Family Genealogies

George Washington Barlow and Lettie Belle Fisher
Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, Missouri, Wisconsin, South Dakota

Thomas Barlow Walker
son of Platt Bayliss Walker and Antis Barlow

Augustus Barlow, son of Abner and Harriett "Short" Barlow
New York, Lee Co Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota

Joseph Barlow, Chester Pennsylvania
Descendants in Minnesota

Orange Runnells Davis and Adalaide Barlow
Canada, Minnesota, New York, and Illinois

Albert Clark Barlow, son of Joseph Barlow of Newport Kentucky
Common LoonThirty-Second State of the Union

Admission to Statehood: 11 May 1858

The U.S. acquired eastern Minnesota from Great Britain after the Revolutionary War and 20 years later bought the western part from France in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Much of the region was explored by U.S. Army lieutenant Zebulon M. Pike before the northern strip of Minnesota bordering Canada was ceded by Britain in 1818.

State Flower: Pink & White Lady's Slipper

State Tree: Norway Pine

State Bird: Great Northern Diver or Loon

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