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World War I Registrants

Most are incomplete lists, if anyone has access to complete lists for any state, please contact me with the information

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  Birth County of Residence/Registration
See:    Alabama Registrants    
ANDREW JAMES BARLOW 02 January 1893    Gravesend England Ketchikan
GEORGE BARLOW 18 December 1872 Wrangell / lives in Cordova Colorado
EDWARD M. BARLOW 29 September 1892   Brooklyn New York Los Angeles
FRANK CARROLL BARLOW 12 May 1876 Eagle / lives Kinos New York
JOHN ERNEST BARLOW 02 November 1880 Eagle
HENRY FRANKLIN BARLOW 26 September 1884 Montrose / lives Norwood Colorado
JACK C. BARLOW 22 September 1893  Dolores Colorado Montrose
WARREN TALMADGE BARLOW 10 April 1890  Richland Missouri Montrose
HOWARD JIM BARLOW 11 September 1900 San Miguel
ALBERT CHARLES BARLOW 06 September 1873 Jackson
ONWARD BARLOW WILLMARTH 25 February 1882 Montrose
SAMUEL BARLOW ATKIN 29 August 1884 Boulder
HARRY WEBSTER BARLOW 31 August 1886 Harrington Delaware Kent
WILLIAM S. BARLOW 25 March 1895  Harrington Delaware Kent
ALBERTINE BARLOW 22 July 1894  Townsend Delaware New Castle
CLIFFORD LEROY BARLOW 06 October 1899 New Castle
GIDEON EMERY BARLOW 24 August 1876 New Castle
HARRY M. BARLOW 28 March 1892 near Wilmington Delaware New Castle
JOHN FELIX BARLOW 05 August 1875 New Castle
NICHOLAS BARLOW 19 July 1885 New Castle
RAYMOND HAMBY BARLOW 02 February 1894  Boothwyn Pennsylvania New Castle
SAMUEL MCVEY BARLOW 16 March 1880 New Castle
HERBERT A. BARLOW 19 November 1891   Tarboro North Carolina Wilmington
GEORGE A. BARLOW 30 November 1897 Wilmington
GEORGE THOMAS BARLOW 01 February 1880 Wilmington
JACOB WILLIAM BARLOW 08 January 1892   Henry Clay Delaware Wilmington
LEROY BARLOW 30 April 1889   Omaha Nebraska Wilmington
ROBERT GAMBLE BARLOW 14 November 1895  Henry Clay Delaware Wilmington
GEORGE EDWARD BARLOW 07 July 1881 Wilmington
THOMAS JOSEPH BARLOW 11 February 1875 Wilmington
JOHN ANDERSON BARLOW 29 November 1877 Wilmington
JOSEPH THOMAS BARLOW 03 May 1884 Wilmington
EDWIN WILLIAM WELDON BARLOW 10 August 1881  England Wilmington
HENRY EDWARD BARLOW April 1879 Wilmington
JOHN F. BARLOW 05 January 1896  Willmington Delaware Wilmington
THOMAS BARLOW KEARNEY 13 October 1888 Wilmington Delaware Wilmington
LEWIS BARLOW GRAVES 15 September 1898 Sussex
BRUNER BARLOW 1896 born Evergreen Alabama Walton
DAN BARLOW 09 December 1877 Bay
JOHN BARLOW 05 October 1873 Bay
WILLIAM ELDRIDGE BARLOW 11 September 1893 Evinston Florida Alachua
INGRAM PRUITT BARLOW 30 August 1887 Brooklyn Alabama DeSoto & Glades
VERNON CYRIL BARLOW 28 November 1889 Charleston Arkansas Tampa
ARTHUR WELLSLEY BARLOW 15 January 1879 Orange
ELDRIDGE BARLOW 14 February 1897 Lake Howell Florida Orange
GEORGE MILTON BARLOW 08 September 1884 Orange
HOWARD SANDERS BARLOW 19 May 1895 Lumpklin Georgia Orange
CHARLES WALKER BARLOW 15 August 1877 Minidoka
CLIFFORD CLARK BARLOW 04 February 1884 Minidoka
ALBERT DEWITT BARLOW 17 March 1898 Mom lives in Thurber Texas Twin Falls
ED BARLOW 17 January 1889 Ft Scott Kansas Twin Falls
ENNIS NEWTON BARLOW 04 April 1875 wifes lives Coaldale Alberta Twin Falls
SAM BARLOW 05 September 1877 Power
ELBERT HENRY BARLOW 05 April 1883 Oneida
NATHAN JAMES BARLOW 18 November 1892  Chesterfield Idaho Franklin
WILFORD WOODRUFF BARLOW 01 July 1894 Chesterfield Idaho Franklin
GEORGE E. BARLOW 01 November 1888  Preston Idaho Bonneville
TRUEMAN CALL BARLOW 28 October 1879 Bonneville
LEO DENNIS JOSEPH BARLOW 22 February 1886 lives Spokane Washington Boundary
NATHAN CURRY BARLOW 03 September 1877 brother lives Farmington WA Boundary
FIELDING BARLOW 26 September 1895 Ogden Utah Cassia
H. LEE BARLOW 04 June 1891  Sheridan Michigan Cassia
IANTHIUS W. BARLOW 03 January 1883  Cassia
OSCAR ISRAEL BARLOW 08 October 1872 Cassia
OWEN JUDSON BARLOW 28 January 1896 Chesterfield Idaho Bannock
JONATHAN BARLOW HICKMAN 13 February 1891  Hartville Missouri Lincoln
MILTON BARLOW WILSON 25 January 1894 Ogen Utah Bonneville
MILTON BARLOW MUIR 13 April 1883 Jefferson
BARLOW FOX 17 October 1894 Lehigh Utah Gooding
ELMER FRANKLIN BARLOW 18 December 1885 Haskell
GEORGE EBBIE BARLOW 05 November 1895 Santa Fe Kansas Haskell
red bulletLENTON G. BARLOW 10 April 1893 Monroe Louisiana Baltimore
Address:  1805 Division St.  Baltimore Maryland
Inducted at Chicago Illinois    August 01, 1918
Private 154 Dep Brig; Co A 550 Engr Serv Bn   October 16, 1918
Co A 447 Res Lab Bn; Hq Det Camp Humphreys Virginia     October 18, 1918
Co H 2 Dev Bn Camp Humphreys Virginia     April 17, 1919
Honorable discharge     August 04, 1919
WILLIAM HENRY BARLOW 08 September 1887 Howard Co Maryland Baltimore
Address: 935 N. Calvert St., Baltimore
USN   December 15, 1917
Awaiting Orders; Naval Air Sta Pensacola Fla.   January 02, 1918
Naval Air Sta Cape May New Jersey   June 18, 1918
Recg Sta Washington D.C.   July 24, 1919
Honorable discharge    August 17, 1919
JOHN BARLOW YOUMANS Age 24 yrs 3 mo, Mukwango Wisconsin Baltimore
Address: 527 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore
ERC    November 30, 1917
Private, SATC Johns Hopkins Medical School    October 11, 1918
Honorable discharge    December 10, 1918
See   Mississippi Registrants    
Son of Joseph Wesley and Laura A. Barlow.  Entered Regular Army May 28, 1917, 12th Engineers, Missouri, served in combat, France, WWI, Honorable Discharge May 16, 1919.
FORREST BARLOW 19 July 1892 Cascade Montana Indian Teton
BENJAMIN BARLOW 08 September 1897 Esmeralda
FRANK STEWART BARLOW 03 November 1878 Esmeralda
JOSEPH LEROY BARLOW 30 September 1889   Leeds Utah Clark
HARRY WEBSTER BARLOW 31 August 1886  Harrington Delaware (see also Delaware) Clark
ARTHUR J. BARLOW 13 Marh 1893  Bronx New York NYC, Bronx
WILLIAM BARLOW ACKER 07 April 1884 Albany City
JOHN ALLEN BARLOW    Town of Walton
Enrolled on14 June 1917, gave his address as Beerston, his age as 30, with birth date 08 January 1887, and occupation as teacher in agronomy
He had previous military experience in Co. F, 1st NY Infantry from 1907 to 1909 (drop) as a private
LUCIUS BARLOW     Town of Stamford
Enrolled on 12 June 1917, gave his address as Hobart, his age as 21, with birth date 24 December 1895, and occupation of creamery laborer
GEORGE BURR BARLOW     Town of Stamford
Enrolled on 14 June 1917, gave his address as Hobart, his age as 32, with birth date September 30, 1885, and occupation as dairy farming
He had previous military experience in the National Guard from 23 April 1917 as a private.
ADDEE VALE BARLOW   Town of Roxbury
Enrolled on 23 June 1917, gave his address as South Gilboa, New York, his age as 36, with birth date 12 June 1881, and occupation as dairy farming.
WILLIAM JOHN BARLOW   Town of Meredith
Enrolled on 14 June 1917, gave his address as Meridale, his age as 28, with birth date 05 July 1888, and occupation as dairy farmer.
Enrolled on 16 June 1917, gave his address as Delhi, Meredith, his age as 26, with birth date 03 April 1891, and occupation as dairy farmer
HOWARD KING BARLOW     Town of Franklin
Enrolled on 19 June 1917, gave his address as Treadwell, his age as 24, with birth date 10 May 1893 and occupation as dairy farming
HAROLD ARNOLD BARLOW    Town of Franklin
Enrolled on 26 June 1917, gave his address as Treadwell, his age as 27, with birth date 28October 1889, and occupation as herdsman
HENRY MILTON BARLOW    Army #2,164,548
Registration: Oliver County
Birth: 30 November 1889, Canby, Minnesota    Parent's origin: American parents
Occupation: gas engineer
Inducted at Center on 18 September 1917; sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa; served in 88th Military Police Company, to discharge
Grade: Private 1st Class, 15 May 1918; overseas from 16 August 1918, to 04 June 1919.
Engagement: Defensive Sector: Center -Alsace
Discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, on 15 June 1919, as a Private 1st Class
MYRON BARLOW SKEELS    Army #1,925,109
Registration: under age
Birth:  08 November 1900, Mandan, North Dakota    Parent's origin: American parents
Occupation: Student
Enlisted in the Navy at Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 18 March 1918; served at Wissahickon Barracks, Cape May, New Jersey, to 20 June 1918; Naval Training Camp, Pelham Bay Park, New York, to 05 October 1918; Naval Training Camp, Charleston, South Carolina, to 11 November 1918 Seaman 2nd Class, 75 days; Quartermaster 3rd Class, 163 days
Released from active duty at Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 28 June 1919, as a Quartermaster 2nd Class
DEE BARLOW 20 March 1882 Van Buren
ISA LEE BARLOW 05 January 1875 Reeves
red bulletLINCOLN BARLOW 14 June 1891  Woodville Texas Tyler
ORRIN W. BARLOW 06 January 1878 relative lives in Pottsdam NY Lipscomb
ROBERT J. BARLOW 06 July 1897  Missouri Ochiltree
FORREST BARLOW GIBBS 09 January 1890  near Mexico Missouri Dallas
HAROLD JOHN BARLOW 06 February 1892  Paterson New Jersey N/R
Age: 25     Home address: 68 Beech Street, Paterson, NJ
Present occupation: Circus agent By whom employed: Mighty Don's Show Where employed: Donora Pennsylvania Washington Co
Partially supports mother and father      Single, white, no prior military service Claims no exemption from draft
Height:  short, build: stout, eyes: blue, hair: dark, not bald, not disabled
Ellis County:  LIEUTENANT JOHN LEWIS BARLOW, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Barlow, Midlothian, Texas entered the service September, 1917, and was sent to Camp Travis. Commissioned Second Lieutenant at Camp Zachary Taylor. Sent to West Point as Military Instructor, and commissioned First Lieutenant.   After end of war, was appointed Superintendant of Motor Transportation, Camp Knox, New York.
AUSTIN ARTHUR BARLOW 13 October 1883 Morgan
CHARLES BELMONT BARLOW 08 April 1894    Manti Utah Piute
ELDER BARLOW 20 December 1896  Kingston Utah, dad b Parowan Utah Garfield
FULLMER BARLOW 23 September 1887   Circleville Utah Piute
GEORGE LEROY BARLOW 22 December 1892   Manti Utah Piute
T. LUKE BARLOW 04 May 1900 Piute
WILFORD PACE BARLOW 03 November 1892 Wayne
WILLARD ALBERT BARLOW 01 December 1889   Manti Utah Piute
CLARENCE BARLOW 18 April 1890 Benson Vermont Rutland
RAY JOSEPH BARLOW 13 September 1891 Middleville New York Bennington
JAY BARLOW ABERNETHY 17 October 1894 Windsor
ARTHUR BARLOW BATEASE 19 November 1881 Rutland
FARNSWORTH BARLOW 02 Marh 1895 Nahma Michigan Florence
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