Twenty First State in the Union

Admission to Statehood: 03 December 1818

Early U.S. settlement began in the south part of the state and quickly spread northward, driving out the native residents. In 1832, some Indians returned from Iowa but were driven out in the Black Hawk War, fought by militia.
Illinois is known as the "Land of Lincoln" because it is here that the 16th President spent his formative years. Chicago gained prominence as a lake and canal port after 1848, and as a rail hub soon afterward. By 1857, Chicago was the state's dominant metropolis.
The word "ILLINOIS" is the French form of the Algonquin name ILLINI which means "superior men." It is how some native Americans in this area referred to themselves.

State Flower:  Purple Violet
State Tree:  White Oak
State Bird:  Northern Cardinal



Germanna Barlow's

John Washington Barlow and Elizabeth Slavens Gordon
Virginia, Kentucky, Clark and Crawford Co's Illinois

Jacob Milton Barlow and Susan Rubottom
Green Co Indiana, Clark and Crawford Co's Illinois

Ivan Graham Barlow, Hattie Knowlton, and Lula Hurt, son of J. Milton Barlow, M.D.
Crawford and Clark Counties, Illinois

Jesse Barlow, Rebecca Gibbons, and Rebecca Biggs Hill
Kentucky and Crawford Co Illinois

Henry Marshall Barlow, Laura Barlow and Mary Bostwick
First white child born in Crawford Co Illinois

Dr. Columbus Barlow, Eaton, Crawford Co Illinois
Son of Jesse and Rebecca Biggs Barlow

Joel Barlow and Jane M. Hobbs
Kentucky to Crawford Co Illinois

Edmund of Malden Families

Augustus Barlow, Son of Abner and Harriet "Short" Barlow
New York - Lee Co Illinois - Wisconsin - Minnesota

James Smith Barlow Families

James Smith Barlow
Eng - NY - Pa - Ill - Mo - Tn - Ga

Fairfield Families

Captain Stephen Barlow Espy
Co G 115th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Record of the Descendants of Samuel Barlow
of Redding Connecticut & Esther Hull, daughter of Nathaniel Hull

Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth Nicholas
Scotland - Tennessee - Illinois

Eli A. Barlow and Esther Moore
New York - Illinois - Iowa

George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts

Dr. Jonathan King and Honor 'Douglas' Barlow
Vermont and New York to Quincy, Adams Co Illinois and St. Louis, St Louis Missouri

Peleg Canada "PC" Barlow and Lucy Bucks
Vermont to Crawford Co Illinois

Ebenezer and George E. Barlow
Sons of PC and Lucy Barlow

Joseph Barlow and Sarah Robinson Families

Joseph Barlow and Sarah Robinson

Ancestors of Edna Catherine and Pearl May Barlow

Unknown Roots

Samuel Barlow and Ellen Wrigley
Lancshire England to Illinois, USA

W. John Barlow and Elizabeth Patsy Martha Harness
Illinois, California, and Washington

Issac, Sidney W., and Ebenezer R. Davis
Son's of Orange Runnells Davis and Adalaide Barlow

Descendants of Zachariah Barlow
Maryland - Ohio - West Virginia - Virginia - Illinois

Joshua Barlow and Julia Ann Mills
Boone Co Kentucky - Fulton-Peoria Co Illinois

Benjamin Franklin Barlow and Martha Elizabeth Walker
Kentucky - Illinois

Joseph Barlow and Anice Moore
England - New York - Ohio - Illinois - Nebraska

Franklin Pierce Barlow, Mary Morris, and Emma Wright
Kentucky to Cumberland Co Illinois

James Barlow of Clinton Ohio
1rst wife: Martha Norris 2nd wife: Achsa Milslagle
Children to Illinois and Indiana

Friend and Mary A. Barlow
Broome Co NY to Lee Co Illinois

James H. Barlow
New York - Illinois - Iowa

John N. Barlow and Ellen A. Whitenack
Ohio - Illinois - Iowa - Missouri

Descendants of John M. Barlow

William 'Billy' Barlow, Well Known in Theater Circles

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