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George L. Barlow, Samantha Hudson and Mary Buckingham [Obituary]

Ernest James Barlow [Obituary]

Louise E. Barlow [Obituary]

BitterootForty-First State of the Union

Admission to Statehood: 09 Nov 1889

Native Americans have inhabited this land for thousands of years. 200 years ago Lewis and Clark traversed what would one day be known as Montana. Discovered in the 1860s, gold attracted men with visions of riches. Outlaws, cattle, cowboys and railroads quickly followed.
The story of the 20th century became a saga of ranching, mining, logging, tourism and the preservation of nature's treasures. Today, Montana's treasures are found in the state's environment, while technology transforms old industries and creates new economies. In Montana, the old and new await you.

State Flower: Bitteroot

State Tree: Ponderosa Pine

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

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