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Please note that the photo below of a Coat of Arms is not the Arms of this particular family, but is instead a copy of the photo included in Mr. Barlow's lineage.
Coat of Arms
Barlow of Isle of Wight Virginia      by Lundie Barlow

EDWARD BARLOW1    (1560-1620)
Esquire, of Wilmslow, Cheshire, and Southampton, England, was descended from a family seated at Barlow, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, from as early as the twelfth century.

His branch included such eminent sixteenth century kinsmen as Dr. William Barlow, Bishop of Chichester, and senior consecrator of Dr. Matthew Parker, the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury; Dr. Ralph Barlow, Archdeacon of Winchester, and Dean of Wells; Ranulph Barlow, Esquire, Diocesan Registrar of Chichester, and Warden of the Hospital of Ste. Mary; and Roger Barlow, Esquire, South American explorer, and Admiral of the Coast.

The arms of this branch of the Barlow family are:
Silver, a chevron engrailed between three crosslets fitchy, sable; on the chevron, two lions counter-passant guardant, silver; they were granted in the fifteenth century to John Barlow, Esquire, a cadet of the Lancashire family who was Yeoman of the Crown under King Henry Sixth.

In 1592, Edward Barlow married Joan, daughter of William Rishton, Gentleman, of Almodington, Sussex. The next year he was admitted a Burgess of Southampton and thereafter served all the municipal offices, being Mayor in 1607, and Alderman and Keeper of the Keyes in 1609 and later.

He was a merchant adventurer engaged in foreign trade and dealing in textiles; he lived "near Bidlegate within the said towne and at the foote of Simnel Streete" in the parish of St. Michael, where he was buried in 1620. Edward Barlow's widow married, as his second wife, John Elizey, Esquire, Collector of Armiralty Tenths, and Mayor of Southampton, grandfather of the man of the same name who was the progenitor of the Ellzey family of Maryland.
i. Henry2 born 1597, no issue
Abigail2 born 1599, married George Parker of Southampton; their son, Major George Parker, was the founder of the Parker family of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
iii. Richard2 born 1600
2 iv . HENRY2

Ralph2 (c 1605-1653) Merchant; grantee in 1646 of land in Elizabeth City, Virginia, and a resident there, with his brother, Henry, in 1650, patentee in 1649 of land in Northampton, Virginia, where he died four years later; married Katherine West, dau of Mr. Anthony West of Northampton, the immigrant ancestor of the West family of the Eastern Shore; had an only son, Ralph Benoni Barlow, born 1653, no issue; John Ellzey of Northampton, grandson of John Ellzey of Southampton, stepfather of Ralph Barlow, was executor of the latter's will and eventual heir of his land.

See:   Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northhampton Co Virginia

vi. Mary2 born 1609
HENRY BARLOW2   (1601-aft1657) (Edward1)
Merchant, of Southampton, and Lower Norfolk, Virginia, was undoubtedly the man of that name living in 1623" at the plantation over against James Cittie", in Virginia. He returned to England before 1625; served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy; and became a resident of Southampton, where he married a lady whose name is unknown but who probably was a daughter of the family of Bannister of Southampton.

In 1650, Henry Barlow was living in Elizabeth City; in 1653 he was a beneficiary under the will of his brother Ralph,and was then a resident of Lower Norfolk; in that year also, and in 1655, he had grants of land on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River.

Henry Barlow occurs in the records of Lower Norfolk until 1658, but no trace of him has been found thereafter; it is possible that he died intestate while on a return voyage to England.

3 i. THOMAS3
THOMAS BARLOW3  (c1635 - 1679)   (Henry2, Edward1)
Factor for English merchants, was brought to Virginia by his father about 1653 and lived in Isle of Wight, Virginia, from 1663 and perhaps earlier.

His wife was named Elizabeth and there is reason to think that she was a sister, or possibly a niece, of George and Thomas Moore, who were prominent citizens of Isle of Wight at that period.

Thomas Barlow's will was signed and recorded in 1679; his wife survived him and married, the same year, William Baldwin of Isle of Wight.

4 i. GEORGE4
GEORGE BARLOW4  (c1670 -1718) (Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)
Planter, was born and lived all of his life in Isle of Wight.

He married Sarah Clay, daughter and co-heiress of John Clay the Younger of that county, who brought him as an inheritance from her father the"Piney Point Plantation" on Lawnes Creek, owned subsequently by their son Thomas, and by his son Jesse Barlow.

The nuncupative will of George Barlow was recited on 10 December 1718; the will of Sarah, his widow, was signed and recorded in 1729.

i. John5- Planter, of Isle of Wight, married Martha, family name unknown, died 1754, and left issue
ii. George5
iii. Elizabeth5
iv. Sarah5 married a Mr. Carrell, and left issue
v. Mary5
5 v. THOMAS5
THOMAS BARLOW5 (c1702 - 1749) (George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)
Planter, of the Isle of Wight, occurs frequently in the county records from 1724, when he witnessed the processioning of his widowed mother's land, until 1748, when his will was written.

He married Martha Carrell, apparently a daughter of Thomas Carrell of Isle of Wight, who survived him until 1760, her will being signed and proved in that year.

i. Ann6 married Henry Harrison of Isle of Wight, and left issue
6 ii. JESSE6
iii. Mary6
JESSE BARLOW6 (1740 - 1779) (Thomas5, George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)
of Warwick, Virginia, and Isle of Wight, seems to have been engaged in business ventures of some kind which involved him in almost continuous litigation and encumbered his estate for sixteen years after his death.

As a resident of Warwick in 1770 he sold the "Piney Point Plantation" inherited from his father; the next year he bought land in the same locality which had formerly belonged to his father-in-law; in 1773 he repurchased an adjoining tract bequeathed by his father to the latter's nephew William Carrell. Thereafter, Jesse Barlow occurs as a resident of Isle of Wight, but in 1776, he sold all of his land there to a neighbor, Richard Hardy, some three years before his death.

His wife was Lucy Wills, daughter of Thomas Wills of Northampton, North Carolina, who pre-deceased him.    [click his name for more on this family]

7 i. THOMAS7
ii. Martha7 [probably] married John Shelley of Isle of Wight
iii. Benjamin7 married Frances Jones , daughter of David Jones of Isle of Wight, and left issue.
iv. Jesse7
v. Willis7
v. Frances7 married David Jones, Isle of Wight Virginia
vii. Lucy7 married Drury Crocker of Isle of Wight     [click name for more on this family]
THOMAS BARLOW7 (c1761- 1813) (Jesse6, Thomas5, George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)
Planter, of Brunswick, Virginia, Wake, North Carolina, Edgefield, South Carolina, and Laurens, Georgia, enlisted in the Revolutionary Army when about sixteen years of age and served for three years with the Third Virginia (Edmond's) Artillery Regiment, receiving his discharge on 23 August 1780. Thomas was still in the army when his father died in 1779, and was still a minor, administration of the estate was granted to John Shelley, apparently his brother-in-law; the next year a chancery suit was brought against him, as son and heir-at-law on behalf of his younger brothers and sister; this action was dismissed in 1783 because an out-of-court settlement had been reached.

After Thomas Barlow's release from the army he lived in Brunswick, seemingly on the plantation of his kinsman, Willis Wills, until 1786; he bought land in Wake in 1787, which he held until 1796; removing thence to Edgefield he acquired land there in 1797, 1802, and 1807; he purchased a two hundred acre tract in Laurens in 1810 where he died about three years later.

According to family tradition, Thomas Barlow's first wife was Elizabeth, family name unknown, who he married in Virginia about 1784; he married secondly, Mary, family name unknown, who survived him until 1823, when her will was recorded in Laurens.        [click his name for more on this family]

Issue by first wife:
Richard8 born 1785 in Virginia, Planter, married Martha Hollingsworth, apparently a daughter of George Hollingsworth of Laurens, died after 1859 in Butts, Georgia, and left issue.
ii. John8 (c1787 - 1826) Planter, of Laurens, married Jane Anderson, daughter of Henry Anderson of Laurens, and left issue
iii. A daughter8 name unknown, married James Youngblood of Edgefield
8 iv. JAMES8
v. Elizabeth8 born 1795 in North Carolina, married Jacob Smith, and left issue.
vi. Olive8 born c1798 in South Carolina, married Warren Hart
vii. Issue by second wife:
Thomas8 born 1803 in South Carolina, Planter, married Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of Samuel Caldwell of Laurens, died after 1859, probably in Lowndes, Alabama, and left issue.
JAMES BARLOW8 (1791 - 1855) (Thomas7, Jesse6, Thomas5, George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)     [click his name for more on this family]
Planter, of Laurens, who was born in North Carolina, removed with his father to South Carolina, and was married there in 1810 to Rebecca Harvin, daughter of John Harvin of Edgefield, Planter, and Lieutenant in the South Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War.

James Barlow first acquired land in Laurens in 1812, to which he consistetly added other tracts over the years; at the time of his death he held some two thousand acres, together with approximately one hundred slaves, in Laurens andSumter, Georgia.

He was long a prominent and respected citizen of Laurens; his home place, "Rocky Creek Plantation" was near Dublin; he was a devoted and leading church member, school trustee, and justice of the county court.

Rebecca (Harvin) Barlow died in 1830, and James Barlow married secondly, Winnefred Caldwell, daughter of (?Christopher) Caldwell, who predeceased him.

Issue by his first wife:
i. William Wills9 born 1811 in South Carolina, Physician, of Americus, Georgia, married Amanda, daughter of Eason Allen, of Laurens; no issue.
ii. Amelia9 born 1813 in South Carolina, married Alfred J. Lester of Sumter, and left issue.
John Harvin9 (1816-1871), Planter of Autauga, of whom, and of "Pleasant Hill" Lowndes, Alabama, married Louisiana Caroline Davis, daughter of Major Benjamin Davis of Autauga, of who, and of some of their descendants and the ancestry of Louisiana Caroline (Davis) Barlow, accounts are included in Captain John Bennett Boddie's "Virginia Historical Genealogies" and in the second volume of his "Southside Virginia Families"
iv. James Madison9 born 1818 in Laurens, no issue
v. Wade9 born 1820 in Laurens, Physician, of Americus, married Jane, family name unknown, died after 1885 in Sumter, and left issue
vi. Louisa9 born 1823 in Laurens, married Arthur Wellesley Preston, and left issue
vii. Susannah9 born 1827 in Laurens, married Joseph Summers, and left issue
viii. James Judson9 born 1830 in Laurens, no issue
  Issue by second wife:
ix. Samuel Mansfield9 born 1833 in Laurens, no issue
x. Mary Jane9 born 1834 in Laurens, married a Mr. Hill
xi. Christopher Caldwell9 born 1836 in Laurens, no issue
xii. Sarah Winnefred9 born 1838 in Laurens
xiii. Ann Elizabeth Victoria9 born 1840 in Laurens
       In this account the facts of the English background have been gleaned principally from:

  • Victoria Histories of Lancashire and Sussex
  • Booker's "Ancient Chapels of Didsbury and Chorlton"
  • Sir Montague Barlow's "Barlow Family Records"
  • The Dictionary of National Biography;
  • Publications of the Sussex Record Society and the Southampton Record Society
  • Parish registers of Wilmslow and St. Michael
  • Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  • Public Records Office and the College of Arms
       The data for the American generations are chiefly from:
  • Manuscripts relative to land grants; Revolutionary War services, and tax lists in the Archives Division of the Virginia State Library
  • The local records of the several counties named
  • The United States census enumerations
  • The Family Bible of James Barlow
  • Hart's "History of Laurens County, Georgia"
Clinton D. Barlow, a professional genealogist and member of this lineage writes, "As far as the the work done by Lundie W. Barlow and that is entitled "Barlow of Isle of Wight" and found in vol. 2 of the "Historical Southern Families" by John B. Boddieis concerned, I can verify that it is accurate as far as the lineages he traces within that article from IOW and down into SC and Georgia. This includes my line of Richard Barlow (1784-1864) and his father Thomas Barlow (1761-1813) and so on. I have copious amounts of information, wills, deeds, chancery court records, military records, Bible records, etc, that confirm that the info found in Lundie's article is completely true. In essence I have, over the years, re-traced his steps in going to all of the same courthouses and other repositories of information to copy and gather the same data that he likewise had found. And, in so doing, I have found some things that either 1) had not been published or was available when Lundie did his work back in the 1940's and 1950's or 2) that he was not able to find during his visit(s)."
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