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Descendants of Adam Barler / Barlow and Mary Elizabeth Smith

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1. ADAM BARLOW2 son of Christopher Parlur1 was born about 1730 in Germany and died 1786 in Orange Co Virginia

He married MARY ELIZABETH SMITH before 1759, probably in Culpeper Co Virginia

Mary is the daughter of Michael Smith Jr. and Anna Magdalene Thomas

Michael Smith made a deed of gift on 15 April 1762 of 100 acres to his son in law, Adam Barler

The Hebron Church records show the marriage as early as 1759

Michael Smith Jr. born c1710, died 1761

Son of John Michael Smith, a 1717 immigrant and Katrina died 1762-68

Anna M. Thomas, daughter of John Thomas, a 1717 immigrant and Mary

   B.C. Holtzclaw lists these children of Adam Barlow

2 i. Joshua Barlow3 born 1765, eldest son and heir moved to Barren Co Kentucky
3 ii. Ambrose Barlow born July 1776, died 13 August 1839, buried - Bush / Barlow Cemetary
iii. Michael Barlow --living with his Uncle Christopher in 1787 in Culpeper Co Virginia
iv. Adam Barlow -- living with his Uncle Christopher in 1787 in Culpeper Co Virginia
4 v. Rachel Barlow born about 1754 Culpeper Co Virginia, died 1829 in Barren Co Kentucky
vi. Leah Barler - confirmed at Hebron Church 1777
vii. Ann Barler - married Moses Harbinson in 1789 Culpeper Co Virginia
viii. Enoch Barler - married 18 August 1777 - Hebron Church records

This family is outlined in detail


2. JOSHUA BARLOW3 (ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born before 1765

He married RHODA THOMAS 24 May 1789 in Culpeper Co Virginia

Rhoda is the daughter of John Thomas and Elizabeth, listed in Germanna #6 p 43

John Thomas died 1793 Madison Co Virginia

Joshua heirs listed Barren County deed book W page 341 / 23 June 1854

Imo Greenwood has done a more complete genealogy of this family

   Children of Joshua Barlow and Rhoda Thomas are:

i. John T. Barlow
ii. Lucinda Barlow
iii. Grandville Barlow
iv. Nancy Barlow
v. William Barlow
vi. Melissa Barlow

AMBROSE BARLOW3 (ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born July 1776 died 13 August 1839, buried Bush / Barlow Cemetary

He married ANNA SMITH 10 June 1787 in Danville, Mercer Co Kentucky

Anna was his first cousin born 1769 in Culpeper Co Virginia

Anna died 14 December 1847 - buried with husband

Anna Smith, daughter of John Smith --born April 1743 - died 21 February 1809 in Barren Co and Elizabeth Powell, daughter of Ambrose Powell

Anna was a Presbyterian in 1800 in Glasgow

John Smith's father was John Michael Smith II, born 1718-20 and Anna Magdalene Thomas

John Michael Smith II was son of John Michael Schmidt and Katrina of Spotsylvania Co Virginia and German Colonists

Ambrose Barlow born 1776 died August 13 1839 - Black Family Bible

Sergeant Infantry Continental Line in Virginia

Revolutionary Soldier Volume 8 page 37

War Dept Records State Library, Richmond, Virginia

NSDAR #98036, #172159, #298454

Ambrose was a pioneer settler in Barren County and has the " grain of metal and hardness that characterized many settlers."

He and his sons would go by flat boat to New Orleans starting at Barren River which partly circles Fountain Run, Kentucky.

The Barlow cave located on the H.M. Pardue farm, was originally owned by Charlie Barlow, grandson of Ambrose.

Ambrose resided for some years near Danville, Kentucky and in 1801 purchased an extensive track of famous cave land lying on the waters of Boyd's Creek in Barren County.

He moved thence to Monroe Co, Ambrose died August 13, 1839 and was buried on the Bush / Barlow graveyard owned by his son Ambrose Powell Barlow and later by Buell Hunt.

His tombstone inscription reads

"An Honest Man's the Noblest Work of God"

A memorial tombstone was erected for him and his wife in Glasgow Municiple Cemetary due to the very poor condition of the Bush Barlow Cemetary

Children are listed in the Black Family Bible 1769 - December 14, 1849

A.C. Goodwin notes on Ambrose Barlow:

So far as I know, I have no clear connections to any Barlows, but my family has been associated with Barlows since Germanna days. My interest in Ambrose Barlow (b. 1766) and his daughter Margaret Barlow Souther is based on interest in Margaret's Souther descendants, who have been confused with my own Souther lineage. Thus, I am no authority on much of the Barlow family. Still, I can offer the results of some research on Barren Co Kentucky Barlows:

The IGI has caused an error in the reported first marriage for Elizabeth 'Betsey' Barlow4 (Henry3, Jacob2, Christopher1) in Barren Co Kentucky. The marriage instead is for Elizabeth 'Betsey' Barlow4 (Ambrose3, of Adam2, Christopher1). IGI undoubtedly mistranscribed Bush as Burke. The actual bride's identity is clear from the record. "James Bush to Betsy Barlow. Consent of father Ambrose Barlow. Md. on 02 March 1811 by John Howe."* This James Bush was actively involved in the 1820s in the estate affairs of Joseph Souther, whose widow Margaret Barlow Souther was sister to Betsy Barlow Bush. The Bushes lived, at least for a time, in adjacent Monroe Co Kentucky.

*Reneau, Martha Powell, 1984, Marriage Records of Barren Co Kentucky 1799-1849, [no place, apparently residence at 562 Beaver Valley, Glasgow, KY 42141], FHL #976.972/V2n, page 32.

Next, Joshua Barlow3 ( Adam2, Christopher1) apparently lived for a time near a his brother Ambrose in Barren Co Kentucky. My transcription from the microfilm of the 1809 tax list shows:

Ambrose Barlow 130 acres on Boyd's creek 1 wm over 21, 1B over 16, 2B total, 6 horses
Joshua Barlow 114 acres on Boyd's creek 1 wm over 21, 2B over 16, 2B total, 2 (5?) horses

Other records possibly pertaining to these Barlows:

Taxes: Barren County has an excellent record of tax lists from about 1804 to at least 1819-these Barlows may appear on other years (which contain different information, in some years detailing males above and below 16).

Marriages: I studied the Barren County, KY marriage index (microfilm) in 1986-88 and noted among Barlow brides:
Betsy Barlow, 1811 (this one explained above), and 1815 Sally Barlow to William Bennett in 1813.

These, plus Margaret Barlow to Joseph Souther in 1808 were the only Barlow brides before 1820s, but there were several later Barlows.


Ambrose Barlow3 (Adam2, Christopher1) b. Culpeper Co Virginia 1766
The AAI census index shows on the 1810 Barren County, page 31

Ambrose Marlow [sic] 20101-00110-02.
When I looked at the entry on microfilm, I thought the surname was Barlow, but then, I was expecting the letter to be a "B," so my eyes may have tricked me.   I have kept records for only three of the children of Ambrose Barlow. Two of these children were in the 1810 household; the third was already married. My list is not in birth order.

a. Elizabeth "Betsey" Barlow is the Betsey who married James Bush in 1811.

Bush appears in 1820 in Barren Co Kentucky as head of household (statistics not noted by me) and I think in 1830 he was head of household in adjacent Monroe County.

b. J S "Smith" Barlow is documented in Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, vol. II, p. 105 [Barren County] [this is a reprint from a vanity biography/history and was first published about 1877 or 1878]. An abstract appears below:

J.S. Smith Barlow, b. 1802 near Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. Only survivor of Ambrose Barlow, who was b. Culpepper Co., VA in 1766 and later lived near Danville, KY and in 1801 moved to Boyd's Creek, Barren Co Kentucky and thence to Monroe Co., KY. J.S. Smith Barlow in 1826 was a sheriff of Monroe County, KY and later a KY legislator.

Thus, the other children of Ambrose Barlow may be assumed dead by 1877. John S. Barlow at times held power of attorney for his brother-in-law Joseph Souther.

See Barren Co Kentucky Deed book H, page 205 (09 May 1821)

c. Margaret Barlow. b. 1790 KY, d. after 1850
This child of Ambrose Barlow was not included as a descendant in a list sent me by Pauline Barlow, but there is no doubt that Margaret indeed was a child of Ambrose.

The IGI gives little clue about her, listing her marriage only as _____ Southern [sic] to _____ Barlow on 25 Aug 1808 in Barren Co Kentucky
Source:   8712703, p. 47. Reneau, Martha Powell, 1984
Marriage Records of Barren County, Kentucky 1799-1849
[no place, apparently residence 562 Beaver Valley, Glasgow, KY 42141]
FHL #976.972/V2n, page 247 shows Joseph Souther to Margaret Barlow. Sur. Michael Smith. Consent fatherAmbrose Barlow. Wit. Michael Smith, John Sanders. Md. 25 August 1808 by John Howe.

In a separate chronological list kept by the minister and returned to the county, the marriage is identified only as Souther to Barlow, 7 [sic] August 1808.

Confirmation of her parentage was made by Franklin Gorin, who had personally known Margaret Barlow Souther and whose family had lived next door to the Southers in 1810. He stated in print that Margaret was a daughter of Ambrose Barlow. See Gorin, Franklin, 1929, Times of long ago Barren County, Kentucky: John P. Morton & Co., Louisville [KY]. [Reprint of newspaper columns originallypublished in 1880s.] The book was available for inter-library loan from Transylvania College, Frances Carrick Thomas Library, Lexington, Kentucky.

Margaret Barlow was still alive, living with a son, in 1850. She had married Joseph Souther, a blacksmith and later innkeeper and storekeeper, in 1808 but had been widowed in about 1821/1822 when he drowned (according to Franklin Gorin) while on a business trip. Joseph Souther was a son of Stephen and Mary "Polly" B. Souther** of Wilkes Co North Carolina and a grandson of Henry Souther of Culpeper Co Virginia. Joseph Souther had moved to Barren Co Kentucky between 1805 (when he was a taxpayer in Wilkes Co North Carolina) and 1806 (when he was assessed for 1 poll in Barren County)Margaret Souther's name appears on Barren Co Kentucky deeds several times in the early 1820's and in 1835, 1841, 1845. She was not found with her son Dr. William S. Souther (b. 18 Feb 1810) in his 1860 Barren Co Kentucky enumeration but could have been enumerated with her daughter (Mary Ann, b. ca. 1821) or her other son Joseph Souther, Jr. (b. about 1820). Her census data appears below:

1810 Census Barren Co Kentucky p 19-B. line 6

Joseph Souther 10310 - 00100.
1820 Barren Co. Ky - page 34, line 15
Joseph Souther 200010 - 00010 - 3 slaves.

1830 Burke Co North Carolina
[note that pages are very dim with bad ink plus a bad microfilm exposure.]

Margaret Southarin [sic] page 185, line 24 0001-0010001

This household is not necessarily that of the widow of Joseph Souther, but is a family located near her brother-in-law Jesse Souther, her nephew Joseph Souther, and her niece Sarah Souther Gilliam. No Margaret Souther appears in Barren or Monroe Co Kentucky in 1830, and no other Margaret Souther appears in Burke Co North Carolina on the 1820 or 1840 census.

1840 Monroe Co Kentucky p. 260, line 30

Margaret Souther
000101-00010001 & 1f slave 10-24; 1 ag; 1 engineering/learned

1850 Census Barren Co. KY p 377
in home of William Souther is Margaret Souther age 60, b. Kentucky

**There is a family story that Mary B. Souther (born before 1746, widow of Stephen Souther, mother-in-law of Margaret Barlow Souther) rode horseback "for many days" to visit "her people in the west" and was gone for many months. It is likely that she arrived with her son Jesse when he moved to Barren Co Kentucky in 1808/9 (she had sold her lands in Wilkes Co North Carolina shortly before). She may have returned with him when he moved to Burke Co North Carolina about 1812. In addition to her other son Joseph Souther (who moved to Barren Co Kentucky in 1806), she also had a married daughter who moved from Wilkes Co North Carolina to Barren County between 1805 and 1808. Mary B. Souther was of German heritage and was from Culpeper Co Virginia it is very remotely possible she was a Barlow before her marriage

Added March 2004 by Susan BARLOW Holmes:

From: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike County, pages 318-321.

J.O.A Bush, circuit and ex-officio county clerk, Murfreesboro, Ark. No name is justly entitled to a more enviable place in the history of Pike County than the one that heads this sketch, for it is borne by a man who, though young in years, has yet been usefully and honorably identified with the interests of this county, and with its advance in every worthy particular. Steadily and surely has he come to the front in public as well as business affairs, and it is but the utterance of a well-know fact that it would be a difficult matter to find a person of greater popularity, one who enjoys, to such a boundless extent, the respect of all. Mr. Bush owes his nativity to White Township, of this county, his birth occurring on December 1, 1854, and is the fifth of ten children born to the union of James R. and Amanda (Reeves) Bush, the father a native of Kentucky, and the mother of South Carolina. The father was reared in his native State, came to Arkansas in 1849, settled in White Township, Pike County, and there entered and bought about a section of land. He made this place his home, and placed considerable improvement on the same. He was a prominent members of the Methodist Protestant Church, and also took a prominent part in the politics of the county, In political preferment he was, during the existence of that party, a Whig, and upon the dissolution of that, became a Republican, being in favor of the Union during the Civil War. He remained at home during that time, and supported both sides, with the result of his farm produce, without prejudice. In 1868 he was elected to the Lower House in the General Assembly, by the Republican party, from this county. During his residence in Pike County he was sincere and outspoken in the advocacy of any views that he had adopted, and was all times respected by his neighbors for his honesty. He died November 12, 1882. The mother is still living on the old homestead. She removed to Tennessee with her parents with her parents, at an early day, and while making the trip the family was robbed by John A. Murrell. On the father's side an uncle, Smith Barlow, served as State Senator from Barren County, Ky., for thirty years, and died in that State about 1881. J.O.A. Bush was early instructed in the mysteries of farm life, and, although he had but limited educational advantages, he was naturally of a studious turn, and by personal application in his books, as time wore on he secured a good general education. He always had a taste for debating and in the contests at the debating society was always a victor. He remained under the parental roof until twenty years of age, and was then married to Miss Lucetta J. Eastwood, a native of Pike County, Ark., and the daughter of Hiram and Margaret Eastwood, who were also natives of this county. At this time Mr. Bush bought and homesteaded 160 acres of land in White Township, made many improvements, and farmed on this place for two years, when, on December 7, 1876, he lost his estimable wife. After this he began teaching, and followed it with farming during the intervals, for about eight years. He also became very active, politically, advocating the principles of the Greenback party, and, in 1884, was elected county clerk, as an Independent candidate. In 1885 he purchased the Pike County Sentinel from R.H Waddell, changed it in politics from a Democratic to an Independent paper, with Greenback proclivities, and conducted the same until June 1, 1889, during which time he was a member of the Press Association, and went on various excursions with that body. He was re-elected at the expiration of his term in 1886 by a large majority. In 1887, from a technical error, Mr. Bush was removed from office, and an especial election was immediately ordered by the governor. Mr. Bush declared himself a candidate for re-election, and was returned to office by a majority from every township in the county. So great was his popularity that he was elected to his third and present term in 1888. In 1885, during the trouble attending the burning of the county jail, from the firm and outspoken attitude in his condemnation of such acts of violence, in his personal conversation, and through the columns of his paper, the life of Mr. Bush was frequently threatened. On September 10, 1887, he was assaulted in the streets by four armed men, was shot at with a shot-gun twice, and ten or twelve times with pistols, and, although most of the shots pierced his clothing, he received but slight injury. He was married, the second time, on February 10, 1889, to Miss Viola Reese, a native of this county, and the daughter of S.W. and E.J. Reese, natives of Tennessee, who came to Arkansas in 1849, and were pioneers of this county. Both are living, and reside at Corinth, Howard County. On February 3, 1890,was born a daughter to this union - Vivian. Mrs. Bush is a members of the Corinth Christian Church. During his leisure hours Mr. Bush has been pursuing the study of law, and is now prepared for examination. His natural tastes and talents for oratory, and his influence with this power, will eminently fit him for this profession, and undoubtedly make him successful.

In personal character Mr. Bush is pleasant, social, courteous and gentlemanly. In moral habits he is above reproach, and, being enterprising and public-spirited, is striving in all ways to advance the interests of Pike County. He is a members of the A.F. & A.M. Pike Lodge No. 91.

   Children of Ambrose Barlow and Anna Smith are:

i. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Jane Barlow4 born 1793

She married James Bush 02 March 1811

ii. James Barlow born 1790-1794

He married Dosha Cochran 10 February 1814

5 iii. John Smith Barlow born 13 May 1802, and died 15 March 1886
iv. Ambrose Powell Barlow born 18 May 1804, died 10 May 1869

He married Elizabeth Dunn 15 February 1830 in Allen Co Kentucky

v. Ann Barlow born 1810

RACHEL BARLOW3 (ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born about 1754 in Culpeper Co Virginia and died 1829 in Barren Co Kentucky

She married CONRAD GENSSLE/KUNZLE about 1770 in Culpeper Co Virginia

  Children of Rachel Barlow and Conrad Kunzle are:

i. Joshua Kunzle4 born 18 October 1780
6 ii. Elizabetha Kansler/ Kunzle born 02 November 1773
iii. Nimrod Kunzle born 18 December 1773
iv. Ambrosius Kunzle born 13 February 1778
7 v. Adam Kunzle born 02 February 1783 Culpeper Virginia, died 15 December 1863
vi. Nancy Kunzle born 22 November 1785
vii. Ruben Kunzle born 14 March 1789
viii. Aaron Kunzle born 04 January 1792
ix. Frances Kunzle born 10 October 1793


JOHN SMITH BARLOW4 (AMBROSE3, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born 13 May 1802, and died 15 March 1886

He married 1. JANE HART HOWARD
He married 2. MRS. FRANCES KINCHLOE 04 February 1820 in Washington Co Kentucky

Mike Savoy shows John to have been married to LYDIA HAGAN

John Smith Barlow was born near Fountain Run Kentucky

Lived in Barren County and in Monroe County

He received a good school training in early life and for a few years engaged in teaching but developed more than ordinary ability in affairs of public life.

He lived on East Fork of Indian Creek in Monroe County

His early manhood life needs further research. He was either married or had a mistress prior to his marriage to Jane H. Howard.  He moved from Barren County to Monroe County in 1818.  Marriage records in Washington County Kentucky list a John Barlow and Francis Kinchloe married February 04, 1820

Linda Lou Wilcox, Elverta, California a descendant of his early marriage writes:

John Smith Barlow had a mistress from England or Pennsylvania Dutch and they had three daughters.

Letters/copies in possession of the writer and written by John Smith to his first three daughters living in Missouri leave no doubt as to their proof and existence.

A granddaughter, Mrs. Lena Wilson born 1881 Warsaw, Missouri supplied the letters and descendant information.

After marriage to Jane Hart Howard he settled on a farm on the North Fork of Indian Creek in Monroe County.

He was owner of a large number of slaves and large land owner.

He was exceedingly smart and unusally quick.

He had the sweetest and most persuasive of voices and his manners and bearing were never surpassed by an English Lord

In 1826 he purchased one half of the sheriff~ship of Monroe County

Upon the expiration of his term of office in 1828, he was elected to the lower house of the Kentucky Legislature

He was then elected Senator from Clinton, Monroe, and Cumberland Co's and had to wait until the next year to take office until he became of eligible age

He served with distinction in the two houses of the State Legislature for 27 years

He was twice nominated for Lieutenant Governor of the State Senate

He was Senator from Barren County from 1871-1875, and House of Representatives from 1861-1863

He resigned February 07, 1862

He was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1849 and one of Breckenridge's electors in 1860

He was active in the reorganization of the Democratic Party in Kentucky after the close of the Civil War in the Convention held in Louisville

John Smith Barlow was a man of strict habits; never used any spirituous liquors or tobacco in any form

He was moderator of six seperate religious discussions

In December 1853 he moved to Glasgow and in the fall of 1854 bought and moved to a fine farm eight miles north of Glasgow and called it "Hay Hill." This farm was later owned by Leight M. Wilson

Honorable J. S. Smith Barlow, Sr. was born near Glasgow, Barren Co, Kentucky, May 13, 1802. He is the only survivor of the family from which he descended. His father, Ambrose Barlow was born in Culpepper Co Virginia in 1766, and married Miss Ann Smith, a daughter of John Smith, of Virginia.

He afterward resided for some years near Danville Kentucky and in 1801, purchased an extensive tract of the famous cane land, lying on the waters of Boyd's Creek, in Barren Co - he moved thence to Monroe Co Kentucky.

J. Smith Barlow recieved a good school training in early life, and for a few years was engaged in teaching, but developing a more than ordinary ability for the affairs of public life, he purchased, in 1826; one-half of the sheriffship of the county of Monroe. Upon the expiration of his term in office, in 1828, after a sharp contest, he was elected to a seat in the lower house of the Kentucky Legislature. On the expiration of his term, he was elected senator from his district---Clinton, Monroe and Cumberland Co's but his ineligibility on account of non-age prevented his taking his seat in the body until the following year, when he entered upon the duties of his office.

In the year 1852, he moved to Glasgow Kentucky and was the first president of the Glasgow branch of the Louisville and Nashville Railway, which office he resigned upon his nomination for the State Senate from the counties of Barren, Metcalfe, and Monroe; he was a member during three special sessions. During his legislative career Mr. Barlow was thrice nominated for the speakership of the House, and twice nominated in the Senate for lieutenant-governor of the State. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1849 and one of the Breckenridge electors in 1860. He served with honor and distinction in the two houses of the State Legislature twenty seven years. In the reorganization of the Democratic Party in Kentucky, after the close of the war, in convention at Louisville, he had the honor of placing Alvin Duvall in nomination for judge of the court of appeals, to which office he was elected in 1866. This circumstance he remembers as one of the most pleasant reminiscences of his life.

He has been a man of very strict habits in life, has never used spirituous liquors or tobacco in any form; has always been blessed with health and in all his official career has never failed to be in his place when duty called him.

He has always been a straight Democrat, and never took a new departure or lost sight of the land-marks of his party.

Through untiring energy, and an excellent business ability, Mr. Barlow has aquired a fine property, a part of which is his home place of 1000 acres in Barren Co.

He has had the honor of presiding as moderator in six seperate religious discussions.

He was married, February 10, 1831 to Miss Jane H. Howard, a daughter to Major Harmon Howard, of Barren Co. She was a member of the Baptist Church, and departed this life December 16, 1863, leaving eight children.

The sons are Harmon H., Joseph P., John S., Jr, Thomas; the daughters are Mrs. Bettie Ritchie, the widow of the late F. E. Ritchie, of the firm of Truman Swan and Ritchie, Louisville Kentucky, Mrs. T. W. Bibb, Franklin Kentucky, Mrs. C.C. Terry, Glasgow Kentucky, and Mrs J. H. Yancey, Louisville.

The subject of this sketch died March 15, 1886, in the eighty fourth year of his age, and was buried at his home in the presence of a very large concourse of friends.

   Children of John Barlow and Jane Howard are:

i. Harmon Howard Barlow5 born 04 December 1833, 03 died March 1900

He married Clemmie Wheeler, 25 January 1866

ii. Joseph P. Barlow born June 1836 died February 1912

He married 1. Maggie Durrett    2. Ella Snider

iii. Elizabeth 'Bettie' Ann Barlow born 1838, died 08 August 1908

She married Finis Ritchie 01 September 1859 in Barren Co Kentucky

iv. Sarah 'Sallie' Barlow born 1841, and died in 1910

She married Thomas Walke Bibb c1858

DAR Records:

Mrs. Dorothy Bibb Harmon b: Franklin Kentucky, wife of Lyford Harmon
Thomas Walke Bibb m: 1858 Sarah Barlow 1841-1910
John Smith Barlow 1802-1886 m: 1831 Jane Howard 1815-1869
Ambrose Barlow b:Culpepper Virginia d: Kentucky (1755-1839) m: Anna Smith

v. John Smith Barlow, Jr. born 16 November 1844

He married 1. Mollie Dodd   2. Margaret Farri    3. Margaret Sorrell

8 vi. Jane Ellen / J. Nellie Barlow born 05 January 1845, died 12 October 1937
vii. Dora Barlow born 08 December 1846, died 20 February 1895

She married John H. Yancey 22 October 1868

viii. Jesse Thomas Barlow born 03 August 1851, died 14 January 1913

He married Fannie Neeley

  Children of John Barlow and Frances Kinchloe are:

ix . Malinda Ann Barlow5 born 20 June 1818 twin to Mary Ann, died 16 October 1907
9 x.
Mary Ann Barlow born 20 June 1818 - twin to Malinda Ann died 15 December 1903 in Alexander Twp Benton Co Missouri
xi. Permelia Ann Barlow born January 21, 1822, Cumberland Co Kentucky, died May 06, 1910

She married Edward Keenon Bailey


She married ANDREW CARPENTER 19 December 1792 in Culpeper Co Virginia

John Ray Pitcock of Louisville, Kentucky writes:

Information on Rachel and Conrad were given to him in an extract by a local Kinslow researcher, Reverend Marietta Mansfield. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and has done a great deal of work figuring out the mistakes in the McPherson Kinchaloe/Kinslow book, who has us descending from Peter Kinchaloe, a totally different family.

The Kinslows from Barren Co are generally conceded to be of Germanic origin. There were German language books inventoried in some early estates. He is descended from Ambrose, and was born in Barren County.

Conrad and Rachel Kinslow were of German descent, known as Conrad and Rachel Genssle--the Anglicized form of the German Kunzle. Recorded their children in the register of the Hebron Evangelical Luthern Church, Culpeper Co Virginia --now Madison County Virginia.

Names of their children recorded in my documents are the ones recorded in the register.

George M. Smith, Hebron Church Register, 1750-1825 Madison Virginia
Vol I and II Edinburg, Virginia 1981 pp7, 17, vol I

The eldest daughter as Elizabeth Kansler's first two children are also listed in the register.

   Children of Elizabeth Kunzle and Andrew Carpenter are:

i. Peggy Carpenter5 born 20 December 1794
ii. Rachel Carpenter born 01 February 1796

ADAM KUNZLE4 (RACHEL3 BARLOW, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born 02 February 1783 in Culpeper Virginia, and died 15 December 1863

He married LOUISA PICKETT 30 May 1826 in Barren Co Kentucky

   Children of Adam Kunzle and Louisa Pickett are:

10 i. Louisa C. Kinslow/ Kunzle5 born 28 October 1839, Barren Co Kentucky, died 01 January 1920


JANE ELLEN / J. NELLIE BARLOW5 (JOHN4, AMBROSE3, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) born 05 January 1845 and died 12 October 1937

She married CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS TERRY 22 November 1866

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed. 1886.

Barren County

CHRISTOPHER C. TERRY was born in Barren County, Kentucky, March 11, 1840, and is the seventh in a family of eight children born to Bennett W. and Ruth 'McDaniel' Terry.

Bennett W. was born in Botetourt County, Virginia, in 1802; he was of Scotch descent, and when but a lad of some fifteen or sixteen years, came with his parents to Barren County, Kentucky.

After attaining his majority he bought wild land in the northern part of the county, and subsequently improved a farm, upon which he resided until his death, November 16, 1854.

He and wife were life-long and devoted church members; first of the Baptist and afterward of the Christian Church.

His father, Stephen Terry, was one of seven brothers who eimigrated from Scotland to the colony of Virginia.

Stephen's wife was a native of the "Old Dominion" and a cousin of Jefferson Davis, president of the Southern Confederacy.

Mrs. Ruth Terry was born in Barren County, Kentucky, in 1805, and died in August, 1879; her father, Jennings McDaniel, was one of the pioneers of Barren County, and became one of its extensive land owners and farmers.

Christopher C. Terry was employed on the old homestead farm until he was seventeen years of age, after which he was employed as a salesman in a dry goods store for about one year. He was then appointed freight and ticket agent of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, at Cave City, Kentucky, which position he held until August, 1862, when he enlisted in Company C, Second Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry / Confederate service, and served under General Morgan in all his raids and engagements until that officer and his command were captured in southern Ohio. He was paroled and never exchanged until the close of the war; he had also four brothers in the Confederate Army, three of whom died while in the service.

Since the war Mr. Terry has been engaged in various kinds of business, merchandising, the saw-mill and lumber business, and in agricultural pursuits. In August, 1882, he was elected county clerk of Barren County, which office he now holds.

He married, November 22, 1866, J. Nellie Barlow, a native of Monroe County, Kentucky; she was born January 5, 1845, a daughter of John Smith and Jane 'Howard' Barlow. To Mr. Terry and wife the following children have been born: Ann R., Lulie Y., Jennie H., Carroll C. and Ruth.

Mr. Terry is a member of the Christian Church; his wife of the Missionary Baptist; he is also a member of the Masonic fraternity, and politically a Democrat.

   Children of  Jane Barlow and Christopher Terry are:

i. Ann R.6 Terry
ii. Lulie Y. Terry
iii. Jennie H. Terry
iv. Carroll C. Terry
v. Ruth Terry


MARY ANN BARLOW5 (JOHN4, AMBROSE3, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) born June 20, 1818 - twin to Malinda Ann died 15 December 1903 in Alexander Twp Benton Co Missouri


He married 2. REVEREND JOHN HOPKINS ROBERTSON before 1860 in Warsaw, Benton Co Missouri. He was born abt 1820 in Virginia and died 1870-1876 in Missouri.

  Children of Mary Barlow and John Robertson are:

i. Frances A. Robertson6 born c1855 in Benton Co Missouri

She arried William W. Foster on 06 January 1880


Felix Clifford Robertson born 18 October 1857 in Missouri, died 14 July 1934

He married Della O. Hicks in 1881 in Benton Co Missouri


Hatler Robertson born 25 June 1860 Fairfield, Benton Missouri, died 13 February 1940 in Holden, Johnson Co Missouri

He married Elizabeth Jane Warden05 December 1880 Warsaw, Benton Co Missouri

iv. Smith Jackson "Buck" Robertson born 1863 in Benton Missouri
v. Mary Malinda "Linnie" Robertson born May 1865 in Missouri, died after 1910

She married  1. J. C. Hammond    2. John W. Guthrie

LOUISA C. KINSLOW/ KUNZLE5 (ADAM4, RACHEL3 BARLOW, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born 28 October 1839 in Barren Co Kentucky and died 01 January 1920

She married ROBERT DURHAM 25 September 1857 in Macon Co Tennessee

   Children of Louisa Kunzle and Robert Durham are:

i. Mary E. Durham6 born 23 October 1875
ii. Dolley Durham born 19 September 1886
11 iii. James M. Durham born 1855-1870, and died 11 September 1930 Westmoreland Sumner Co Tennessee
12 iv. Nancy Jane Durham M born 20 May 1861



JAMES M. DURHAM6 (LOUISA C. KINSLOW/KUNZLE5, ADAM4, RACHEL3 BARLOW, ADAM2, CHRISTOPHER PARLUR1) was born 1855-1870, and died September 11, 1930 in Westmoreland Sumner Co Tennessee

He married 1. SEZINKA A. ALEXANDER 20 November 1885, daughter of J. Alexander and Sallie

He married 2. FLORENCE BELL UNDERWOOD 10 September 1896, daughter of Henry Underwood and Martha Wells

   Child of James Durham and Sezinka Alexander are:

i. Robert Durham7 was born 17 September 1890

   Children of James Durham and Florence Underwood are:


Una Doris Durham7 born 24 July 1898, died 12 March 1921

She married on 25 December 1918, spouse name is unknown

iii. Paul Durham born 10 May 1900 died 04 July 1902

Gracie Louise Durham born 26 November 1904, Westmoreland Sumner Co Tennessee, and died May 1975, Scottsville Allen Co Kentucky

She married Cecil Lee Roark, 30 August 1925

v. James Henry Durham born 09 April 1907, Westmoreland Sumner Co Tennessee

Graphis by Rhio



   Child of Nancy Durham and Phillip Creasy are:

Myrtle Creasy7 born 13 September 1885, Westmoreland Sumner Co Tennessee, died 02 March 1967 Westmorland, Sumner Co Tennessee, burial in Pleasant Grove Cemetery

She married James Thomas Brown 10 July 1903 Sumner Co Tennessee

From the research of Vernon Barlow, with notes from other researchers

Index to the Germanna Families

Barlows - Barler - Parler - Parlur- Barlage ....of German Descent...

Who are the Germanna Barlows?
As explained by:  James E. Barlow

The following families originate from Christopher Barlow of Virginia & Kentucky

Christopher Parlur & Renfro families
From the research of:
Imo Greenwood

Documenting the Family of Jacob & Mary Barler/Barlow 
From the research of:
Vernon Barlow

Records of the Enoch Barlow Family
From the research of:
James E. Barlow

Daniel Barlow
s/o Christopher Barlow, Jr.
& Catherine Fleishman
From the research of:
Sue Maxwell

Catherine Barlow & Josiah Lincoln
d/o Christopher Barlow and Barbara Moyer - Josiah, the nephew of President Abraham Lincoln
Unknown Contributor

Barlow - Wheeler - Hayes Families
From the research of:
Edna Skoog

Will of Christopher Barlow
Madison Co Virginia, 1810
Contributed by:    Sue Maxwell

Barlow Cemetery
Hendricks Co Indiana
Contributed by:
James E. Barlow

Germanna Barlows buried in Hendricks Co Indiana
Contributed by:
James E. Barlow

Beyond Germanna
From the research of:
John Blankenbaker

The following families did not originate with the Germanna Colonies, however, they are listed in  this index because they did originate in Germany.  These families arrived in America  in later years than did  those in the Germanna Colonies.

Theordor Barlage / Barlow    Germany - Ohio
From the research of:  Fred Rump

Johann Heinrich Frederick Barlage   Germany -  Missouri
From the research of: Norris Taylor

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