Barlow Genealogy  

Barlow's Descending from the
Isle of Wight Virginia Families

Ancestors and Descendants

The following 2 genealogies are not documented, but are believed to be a part of the first group of IOW Barlow tested by DNA:
Iris Jesse Barlow and Lucy Wills

Iris John and Elizabeth Barlow   Dallas Co Alabama


Barlow of Isle of Wight    by Lundie W. Barlow

Group #1 DNA tested includes:

  Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth Roscoe Families 

Iris Alfred Hirton, William, John J., Cyrus Yancey, Michael Thomas and Willis Sowell Barlow   North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

A second group of Barlow's, also from the Isle of Wight VA do not have a DNA match with the first group. 

Iris Willis Wells Barlow and Mary 'Polly' Holdsworth of Williamsburg Virginia

Willis is thought to be the son of Jesse Barlow, Isle of Wight Virginia.    A DNA test has not been able to confirm that Jesse is Willis' father.  If Jesse is a brother of Thomas Barlow, Isle of Wight, (Group #1)as shown in Lundie Barlow's research, and he is also a father of Willis, then there must be some other reason that the DNA does not match, the possibilities are limitless, and may not ever be able to prove.  Adoption in the past, legal or not, would be the most likely reason.  We must also consider that these are two completely unrelated Barlow families that just happen to be living in the area in the same period of time.  

George Barlow and Mary Lancaster Family


Wills and Bible Records:

Will of James Barlow
Barlow-Gwaltney Family Bible    Shadrack Barlow and Kitturah Crocker   1763 - 1935
Barlow Family Bible    William C. Barlow and Susannah K. Lancaster   1836 - 1896
Bible of Melville Vaiden    Annie M., Edmund L. and Maria Lo Barlow   1820 - 1964
Hedgepeth Family Bible    Mary E. Barlow and Zachariah Hedgepeth   1828 - 1960
John J. Ward Family Bible    Floyd Nelson Ward and Susanna Fine Barlow    1882 - 1962
James Barlow and Rebecca Harvin Bible   1791 - 1860
Bible of John H. Floyd    Floyd Nelson Ward and Susanna Fine Barlow     1833 - 1965
James W.E. Betts Bible    James Milton Betts and Sarah Barlow    1868 - 1910
William H. and Mary Pittman Bible    William G. Goodrich and Carrie Beck Barlow    1846 - 1977
Deneufville-Daniel Family Bible    John H. Barlow, Jr. and Marion Deneufville     1787 - 1972

Marriage Records

Minister Returns
Georgia Marriage Records

Miscellaneous Records:

Isle of Wight Administrations and Wills    1674  1800   - by Blanche Adams Chapman
Abstracts of Will and Administrations of Northhampton Co Virginia    1632    1802   by James Handley Marshall
Eminent Virginians    1884 Hardesty’s Encyclopedia
Virginia Genealogist:  White Family of Norfolk Co Virginia    by James Bruce White

Military Records:

Civil War Pension Applications of Virginia


Barlow Cemetery    Butts Co Georgia


North Carolina
South Carolina
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