Children of Jacob Fortenberry and Celia Berry

Jane Little McEndree

1. William Fortenberry, born abt. 1790 in S.C.
2. John Fortenberry , born abt. 1793 in S.C. and married to Mary Taylor on
Aug. 4, 1822 in Lawrence Co., Miss.
3. Joseph Fortenberry, obrn 1795 in S.C.
4. Elizabeth Fortenberry, obrn 1796 in S.C. and married to John Myers on
March 8, 1823 in Lawrence Co., Miss. She died in Texas.
5. Isaac F.Fortenberry, born 1798 in Lancaster Co., S.C. and married Blanche
Shivers abt. 1826 in Simpson Co., Miss. He died in 1859 in Simpson Co, Miss.
6. Sarah Fortenberry, born 1800 in S.C. and married William Harvey.
7. Francis Fortenberry, born abt. 1804 or 05 in S.C. Married Asa Meyers on
Feb. 2, 1822 in Lawrence Co., Miss. She died in Texas.
8. James Talley Fortenberry, born abt. 1808 in S.C. and married Allise
Virginia Shivers on April 1, 1831 in Miss. He died in 1897 in Tyler Co.,
Texas in Woodville. He is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery there.
9. Jacob Fortenberry, Jr. born 1810 in Lancaster Co., S.C. and married
Elizabeth Earlene Hix on Oct. 15, 1828 in Lawrence Co., Miss. They were my
GGG Grandparents.
     I have a note on my sheet about Jacob Fortenberry, Sr.'s will. It says
it was May 4, 1834 and that he mentions his wife, Celia. I don't personally
have a copy of this nor have I seen it. Someone else told me about it but I
can't remember who now.
    The children of Jacob Fortenberry, Jr. and Elizabeth Earlene Hix
Fortenberry [sometimes called Emily] were:
1. Rebecca Fortenberry, born 1835 in Miss. She was married to William
2. Cecila Ann Fortenberry, born Sept. 3, 1838 in Miss. She was first married
to Henry B. Miller and had three children by him. They were married on Oct.
18, 1859 in Nacogdoeches Co., Texas, I believe. Their children were Jeff,
Dona and Sara Miller. He must have died before 1867 because Cecila Ann
married Redden Hezekiah Johnson [my GG Grandfather] and they had 5 or 6
children. My Great Grandfather, William Benjamin Johnson was their oldest
Cecila Ann died in 1916 in Gause, Texas and is said to be buried there but
we can't find her grave. Redden later died in North Carolina.
3. Mary Jane Fortenberry, born 1840 in Nacogdoches, Tex. or Miss. She was
married to William T. Mann on July 31, 1856 in Nacogdoches Co., Texas.
4. Thomas Euell Fortenberry born 1842 in Miss. He was married to Emma Lee
Herron on March 18, 1866 or on March 12, 1874.
5. James A. Fortenberry, born abt. 1852 in Miss. He married a Kituria.
6. William R. Fortenberry, born abt. 1852.