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Contributed by John F. Barlow
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Captain Francis G. Barlow

USAAS - Detroit
Francis G. Barlow
FRANCIS GRAHAM BARLOW started his military service by spending just under a year at the U.S. Naval Academy (June 1914 to March 1915) before deciding that the Navy was not for him. In November of 1917, he enlisted in the Enlisted Reserve Corps Aviation Section at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and received a commission as 2nd Lt Air Service. Lt. Barlow arrived at Brest, France as a "Casual" on March 12, 1918, and started training as a day bombardment pilot at the 7th A.I.C. at Clermont-Ferrand on April 10, 1918. He finished his training on May 28, 1918, and was assigned to the French Escadrille Brequet 29, G.B.9 Escadre 12, Aviation Francaise flying bombing missions from early July to September 23, 1918.

Lt. Barlow was discharged from the service on February 5, 1919, having served only with the French and never being assigned to an American Squadron.

On April 22, 1921, Lt. Barlow received an appointment in the Officer Reserve Corps. He was called to active duty on July 27, 1923, as a fighter pilot with the 95th Pursuit Squadron based at Selfridge Field, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Lt. Barlow was transferred to the 442nd Pursuit Squadron in 1928 as its Commanding Officer.   On September 24, 1929, Francis G. Barlow was promoted to Captain.

He retired in 1931 from the military.
The son of John B. Barlow of New York, and Minnie Graham, [Ancestry, Census] Francis G Barlow, was born 05 June 1894, [Draft Reg] and died 13 October 1978 in Muskegon, Muskegon Co Michigan [Death Record]     Does anyone know his lineage?
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