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Documentation of the family of Jacob and Mary Barler / Parlur / Barlow


From the original research of Vernon Barlow, with additional information provided by various researchers, including census records and tombstone photos by Susan BARLOW Holmes, found at Find-a-Grave.com and Ancestry.com

Vernon Barlow
Generation 1
  Children of CHRISTOPHER BARLOW and BARBARA include:
1. JACOB BARLOW who's family is outlined in this report
  CHRISTOPHER BARLOW, JR.     A separate record contributed by Imo Greenwood
  ADAM BARLOW      A separate record, also contributed by Vernon Barlow
Generation 2

JACOB2 BARLOW (CHRISTOPHER1) was born between 1725-1726 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia, and died 1815 in Washington Co Kentucky.

He married MARY between 1750 - 1754 in Virginia.   She was born 1731 in Virginia.


Spotsylvania Co Virginia is now new Orange Co Virginia
Jacob lived in Culpeper and Rockingham Co Virginia and Washington Co Kentucky
Jacob Barler was listed in Washington Co Kentucky tax lists:   1792, and 1794 with 1 white male over 21 and one white male 16 to 21

Cornelius Barlow appears on the 1792 tax list
In 1794 listed are:  Henry Barlow, Cornelius Barlow, Michael Barlow, Aaron Barlow, Lewis Barlow, Jacob Barlow and Christopher Barlow

  Children of Jacob and Mary are:
2. LEWIS3 BARLOW, born 1755, Culpepper Co Virginia, and died November 27, 1836, Mt. Auburn, Shelby Co Indiana
CHRISTOPHER BARLOW, born 1757, Culpeper Co Virginia and died June 22, 1837    
He married BARBARA MAYERS, between 1768 - 1769, Culpeper Co Virginia
Christopher Barlow, of Virginia was a Private in Captain Poynter's Company of the 7th Regiment of the North Carolina Continental Line from 1776 to 1778.

He applied for a pension at age 77 on May 08, 1834 in Washington Co Kentucky
He died on June 22, 1837, and his widow applied for a pension, application no. W8341, at age 94 on October 04, 1838 in Washington Co Kentucky.

Kentucky   29.853

Christopher Barlow Washington Co in the State of Kentucky was a Private in the company commanded by Captain Rucker of the Regt. commanded by Col Barbour in the Virginia mil. for 8 months.


Inscribed on the Poll of Kentucky at the rate of 26 Dollars 66 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.

Certificate of Pension issued the 16th day of March
Hon. B. Harden

Arrears to the 4th of March '33
Semi-an allowance ending 1 Sept. '35

Revolutionary Claim, Act June 7, 1832

Recorded by D. Brown, Clerk   Book E-2 - Vol 7 Page 4


Answer to the Application for Pension of Christopher Barlow    War Dept Pension Office     Jan 30, 1835

This declaration of Christopher Barlow and the testimony in support of his claim have been examined. He alleges that he enlisted in Captain Boyer’s company in Virginia for 2 years, and was marched to the Western Frontiers of that state where he served his time out and that his brother Lewis Barlow of Indiana served in the same company and is now receiving a pension. Reference has been made to his brothers declaration on file. He served in Captain Boyer’s Co, but said company belonged to the Continental Establisment and performed service totally different from that set forth by the applicant. If the applicant served at all it was as a militia man. No allowances can be made excepting for his three tours of militia service amounting in all 6 months.

The pages will be placed on file with suspended cases.   I have the honor to be very respectful

Your Obet Servt, J.L. Edwards           Hon B. Hardin, House of Representatives

  Christopher died on June 22, 1837, and his widow applied for a pension, application no. W8341, at age 94 on October 04, 1838, in Washington Co Kentucky
Kentucky  3281

Barbara Barlow widow of Christopher Barlow, dec a Pensioner Act 7 June 1832, -- who died on the 22d June 1837 -- of Washington Co in the State of Kentucky who was a private in the compy commanded by Captain Rucker of the rgt commanded by Col. Barbour in the Virginia line for 8 months.

Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at a rate of 26 Dollars 66 Cents per annum to commence on the 22 day of June 1837.


Certificate of Pension issued the 4th day of April 1840, ___ to Christopher Chinn Harrisburg, Kenty.

Arrears to the 4th of March 1840
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sept. '40

Revolutionary Claim Act July 4, 1836, Section the 3d.     Recorded by D.M. Curdy, Clerk Book A, Vol 2, Page 179

3. HENRY BARLOW, born 1758, Culpeper Co Virginia, and died 11 December 1809 in Washington Co Kentucky
  CORNELIUS BARLOW, born 1770 and died 1820, Washington Co Kentucky.     He married CATHERINE SIBERT, February 20, 1796 Washington Co Kentucky
  JOHN BARLOW, born 1770, Culpeper Co Virginia.     He married PRISCILLA BURRIS, March 05, 1796 Washington Co Kentucky
Copy of John Barlow's discharge from the Continental Army By his Excellency George Washington, Esq, General and Commander in Chief of the Forces of the United States of America
  ELIZABETH BARLOW, born after 1775.     She married ROBERT BRUMFIELD, February 11, 1796 Washington Co Kentucky
Generation 3

LEWIS3 BARLOW (JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) son of JACOB and MARY BARLOW, was born 1755 in Culpeper Co Virginia, and died November 27, 1836 in Mt. Auburn, Shelby Co Indiana.

He married JUDAH FRANCES SMITH 1782 in Virginia.   She was born 1755 probably in Virginia, and died 1840 in Shelby Co Indiana.


Shelby Co Civil Order, Book A page 285

Lewis Barlow age 75 comes before the court declaring that in order to obtain a pension, states that he enlisted for two years in Sep 1776 in Virginia in a Company commanded by Captain Michael Bowyer, in the regiment commanded by Colonel James Wood in the line of the State of Virginia in the Continental Establishment and served until Oct 1779 when he was discharged in New York State.

Lewis Barlow, enlisted in Sep 1776 in Staunton Co Virginia and served as a Private in Captain Michael Bowyer's Company of Colonel James Wood's 12th Virginia Regiment from 1776 to 1779.

He also served in the 4th and 8th Virginia Regiments, where he participated in the Battles of Iron Hill, Brandywine, Germantown, and many skirmishes.

Payroll sheets:


He was discharged at West Point, New York          Revolutionary War Discharge Papers

He applied for a pension at age 75.   Application nos. S16619 and S31535, on September 08, 1830, in Shelby Co Indiana.


Lewis was a farmer and lived in Adair Co Kentucky, and Shelby Co Indiana.  He did have 100 acres of land which he since sold. September 08, 1830
His family consists of 4:  Judah age 75, Elizabeth 28 (a cripple), George C. 12 and Bluford C. 10

Shelby County Court Records, Complete Record Probate Book B 1837-1839, p 529
Final settlement made of estate of Lewis Barlow deceased - Widowment August 1839


Estate of Lewis Barlow, decd

Box 8
D. F. Randolph, Admr
Widows $100
Lewis Barlow, decd

No 1

Shelby Co, April 11th, 1837

An account of articles taken by the widow Barlow as her share of the valuation as contained in the inventory in lieu of her hundred dollars.

1 Cow and calf $
15.00 1/2
1 Brindle cow *
15.00 1/2
1 Bed, bedding and bedstead *
16.00 1/2
1 Spinning wheel and real *
1.00 1/2
2 Set of horse gears *
4.00 1/2
1 Corner cuppoard and contents *
12.75 1/2
1 Coffee pot, 1 teakettle, smoothing iron, and 2 pair of pothooks *
1.25 1/2
1 Sugar Keg *
.50 1/2
2 Sugar Kettles *
5.00 1/2
1 Ewe and lamb *
2.50 1/2
4 Sheep *
10.00 1/2
1 Skellet and led *
1.00 1/2
1 Fire shovel *
.50 1/2
1 Washing tub *
.12 1/2
1 Looking Glass *
.37 1/2
4 Split bottom chairs *
1.37 1/2
1 Falling leaf table *
2.50 1/2
2 Weeding hoes *
.50 1/2
1 Shovel plow *
3.00 1/2
1 Bed Head *
2.00 1/2
1 Table *
1.25 1/2
1 Side Saddle *
3.50 1/2
5 knifes, 5 forks and 5 spoons *
.50 1/2
1 Tin bucket and pan *
.37 1/2
* Whole amt *
100.00 1/2

Taken by the widow Barlow this day the 11th of April 1837
Her mark X Juda Barlow

Alexander Breeding
J. B. Lucas

Shelby County Probate Order Book 3   page 93 and 94    An entry made to identify Juda Barlow, widow of Louis Barlow 

Lewis departed this life November 27, 1836

  1810 Coumbia, Adair Co Kentucky    pg 4       1 m <10 1 m 10<15 1 m >45    /    1 f 10<15 1 f 26<44
  1820  Flat Rock, Delaware Co Indiana    pg 19      1 m 16<18    1 m 18<25  1 m 45>    /  1 f 45>
  1830 Jackson, Shelby Co Indiana     pg 400       1 m 20<29    1 m 70<79      /    1 f 20<29      1 f 70<79
  Children of Lewis Barlow and and Judah Smith are:
REBECCA JANE4 BARLOW, born 1783, Washington Co Kentucy
She married GEORGE WILLIAM CUTSINGER December 28, 1808 in Washington Co Kentucky, son of John Curtsinger and Anna Phillips.  Son John Cutsinger was born in 1809, and died 08 May 1859.  He married Jane Williams.   Either Jane died, or they were divorced, as George married a second time in 1836.
4. HENRY BARLOW, born February 05, 1785, Washington Co Kentucky, and died April 11, 1868
  BLEWFORD BARLOW, born 1787, Washington Co Kentucky, and died April 15, 1858, Polk Co Iowa, burial in Oakwood Cemetary, Polk Co Iowa
He married ELIZABETH, in 1815

No full listing of the children of Blewford and Elizabeth, the only known proven son is:

BLEWFORD BARLOW, JR. born 09 Oct 1816 in Kentucky and died 19 October 1882 in Polk Co Iowa, with burial in the Oakwood Cemetery, of that county.

He married CLARISSA FITZ RANDOLPH on August 27, 1840 in Shelby Co Indiana

See more of this family, also from Vernon:  Blewford Barlow and Clarissa Fitz Randolph

Some researchers believe George to be a son of Blewford and Elizabeth, but no proof has been found:

GEORGE BARLOW, born 1818, Washington Co Kentucky and died 1847 in Polk Co Iowa.

He married CHARITY FITZ RANDOLPH on February 02, 1836 in Shelby Co Indiana

See more of this family, also from Vernon:  George Barlow and Charity Fitz Randolph

3. JEREMIAH BARLOW, born August 04, 1789, Adair Co Kentucky, and died April 19, 1868, Clay Twp, Adair Co Missouri, burial in Greenhill Cemetery
  SARAH BARLOW, born April 30, 1792 and died January 27, 1874 in Polk Co Iowa
She married BENJAMIN WHEELER, October 03, 1809, Adair Co Kentucky
See more of the Barlow and Wheeler Families from the research of Edna Skoog
  MARY BARLOW, born 1795, Washington Co Kentucky
She married JOSEPH DORSEY on February 24, 1802 in Washington Co Kentucky.  Either the year of birth or date of marriage is incorrect.
  WILLIAM BARLOW, born 1797, Washington Co Kentucky      Edna Skoog shows his residence as Shelby Co Indiana in 1830, no other info available
  UNKNOWN BARLOW, born 1799, Washington Co Kentucky
  ELIZABETH BARLOW, born 1802, Washington Co Kentucky      She married WILLIAM PYLE/PILE on 15 August 1815 in Washington Co Kentucky
Marriage of Elizabeth to William Pyle is from Carlyn Kraemer

HENRY3 BARLOW (JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) son of JACOB and MARY BARLOW was born 1758, Culpeper Co Virginia, and died 11 December 1809 in Washington Co Kentucky

He married JANE MARSHALL, November 05, 1782 in Rockingham Co Virginia.  The daughter of JAMES MARSHALL and ELIZABETH GARDINIER, she was born 1764 in Rockingham Co Virginia, and died 12 December 1815 in Washington Co Kentucky.

  Crawford Co Illinois History, Hutsonville Township:

In 1816, a year before Crawford County was formed, the Barlow brothers, Jesse, John W., Joel, James and their families, emigrated to Illinois from Kentucky and were among the first settlers in the vicinity of Hutsonville

Will of Henry Barlow probated in Washington Co Kentucky
Contributed by Susan B. Partridge

Dated December 11, 1809

In the Name of God Amen, I Henry Barlow of the County of Washington and State of Kentucky being very sick weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, Do make and and ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say principally and in First of all, I give and recommend my Soul unto the hand of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in Decent Christian burial at the Direction of my executors Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty ower of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life. I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First I give and bequeath to Timie my dearly beloved wife all that Tract of Land I now live on containing four hundred and fifty acres to have to hold as long as She doeth remain my widow and no longer. As also my two negros the boy by the name of Jack the girl by the name of Nance as also two have thense the horse Tolle and the Division with as much of the stock of Cattle, Sheep and hogs and household furniture as she in her discretion shall think fit to retain.

Next, I give unto my son, Jacup one hundred and twenty five acres of land the same I bot of M. Waltons lying on the waters of lick run and in the county of Washington.

To my son John I also leave a hundred acres adjoining the above tract of land I purchased the same of Eleis___

I also leave unto my three sons, the names as follows that is to say, Jesse and Julius and Joel all that tract of land I now live on with that twenty acres adjoining the same to have by an equal Division after the death of their Mother.

I do leave unto my Dorters Nancy and Peggy my negro girl Nance with all her increase if any on the death of their Mother to be equally divided out and if the negro Nance should Dye and leave no increase then their brothers Jesse and Julius and Joel shall give unto their sisters Nancy and Peggy the sum of Eighty pounds to be equally divided.

Also I leave the rest of my property unto my son James and my Dorters Elizabeth and Sary and Mary all my property not above mentioned with the Negro boy Jack in the name of God Amen.

Henry Barlow

Test: Peter Sibert
Jacob Barlor
Eleanor Mudd

N.B. I leave my friend Joseph Dorson and Christopher Barlor with Jacup Barlor my son To execute my last will and Testament.

At a court held for Washington County on the 11th day of December 1809. This will was proved by the Oaths of Peter Sybert, Jacup Barlor and Eleanor Mudd subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded -- and on the motion of Jacob Barlor one of the Executor therein named who made oath and executed and acknowledged bond with securities as the law directs. A certificate of probate therein is granted him in due form. And liberty is reserved to Joseph Dorson and Christopher Barlor the other executors therein named to join the said probate thereof whenever they think proper.

Teste: John Reed C.W.C.

  Children of Henry Barlow and Jane Marshall are:
  JAMES B.4 BARLOW, born September 28, 1783, Virginia     He married ELIZABETH
  1850 census of Crawford Co Illinois shows James, a blacksmith, age 66, born in Virginia, and Elizabeth, age 55, born in Kentucky
JACOB BARLOW, born February 26, 1785, Rockingham Co Virginia, and died June 09, 1863, Johnson Co Indiana, burial at Rest Haven Cemetary in Edinburgh, Bartholomew Co Indiana
7. JOHN WASHINGTON BARLOW, born November 11, 1786, and died October 08, 1863, Marshall, Clark Co Illinois
8. SARAH BARLOW, born October 30, 1790, Bartholomew Co Indiana
9. JESSE BARLOW, born January 01, 1792, Kentucky, and died 1857, Illinois
  MARY BARLOW, born November 01, 1794, Washington Co Kentucky
10. JULIUS MILFORD BARLOW, born August 24, 1796
11. JOEL BARLOW, born November 23, 1798
  NANCY BARLOW, born March 07, 1801.    She married ISAAC JAMES JONES, April 28, 1819 in Washington Co Kentucky
Newton A. Wilson of St. Petersburg Florida says that they lived in Illinois.
  Edna Skoog and Imo Greenwood show an 11th child born to Henry and Jane:
MARGARET 'PEGGY' BARLOW, born February 22, 1803, Washington Co Kentucky
She married 1.) RICHARD PILE, October 25, 1819, Washington Co Kentucky     She married 2.) ISAAC WHITE, about 1825

Generation 4

HENRY4 BARLOW (LEWIS3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) Son of LEWIS BARLOW and JUDAH FRANCES SMITH was born February 05, 1785/86 in Washington Co Kentucky, and died April 11, 1868, burial in Rising Sun Cemetery, Rising Sun, Polk Co Iowa.   Tombstone Photo from Find-a-Grave.com

He married 1.) MARY 'POLLY' DAWSON August 15, 1805 Washington Co Kentucky.  She was born 1885 in West Virginia, and died 1820 in Indiana.

He married 2.) MAHALA KINSLO November 05, 1821 Washington Co Kentucky.   She was born about 1785, and probably died between 1850-1860.

  Barlow entries from various Shelby Co, books
  Henry Barlow purchased land from USA Oct 01, 1821   Track Bk pg 15        Henry and Mahala Barlow deed book A pg 587 sold real estate
  ....Dates are in question here, as Lewis Barlow supposedly died in 1854....

In 1860 there were two church buildings erected in Rising Sun, one was a Methodist church and the other was a Christian church. Among the business men of Rising Sun were J.B. Tiffin, Lewis Barlow, Thomas McCall, Ross Garrett and Jacob Fisher.



The Rising Sun M. E. Church was organized in 1856. Rev. A.J. Barton and family, C. Leftwich and family, David Stewart and family were among the most prominent of the organizers of this church.

A frame church was erected in 1862 at a cost of two thousand dollars.  The pastor at present is Rev. Mr. Slusser. The membership numbers about seventy-five.

The Christian Church of Rising Sun was organized July 2, 1856. The first members of the organization were as follows: J.B. Grimstead, William Sweeney, Jane Sweeney, Mrs. Mary Winterrowd, Lewis Barlow, Ruth Barlow, Wm. Dawson, Eliza Dawson, Henry Barlow, Dr. Bennett and wife, T.E. Barlow and wife.

A frame church was erected in 1855, at a cost of seven hundred dollars.  The present membership numbers one hundred and twenty-five. The church was first erected about a mile south of Rising Sun, and remained there ten years, when it was removed into the village. The growth in membership has been gradual and substantial.

1810 Coumbia, Adair Co Kentucky    pg 4

1 m <10     1 m 16<25   /    1 f 26<44
1820 Flat Rock, Delaware Co Indiana

1 m <10      1 m 10<15     2 m 26<44
1830 Jackson, Shelby Co Indiana   pg 400

2 m <5     1 m 15<20    1 m 40<50   /   1 f 5<10      1 f 20<30
1840 Jackson, Shelby Co Indiana   pg 281

1 m <5    1 m 5<10   2 m 10<15   1 m 50<60
1 f 5<10   1 f 15<20   1 f 40<50
Jackson, Shelby Co Illinois     30 August 1850   pg 250b  #499/510

Henry Barlow     64   KY
Mahala Barlow    48   KY
Jeremiah Barlow   23   IN
Jesse Barlow   16   IN
Judith Lisk   26   IN
Bird Barlow   11   IN
Wm. Barlow   8   IN
Henry Lisk    8    IN
Four Mile, Polk Co Iowa   19 June 1860   pg 67  #488/239

Henry Barlow 73, farmer, 5200/600 KY
T.E. Barlow, farmer, $2500/500 IN
Louisa Barlow, 30, IN
M.F. Barlow (female), 9, IN
John Barlow, 13, IN
  Children of Henry Barlow and Mary Dawson are:
12. LEWIS5 BARLOW born May 15, 1806, Washington Co Kentucky, and died October 25, 1854, burial in Rising Sun Cemetery, Polk Co Iowa.
JOHN BARLOW born about 1810, Adair Co Kentucky, and died April 12, 1884 in Jackson Township, Shelby Co Indiana. [Cemetery records show his date of birth as March 12, 1814], burial in Mt Auburn Cemetery, Jackson, Shelby Co Indiana.
According to Edna Skoog  John Barlow married Ann Eliza Lisk, this family can be seen at:   Parlur-Barler-Beriet-Barlow

  Children of Henry Barlow and Mahala Kinslo are:
  JUDITH5 BARLOW born February 21, 1875 and died October 07, 1857, burial in Conover Cemetery, Shelby Co Indiana. 
She married 1.) JOHN LISK May 05, 1842 in Shelby Co Indiana     She married 2.) JOHN GRAHAM April 04, 1852
Note: Judith Lisk Barlow, age 26, and son Henry Lisk were living or at her father's house when the 1850 census of Shelby Co Indiana was taken
  JEREMIAH BARLOW born 1827 in Indiana, and died February 06, 1856 in Iowa, burial in Rising Sun Cemetery, Polk Co Iowa      Tombstone Photo
13. JESSE BARLOW born 1827 in Indiana
14. THOMAS EMORY BARLOW born March 29, 1828 in Indiana, and died January 03, 1906, Iowa, burial in Rising Sun Cemetery, Polk Co Iowa
  ELIZABETH BARLOW born about 1831.    She married GEORGE W. PATTERSON February 15, 1850 in Shelby Co Indiana
  BIRD K. BARLOW born April 1839 in Indiana.    He apparently did not marry.
  History of Polk Co Iowa, 1880   Civil War  COMPANY D      Barlow, Bird K., Private Enlisted August 02, 1862 - Veteranized March, 1864
Four Mile, Polk Co Iowa    30 July 1880    pg 483   #5/5   
B.K. Barlow, age 41, daylaborer, IN, KY, KY
Four Mile, Polk Co Iowa   01 June 1900  pg 1a  #4/4
Bird K. Barlow, age 69, born April 1839 IN   IN  IN
  WILLIAM BARLOW born 1841

JEREMIAH4 BARLOW (LEWIS3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1)  Son of LEWIS BARLOW and JUDAH FRANCES SMITH was born August 04, 1789, Adair Co Kentucky, and died April 19, 1868, Clay Twp, Atchison Co Missouri

He married 1) MARY 'POLLY' WHITE on August 08, 1811 in Adair Co Kentucky, daughter of HENRY WHITE and SUSANNA.  She was born February 18, 1789 in Tennessee and died June 08, 1861 in Clay Twp, Atchison Co Missouri

He married 2) JUDITH ANN MELVINS on June 22, 1862 in Atchison Co Missouri

  Miscellaneous Records of Shelby Co Indiana 1834 - 1874 page 142:

Jeremiah Barlow of Jackson Twp, has picked up some estrayed livestock     December 18, 1839 --- Appraised by James C. Wilson and Peter Wolf


History of Atchison Co Missouri has Jeremiah moving to Atchison Co in c1848

Barlow Mill

The Old Barlow Mill

What It Had to Do With the History of Clay Township

Note:  The date does not match the date mentioned in the document



Bread was man's first necessity. The method, in primeval days, of converting grain into meal for bread was of the simplest character. Women did all the mill work. The wind-mill was finally invented in England and was utilized for grinding purposes. But young America would not abide such an institution. Yankee ingenuity invented the water-wheel and harnessed it to the running brooks of New England, thus making machinery do the work that, for ages past, had been per formed by man.

The building of a grist mill in primitive times in many instances was the nuclum(sic) around which sprang up a thrifty community, often resulting in the staring of a lively village. First a mill then a store, blacksmith shop, shoe shop, cabinet-maker, post office and much other lines of business as a farming community demands. Such was the history of early times.

In our day railroad centers determine the location of towns, and, in measure, determine their population. But enough on this line. Our purpose is to note a few facts in regard to the old Barlow grist mill.

During the year 1848 a man by the name of Fugitt purchased a tract of land just north of the present site of Rock Port, at the same time constructing a dam across Rock Creek and starting a saw-mill, to which he added a pair of corn-burrs. In 1852 Jeremiah Barlow came to this county from Shelby county, Indiana and purchased this mill property, immediately setting to work to build a grist-mill, which was greatly needed. A Frenchman by the name of Ephraim Horner did the mill work. The mill was in operation in December 1852, and was quite a paying institution. A young man by the name of Tootle came on with a small stock of goods and here made his start in life. He afterwards moved to St. Joseph and died there several years ago-- Milton Tootle, the multi-millionaire, whose estate is one of the largest in Missouri. Then followed a post office, and things were lively, for that day, in this part of Northwest Missouri.

The Barlow family consisted of the parents and eight children, all of whom, we believe have passed away except Jeremiah Barlow, of Oakley, Kansas, and Mrs. Juda Purdum, of this city, wife of Judge Jeremiah Purdum, deceased. The elder Barlow died in 1868, and, in time, the mill property passed into the hands of William Barlow, who departed this life in 1896. His first wife was Miss Mary Ann Wolfe. After her death, he married Miss Mary Jane Sherfy. She was a woman of great physical power. Phillip Walter, Sr., often tells of this woman's strength with a story told as follows: "It was at a gathering of farmers on the land now owned by Henry Warneke. The object was to display what they had raised after the grasshoppers had destroyed their first planting. Among the products on exhibition was a pumpkin weighing over 100 pounds. Rob't Lyon and Mr. Walter proposed to give $1 to any woman present who would lift the pumpkin from the stand and replace it. Many women tried to lift it and failed, but Mrs. Barlow walked up, and without much effort, lifted the pumpkin from the stand to the ground and back again. She received the money amid the happy shouts of the crowd.

But to resume our narrative. The mill passed into the hands of various parties until it became the property of Jefferson Watson, who expended several hundred dollars in improving the dam and building. Mr. Watson became involved in a lawsuit with Willis Holliway, who had a mortgage on the property. After foreclosures and injunctions the machinery in the mill was knocked off at $500 and the remaining property at $200, these amounts being one half of the indebtedness against the property.

So ends the history of this old mill. Nothing remains of it except a pair of old French burrs now owned by James O. Crossley of this city, who has placed them in his building on the west side of town, where he is grinding in the manner known to early days. A son of Ephraim Horner was here in the employ of Mr. Crossley during the past month. We saw him dressing the old burrs and while in conversation with him, he said: "I have known these burrs since 1852. My father put the gearing in the old Barlow mill, and while he was doing other work, I dressed and readied these burrs. I was then sixteen years old. The stones were imported from France to St. Louis and there placed in their present form and shipped to this county. A better pair of burrs were never put in motion than these. They will last for years to come."

Mr. Crossley said: "These burrs have been in use ever since they were placed in the Barlow mill. If I had all the wheat I have ground on them I would have an independent fortune."

The Barlow mill had its day. It did its work well. It ground corn to make hoe-cake for men who, at that day, were mere lads, among whom we might include Dr. Amos Lewis, Hon. J. P. Lewis, Floyd Schooler, John Low, and a host of others who are now our leading citizens. Long may we cherish the memory of the Barlows and the good work they did for our county in an early day!

  Columbus Republican, Bartholomew Co Indiana

April 10, 1886


The nearest place to get any meal or flour was Connersville or Brooklyn, in Wayne county. Old Mr. Barlow put up the first horse mill to grind corn. Each man had to take his own team to run the mill and grind his 'grist' and then it was slow work. A couple of years later one Cox put a temporary mill on Flatrock, near what is now called 'High Field Ford.' He felled a tree across the creek where it was swift for a dam, fixed a paddle wheel on it and ground some corn, but it had to be watched closely or the coons would eat it as fast as it ground.

In 1823 or 1824 John Pence built a mill on Driftwood where the old Tannehill mill now stands and after that there was no trouble in getting grinding done, providing you had anything to grind.

The following is a list of those who settled in this township between 1819 and 1825: Jacob and Jerry Barlow

Jeremiah Barlow Tombstone

Greenhill Cemetery- Clay Twp. Atchison Co Missouri

BARLOW   Jeremiah - d April 19, 1868 - age 78 yr - 8 mo - 15 da
BARLOW   John Lucas - d August 1883 - age 1 yr - 5 mo - 13 da - son of Jeremiah Barlow  (apparently not this Jeremiah Barlow)
BARLOW   Mary - d June 08, 1861 - age 72 yr - 3 mo - 19 da

Click thumbnail to view full image

Atchison Co Missouri   07 February 1850        pg 145a  #163/164

Jeremiah Barlow    60    KY
Mary Barlow    61    TN
Louis Barlow    37   KY
Judy Barlow    15   IN
Clay, Atchison Co Missouri   15 June 1860  pg 527  #189/187

Jerrymiah Barlow    70    KY
Mary Barlow    71    TN
Elizabeth Sherfy    21    TN
  Children of Jeremiah Barlow and Mary White are:
  HENRY5 BARLOW born August 18, 1812, Adair Co Kentucky, and died August 18, 1813, Adair Co Kentucky
LEWIS BARLOW born August 18, 1812, Adair Co Kentucky, and died July 27, 1852, Atchison Co Missouri.  At the age of 37 in 1850, he is living in his parents home, he may not have married.  
  JAMES BARLOW born April 26, 1814
Miscellaneous Records of Shelby Co Indiana 1834-1874, page 46: In a list of removed or deceased taxpayers has James Barlow gone to war in 1862 from Moral Township
Note from Lillie:
I have a death date of March 01, 1815 for James. My source was from Fred Barlow's records. He found some family history in Egbert Young's trunk. Egbert was married to one of Jeremiah and Amanda Stansbury Barlow's daughters.
15. WILLIAM BARLOW born May 13, 1817, Kentucky, and died November 18, 1896, Johnson Co Indiana
16. NANCY BARLOW born April 13, 1819, Shelby Co Indiana, and died 1879
17. GEORGE WASHINGTON BARLOW born February 12, 1824, Shelby Co Indiana, and died April 11, 1863, Atchison Co Missouri
  SUSANNAH BARLOW born September 1832, and died June 30, 1834
18. JUDAH A. BARLOW born August 05, 1834, Shelby Co Indiana, and died September 07, 1905
JACOB4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) son of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL was born February 26, 1785 in Rockingham Co Virginia, and died June 09, 1863 in Johnson Co Indiana, burial at Rest Haven Cemetary in Edinburgh, Johnson Co Indiana.

He married REBECCA PILES September 07, 1809 Washington Co Kentucky.  She was born May 13, 1793, and died 1840


Some information for the Jacob Barlow family was found at:

Ohio River Valley


Early landowners of Shelby Co Indiana          Jacob Barlow purchases land from USA January 12, 1822       Purchased land in Indianapolis Indiana 1826

  • Lived in Blue River Twp, Bartholomew Co Indiana
  • Died at home of Adam Dougherty in Clark Twp, in Johnson Co Indiana
  • Rebecca Piles was of Irish descent
  • 5 children died in infancy: James, Jane, Elizabeth, Nancy and Susan
  Children of Jacob Barlow and Rebecca Piles are:
19. RUTH5 BARLOW born August 03, 1810, Kentucky, and died before 1849
20. HENRY BARLOW born July 28, 1817, Kentucky
21. BENJAMIN BARLOW born March 28, 1819, Kentucky
  SARAH BARLOW born April 21, 1823, Bartholomew Co Indiana.     She married HENRY FREDRICK, May 29, 1846, Bartholomew Co Indiana
22. JOHN BARLOW born March 01, 1826, Bartholomew Co Indiana, and died January 20, 1903 Johnson Co Indiana, burial in Greenwood Cemetary, Johnson Co Indiana
23. MARGARET BARLOW born May 02, 1828, Bartholomew Co Indiana, and died April 25, 1875, Johnson Co Indiana
24. WILLIAM BARLOW born March 20, 1831, Bartholomew Co Indiana, and died 1896 in Indiana, burial in Miller Cemetery, Shelby Co Indiana
REBECCA BARLOW born May 01, 1833 and died May 26, 1870, burial in Mt Auburn Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Shelby Co Indiana.
She married VALENTINE STILLABOWER, August 20, 1857, Bartholomew Co Indiana.   He died February 18, 1908
Rebecca BarlowBecky's card

Photo and letter contributed by: Cyndi Kalczynski

I have a collection of calling cards that apparently belonged to Rebecca Barlow, or possibly even her mother Rebecca Pile. Two of them are older than the others and are handwritten beautifully in the same hand, one for Sarah J.A. Barlow, and one for Benjamin Barlow, both of Rising Sun, Polk Co Iowa, and dated April 13, 1857.


The other cards are professionally printed and are for Miss Izoria Barlow, John W. Barlow, Miss Victoria Barlow, and William Barlow

I also have a piece of beautiful caligraphy with the Lord's Prayer written in a very small circle (about the size of a dime) signed Jacob Barlow Esqr. and dated February 16th 1857 with another entry 1858 (?).


A letter from J.W. Barlow posted from Marshall, Illinois, April 14th, 1854 to Rebecca Barlow. The tiny little envelope is addressed to:
Rebecca A. Barlow, Edinsburg Johnson Co Indiana and is stamped with 2 circular postmarks, 1 says Marshall Ill April 11 and one says "PAID 3"
Ouoted as written:

Marshall Ill April 14th 1854

Dear Nese

I have neglected writeing for some time so that I could tel you something about where John was he started down the river about the first of March and talked some about guoin to Texas. I recieved a letter from him after he landed at New Orlenes and he said he ecspected to gow to Texas in a few days.

We are all in tolerable health at preasant I have been verry unwell my self for the last 2 or 3 weaks but I am geting about well again. the connection is all well at preasant so far as I know. Nancy Hurst has a fine son 2 or 3 weaks oald, Mary Jones is house was burnt some 2 or 3 weaks since and all of hur furniture burnt with it. times is tolerable lively here at preasant and property is high of all descriptions under the prospects of the Railroad guoin on soon.

Mitton is at Belair practiceing medicine with James. they are geting a verry fine practice, they don't get home onst in three months to see us. Nothing more at preasant but our strongest wishes that some of you would come out and see us this spring.

Write at the reception of this, we give our respects to all relatives and inquiring friends and keep a full share yourself.

yours affectionately untill death Rebecca A Barlow
JW Barlow

Note from Susan: I assume the John who went to Texas would be his son.


Cyndi's lineage is as follows:  

Rebecca Barlow/Valentine Stillabower Shelby Co and Bartholomew Co In>Alice Stillabower/John Dahn Bartholomew Co Indiana>Elizabeth Dahn/Claude 'Jack' Biddinger - maternal grandparents

  THE SHELBY DEMOCRAT    Thursday, June 13, 1878    page 3, column 3


We had the pleasure on the 5th of this month, of attending a dinner party at the residence of the venerable Lewis Salla, in Hendricks Township, five miles west of this city. The feast was prepared in honor of Mr. Salla's 80th birthday, and was gotten up in splendid style, under the more immediate management of Mrs. Henry L. Ross, Mrs. E. W. Bowers and Mrs. Alfred Salla, the first two mentioned being daughters, and the l ast a daughter-in-law of the host. There were present on the occasion, besides the ladies mentioned above, the following sons and daughters of Mr. S:

William Salla, O. C. Salla, Melville Salla, Alfred Salla, Mrs. Valentine Stillabower, Mrs. James E. Toner, Mrs. George W. Hill, Miss Kate Salla.

The Rev. John Reece was present among the invited guests and favored the party with a few appropriate remarks. Mr. Lewis Salla, in whose honor this birthday dinner was given, was born in Rhode Island, June 5, 1798. From that state he emigrated to New Hampshire, at the age of sixteen years, where he remained for five years.

In 1820, when just arrived at manhood, he removed to this state, first stopping in Franklin County, where he lived two years and then moved to Rush county. There he remained for twenty-nine years.

In 1842 he was elected one of the associate Judges of Rush County, and served a term of seven years. In 1852, the subject of our sketch removed to this county, and settled on the farm where he now resides, and has continuously resided since his advent. Mr. Salla is the father of fifteen children, thirteen of whom are still living; fifty-two grandchildren, forty-five of whom are living; and has five great grand children. All of the children married well and respectably with the exception of the youngest who is still single. We regarded it a great privilege to be able to participate in this happy reunion and trust the venerable host, although now advanced in years, may see many returning birthday.

  I can only assume that Mr. Stillabower married a to Miss Salla after Rebecca's death in 1870.
  A child of Rebecca Barlow and Valentine Stillabower's, Violet Stillabower is buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, born July 21, 1865 and died November 11, 1868

JOHN WASHINGTON4 BARLOW, SR. (HENRY3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) Son of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL was born November 11, 1786 in Rockingham Co Virginia, and died October 08, 1863, in Marshall, Clark Co Illinois, burial in Old Hutsonville Cemetery, Hutsonville, Crawford Co Illinois.

He married ELIZABETH SLAVENS GORDON, January 01, 1811 in Washington Co Kentucky. She was born October 11, 1790 in King George Co Virginia, and died October 13, 1869 in Marshall, Clark Co Illinois (buried next to John Washington Barlow)


Note from Susan: This family is not from Vernon's work, put instead put together by myself from various records, including copies of the pages found in the Rubottom Family Bible thought to be written by Elizabeth Gordon Barlow, contributed by Marc N. Barlow

Family Record of John W. Barlow and Elizabeth Slaven Gordon

See the original pages thought to be written by Elizabeth Gordon Barlow


John Washington Barlow, Sen. was born November 11th 1786
Elizabeth Slavens Gordon was born October 11th 1790
Jno. W. Barlow and Elizabeth S. Gordon were married January 3rd 1811
Mary Jane Barlow was born May 22nd 1812
Francis G. Barlow was born May 1rst 1814
Henry Marshall Barlow was born January 26th, 1817
Nancy Owens Barlow was born May 5th 1818
Rebecca Ann Barlow was born March 2nd 1820
Alfred Gordon Barlow was born May 2nd 1821
Perlexany Barlow was born February 11th 1823
Joel Barlow was born August 10th 1825
James McCord Barlow was born September 21rst 1828
John Washington Barlow Jr. was born August 9th 1830
Jacob Milton Barlow was born March 9th 1832
William Hugh Barlow was born February 17th 1834


William McCoy and Sarah Jane Barlow* were married February 24th 1831
John Randolph Hurst and Nancy Owens Barlow were married March 10th 1836
Henry M. Barlow and Laura Barlow** were married January 29th 1846
William T. Adams and Rebecca A. Barlow were married March 21rst 1849
Henry M. Barlow and Mary Bostwick were married April 7th 1850
James M. Barlow and Cyntha Ann Bradshaw were married June 29th 1851
John W. Barlow and Barbara W. Wiser were married November 9th, 1854
J. Milton Barlow and Susan Rubottom were married April 4th 1856


Joel Barlow died August 18th 1826
William Hugh Barlow died July 1rst 1834
Francis G. Barlow died December 14th 1834
Alfred G. Barlow died July 23rd 1839
Perlaxany Barlow died April 5th 1844


John W. Barlow was born in Rockingham Co Virginia on the 11th day of November A.D. 1786. At the age of nine months, his parents emigrated to Kentucky.

Was married January 3rd 1811 A.D. in Washington Co Kentucky, five miles from Springfield. Came to Busro or Shaker Prairie Indiana in the spring of 1815 and raised a crop. Went back and moved his family out in the fall of 1815. Raised another crop there in the spring of 1816 and in January 1817 moved to Lamotte Prairie Illinois, 1 1/4 miles south of where Hutsonville now stands.

Moved his family to Marshall on the 17 of October 1839.


*One source tells me that John was married prior to his marriage to Elizabeth Gordon, I wonder if Sarah might have been a child of that marriage. Just in case, I am adding her family, click on her name for the link.

** I'm curious about who Laura Barlow's parents might be

  Robinson Library Files on Doctors of Crawford Co Illinois
Transcribed by Sue Jones - Robinson Library - Crawford Co Illinois

The Doctors Barlow

Three sons of John W. and Elizabeth Gordon Barlow also practiced medicine: Drs. J. Milton Barlow and James M. Barlow, Crawford County; and Dr. John W. Barlow, Jr., Jasper County, Illinois. A daughter of the senior John Barlow, Nancy Owen Barlow Hurst (Mrs. John R), Hutsonville, is an ancestor of Dr. John Hurst Olwin, native of Crawford County, who is a surgeon and member of the attending staff at Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Hurst was also an ancestor of the late Dr. Ausby Lyman Lowe, Jr., Robinson, Illinois.

John W. Barlow and his family located on the site of the Hutson Massacre and used a stable as their temporary home, the only building left standing after the Hutson tragedy. A son, Henry, was born there and according to county history was the first white child born in Hutsonville. John Barlow ultimately purchased the land and lived there until 1839 when he and his family moved to Marshall, Clark County, Illinois.


Hutson Township, Crawford Co Illinois

Henry M. Barlow, first white child born in this township

"History of Crawford County"

This township, one of the most productive farming divisions of Crawford County, lies along its eastern boundary of the county with Clark County on the north, Lamotte and Robinson Townships on the south, the Wabash River on the east, and Licking Township to the west.

The Wabash furnishes its drainage, mainly through Raccoon and Hutson Creeks, and a portion of its area is liable to periodical overflows. Back from the Wabash the surface is somewhat undulating, varied by stretches of open prairie and patches of timber. Black walnut, oak, sugar maple, white walnut, elm, cottonwood, sycamore, buckeye, hackberry, pecan, hickory, etc., constituted the original timber growth.

Its industries are mostly agricultural, and some of the farms are quite extensive, the only detriment to profitable soil-tilling being the hazard of inundation in the depressed areas within its borders.

The first white settlers in what is now Hutsonville Township, of which there is any reliable records, were the members of the Hutson family, all of whom, except its head, were massacred by the Indians during the War of 1812. The mother and four children fell victims to a savage onslaught on their log cabin outside of the fort, during the absence of the father who was afterwards killed in a skirmish with another band of redskins. Hutson had refused to remove his family to the stockade where most of the pioneers had taken refuge.

The Eaton and Barlow families were conspicuous in the pioneer days of this township, John Eaton having been one of the inmates of the fort.

The Barlow brothers, John W., Joel, and Jesse, came from Kentucky in 1816, the first named locating on the spot where the Hutson family was killed. The Indians had burned the Hutson cabin, but had left the stable standing, which furnished shelter for the Barlows and was the birthplace of one of their children, Henry M., the first white child born in the township.

With the Barlows came John Neeley and Joseph Bogard, and in 1818 followed Charles and John Newlin, John Hill and the Sackrider family, Sackrider having been a captain in the War of 1812, and one of Commodore Perry's command on Lake Erie.

  Children of John Barlow and Elizabeth Gordon are:
SARAH JANE5 BARLOW was born c1812 in Kentucky, and died November 05, 1864 in Hutsonville, Crawford Co Illinois.  (possibly a daughter of John and Elizabeth)
  MARY JANE BARLOW, born May 22, 1812
  FRANCIS G. BARLOW, born May 01, 1814, and died December 14, 1834.     One researcher shows this to be Frances Jane Barlow
HENRY MARSHALL BARLOW, born January 26th, 1817 in Crawford Co Illinois, and died in the Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory in Texas, burial in Spanish Fort Cemetery, Montague Co Texas.
27. NANCY OWENS BARLOW, born May 05, 1818 in Hutsonville, Crawford Co Illinois, and died 21 July 1900 in Crawford Co Illinois.
28. REBECCA ANN BARLOW, born March 02, 1820. 
  ALFRED GORDON BARLOW, born May 02, 1821 and died July 23, 1839.
  PERLEXANY BARLOW, born February 11, 1823 and died April 05, 1844
  JOEL BARLOW, born August 10, 1825 and died August 18, 1826
29. JAMES McCORD BARLOW (DR.), born September 21, 1828, and died April 10, 1895 in Kenton, Bastrop Co Texas
30. JOHN WASHINGTON BARLOW, JR. (DR.) born August 09, 1830, and died April 01, 1878, burial in Maple Hill Cemetery, Clark Co Illinois.
31. JACOB MILTON BARLOW, DR. born March 09, 1832 and died October 12, 1880
  WILLIAM HUGH BARLOW, born February 17, 1834, and died July 01, 1834
SARAH4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1)  Daughter of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL was born October 30, 1790, Bartholomew Co Indiana and died October 09, 1830, Bartholomew Co Indiana, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp., Bartholomew Co Indiana    Tombstone Photo at Find-a-Grave.com

She married JOHN SIBERT, September 07, 1807 Washington Co Kentucky, son of PETER SIBERT. He was born March 10, 1788 in Kentucky and died October 18, 1851 in Columbus, Bartholmew Co Indiana, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp. Bartholomew Co Indiana.  Tombstone Photo

  Information on this family has not been verified.       For more on the families of the children of Sarah and John, see Vernon's Website
  Children of Sarah Barlow and John Sibert are:
  HENRY5 SIBERT     He married EMELINE MCGALLIARD November 12, 1835
  JOEL SIBERT    He married ELIZABETH NEWSOM September 24, 1839, Bartholomew Co Indiana
  ELIZABETH ANN SIBERT     She married 1.) WILLIAM NEWSOM April 15, 1841, Bartholomew Co Indiana     She married 2.) ALPHEUS WILHOYTE
Apparently not researched completely, as marriage dates of both are listed as the same date.
PETER SIBERT born 10 November 1808 in Washington Co Kentucky and died September 02, 1849 in Bartholomew Co Indiana of cholera and presumed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp, Bartholomew Co Indiana.
He married REBECCA LOLLER on September 24, 1829
JACOB SIBERT born November 12, 1811 and died September 16, 1880, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp, Bartholomew Co Indiana.
He married 1.) UNKNOWN     He married 2.) MARY DAY
He married 3.) SARAH HAMNER November 28, 1833, Bartholomew Co Indiana     He married 4.) SARAH ARMER 10 January 10, 1860, Bartholomew Co Indiana
The last two are apparently the same person, with two spellings of surnames and a conflict in marriage dates.
LOUISA B. SIBERT born July 09, 1813 in Washington Co Kentucky and died July 27, 1891, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp, Bartholomew Co Indiana.
She married SPENCER BLACKKETTER January 14, 1830 in Bartholomew Co Indiana
ELIZA JANE SIBERT born March 29, 1815 in Washington Co Kentucky and died November 25, 1887 in Bartholomew Co Indiana, burial in Harmony Cemetery, Sandcreek Twp, Bartholomew Co Indiana.
She married WILLIAM Q. DAVIS November 10, 1831
  CATHERINE SIBERT born about 1817 in Indiana     She married WILLIAM DAY November 29, 1833 in Bartholomew Co Indiana
  MARY ANN 'POLLY' SIBERT born about 1820 in Indiana      She married SCION SINGLETON November 17, 1835 in Bartholomew Co Indiana
  BENJAMIN F. SIBERT born 1823 in Indiana     He married MARY KIRK March 08, 1849 in Bartholomew Co Indiana
JOHN S. SIBERT born about 1826 in Indiana and died September 02, 1853 at the home of his niece, Sarah Jane Blackletter Herod, Jefferson Twp, Owen Co Indiana, burial in Bush Cemetery, near Coal City Jefferson Twp, Owens, Indiana
  REBECCA SIBERT born about 1829, Bartholomew Co Indiana and died c1902 in Mansfield Missouri.    She married ELLIS HEROD
JESSE4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1)  Son of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL was born January 01, 1792 in Kentucky, and died November 04, 1857 in Illinois  on tombstone.  (Crawford Co History tells that he died in 1854.)

He married 1) REBECCA K. GIBBONS/GIBBINS on March 09, 1818 Washington Co Kentucky.  She died before 1842.
He married 2) REBECCA BIGGS HILL on February 15, 1842 Crawford Co Illinois.  The daughter of James Biggs and Elizabeth Smith, she was born 22 March 1806 in Bourborn Co Kentucky, and died 22 March 1866 in Crawford Co Illinois.  She had previously been married to William Hill who died in 1836.  They had several children, including a daughter, Elizabeth, who married George Barlow.    She and Jesse are buried in Newlin Cemetery, Robinson, Crawford Co Illinois.    Tombstone photo for Jesse    Tombstone photo for Rebecca

  Robert Blum

Crawford County History:

"Jesse first married Rebecca Gibbons 09 March 1818 and they had five sons and two daughters. In 1842 he married Rebecca Biggs Hill, widow of William Hill, and they had five children."   

Jesse Barlow came from Kentucky about 1816 and settled in Hutsonville Township with his first family. About this time he settled on the Birch farm.


Rebecca Hill Barlow - found in Illinois Marriage Records

Crawford Co Illinois Marriage Records, Book A Page 87:       Rebecca Hill married Jesse Barlow  February 15, 1842

  From the Robinson Library Files on Doctors of Crawford Co Illinois    Transcribed by Sue Jones - Robinson Library - Crawford Co Illinois

The Doctors Barlow

In 1816, a year before Crawford County was formed, the Barlow brothers, Jesse, John W., Joel, James and their families, emigrated to Illinois from Kentucky and were among the first settlers in the vicinity of Hutsonville. They were descendants of Joel Barlow, poet and eminent statesman of Connecticut, born in 1754 and died in 1812; and of John Marshall of Virginia, fourth chief justice of the United States, born in 1730 and died in 1802. Both men were soldiers the in the Revolutionary War.

Note: The information about the relationship of this family to Joel Barlow is incorrect, Joel is of the Fairfield Connecticut line of Barlow's while this family is of Germanna lineage

The Barlow brothers share in the history of the Crawford County medical profession, both directly and indirectly. Jesse Barlow and his wife, Rebecca Biggs Barlow, were the first Barlow physicians in Crawford County and, also the first physicians of the region. They were the parents of the late Dr. Columbus Barlow, Robinson, Illinois.

Little is known about Jesse and Rebecca Barlow's lives as physicians except for information contained in a biographical sketch of their son, Dr. Columbus Barlow, written in 1909, ... "the doctor's parents were physicians of an early day and Jesse Barlow's knowledge of herbs and their many uses were marvelous and known far and near." Herbs were widely used for treating illnesses in the early nineteenth century and, according to family history, Dr. Jesse Barlow was very successful in appyling this art. The doctor was also a farmer and blacksmith. He erected the first blacksmith shop at Oblong in1852 and built the first distillery there which he operated for about five years.

In 1850 he was responsible for the first frame schoolhouse to be built in Oblong. It was located on his farm in the northeast corner of Oblong township, and functioned for twenty six years.

Dr. Jesse Barlow died in 1854, the father of fourteen children. Before his death, he made the request that his youngest son, Columbus, be given a medical education.

Receipt (sic) for Bilious Colic and for all Bilious Diseases

1 lb Catalpa Bark
1/2 " Bayberry "
1/4 " Yellow Poplar Bark (the root)
1/4 c Ginger
1 oz. Cloves
1/2 lb Indian Arrow or Wahoo Bark (the root)

All the above to dried pulverized and put in three gallons of water and boiled down one half. Then strain and add one quart of French Brandy or good [underlined twice] whiskey, and two pounds of Orlean sugar. Dose small wine glass full three times a day for three months. The foregoing Recipte (sic) is from the Recipe Book of Jesse Barlow Senior Crawford Co Illinois, and is considered a sure remedy for Bilious Colic And other Bilious Diseases.

Feb. 3rd 1880 D. W. Haught

This recipe was found among papers in the Newlin family records, would not seem odd, except that I find a Newlin family living next to Jesse and Rebecca, in 1850, Crawford Co Illinois, who have a 4 year old child named Isabel Barlow living in their home. In 1860, that same child, now age 14, is living a few doors away with the family of Isaac Howard.

  Children of Jesse Barlow and Rebecca Gibbons are:
32. WILLIAM K.5 BARLOW, born November 28, 1821 in Crawford Co Illinois, and died October 21, 1867 in Crawford Co Illinois.  (I cannot prove he is their son, but having gone through all the Barlow families in Crawford Co Illinois in this time period, I think he is most likely a son of Jesse and Rebecca -- sbh)
33. GEORGE W. BARLOW, born c1826, and died February 29, 1892 in Clay Co Illinois.
34. LORENZO DOW BARLOW, born about 1828, Illinois, and died c1858. 
35. FRANCES JANE BARLOW, born 1831 in Illinois, and died November 27, 1897 in Crawford Co Illinois, burial in Prairie Cemetery, Oblong, Crawford Co Illinois. 
36. JULIUS BARLOW, born about April 30, 1834 in Illinois, and died August 11, 1921, burial in Ingraham Cemetery, Ingraham, Clay Co Illinois
37. ELIZABETH BARLOW, born about 1839, Illinois.  
  Children of Jesse Barlow and Rebecca Biggs Hill are:
THOMAS P.5 BARLOW, born December 14, 1842 and died December 15, 1913, both in Crawford Co Illinois, with burial in Newlin Cemetery, Robinson, Crawford Co Illinois.
39. EMILY BARLOW born 1845, and died 1877.
40. COLUMBUS BARLOW born April 27, 1847 in Illinois, and died October 08, 1907, burial in Newlin Cemetery, Robinson, Crawford Co Illinois.
JULIUS MILFORD4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1)  Son of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL was born August 24, 1796 in Washington Co Kentucky, and died 1855 in Cole Co Missouri.

He married MILDRED MOLLY STONE, December 22, 1818 in Nelson Co Kentucky

  Julius lived in Cole and Boone Co Missouri, he may have died in Cole Co Missouri.  Children contributed by Verlea Tubbs of Malpitas California
  Children of Julius Barlow and Mildred Stone are:
  JANE5 BARLOW married GREENBURY KINGRY on December 14, 1837 in Cole Co Missouri
41. ELIZABETH ANN BARLOW born March 10, 1822 in Cole Co Missouri, and died 05 February 1882, burial in Buckner-Crandall Cemetery, Cole Co Missouri.
  WILLIAM BARLOW, born c1824, and died 1851 in Cole Co Missouri.  He married SARAH E. KENNON on July 22, 1849 in Cole Co Missouri.
  1850 Cole Co Missouri, pg 29:  Wm, age 25, and Sarah, age 16, both born in Kentucky
42. JAMES MARSHALL BARLOW, born October 22, 1826 in Missouri, and died May 06, 1917, burial in Mussel Fork Cemetery, Chariton Co Missouri.
SUSAN W. BARLOW, born 20 August 1828 in Cole Co Missouri, and died 06 April 1906 in Miller Co Missouri, burial in Tol-Wood Cemetery, Bagnell, Miller Co Missouri.
44. SARAH ANN BARLOW, born c1833 in Cole Co Missouri.
11. JOEL4 BARLOW, (Henry3, JACOB2, CHRISTOPHER1) Son of HENRY BARLOW and JANE MARSHALL born November 23, 1798, and died in 1855

He married JANE M. HOBBS, January 07, 1824 Nelson Co Kentucky, daughter of VACHELL HOBBS and CELIA HELMS.    She was born in 1805 and died in 1863.   Both are buried in the old Hutsonville Cemetery, Crawford Co Illinois.

  Note per: Newton A. Wilson of St. Petersburg Florida     Jane Hobbs was a cousin to Mildred Stone, wife of Julius Barlow
  Children of Joel Barlow and Jane Hobbs are:
  CECILIA5 BARLOW born in Illinois
45. MARY BARLOW, born December 09, 1825, and died in 1903, burial in the old part of Hutsonville Cemetery, Crawford Co Illinois.
MARTHA BARLOW, born May 09, 1832 in Crawford Co Illlinois, and died 1914 in Crawford Co Illinois, burial in the Old Hutsonville Cemetery, Crawford Co Illinois.
  EMILY BARLOW born c1836 in Illinois

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