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Henry Barlow of Pocahontas County, WV and his wives
Rachel Cameron Hickman and Nancy Jane Cassell
From the research of Nancy Barlow Bruns  Fredericksburg, Virginia
HENRY3 BARLOW (JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 21 Feb 1827 near Edray, WV, and died 19 Feb 1909 in Pocahontas County, WV.

He married (1) RACHEL CAMERON HICKMAN 30 Jan 1855, daughter of JAMES HICKMAN and ELIZABETH HAMILTON. She was born 02 Jun 1836 in Pocahontas County, VA, and died 05 Dec 1861 in Pocahontas County, VA.

He married (2) NANCY JANE MATILDA CASSELL 22 Sep 1862 in Pocahontas County, VA1, daughter of WILLIAM CASSELL and MATILDA WANLESS. She was born 19 Aug 1841 in Back Alleghany, VA, and died 20 Jun 1906 in Edray WV.
Henry Barlow, the ninth child of John and Martha Waddell Barlow, was apparently named after his step grandfather, Henry Casebolt. Henry Casebolt of Greenbrier County married the Revolutionary War widow Barbara Harvey Barlow and thus was the only father John Barlow ever knew. (For additional information on Barbara Harvey and Richard Barlow see article “A Husband for Barbara”) Henry Barlow was a farmer, having received 325 acres from his father about 1852. While a young man, Henry married twice. His first wife, Rachel Cameron Hickman, bore three children and then died following the birth of the fourth child. About 10 months later, Henry married a young widow, Nancy Jane Matilda Cassell Shinaberry.
The Henry Barlow family lived at the John and Martha Barlow home place on Red Lick Mountain (near Edray, Pocahontas County, WV) until the 1870's. Until their deaths, the pioneers John and Martha resided with the family. John Barlow died in 1866, and it was after Martha Barlow's death in 1872 that Henry Barlow and his wife Nancy moved down the mountain to the area below Onoto near Edray. The pioneers, John and Martha Barlow, are buried at the Red Lick Mountain family graveyard along with Henry's first wife, Rachel Hickman Barlow, while Henry and Nancy Jane Barlow are buried at the Edray Cemetery. The Red Lick site contains the graves of several young children--graves marked by river rocks. Formal tombstones commemorate John and Martha, Rachel and her daughters, and a second Rachel Cameron, the child of Henry and Nancy.
The Red Lick Mountain home--more than half way up the mountain-- was the Barlow home place from early in the marriage of John and Martha until Henry's family moved down the mountain 60-some years later. It was said to be a two story house to which John added as needed. Near the house was a large garden area and fruit trees. The graveyard was close to the house. The Barlow land on the mountain is a Christmas tree farm today, but it is still marked by some hardwoods, emerging scrub growth, wildflowers, fern, weeds, and blackberry vines. It was clearly isolated in the early days. The Barlows probably used a path coming up the mountain although now it is possible to reach the site by coming down the mountain from the highway.
Some time about 1865, Henry and his younger brother Amos started a mercantile store at Edray. After a few years, Mr. Barlow bought out his brother and went into partnership with George P. Moore. In 1902, after being a merchant for about 40 years, Mr. Barlow sold his share to A.R. Gay.
Long before banks were feasible in the area, Mr. Barlow served as a banker. One of his sons recalled that Mr. Barlow always counted his money before the fireplace.   One night, he got too near and a $100 bill went up the chimney. When they rushed outside all they found were ashes. Mr. Barlow was among the first directors of the local bank. He also served for years on the Edray Board of Education which he sometimes called the Board of Ignorance during meetings of the Pocahontas County Teachers' Institutes. He was a devoted Methodist and attended the Edray Methodist Church where the chair in which he rocked back marked the wall--the marks could be seen for years after his death. He had become a member of the still standing Hamlin Chapel (the old log church) in 1843. Mr. Barlow was a Democrat as were several of his sons.
It is said that he was a man who desired peace and many times aided in making peace between others. He was often times called the peacemaker. Henry Barlow, according to his son Davis, did not believe in war, and while courteous to both sides in the Civil War, is said to have told a General that no matter who won tle there could be no real victor. Davis Barlow reported this conversation in his journal.
Mrs. Rachel Barlow was the daughter of James Elliott Hickman and Elizabeth Hamilton. Both families have long lineages taking them back to early days in Virginia. Rachel is remembered as a faithful wife and mother and good neighbor.    Burial: Red Lick Mountain family graveyard
There is a family legend that Nancy's brother George Cassell was severely wounded during a battle in the Civil War and that Nancy rode horseback from home to be with her brother who died of his wounds. Later research found George Cassell severely wounded at the Battle of Port Republic June 9, 1862, George was a confederate soldier in Company G, 31st Virginia Regiment (listed under name of George Castile) and Company A, 62nd Virginia Regiment. (See the notes of Mrs. Jacob Cassell, Box 1, Genealogy Room, Pocahontas County Library, Mrs. Cassell left numerous handwritten notes of material including letters copied from the Pocahontas Times. This information came from a letter dated April 22, 1922, and signed W.H. Hull).
Nancy's ride occurred, if it did, before her marriage to Henry Barlow in September of 1862. Nancy's father remarried after the death of his first wife, and Nancy had a half brother George named after the lost brother.
In looking at the Red Lick graveyard today, a visitor is struck at the losses the Barlows suffered in 1864 when three of their four little girls died within a few weeks of each other.
Nancy was a widow (Mrs. Peter Shinabery) when she married Henry Barlow. Her first husband died in December of 1861. She married Mr. Barlow, a widower with several small children, the following September 22. Mr. Barlow's first wife (Rachel Cameron Hickman) had died in December of 1861. Mrs. Barlow's new family in September of 1862 included Mary Alice, about seven, two toddlers, Huldah and Evaline, the baby John Elliot. Also living with her were her father in law and mother in law. John and Martha Waddell Barlow. The Rev. James E. Moore of Stony Creek performed the wedding service.
Mrs. Barlow's son Anderson remembered years later that his mother had called her firstborn child, Rachel Cameron, in honor of her husband's first wife. The child, called "Cammie", died while still a toddler. Nancy Jane's great grandson, the late Sam Barlow, recalled that his great grandmother had been a school teacher when she married Mr. Barlow. Her penmanship which is shown in her Bible is excellent and very readable.
2 i. MARY ALICE4 BARLOW, b. 06 Aug 1856, Stony Creek, Pocahontas County, VA; d. 27 Feb 1915, Buckhannon, WV.
ii. HULDAH BARLOW, b. 19 Mar 1858; d. 26 Aug 1864. Burial: Red Lick Mountain
iii. EVALINE BARLOW, b. 15 Nov 1859; d. 01 Sep 1864. Burial: Red Lick Mountain
3 iv. JOHN ELLIOT BARLOW, b. 28 Nov 1861, Pocahontas County, VA; d. 23 May 1926, Edray WV.
RACHEL CAMERON "CAMMIE"4 BARLOW2, b. 09 Jul 1863, Red Lick Mountain; d. 07 Sep 1864, Pocahontas County,WV.   Burial: Red Lick Mountain family graveyard.   Named Rachel Cameron, Cammie died when she was about 13 months old. At about the same time, the Barlows lost two other little girls Huldah and Evaline.
4 vi. AMOS NEAL BARLOW, b. Oct 1864, Pocahontas County; d. 05 Jun 1936, Pocahontas County
5 vii.
WILLIAM ANDERSON BARLOW, b. 22 Mar 1866, Red Lick Mountain family home; d. 10 Jan 1955, Pocahontas Co ,WV.
6 viii. REGINA RUTH BARLOW, b. 21 Oct 1867, Pocahontas County; d. 01 Jan 1939, Pocahontas County.
DAVIS LEVI BARLOW, b. 16 Feb 1869, Pocahontas County; d. 20 Jun 1952, Bedford,VA;
m. (1) LULA E. MOORE; b. 11 Dec 1871, Pocahontas County, WV; d. 14 Jan 1932, Bradenton, FL; m. (2) VIRGINIA LAZENBY; b. Bedford, VA.
Davis Barlow, teacher, Superintendent of Schools, and businessman, was educated in county schools and attended normal school at Athens,WV.   He served as superintendent of schools of Pocahontas County and in 1910 moved to Huntington,WV, where he established a business, including a printing company. He was a stockholder in the Huntington Banking and Trust Company and became extensively involved in real estate in Huntington. He was a member of the Order of Owls, a fraternal organization. Like his father, Mr. Davis Barlow was a Democrat and served in the West Virginia House of Representatives for the special session of 1908. Mr. Davis Barlow liked to travel and with his wife, Lou, made several trips about which he wrote in a journal. After Mrs. Lou Barlow's death, Mr. Barlow married Virginia Lazenby of Bedford. The Barlows lived for many years in Bedford. Mr. Barlow's travel journals have been transcribed.
PAGE DAMERON BARLOW, b. 01 Feb 1873, Pocahontas County; d. 23 Feb 1939, Glendale, Marshall County, WV;
When Dr. Barlow, a widower, married Mrs. Grace Miller she had two children Annette and Page Miller whom Dr. Barlow came to consider as his own.
Dr. Barlow was educated in county schools, at the Medical College in Richmond, VA, and in 1895 received his medical degree from Baltimore Medical College. He practiced in Upshur County and in 1905 moved to McMechen where he became a prominent physician. He was a surgeon for the Baltimore and Ohio Railway and for the Hitchman Coal and Coke Co. He also was a breeder of Ayrshire cattle and was the owner of the Barlow farm at St. Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio. Dr. Barlow was a Democrat.
7 xi. CLARK BARLOW, b. 29 May 1875, Pocahontas County,WV; d. 15 Dec 1962, Pocahontas County, WV.
8 xii. EFFIE FLORENCE BARLOW, b. 24 Dec 1876, Pocahontas County; d. 20 Apr 1959.
xiii. ALBERT WICKLINE BARLOW, b. 20 Mar 1879, Pocahontas County; d. 21 Mar 1884, Pocahontas County.
xiv. INFANT GIRL BARLOW, b. 12 Feb 1885.
MARY ALICE4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 06 Aug 1856 in Stony Creek, Pocahontas County, VA, and died 27 Feb 1915 in Buckhannon, WV.

She married GEORGE KENNA GAY 21 Oct 1875 in Pocahontas County. He was born 10 May 1849 in Pocahontas County, and died 16 Oct 1914 in Buckhannon.WV.
The obituary notice of Mary Alice said, "Disease did not destroy the charm of a kind and indulgent disposition, nor old age diminish her unselfish solicitude for her friends and loved ones." Mrs. Gay was the eldest of Henry and Rachel Cameron Hickman's children and spent her early years at the home on Red Lick Mountain until marriage to Mr. George K. Gay beguiled her away about 1875. Many of the notes for the Gay family descendants come from Helen Flach who also generously provided material about the Roush and Waddell families.
Children of MARY BARLOW and GEORGE GAY are:
i. LOTTIE5 GAY, b. 02 Dec 1876; d. 05 Feb 1917, Marlinton, WV; m. FRANK P. ANDERSON; b. 1872; d. Aft. 1917.
9 ii. HOXIE CLINTON GAY, b. 25 Feb 1879, Cabin Creek, WV; d. Aft. 1944.
10 iii. HENRY RIVES GAY, b. 24 Feb 1881, Pocahontas County,WV; d. 03 Sep 1944, Buckhannon, WV.
11 iv. CLARA RUTH GAY, b. Jun 1883; d. Aft. 1944.
v. GRACE DARLING GAY, b. Aug 1885; d. 1948; m. WILLIAM C. SEXTON.
12 vii. MABEL ELIZABETH GAY, b. 03 Mar 1892; d. 17 Oct 1939.
JOHN ELLIOT4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 28 Nov 1861 in Pocahontas County, VA, and died 23 May 1926 in Edray WV.

He married MORELLA SMITH 26 Aug 1885. She was born 24 Feb 1866 in Pocahontas County, and died 19 Sep 1939 in Pocahontas County.   Both are buried in Gay Cemetery, Edray, WV
Mr. John Barlow was a merchant at Edray, WV.   He was active in all civic affairs and a member of the Edray Methodist Church and of the Board of Education. He also served as Post Master at Edray, the Post Office being located in his general merchandise store.
Children of JOHN BARLOW and MORELLA SMITH are:
13 i. CLARENCE5 BARLOW, b. 19 Jun 1887, Edray WV; d. 13 Apr 1968, Denmar, WV.
ii. INFANT BARLOW, b. 05 May 1888.
iii. MYRTLE BARLOW, b. 24 Jun 1889, Pocahontas County; d. 13 Jul 1906, Pocahontas County.
iv. FRANKIE SUSAN BARLOW, b. 06 Mar 1891; d. 20 May 1892.
14 v. ROXIE FLORENCE BARLOW, b. 11 Jan 1893, Edray WV; d. 04 Mar 1958, Edray WV.
15 vi. FRED BARLOW, b. 28 Apr 1895, Edray, WV; d. 01 Mar 1968, Akron, Ohio.
vii. CHARLES HENRY BARLOW, b. 24 May 1897; d. 05 Jun 1934.
KATIE VIRGINIA BARLOW, b. 01 Dec 1900; d. 10 Aug 1953, Akron, Ohio; m. (1) HAMILTON BURNS, 22 Oct 1932; d. 14 Nov 1942, WV; m. (2) THOMAS BOKISKY, 14 Jul 1951.
16 ix. JOHN BARLOW, b. 27 Apr 1904, Edray WV; d. 24 Jun 1944, Edray WV.
x. PAGE BARLOW, b. 16 Feb 1906; d. 18 Oct 1947.     Page was a veteran of World War II.
xi. HENRY BARLOW, b. 17 Feb 1909; d. 02 Jul 1986, Gay Cemetery, Edray, WV; m. MARY E. MOORE, 14 Jul 1951.     Henry was a veteran of World War II.
Barlow Family, c1912
Left to Right: Clarence Barlow, Page Barlow, Henry Barlow, brothers, and Dr. A.C. Barlow -all deceased.   Photo taken about 1912.
BARLOW FAMILY exhibit planned for Pioneer Days this year. An exhibit about the Barlows, a pioneer Pocahontas County family, will be featured during Pioneer Days July 9-12 [2003] at the McClintic Library. The exhibit will be a history and genealogy of this family   whose roots in this area and in Virginia go back
to before the Revolution. Barlows and Barlow descendants have been associated in farming, business, government, and education for generations. In fact, the family predates the 1821 formation of Pocahontas as a county to a time when this was Virginia's first frontier.
The exhibit is based on a collection of photographs and obituaries belonging to several family members who are involved in producing a Barlow family history.
The genealogy is based in part on material gathered about 25 years ago by Crystal Barlow and her late husband, William Barlow, but added to with new material coming from cousins from many branches.
Nancy Barlow Bruns, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, great-granddaughter of Henry and Nancy Jane Cassell Barlow, of Edray, who is coordinating the effort, says that the project began with a trip to the old Barlow homesite and graveyard on Red Lick Mountain. Six second cousins gathered to view the old family graveyard and begain then to examine a family genealogy of the Henry Barlow line which they decided needed corrections and updating.
"We had a basic framework from the earlier genealogy and we recognized from our visit to Red Lick Mountain the sturdy ancestry we descend from, so we had a story to share. Originally I thought it might be possible to update each of the branches and produce a family history and genealogy over a period of about two years", Ms. Bruns said. "As we have worked at reaching family members lost to us we have become interested in seeing material placed on an Internet site where it would be accessible and quickly updated and added to."
The cousins group hopes that the library exhibit, while of interest to genealogists, historians and the general public, will also bring in Barlow descendants still living in the county. The cousins working on this project are Mary Frances Barlow of Edray, Nancy Cochran Woolridge, of Roanoke, Virginia, James E. Barlow, of Edray and Roanoke, Robert L. Barlow, of Wintersville, Ohio. The original group included Sam Barlow, of Buckeye, who died last fall.
Also contributing material have been Helen Flach, of California, and the original genealogist Crystal Barlow, now of Liberty, Indiana. Additional assistance has come from Hazel Pritchard, of St. Albans, Ruth Taylor, of Hillsboro, Wanda J. Wymer, and Robert Galford.
A family reunion will be held beginning at noon on July 12 at the Edray United Methodist Church, where many members of the family worshiped over the years.
The children of John and Martha Barlow, the 18-19th centuries pioneers, were William Barlow, who is thought to have gone to Missouri, Alexander, who has descendants still living in this county, Elizabeth Barlow, who married William Baxter and has descendants still living in the county, Josiah Barlow, with descendants still living in the county, James Barlow, about whom little is known, Nathan Gilliam Barlow, John Barlow, Jr., who died in Schuyler, Missouri, and whose descendants live in Ohio and Indiana and who family tree is probably the nearest to completion, Henry Barlow, with descendants still living or owning property in the county, Amos Barlow, with descendants still living in Pocahontas County. Two Barlow sisters, Mary Ann or Ann and Miriam, married brothers from the Auldridge family.
"The family is a study in the history of the times. There are giants among men but little known about the women except we can look at their deaths in childbearing and see the number of babies and toddlers lost and conclude that those who survived were hardy and brave. A strong religious theme runs throughout the family," Ms. Bruns said. "As with many families some wre Confederates and some Union. Several in each generation fought in World War I and in World War II. In addition we have research on the earliest Barlow of our line and other families."     Copy of Original Article
AMOS NEAL4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born Oct 1864 in Pocahontas County, and died 05 Jun 1936 in Pocahontas County.

He married FRANCES SHARP 22 Oct 1891, daughter of JACOB SHARP and ELIZABETH MCNEEL. She was born 17 Nov 1868 in the Fairview Section of Pocahontas County, and died 19 Feb 1950 in Pocahontas County, burial in the William Sharp Jr. Cemetery, Pocahontas County, W.V.
From the notes of Nancy Cochran Wooldridge:  Frances was the youngest child of Jacob Warwick Sharp and Elizabeth McNeel Sharp.   After her marriage to Neal Barlow their home was a welcome place for family and friends. Frances is buried in the cemetery named for her great grandfather William Sharp Jr.
Children of AMOS BARLOW and FRANCES SHARP are:
NANCY PEARL5 BARLOW, b. 09 Jan 1902, Pocahontas County; d. 21 Sep 1998, Pocahontas County;
m. (1) CHARLES BRATTON, 09 Apr 1925; m. (2) JAMES SMITH, 1953; b. 25 Mar 1911; d. 02 Feb 1998.  Nancy Pearl Barlow and James Smith are buried in the William Sharp Jr. Cemetery, Pocahontas County, W.V.
Notes provided by Nancy Wooldridge:  Nancy Pearl Barlow Smith was a farmer. For many years she farmed Maple Hill Farm with her husband James Smith. Jim, who was Pearl's second husband, had come to live on the Barlow Farm about 1935 and stayed after Neal Barlow's death in 1936 to farm and give care to "Aunt Frances." Jim and Pearl married in 1953 and continued to farm together under their deaths in 1998. The farm, Maple Hill Farm, is now owned by Pearl's niece Nancy Cochran Wooldridge and her family. The house, originally built about 1908, has been restored and is once again the center of family gatherings as it so often was in the past.
17 ii. RUBY HELEN BARLOW, b. 29 Sep 1903, Pocahontas County; d. 03 Nov 1993, Roanoke, VA.
WILLIAM ANDERSON4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1)3 was born 22 Mar 1866 in Red Lick Mountain family home, and died 10 Jan 1955 in Pocahontas County, WV3, burial in Edray Cemetery.

He married ELLA FRANCES SILVA3 02 Sep 1896, daughter of ROBERT SILVA and MARTHA YOUNG. She was born 24 May 1876, and died 24 Jun 1923.
Auctioneer and Farmer: Named William Anderson, Anderson had a keen memory and remembered being about eight when the Henry Barlow family moved down from the Red Lick Mountain home to the Onoto area near Edray. Mr. Barlow started Pine Grove School in 1872 and attended for 15 straight terms. After he married, Anderson and his family made their home on a 97 acre farm near Onoto. Anderson Barlow once took his granddaughter and grandson up the mountain to the Red Lick property where they picked apples off the ground. Mr. Barlow said no apple ever tasted as good as those. A licensed auctioneer for 36 years, Mr. Barlow cried many sales--the last when he was in his 80's. He also was president of the community debating society for 17 years and played Santa Claus 13 times. Mr. Barlow hated farewells. He liked people to just get in the car and go.
Family tradition has it that Stella Frances was a brown-eyed blond who caught the bachelor Anderson's eye immediately. Ella suffered a life threatening illness about 1911, and her letters from the hospital reveal a woman who missed her children dreadfully. "My dear little sunshine," begins one. Letters from Dr. Page D. Barlow,her brother-in-law and then a surgeon in practice near Wheeling, reveal that he directed the treatment which saved her life. She died ultimately after a long struggle with cancer.
18 i. WILLIAM GLENN5 BARLOW, b. 30 May 1900, Onoto, WV; d. Mar 1976, Charlottesville, Va..
DAMERON JANE BARLOW3, b. 31 May 1903, Pocahontas County3; d. Mar 1969, Pocahontas County, WV;
m. ALLEN PRICE SHARP, 21 Dec 1935, Oakland, MD; b. Sep 1899, Pocahontas County; d. Oct 1982, Pocahontas County.  Both are buried in Edray Cemetery
Dameron Barlow, a teacher in the county schools, was a forward thinking woman who devoted much of her time to her community and to the causes of women as exemplified at that time by church groups and the county home demonstration club.  She also worked to better her home and farm.  She was one of the first women to serve on a jury and she was a member of the County Planning Commission for some years. She and her husband Allen Sharp made the W.A. Barlow farm into a showplace.
19 iii. IRA ANDERSON BARLOW, b. 21 Mar 1912, Pocahontas County, WV; d. 12 May 1980, Charlottesville, VA.
iv. INFANT BARLOW, b. Bef. 1900.
6. REGINA RUTH4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 21 Oct 1867 in Pocahontas County, and died 01 Jan 1939 in Pocahontas County.

She married JAMES N. WHITE 22 Jan 1896 in Pocahontas County. He was born 1864 in Bridgewater, Va, and died 1928 in Pocahontas County, VA, burial in Woodrow White Cemetery.
REGINA RUTH BARLOW:  This older daughter of Henry and Nancy Jane Matilda Barlow used the name Ruth within the family.
Children of REGINA BARLOW and JAMES WHITE are:
20 i. HENRY PAGE5 WHITE, b. 01 May 1901, Pocahontas County; d. 16 Aug 1991.
ii. ALBERT WHITE, b. Abt. 1902.
22 iii. MINNIE BELLE WHITE, b. 28 Nov 1904, Red Lick Mountain family home; d. 1968, Pocahontas County.
iv. MABEL FLORENCE WHITE, m. GARLAND PAGE GALFORD; b. 28 Aug 1922; d. 09 Apr 1990, burial in Cochran Cemetery
ASA CLARK4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 29 May 1875 in Pocahontas County,WV, and died 15 Dec 1962 in Pocahontas County, WV, burial in Edray Cemetery

He married EFFIE MISSOURI MOORE 20 Nov 1895, daughter of SAMUEL MOORE and MARY SHARP. She was born 23 Oct 1873 in Pocahontas County, and died 04 Sep 1959 in Pocahontas County, burial in Edray Cemetery.
Mr. Asa "Ace" Barlow bred Hampshire and horned Dorset sheep. His flock was one of the oldest in the nation having been established in the early 1900s. He also raised and sold purebred Hereford cattle. Mr. Barlow also was a veterinarian and doctored animals all over Pocahontas, Greenbrier and Randolph counties. He was a great competitor at both the county and state fairs and won his share of ribbons.
Children of ASA BARLOW and EFFIE MOORE are:
23 i. GRAYCE CASSELL5 BARLOW, b. 26 Jun 1897, Pocahontas County; d. Joliet, IL.
24 ii. SAMUEL H. BARLOW, b. 05 Dec 1901; d. 02 Dec 1977, Pocahontas County, WV.
25 iii. GUY PRICE BARLOW, b. 07 Oct 1905, Edray WV; d. 02 Mar 1986, Pocahontas County,WV.
iv. ROBERT MOORE BARLOW, b. 07 Oct 1907; d. 11 Jul 1934.
IVAN BARLOW, b. 02 Feb 1912; d. 28 Jan 1998; burial in Mountain View Cemetery, Marlinton, WV; m. MARY FRANCES FAULKNIER.
Ivan and his wife Mary Frances raised Hampshire sheep on their farm, known as Hepsedam farm overlooking the Edray Trout Hatchery.
According to family tradition, the house on the farm was built about 1903 by Davis Barlow, Ivan's uncle and brother of Asa Barlow. Other families owned it before Ivan and Mary Frances Barlow purchased it following World War II.
Occupation: Former Director, Agricultural Stablization and Conservation Services of Pocahontas County
vi. HAZEL ANN BARLOW, b. 09 Jan 1914.   Burial: Edray WV Cemetery
EFFIE FLORENCE4 BARLOW (HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 24 Dec 1876 in Pocahontas County, and died 20 Apr 1959, burial in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, WV

She married JOEL E. PECK 19 Apr 1899. He was born 08 Feb 1875, and died 21 May 1931, burial in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, WV
This note is from the recollections of Nancy Bruns:  Effie was the youngest of the Barlow children of the second family. She married Joel Peck and lived for many years in the Huntington, WV area where she was well known for her church work. Effie was a favorite of Anderson who liked to tease her. In their later years, when Effie visited Anderson, he would inquire of his daughter about the food. "Is this the chicken that took sick and died yesterday,' he would ask. Effie would not say a word but would pass up the chicken. Just in case. On one occasion when he'd gone too far, she packed up and moved over to stay with Asa
The notes on the children and grandchildren of Effie Barlow and Joel E. Peck come from Mrs. Frances Plymale and Martha Peck.
Children of EFFIE BARLOW and JOEL PECK are:
26 i. HENRY5 PECK, b. 01 Jan 1903; d. 30 Jan 1971.
27 ii. LEE EDWARD PECK, b. 18 Jan 1906; d. 23 Aug 1968.
28 iii. VEDA PECK, b. 24 Mar 1900; d. 12 Jun 1975.
HOXIE CLINTON5 GAY (MARY ALICE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 25 Feb 1879 in Cabin Creek, WV, and died Aft. 1944.

He married NORMA YOUNG. She was born 02 May 1885 in Clover, WV, and died Nov 1975.
Child of HOXIE GAY and NORMA YOUNG is:
HENRY RIVES5 GAY (MARY ALICE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 24 Feb 1881 in Pocahontas County,WV, and died 03 Sep 1944 in Buckhannon, WV.

He married MABEL CLARA BIRD, daughter of URIAH BIRD and SUSAN HUDSON. She was born 01 Jun 1886 in Marlinton, WV, and died 18 Mar 1927 in Buckhannon, WV.
Henry Rives Gay was the mayor of Buckhannon,WV, from 1912 almost continuously until his death Sept. 3, 1944 at the age of 63. He had been a merchant and graduated from West Virginian Wesleyan College with the class of 1905.
Children of HENRY GAY and MABEL BIRD are:
i. EVELYN JANE6 GAY, b. May 1910; d. 06 Jul 1999; m. WILLIAM STINE HAMBY; b. 30 Jun 1900; d. Dec 1984.       Occupation: High school French teacher and social worker.
ii. GEORGE K. GAY, b. 28 Jul 1913; d. 15 Jan 1976, burial Buckhannon, WV     Served in the Italian campaign in the U.S. Army during World War II    Occupation: Welder
MARY ALICE GAY, b. 22 Jun 1917, Buckhannon, WV; d. 30 May 1971, Hattiesburg,MS.; burial: Roseland Cemetery, Hattiesburg, MS
m. WILLIAM HARRY ROBERTSON, 03 Sep 1939, Buckhannon,WV; b. 10 Oct 1914; d. 09 May 1991.
From a clipping preserved by Dameron Barlow, with additional information from Helen Flach:
Mary Alice met William Harry Robertson in college at Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ky. William Harry was from West Point, MS. At the time they were married, he was offered a job in Hattiesburg and Mary Alice settled there with her new husband and eventually raised her family there. The couple was married in a small ceremony at the mayor's home. The bride wore blue with dubonnet accessories. Mary was a school teacher and a graduate of University of Southern Mississippi.
iv. HENRY RIVES GAY, b. 23 Nov 1919; d. 16 Mar 1997, Fairfax, VA; m. JOAN JESKA.
11. CLARA RUTH5 GAY (MARY ALICE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born Jun 1883, and died Aft. 1944.

She married DR. ERNEST HILL.
Children of CLARA GAY and DR. HILL are:
ii. INFANT HILL, b. Abt. 1908.
iii. INFANT HILL, b. Abt. 1910.
MABEL ELIZABETH5 GAY (MARY ALICE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 03 Mar 1892, and died 17 Oct 1939.

CLARENCE5 BARLOW (JOHN ELLIOT4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 19 Jun 1887 in Edray WV, and died 13 Apr 1968 in Denmar, WV.

He married ANNA MCGRAW 18 Oct 1915.     She was born 10 Oct 1895, and died 08 Jun 1975.  Both are buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Marlinton, WV
Clarence was a farmer. During the Depression, he worked for the Works Progress Administration and during World War II, distributed gasoline for a lumber company.   After World War II, he returned to farming and raised registered Suffolk sheep.
i. CLARENCE LEE BARLOW6 JR., b. 11 Jan 1920; d. 1920.   Burial: Edray Cemtery,Pocahontas County, WV)
JAMES ELLIOTT BARLOW, b. 22 Sep 1928, Marlinton, WV; m. ZOE ELOISE BLACKHURST, 31 Aug 1948, Rand, WV; b. 09 Dec 1928, Cass, WV; d. 28 Dec 2000, Roanoke, VA., burial 03 Jan 2001, Mountain View Cemetery, Marlinton, WV
Jim Barlow is retired from business and government service and lives in Roanoke.   He takes an active interest in family genealogy.
ROXIE FLORENCE5 BARLOW (JOHN ELLIOT4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 11 Jan 1893 in Edray WV, and died 04 Mar 1958 in Edray WV.

She married FRANK YOUNG 07 Oct 1916. He was born 1888 in Edray WV, and died 31 May 1967 in Edray WV.
Children of ROXIE BARLOW and FRANK YOUNG are:
i. ALLIE MORELLA6 YOUNG, b. 05 Aug 1917.
ii. VIRGINIA LOU YOUNG, b. 25 Jan 1919, Pocahontas County; d. 02 Sep 1998, Greenbrier Manor, Lewisburg, WV
Virginia Lou Young attended Davis and Elkins College, was secretary at the Department of Public welfare in Elkins, WV, for 15 years, worked for the town of Marlinton and at the Pocahontas Historical Museum.  She lived most of her life on the home place.
iii. MARY FRANCES YOUNG, b. 02 Mar 1922; d. 02 Aug 1925.
FRED5 BARLOW (JOHN ELLIOT4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 28 Apr 1895 in Edray, WV, and died 01 Mar 1968 in Akron, Ohio.

He married NELLIE MCNEIL 11 Apr 1920, daughter of ENOCH MCNEILL and ANNIE DUNCAN.    She was born 07 Feb 1896, and died 1974.
From notes by a family member:  Fred Barlow worked for his grandfather at the Barlow store in Edray before moving to Akron, Ohio. A World War I veteran, he became driver for the city bus lines in Akron. His granddaughters, Janice and Nancy, used to love to ride his bus.   A family member recalls that the family home had registers and a message would be shouted down the register when it was time to eat.
Military service: World War I veteran     Residence: Akron, Ohio
Children of FRED BARLOW and NELLIE MCNEIL are:
BETTY ANN6 BARLOW, b. 26 Sep 1926, Akron, Ohio; d. 12 Feb 1990, Long Beach, MS; burial, Burial: VA Cremation Memorial Gardens, Biloxi, MS; m. ROBERT CONVERSE HARE, 11 Aug 1943; b. 04 Sep 1916, Oxford, MS; d. 01 Sep 2002, New Orleans, LA.
FREDERICK MCNEILL BARLOW, b. 01 Mar 1921, Marlinton, WV; d. 22 Feb 1983, Lakeland, FL; m. MEATHYL MILDRED FORT, 17 Oct 1943, Akron, Ohio; b. 11 Apr 1918, Russelville, AL; d. 11 Aug 1999, Lakeland, FL.
JOHN5 BARLOW (JOHN ELLIOT4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 27 Apr 1904 in Edray WV, and died 24 Jun 1944 in Edray WV., burial in Edray Cemetery.   Occupation: Welder and pipefitter

He married SYLVIA RAMSEY 16 Jul 1932 in Oakland, MD. She was born 09 Feb 1914 in Lobelia,WV.
Children of JOHN BARLOW and SYLVIA RAMSEY are:
JOHN DAVIS6 BARLOW, a truck driver, b. 04 Jan 1933, Edray WV; m. (1) LISALOTTE POPOJANZ, 03 Mar 1955, Luneberg, Germany; b. 11 Jun 1930, Germany; m. (2) MARY MARGARET OLHR, 28 Nov 1977; b. 22 Mar 1944, Taneytown, MD.
ROBERT LEE BARLOW, b. 21 Feb 1935, Edray WV; m. LINDA SUE BOYLES, 28 Dec 1956, Two Ridges Presbyterian Church, Wintersville, Ohio; b. 26 Nov 1937, Wolf Summit, WV.
ROBERT: Education: GED plus 24 hours of college credits Occupation: Autobody teacher, Jefferson Vocational School Religion: Presbyterian, belonging to the Two Ridges Presbyterian Church, USA Residence: Wintersville, Ohio
LINDA: Bob and Linda did not know Dr. Page Barlow until one day a customer noticed Linda's name tag and mentioned that she had been one of the babies Dr. Barlow had delivered. It only recently that Bob made the connection to Dr. Barlow.   Employee of Kaufmanns Department Store
RUBY HELEN5 BARLOW (AMOS NEAL4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 29 Sep 1903 in Pocahontas County, and died 03 Nov 1993 in Roanoke, VA, burial Blue Ridge Memories Gardens, Roanoke

She married ALLAN ROSCOE COCHRAN 08 Jun 1931 in Pocahontas County, son of WILLIAM COCHRAN JR. and MAMIE SILVA. He was born 24 Nov 1901 in Pocahontas County, and died 15 Aug 1980 in Roanoke, VA., burial Blue Ridge Memories Gardens, Roanoke
From notes provided by Nancy Wooldridge:  Ruby taught at Woodrow and Indian Draft schools for about seven years before her marriage to Allan Cochran who had lived on Stony Creek until his family moved to Ohio in 1917. She and Allan lived for many years in Roanoke, enjoying gardening, their grandchildren, church work, and frequent trips to West Virginia.
Allan Cochran, as a young man living in Pocahontas County, saw the devastation caused by the sawmills when they first came to the land and from this, developed a lifelong interest in conservation. He served 32 years with the U.S. Forest Service. He was supervisor of the Jefferson National Forest, stationed in Roanoke from 1941 until 1952. At retirement in 1958, he was chief of fire control for the Eastern Region of the United States and a recipient of the Department of Agriculture's Superior Service Award. Allan and Ruby Barlow Cochran made their home in Roanoke for many years.
Children of RUBY BARLOW and ALLAN COCHRAN are:
NANCY FRANCES6 COCHRAN, b. 10 Jul 1932, Littleton, NH; m. DANIEL ELDRIDGE WOOLDRIDGE; b. 05 Jun 1954, Lynchburg, VA.
Nancy, a retired elementary school teacher, and her husband, Dan, a retired football and basketball referee and collegiate athletics administrator, live in Roanoke, but spend time at the farm, Maple Hill, which they have restored since 1998.
WILLIAM NEAL COCHRAN, b. 11 Oct 1937, Roanoke,VA; m. KATHERINE PAINTER GRAVATT, 22 May 1965; b. 29 Nov 1939, Roanoke,VA.
From the notes of Nancy Wooldridge:  Bill was outdoors editor of the Roanoke Times for a number of years and still writes about outdoors topics. He and his wife, Katherine, operated a bed and breakfast at Catawba for several years. They have a Christmas Tree farm on Red Lick Mountain, near the site of the Henry Barlow home place.
WILLIAM GLENN5 BARLOW (WILLIAM ANDERSON4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 30 May 1900 in Onoto, WV, and died Mar 1976 in Charlottesville, Va, burial in Monticello Memorial Gardens,Charlottesville, Va.

He married HALLIE VIRGINIA BEVERAGE4 Nov 1922 in at the Beverage home, Knapps Creek, WV, Pocahontas County, daughter of COE BEVERAGE and SADIE LIGHTNER. She was born 02 Jan 1902 in Monterey, VA, and died Mar 1987 in the Orange County Nursing Home, burial in Monticello Memorial Gardens,Charlottesville, Va.
Called the name Glenn which his mother found in a novel she was reading before his birth, Glenn went to county schools and attended the state normal school, just missed World War 1, was a teacher in Pocahontas schools and for many years worked for the Union Life Insurance Co. Richmond, VA.   He married Hallie Virginia Beverage, a fellow school teacher.   The couple lived in Charlottesville for the last decades of Glenn's life.
Hallie was the daughter of Coe and Sadie Irene Lightner Beverage. She was born in Monterey, VA. before her parents relocated to West Virginia. The Beverages lived in a section of Pocahontas county called the Hills and later moved the large old house on the Knapps Creek. Hallie and her sister walked to school through snow in the days when there were no boots and sometimes were taken to school by their father riding his horse. One reason for the move to Knapps Creek had been to get the children closer to school. Hallie was a school teacher in county schools and later worked in a department store when she and her husband Glenn moved to Covington, VA..
NANCY CATHERINE6 BARLOW, b. Covington,VA; m. (1) TEK J. TALMONT, at Old Bridge, N.J.; b. Warsaw Poland; m. (2) ALAN M. BRUNS, Rockville, MD; b. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Nancy Barlow Bruns is an editor and writer. She holds a B.L. degree from Douglass College, Rutgers University and a M.F.A. from George Mason University and also studied at the Woodrow Wilson School at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Her first marriage ended in divorce and in 1974 she married Alan M. Bruns, a copy editor at the Washington Star.   Nancy and Alan had met as reporters for The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA.   The Brunses make their home at Falls Run near Fredericksburg, VA.  
IRA ANDERSON5 BARLOW (WILLIAM ANDERSON4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 21 Mar 1912 in Pocahontas County, WV, and died 12 May 1980 in Charlottesville, VA., burial in Edray Cemetery.

He married HAZEL KATHLEEN DUMIRE 1934, daughter of WILLIAM DUMIRE and STELLA MCCLURE. She was born 03 Jun 1917 in Pocahontas County, and died 26 Dec 2005 in Morningside Assisted Living home, Albemarle county, VA.
Ira Barlow worked for the Union Life Insurance Company of Richmond for many years. Ira loved the farm and the out of doors and spent time at the Barlow place while his son farmed there. Ira and Hazel Dumire Barlow were high school sweethearts at Marlinton High School. They met in study hall. He graduated first and in her senior year convinced her to elope --rather than go to nursing school. Ira served in the Air Force and after his military service, he and Hazel settled in Charlottesville where they lived until his death in 1980.   She lived on at the Oxford Road address until the summer of 2005 when she moved to Morningside Assisted Living facility.      Military service: Served in the Air Force, during World War II
Mrs. Barlow worked at Sperry Co. Charlottesville for many years, was a member of the First Baptist Church and a founding member of the Broadus Memorial Baptist Church. She was a member of the Martha Jefferson Auxiliary and worked regularly on Monday nights at the Martha Jefferson Hospital She was active in the Senior Center, sang with her church choir and was an avid bridge player. In 2005 Mrs. Barlow was diagnosed with end stage renal disease and in the summer of 2005 moved to Morningside Assisted Living facility where she died in hospice care Dec. 26, 2005. Mr. Barlow died in May of 1980 and their son, William Ira Barlow, died in July of 1982.   Mrs. Barlow's sisters, Mrs. Ruby Boorn, Mrs. Robert Clark and her brother Earl D. Dumire are also deceased.
WILLIAM IRA6 BARLOW, b. 09 Mar 1937, Covington,VA; d. 18 Jul 1982, Edray WV; m. CARROLL LEWIS, Oct 1981, Marlinton, WV. Burial: Edray WV cemetery
HENRY PAGE5 WHITE (REGINA RUTH4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 01 May 1901 in Pocahontas County, and died 16 Aug 1991.

He married DORA ELLEN WINKLER 10 Sep 1924. She died 16 Apr 1989.
Henry Page White was a chaplain in the Navy for many years and after leaving the Navy transferred to the California-Nevada Methodist Conference in 1954. He served in the Susanville, Lafayette, San Bruno, Tracy and Linden Methodist churches in that conference before retiring in 1966. His wife, Dora, died April 16, 1989. The Rev. Mr. White died Aug. 16, 1991. He is survived by two daughters, Charlene Robinson of Ceres, CA, and Dora Brenner of Castro Valley and two grandchildren.
Mr. White served in both World War 2 and the Korean conflict. He was a full commander and was squadron chaplain for 21 ships and 17 chaplains. He received the Korean Presidential citation for organizing the Korean Navy Chaplains Corps, media attention for his work with the wounded and dying on the beaches of Inchon, and seven battle stars and 11 service ribbons.
This report is by Charlene White Robinson and appeared in the Journal and Yearbook, 144th Session, the California-Nevada Annual conference, the United Methodist Church, June 24-28, 1992. Rick Plain, editor.
Children of HENRY WHITE and DORA WINKLER are:

MINNIE BELLE5 WHITE (REGINA RUTH4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 28 Nov 1904 in Red Lick Mountain family home, and died 1968 in Pocahontas County.

She married ANDREW GALFORD. He was born 29 Jul 1902 in Pocahontas County, and died 10 Oct 1997 in Pocahontas County.
MABEL6 GALFORD, b. 19 Dec 1925; m. GARLAND PAGE GALFORD; b. 28 Aug 1922; d. 09 Apr 1990. Burial: Cochran Cemetery
ROBERT GALFORD, b. 06 Mar 1932; m. ELLA JO SHUE; b. 22 Mar 1943, Spice Run,WV; d. 1998, Pocahontas County, VA (became WV 1863).
Robert Galford prefers to be known as Robert.  He is a farmer and a World War II veteran.  He has also worked as a bookkeeper for Pocahontas Producers.  Mr. and Mrs. Galford were members of Whites Chapel Methodist Church.
GRAYCE CASSELL5 BARLOW (ASA CLARK4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 26 Jun 1897 in Pocahontas County, and died in Joliet, IL.

She married HARRY BRAY HILL 04 Aug 1920 in Pocahontas County, WV.     He was born 08 Oct 1893, and died 1970 in Joliet, IL.
Children of GRAYCE BARLOW and HARRY HILL are:
SAMUEL H.5 BARLOW (ASA CLARK4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 05 Dec 1901, and died 02 Dec 1977 in Pocahontas County, WV, burial in Edray Cemetery

He married MARY MARGARET PRICE, daughter of JOHN PRICE and MARY WILLIAMS.     She was born 24 Apr 1905 in Dunmore, WV, and died 10 Nov 1991 in Alleghany Hospital, Lowmoor, WV.
Mary Margaret's father was a Civil War veteran who served through the war with Company F of the 19th Virginia Cavalry. He was 65 when she was born. Mary Margaret and Sam lived at Dunmore on property that she had inherited until they sold to the Rockefeller family and moved to Marlinton where they lived for some years.
Children of SAMUEL BARLOW and MARY PRICE are:
i. JOAN6 BARLOW, b. 18 Jun 1926, Pocahontas County, WV; d. 05 Nov 1938, Pocahontas County, WV.
SAMUEL PRICE BARLOW, b. 08 Aug 1928, Pocahontas County, WV; d. 24 Oct 2002; m. MARY LOU BARNASKY; b. 23 Sep 1934, Frank, WV; d. 26 Dec 1997, Alleghany Hospital, Lowmoor, WV.
Sam Barlow lived on a small farm near Buckeye, WV. Sam served in the U.S. Navy where he ran into his second cousin Page White who was a naval chaplain who preached the first sermon Sam heard after completing boot camp. "It was about what you would expect," he said.
CALVIN BARLOW, was graduated from the West Virginia School for the Blind.   He retired from the WV Department of Employment Security where he was a job counselor because of ill health.
iv. MARY MARGARET BARLOW, b. 12 Aug 1932; d. 06 Jun 1995, George Washington Hospital, Washington,D.C.
Margaret Barlow was the first blind person to receive a doctorate from George Washington University, Washington, D.C., where she worked as an affirmative action coordinator for the General Accounting Office. She was a graduate of the West Virginia School for the Blind and had taught extensively and was a free lance writer.
v. NANCY LIGON BARLOW, b. 08 Mar 1934, Pocahontas County, WV; d. 15 Sep 1967, Pocahontas County, WV.
Nancy worked as a home teacher and as a caseworker and later at a hospital in Lakin, WV     Education: WV School for the Blind and Glenville College
25. GUY PRICE5 BARLOW (ASA CLARK4, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 07 Oct 1905 in Edray WV, and died 02 Mar 1986 in Pocahontas County,WV, burial in Edray WV Cemetery.

He married FLEETA L. ROBINSON. She was born 12 Oct 1920 in Edray WV.
i. ASA EDWARD6 BARLOW, b. Mar 1937.
ii. INFANT BARLOW, b. 1939.
HENRY5 PECK (EFFIE FLORENCE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 01 Jan 1903, and died 30 Jan 1971.

Henry Peck was a minister in Vermont. He had two churches, one in Wilmington, Vt. and one at Mt. Snow. The family lived in Wilmington, Vt.
Children of HENRY PECK and CHARLOTTE ROSE are:
JOEL A.6 PECK, b. 30 Dec 1936; d. Feb 1988; m. SUZANNE LASBURY.   After Joel's death, Suzanne remarried and is now Mrs. John Simmons of Madison, CT.
JONATHAN PECK, m. ROSALIND.  They live in Redondo Beach, California
LEE EDWARD5 PECK (EFFIE FLORENCE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 18 Jan 1906, and died 23 Aug 1968, burial in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington WV

He married MARY ELIZABETH BUNNY MALONEY. She was born 13 Jul 1912, and died 04 Jan 1985, burial in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington WV
Lee Edward was very family oriented and never missed a funeral or other family gathering, he once explained.  He worked for Lazarus Department Store in Columbus and died at 62 of a heart attack. Bunny was a bank teller for Sears credit department. She died of heart failure several years after her husband's death.  
Children of LEE PECK and MARY MALONEY are:
Jack Clarke worked for the Columbus Dispatch in advertising and Nancy worked for WOSU-TV in Powell, OH.
Bill Peck worked for Ohio Bell Telephone later Ameritech as a central office foreman. Martha was an elementary teacher at Gahanna Middle School West. They live in Gahanna and are both retired.
VEDA5 PECK (EFFIE FLORENCE4 BARLOW, HENRY3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 24 Mar 1900, and died 12 Jun 1975.

She married RUSSELL E. PLYMALE.    He was born 18 May 1890, and died Feb 1982.    Both are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, WV.
Notes of Martha Peck:  Veda was a school teacher in Huntington, WV.   She died of a heart attack at the age of 75.   Russell worked for Cabell County Health Department.
i. CLIFFORD S.6 PLYMALE, b. 19 Aug 1926; d. 28 Feb 1998, Paris, KY; m. FRANCES PENNINGTON.
Clifford Plymale worked for Merck as a pharmaceutical salesman.   He retired in 1988.   The family resided in Paris, KY, where Penny, Clifford's widow, still resides.  Mrs. Plymale provided notes on the Plymales and the Pecks.
Pocahontas County, VA (Now West Virginia) Marriage Bonds 1822-1852 and Minister's Returns 1822-1871, Compiled and Edited by James E Woodell, Rita Woodell, 1988. P.74 Nicholas Printing Co., 1109 Broad St., Summerville, WV. Reprinted March 2004 by Pocahontas County Historical Society, Pocahontas County Genealogy Group.
2. Bible of Nancy Jane Barlow.
3. Barlowfamily.FTW, Date of Import: Sep 21, 2002.
4. Beverage.FTW, Date of Import: Sep 19, 2004.
5. F.T.M. - Social Security Death - CD #110, "CD-ROM."




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