow are:
                  Bobby Franklin Williams - private        James Barlow Williams - private
                  L. Ellzabel Williams, born February 22, 1909, and died February 22, 1909, burial in Harrisville Cemetery, Simpson Co Ms
                  Billy Houston Williams, born October 03, 1921, and died January 15, 1986.
  • Jeptha Williams, born August 09, 1886 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died September 19, 1886 in Simpson Co Mississippi, burial in  

  • Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
  • James Etheridge Williams, born August 05, 1889 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died November 25, 1935 in Simpson Co Ms

  • He married Mattie Mildred Waltman .  She was born December 27, 1896 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died May 03, 1978.
    Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
                  Child:  Rita Williams born November 08, 1931, and died May 02, 1992 in Tyler Texas.
                             She married John Bufkin Barlow May 25, 1952.  The son of Homer Barlow and Hattie Lynn Bufkin, he was born
                             October 31, 1928 in Hazlehurst, Copiah  Co Mississippi, and died March 05, 1999 in Tyler Texas.
  • George Bennett Williams, born May 1891, and died in Yazoo City, Mississippi 

  • He married 1.) Mamie Hutchins.   He married  2.) Fannie Mae Wilkes
    After Ben's death, Fannie remarried.  Fannie & Ben had no children.
                  Children of George and Mamie are:  Doris Williams.        Hazle Williams.
  • Martha Williams, born May 09, 1895, and died September 19, 1895, burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi 
  • Robert E. Lee Williams, Sr., born March 16, 1896 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died October 18, 1978 in Pinola, Simpson Co Ms 

  • He married Willie Mae Berry  December 12, 1925,  daughter of Henry Berry and Laura Williamson.   She was born July 21, 1907 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 02, 1994 in  Mendenhall, Simpson Co Mississippi, at Magee General Hospital.
    Both are buried in Mendenhall City Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
                   Child:  Robert E Lee Williams, Jr., the  father of  Ron G. Williams, contributor of much of this lineage
  • Louis Lafayette Williams, born August 01, 1898, and died January 25, 1953. 

  • He married Minnie Ola Banks.  She was born 1899, and died 1981.
    Both are buried in Mendenhall City Cemetery, Mendenhall, Simpson Co Mississippi
                   Child:   Louie Russell Williams, born July 18, 1926, and  died October 25, 1985.


After Gilbert's untimely death, Lorena married  James Prentis Waltman on  March 22, 1867 in Lawrence Co Mississippi.
He was born December 13, 1848, and died March 31, 1925, in Jeff Davis Co Mississippi, burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi, son of  Edward P. Waltman and Martha Jane Newsome.

Several of James siblings married into the family of  Sally Berry and Elijah Thurman.
After Lorena's death, James married Molly Sanders and had one child, Eva Waltman.
  Children of Lorena Berry and James Waltman are:
v. Mary Waltman born c1871     She married a Cole
vi. Julia Waltman 
vii. Alice Waltman born 20 July 1872, and died June 12, 1963 
She married  Walter Duncan Williams, Sr.  He was born January 12, 1871, and died March 22, 1940.

Both are buried  in New Hebron Cemetery, New Hebron, Lawrence Co Mississippi

Walter Duncan Williams, Jr, born June 06, 1904, and died May 18, 1964 
He married Tommie Isabell Fortenberry, daughter of JT and Isabella Berry Fortenberry, born March 06, 1899; died January 27, 1983. 
Both are buried  in New Hebron Cemetery, New Hebron, 
     Child:  Infant Daughter Williams, born and died August 17, 1931, burial in New Hebron Cemetary, New Hebron, Lawrence Co Mississippi

viii. John H. Waltman, born March 03, 1874, and died May 23, 1940

He married Josie Anna Mobley    She was born February 14, 1871, and died April 11, 1963.

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

Known children:

  • Rosa A. Waltman  dau of J. H. & J. A. Waltman   31 Jan 1896 - 17 Jun 1900, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • James H. Waltman   son of J. H. & J. A. Waltman    26 Aug 1894 - 16 Nov 1895, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • Frank Waltman, born July 24, 1902, and died April 03, 1927, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • Bruce Waltman, born August 01, 1907, and died October 03, 1937, burial in Shivers Cemetery
ix. James Edward Waltman, born July 14, 1882, in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died January 13, 1959 in Jackson, Hinds Co Mississippi.

He married Nannie Lee on November 25, 1902 in Simpson Co Mississippi

   The daughter of   Samuel E. Lee and Lela Jane Fortenberry,  she was born December 16, 1883, and died June 23, 1981. 
   Lela Jane Fortenberry,  is said to be the daughter of James Russel Fortenberry and Nancy Jones Newsome 

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Mary Lee Waltman born January 19, 1904 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died March 03, 1973 in Simpson Co Mississippi, burial in  

  • Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi.  She married John Lane 
  • James Bryan Waltman   born October 09, 1906 in Lawrence Co Mississippi 
  • Blanche Lela Waltman  born July 02, 1909, and died November 29, 1910, burial in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi 
  • Charles Edward Waltman, born October 19, 1912, and died November 19, 2001  

  • He married Alno Eloise Berry.   The daughter of  Lawrence Berry and Nancy Alno Hubbard, she was born April 13, 1914, and died  May 26, 1994.        Both are buried in Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery.    They had no children.
The Clarion Ledger, Mississippi's News Source     November 12, 2001


Charles E. Waltman, 89, a retired farmer, died Saturday, November 10, 2001, at Magee General Hospital.  Services are 10 a.m. today at Colonial Chapel Funeral Home with burial in Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery in Mt. Olive

Charles E. Waltman, 89, a retired farmer, of Magee, died November 10, 2001 at Magee General Hospital.  He was a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Funeral services for Mr. Waltman were conducted November 12 at Colonial Chapel Funeral Home Chapel in Magee with burial following in the Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery in Mt. Olive.

He is survived by a sister, Vern Dewitt of Columbia.  He was precede in death by his wife, Eloise Berry Waltman.

  • Vera Waltman, twin - private 
  • Vernie Waltman, twin - private
ix. Richard Waltman
x. Jennie Waltman
xi. Rosa Lee "Rosie" Waltman, born 1880, and died 1958. 
She married  William M. Brinson,  he was born 1870, and died 1939.

Both are buried in New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi.


  • James Lawrence "Jim" Brinson, born December 28, 1900, and died November 11, 1974.  

  • He married Jimmie Ann Armstrong.  She was born January 06, 1901, and died July 23, July 1995. 
    Both are buried in the New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi. 
           Child:  Virginia Ann Brinson -  Private
                      She married  Ellis Marshall Berry  on June 12, 1960 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, the son of Franklin Ellis Berry and Willie 
                      Lee Turnage   For more of this family, click on his name
  • Willie M. Brinson  (may be William M. Jr) was born in 1904, and died in 1947.  

  • He married Allah Ruth Bush, who was born in  1903, and died in 1988. 
    Both are buried in the New Hebron Cemetery, Lawrence Co Mississippi 
    After the death of Willie M. Brinson, Allah Ruth married Dexter Vernon Maxwell. 
    She is buried as Allah R. Maxwell      Child:       Harold Brinson - Private
  • Mattie Brinson, no dates.    She married Robert "Bob" Crosby  Child:  Lillian Crosby - Private
xii Florence L. Waltman  born September 21, 1884, and died September 25, 1939, burial in Shivers Cemetery.
She married   Fleet Cooper Berry        Click on his name for more of this family
Blueberry Farm
Evan C. Shivers   4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)    was born October 29, 1840, and died September 22, 1898

He married Sarah Victorah Berry September 12, 1865 in Lawrence Co Mississippi.
The daughter of   Richard Talley Berry and Martha Wilkes, she was born February 25, 1846 in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died September 14, 1920

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi
1870 Simpson Co Mississippi
E.C. Shivers, age 29, born in Mississippi
Victery Shivers, age 22, born in Mississippi
Frank Shivers, age 4, born in Mississippi
Bennett Shivers, age 2, born in Mississippi
Jinnie Shivers, age 6 mo, born in Mississippi
Pheriby Shivers, age 50, born in South Carolina 
1880 Simpson Co  SD 2 ED 100 Beat 3
Enumerated  29 June 1880 by LB Harper
Page 27, #257/257      Census Image
living next door to a Jane Berry, age is either 20 or 70, she lives alone.
Evan Shivers, age 39, born in Mississippi
Sarah Shivers, age 34, born in Mississippi
Franklin Shivers, age 13
Richard Shivers, age 12,
Emma Shivers, age 7
Villipique Shivers, age 5
Addah Shivers, age 3
Mattie Shivers, age 2
Webb Shivers, age 2 mo, born May 1880


Children of Sarah Berry and Evan Shivers are:

i. Franklin E. Shivers  born August 10, 1866 at Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died June 17, 1943 in Forest Louisiana. 

He married  Frances Rebecca Francis  on January 16, 1889 at Hopewell, Copiah Co Mississippi.
The daughter of Nathaniel W. Francis and Mary Pierce, she was born January 29, 1866, and died January 28, 1953. 


  • Vernon Frances Shivers  born October 08, 1890 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 07, 1930 in Forest Louisiana 
  • ...WWI Veteran, killed in a car accident..
  • Blanche Victoria Shivers   born January 25, 1903 in D'Lo, Simpson Co Mississippi    She married  Buford Jones Abney 
ii. Richard Bennett Shivers  born March 03, 1868 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 15, 1929

He married  Ellen Spurlock February 09, 1893  in Lawrence Co Mississippi
The daughter of Josiah A. and Arabella Spurlock, she was born September 18, 1866 and died September 11, 1964

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

They had no children, but adopted Emma Belle Owens, who married W.B. Cliburn, Jr.

iii. Jennie Shivers   born December 07, 1870, and died August 31, 1871, burial in Shivers Cemetery
iv. Emma Shivers   born March 13, 1871 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died April 14, 1932 in Pinola, Simpson Co Mississippi

She married  William F. Walker.  He was born September 27, 1868, and died September 18, 1932 in Pinola Simpson Co Mississippi    Is he related thru Willis Walker?

Both are buried in Pinola Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

They had no children, but adopted Lewis A. and Belle Myers

v. Katie Shivers  born December 07, 1872, and died May 07, 1875, burial in Shivers Cemetery
vi. Villie Pigue Shivers  born November 15, 1874 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 12, 1932.

He married 1.)  Adah Leah  Bishop  on March 29, 1889 in Simpson Co Mississippi.
She was born December 25, 1878, and died July 05, 1905.

He married 2.)  Kate Patterson  on January 14, 1906. 
She was born March 24, 1883, and died February 07, 1957.

Villie, Ada, and Kate  are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Evan Bishop Shivers, born 1903   Married Mattie Dickerson in 1922  
  • Ellen Rose Shivers 
  • Mary Bennie Shivers 
  • Annie Will Shivers  
  • Villie Pigue Shivers, Jr.  born September 28, 1913 and died March 08, 1984, burial in Shivers Cemetery 

  • He married Lula D. - Private
  • Woodrow Wilson Shivers 
  • Richard Bennett Shivers 
  • Patterson Harrison Shivers
vii. Adelie "Addie"  Shivers  born July 19, 1876 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died July 17, 1963

She married  Lewis Evan Magee  September 26, 1897 in Simpson Co Mississippi
The son of William and Mary Magee, he was born August 14, 1870, and died March 04, 1918 in Mississippi
Both are buried in Mendenhall Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Linnie Odette Magee  born June 18, 1899 
  • Evan C. Magee, born November 20, 1901  
  • Lewis Evan Magee, Jr.  born June 17, 1904 
  • Marshall Miller Magee  born January 1907 
  • Franklin E. Magee  born March 1908 
  • Addie Mae Magee  born November 28, 1910  
  • Bill Robert Magee  born September 12, 1912
viii. Mattie Pheriba Shivers   born December 07, 1877 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi

She married  Daniel Claude Parkman  on October 27, 1898 in Simpson Co Mississippi.
He died January 09, 1952 in Louisiana


  • Mattie Lee Parkman born June 17, 1899 
  • Ruby Mae Parkman  born August 20, 1901 
  • Emma Lutie Parkman  born February 15, 1905 
  • James Evan Parkman  born September 16, 1907 
  • Benjamin Franklin Parkman  born April 02, 1910 
  • Christine Beverly Parkman  born February 08, 1914 
One researcher shows her as:
Mattie Jo Shivers was born c1880.  She married J. M. Moore September 15, 1897 in Sunflower Co Mississippi.
Child of Mattie Shivers and J. Moore is:   Shivers J. Moore.  He married Billie Loyd.
ix. Webb Damphier Shivers  born April 04, 1880 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi and died December 03, 1943. 

He married   Minnie Hartzog   (not proven) 
(daughter of Willis Hartzog and and Margaret Elizabeth Tyrone, she was born November 18, 1880.  Are these the correct parents?)


  • Frank Shivers 
  • Roy Cleveland Shivers 
  • James Earl Shivers 
  • Sarah Victoria Shivers  
  • Effie Marie Shivers 
  • Evan Charles Shivers 
  • Grace Ramsey Shivers 
  • Webb Damphier Shivers, Jr.
x. George Evan Shivers  born March 10, 1882 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died February 26, 1952.

He married  Roma D. McKinnis       She was born July 17, 1889, and died September 24, 1971

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi


  • Addie Pheriby Shivers 
  • George Evans Shivers, Jr. 
  • Eugene C. Shivers 
  • Roma Catherine Shivers  
  • Nancy Lee Shivers, born January 13, 1919, and died December 14, 1967, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • Infant Daughter, born and died June 18, 1912, burial in Shivers Cemetery  
  • Margie / Maggie Lucille Shivers born January 30, 1915, and died September 09, 1918, burial in Shivers Cemetery 
  • T. Webb Shivers born October 01, 1923,  and died July 07, 1998  

  • Wife:  Annie Laurie Parish  born December 14, 1924, and died November 04, 1988.  Both buried in Shivers Cemetery.
  • James Albert Shivers, born May 31, 1926  and died April 03, 1985, burial in Shivers Cemetery. 
  • Emma Jeanette Shivers, born c1931, and died December 22, 2000, burial in Owens Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi. 

  • She married Mr. Rawls
The Clarion Ledger, Mississippi News
December 24, 2000

Emma Shivers Rawls  Pinola

Emma Shivers Rawls, 69, a retired educator,  died Friday December 22, 2000, at St. Dominic Jack- son Memorial Hospital in Jackson.  Services are 1 p.m. today at Shivers Baptist Church in Shivers with burial in Owens Cemetery in Shivers.    Saulters-Moore Funeral  Home in  Prentiss is handling arrangements.  Visitation is noon - 1 p.m. today at Shivers Baptist Church.

Mrs.  Rawls  was  a  member of Shivers Baptist Church.    She  taught  school in Mendenhall for 30 years  and  Prentiss for  five  years.     She  graduated  from  Mississippi College  with  Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree.   She also was a  member of the  Simpson County Historical Society.

Survivors   include:    brother,  Eugene  Shivers  of  Shreveport;    sister,  Kathryn  Shivers  "Kitty" McDowell of  Florence;  six nephews  Byron  Phillips, T. Weber Shivers, Jr., Alan Majure,   Marcus Majure,  Philip Majure and Michael Stephens; five nieces, Sandra Shivers  DeTerra, Vicki Shivers Seraphine, Debbie Shivers, Cindy Shivers Bryan, Lisa Shivers Magee, &  Debbie Shivers Carlson.

xi. Grover Cleveland 'Cleve' Shivers  born April 17, 1884 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died October 18, 1981. 

He married  Fannie E. Myers  c1918.  The daughter of Emanuel Myers and Missouri L. Sherman, she was born November 15, 1888, and died May 21, 1964 

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

  Another 'family circle'
  Emanuel was the son of  Michael Myers and Frances Berry, Michael the son of Eli Myers and Elizabeth Beasley
  Frances Berry, the daughter of Hugh Berry, who was the son of John and Edith Polk.


  • Grover Cleveland Shivers, Jr.  born June 21, 1919 and died April 04, 1977, burial in Shivers Cemetery. 

  • He married Jeannine   Child: Steven Myers Shivers, born Feb 18, 1962, and died Jan 04, 1983, burial in Shivers Cemerery.
  • Frances E. Shivers - Private
xii. Lela Lila Shivers  born January 24, 1886 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died July 1965

She married  William Capers Turnage   The son of Albert John Turnage and Louisa Ellen Bullock, he was born March 14, in Lawrence Co Mississippi, and died March 27, 1947.


  • William Cleveland Turnage born September 15, 1914, and died March 30, 1948 
  • Evan Albert Turnage, born February 15, 1918, and died June 30, 1984 
  • Lela Victoria Turnage - Private
xiii. Effie Victoria Shivers  born February 25, 1889 in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died in July 27, 1957

She married  Charles Leland Little  in 1912.  The son of Jack L. Little and M. Louise Sterling, he was born February 25, 1887 and died March 05, 1950 in Forest Louisiana.

Family Circle:  M. Louise Sterling is a daughter of John A. Sterling, who is the brother of Rachel and Susanna Sterling, who married Sheridan and Lawrence Myers, respectively, they being the sons of  Lavina Fortenberry and Henry Eli Myers
Also note that Charles grandfather, Robert Washington Little was said to have fathered a son, Alex Little with Kate Berry, whom we have been unable to place.  Her name comes from Alex' death certificate, dated 1919.

Both are buried in Shivers Cemetery, Simpson Co Misissippi.


  • Charles Little, Jr.   He married Eva Brock
Blueberry Farm
 George William D. Shivers 4 (Edward Evan3, Jemima2 Berry, John1)  was born 1843.

       He married  Nancy Jane Kilcrease  February 17, 1864 in Copiah Co Mississippi.

I believe  this is the same Nancy Kilcrease who  had prior been married to  William Beasley,  son of Middleton Beasley, Sr., and Elizabeth Cammack. Their marriage date was February 02, 1860, in Copiah Co Mississippi.  Nancy the daughter of George W.  and Rebecca Kilcrease,  was born c1845.  William Beasley was born February 10, 1839, and died May 14, 1861, burial in the Providence Camp Ground Cemetery in Rockport, Copiah Co Mississippi.

Note:     Elizabeth Cammack the daughter of Thomas Cammack and Jemima McLemore,  and Middleton Beasley, the son
of Daniel  Beasley and Catherine McLendon.  William had been married previous to Nancy, to Margaret A. Kendrick. 

1870 Lincoln Co Mississippi  Twp 8 Beauregard
Enumerated August 22, 1870 by John D. Moore
Page 105    #507/507     Farmer 2500/1035
G.W. Shivers, age 27, born in Mississippi
N.J. Shivers, age 24, born in Mississippi
GB Shivers, male, age 5, born in Mississippi
GA Shivers, female, age 3, born in Mississippi
RA Shivers, female, age 1, born in Mississippi
WJ Beasley, female, age 8, born in Mississippi
T.F. Camac, works on farm, age 21, born in Mississippi
R.W. Crews, works on farm, age 29, born in Mississippi
---Nannie, age 14, domestic servant, born in Louisiana

The W.J. Beasley, is most likely Nancy's daughter fathered by William, and T.F. Camac is Thomas Franklin Cammack, son of 
George Cammack and Alice Shivers


Children of George Shivers and Nancy Kilcrease are:
i.  Pauline Shivers.    She married  Joe Hawkins.    They lived in Memphis, Shelby Co Tennessee
ii.  Charley W. Shivers.    He married  Rosa Cataldi.
iii. Dulcey Cleone Shivers   died in Childhood
iv.  Marcus O. Shivers.   He married  Eugenia B. Clausman.

Children:     George Clausman Shivers      Clara Eugenia Shivers       Marcus O. Shivers, Jr.   He married Nancy Lorraine Taylor

v.  Ernest E. Shivers     He married 1.)  Mary Goulsby.    He married 2.) Beaulah Boyer.

Child of Ernest Shivers and Mary Goulsby is:

  • Dorothy Shivers.  She married William Bryan Coleman. 
Children of Ernest Shivers and Beaulah Boyer are:
  • Gerald W. Shivers.  He married May Telfertiller 
  • Earnestine E. Shivers 
  • Dolores Shivers.  She married Dan McGee. 
  • Ernest E. Shivers, Jr..  He married Doris Hayes.     Ingomar Shivers.  She married Walter R. McNeil.  
  • Imogene Shivers.  She married Harold Oakley.
vi.  Jessie P. Shivers.   She married   J.W. Rogers


  • James Herbert Rogers. He married Louise Judd. 
  • Jane Rogers.  She married Clyde A. Black. 
  • George Rogers
vii.  Knox Kilcrease Shivers died in infancy, buried in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi
viii. Rebecca Arilla Shivers  died in infancy, buried in Shivers, Simpson Co Mississippi.
ix.  Gilbert B. Shivers, born c1865.    He married  Lilly Wiggins  June 08, 1896 in Sharkey Co  Mississippi.

Blueberry Button*Jemima Berry and John Shivers

Blueberry Button*Descendants of John Berry

Blueberry Button*Mississippi Kinfolk