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Captain Wyatt Barlow and Susanna Hammond

Source: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County volume 2
The Lewis Publishing Company. New York. 1907.

This genealogical sketch of a single branch of the Barlow family of Hardwick, Massachusetts, has to deal with four generations of descendants of Captain Wyatt Barlow, of Hardwick Gore to the children of Fred C. Barlow, of New Braintree.      Contributed by John F. Barlow

Captain Wyatt Barlow was a man of influence and substance in the early history of the town of Hardwick.

He was a sailor, and his residence was given as Rochester, Massachusetts, in the deed of the farm in the Hardwick Gore, dated December, 1776. At that time or soon after he removed his family there and again went to sea.

On January 02, 1772, he married Susanna Hammond, and his will, dated January 03, 1819, names nine children: Susanna, born in Hardwick, 1772, died there unmarried June 12, 1857; Ann, born in Hardwick, 1773, died there unmarried August 05, 1846; John,born in Hardwick, December 01, 1778. Besides these children six others are named in the will, and are Ebenezer, Wyatt, Betsey, who married (???) Haywood; Nancy, who married (???) Cooley; Mary, who married John Harris, and Harriet, who married (???) Demmon.

Captain Barlow died in the Gore (now embraced in Gilbertville), June 19, 1827, aged eighty-five years. His wife died October 05, 1830, aged eighty-three years.

Revolutionary War Record from Edson Barlow

Wyatt Barlow, of Rochester, Massachusetts, was commissioned to command the Massachusetts privateer sloop "Warren", with 6 guns and 50 men, on August 21, 1776.   The "Warren" was owned by Lemuel Williams and Leonard Jarvis of Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Wyatt Barlow was born on July 13, 1742, at Rochester and was the son of Joseph and Abigail 'Wyatt' Barlow and the twin of William Barlow, above.

He married Susanna Hammond on April 6, 1772, at Rochester and they had ten children.

He died on June 19, 1827, at Hardwick, Massachusetts.

John Barlow, third child and eldest son of Captain Wyatt Barlow and Susanna Hammond, was born in the town of Hardwick, December 01, 1778, and was drowned July 01, 1850.

He married, January 12, 1808, Roxanna Sprout, born 1785, died July 20, 1876, daughter of James Sprout, of Hardwick.

They had children: James Madison, born in Hardwick, July 03, 1809, died unmarried August 07, 1867; Cynthia, born in Hardwick, April 18, 1811, married, November 30, 1831, Selah Barnett, of Worcester; Lewis, born in Hardwick, May 12, 1812; Alanson, born in Hardwick, November 10, 1813, married, October 02, 1839, Elizabeth Demond; Roxanna, born in Hardwick, September 23, 1815, married, May 18, 1843, Harrison G.O. Monroe; Wyatt, born in Hardwick, December 22, 1819; John, born in Hardwick, April 25, 1827.

Wyatt Barlow, sixth child and third son of John Barlow and Roxanna Sprout, was born in Hardwick, December 22, 1819, and died April 23, 1856. He was given a good early education, far better than was offered at that time to many other boys in his town. He was sent to school in Hardwick, New Braintree and also at Wesleyan Academy in Wilbraham. After leaving school he returned home and made farming his chief occupation in life. He was an industrious man, hence was successful. In politics he was an "Old Line Whig" of the Clay type, but he did not take an active part in either general or local politics.

On January 19, 1848, Mr. Barlow married Mary G. Flint, daughter of Josiah Flint and Elizabeth Hill, his wife.

They had children: Charles Flint, born January 16, 1849, married Hattie E. Rice, of Athol, Massachusetts, and had two children -- Stella Mary and Charles Forrest Barlow. Charles Forrest married Edna F. Johnson, of Athol, October 02, 1906. Charles F. Barlow and family live in Athol, Massachusetts. Willard Wyatt, born November 05, 1850, married Mary J. Graham, of Vernon, Michigan, and had five children --Bessie, Wyatt, Graham, Roger and Leon Barlow.

Mr. Barlow and his family live in Vernon, Michigan. John Hammond, born June 19, 1852, married Hattie M. Sime, of Hardwick, and had three children -- Helen King, Howard (dead) and Ralph Gilbert Barlow.  John H. Barlow and family live in Hoosick Falls, New York.

Fred C., born October 25, 1854, forward.

Fred C. Barlow, youngest of the children of Wyatt Barlow and Mary G. Flint, was born in the town of Hardwick, October 25, 1854, and now lives in the town of New Braintree. He was educated at Ware high school, and when twenty-one years old went to Athol, worked there one year in a drug store, then returned to Hardwick and worked a little more than three years for C.F. Hitchcock. Later on he was employed in a store in Hoosick Falls, New York state, but soon left that place and settled on his wife's father's farm in New Braintree, where he still lives, successfully engaged in farming pursuits. Mr. Barlow is a Republican and takes a somewhat active part in local affairs. He has been constable several years and assessor one year.

He married, April 05, 1882, Clara Lamberton, of New Braintree, born in Ware, April 01, 1863, daughter of Melzar Lamberton and Adaline F. Abbott, his wife, the former a native of Ware and the latter of North Berwick, Maine. Mr. and Mrs. Barlow have two children: Marion Lamberton, born in New Braintree, February 20, 1884; Stanley Walter, born in New Braintree, May 14, 1886.

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