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Descendants of  John Berry
South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas
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 Note from Susan:

The following information on  the early families, prior to their arrival in  Mississippi is what I have in my FTM, contributed  by various researchers, as well as from the internet, from searching census records, and other records I have available to me. 

The names of  the  children prior to the 1850 census all come from other researchers, I will make an effort to  prove their existence,  and a few generations of their ancestors.   I  will  provide as  much documentation as  I can,  and  e-mail addresses  for contributors so that you might contact them for their sources whenever possible.                           Researchers and contributors of this lineage

Most researchers agree that John Berry was the progenitor of this clan of Berry's.
He was born c1740, and died 1810.     His wife’s name is not known.

In  checking  the  internet, I  note  that several people  have  listed James Isaac and  Ann Berry as progenators of this clan.   I do not have  documentation to  prove either, but following  I will  try to prove lineages of  most  of  the children said to be those of John or James Berry.
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Prologue by Ann Berry McNair:

The Berry family came to America in the 1600's, and settled in Virginia. Some of them settled at Whitehall, Virginia; were prominent citizens there, and established the first Episcopal Church there. John Berry lived in or near Richmond, Virginia. The three brothers were married and lived in South Carolina before they migrated to Mississippi. German Berry married Susanah Bailes. John married a Miss Polk (not sure of her name) of Greenville, South Carolina. David Berry married Rebecca Vines who lived near Camden, Kershaw Co South Carolina.

The three brothers and their families were living in Salem District, Oconee Co South Carolina, when they moved to Mississippi. It is not known when they moved, but they were in South Carolina as late as 1810, and were in Mississippi in 1819 when Charity Berry, daughter of German and Susanah Bailes Berry, married on July 29, 1819 in Wayne Co Mississippi to Willis Walker.

In route to Mississippi, David Berry, and perhaps his two brothers, lived for about one year in Erie, Green Co Alabama, at that time a thriving river port town on the Black Warrior River (Eutaw is the county seat). Now Erie is in ruins, only a few chimneys and walls remain of the once prosperous town. David Berry farmed here for about one year.

German Berry died in Simpson Co Mississippi on April 25, 1834. John Berry, his brother, died in Simpson Co Mississippi about 1834-35. David Berry, the other brother, lived in Simpson Co for several years, but moved to Rankin Co Mississippi about 1832, and died in 1833. He is buried in the Berry-Sutton burial ground, near Florence, Rankin Co Mississippi. His wife, Rebecca Vines Berry died in 1859 and is buried in the same cemetery in Rankin Co Mississippi.

The three sons and a daughter of John Berry made an impact on Simpson Co Mississippi.

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R.A. Duke and Anna Everling note: John Berry Sr.  lived in  Anson Co North Carolina and then,  Chesterfield Co South Carolina.  At that time,  Chesterfield Co South Carolina was in Anson Co North Carolina before the state  line was drawn. Therefore, our distant kin probably never moved off his farm; the lines just change around him.
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Census Records, searched by Susan BARLOW Holmes

  Census Images from 1810 Chesterfield Co Census Records

However, to confuse the issue, we have the following Berry's fitting  the names of the children of John Berry in the correct time frame. The ones with links lead to the images of the documents

Blueberry Button John Berry - 1800 / 1801 Purchased lands "east of Pearl River, west side of the Tombigee", sold to William Coleman
Having read further into this account, this land was apparently in what was at the time, Washington Co Alabama.
Blueberry Button John Berry  1805 Wilkinson Co Mississippi 
Blueberry Button John Berry - 1806  Assignee to Isaac Jackson and W. Temple, for lands "west of Pearl River on River Amite"
Blueberry Button John Berry  1810  Wilkinson Co Mississippi 
Blueberry Button John Berry 1810 Washington Co Tax Roll  - double tax 1 white poll
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John Berry in Amite Co Mississippi (along with Isaac Polk)  in 1810 
Our Berry family was closely related to the Polks, John's wife, Edith was said to be a sister of Isaac.  Isaac's son, Simon Polk, married a daughter of John and Edith, Centilla Berry.     There were many Berry families throughout the years living in Amite Co, I am sure
there is a relationship to our Berrys, but to date, nobody has uncovered that relationship to my knowledge.
Blueberry Button John Berry in Jefferson Co Mississippi in 1810
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J. Berry indexed in Wayne Co Mississippi 1820, but I have read the entire census record, and not found another Berry besides Jerman.
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John Berry in Marion Co Mississippi for the year 1820,  enumerated 15 January 1821
I have questions about this census, it does not include any female daughters, and all of the researchers of this family seem to agree that Centilla Berry is indeed his daughter; in 1820 she would have only been about six years old.
Blueberry Button John Berry  - 1837 & 1840 indexed in the state census of Simpson Co Mississippi.

Blueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry Button

Blueberry Button David Berry is indexed in Franklin Co Mississippi Territory in 1810
Blueberry Button David Berry - 1819 Covington Co Mississippi Tax Roll 
Blueberry Button David Berry is in Covington Co Mississippi in 1820, no enumeration date found
Blueberry Button David Berry is indexed in Copiah Co Mississippi state census for 1823 
Blueberry Button David Berry is indexed in Wilkinson Co state census for 1825

Blueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry Button

Blueberry Button Jerman Berry, 1820 Wayne Co Mississippi, enumerated February 01, 1821, next door, Willis and Charity Berry Walker.
Charity is the daughter of German Berry
Blueberry Button Jerry Berry - 1821 Covington Co Mississippi  Tax Roll 
Blueberry Button Jarmon Berry - 1823 Covington Co Mississippi  Tax Roll 
Blueberry Button German  Berry - 1828 Covington Co Mississippi Tax Roll 
Blueberry Button German Berry -  1845 state census of Rankin Co Mississippi

Blueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry ButtonBlueberry Button

Blueberry Button John Shivers, 1820 Marion Co Mississippi, enumerated January 01, 1821
John's wife is Jemima Berry

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Children of John Berry are:

+ 2 i. John Berry  born c1765, and died c1835 in Mississippi. 
+ 3 ii. German Berry  born c1766 in North Carolina, and died April 25, 1834 in Simpson Co Mississippi.
+ 4 iii. David Berry  born between 1770-1775 in South Carolina, and died 1833 in Rankin Co Mississippi.
+ 5 iv. Jemima Berry   born between 1770 - 1775 in Virginia, and died 1830.

Several researchers list Alice and Blanche Berry as children of John Berry, but I believe they are confusing them with daughters of Jemima Berry and John Shivers.

Jemima Berry and John Shivers daughter, Blanche married  Isaac Fortenberry, son of Jacob Fortenberry and his wife, Celia Berry.  Fortenberry researchers claim that Celia, born c1774, and married 1789 Lancaster, South Carolina was a fifth sibling to come to Mississippi with German, John, David, and Jemima.  A page has been attributed to the lineage of Celia Berry and Jacob Fortenberry,  I feel sure she is related, if not a daughter of John, then perhaps a niece.

See also,  from  other researchers, Berry families that we have not yet been able to  connect to ours,  though  they are found  in  the  same areas, and we feel sure a connection exists. 

William Burton Carter and Elizabeth Berry - Marion, Covington, and Copiah Co Mississippi to Texas

Census records  found for Berry's whom we have not yet make a connection

Mirium  Berry, a white  female, aged  80 years, enumerated  in the household of  Albert Gallatin Berry and Lucy L. Mullins Berry,  in 1870, making her birth at c1790.   Considering that Berry is most probably her married name, makes me wonder who her spouse might have been. 

We might also consider:

Rozier  Dedwylder has  provided some very good information  I would  like to  pass  along also,  he has apparently done some extensive research on the Berry family ...  and has worked  with several other folks who also have. 

He  points out that in the 1820 Covington Co Mississippi  census image, David Berry is living next door to William and Isaac Hennington/  Henington, which brought to his mind the following: 

John  Henington / Hennington  who was  born before 1793  Orangeburg Dist South Carolina, and died  December 23, 1843 Crystal Springs, Copiah Co Mississippi, married  Margaret 'Mollie'  BERRY and by her had:

Abraham R., 1815  South Carolina;  Ann Catherine, 1818 South Carolina;  Margaret L., 1820 Mississippi; John W., 1822 Mississippi; Henry Isaac 1825  Mississippi;  Mary  Seira "Nancy",  1827 Mississippi;   Rachel  Lovey, 1828 Mississippi; Joshua Stephen, 1832 Mississippi; and Caroline R., 1834 Mississippi.    BUT who could Mollie be?

My  thoughts are  that she may be yet another daughter of John Berry, but then again, John undoubtedly had siblings, and thus she may have  been a  child of one  of his brothers.   Again, she may be from an entire different group of Berry's.  There were so many Berry's in so many  area's of  North and South Carolina who migrated to all areas of Alabama and Mississippi,  that  it would  be impossible to unravel them all.  Apparently several also went to Louisiana.

John Berry and Edith Polk