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Elaine Rummel      April 17, 2001     New information from Roger Barlow added February 2015

The following information was compiled by my grandmother, Inez Carruth Avirett, for her husband's family in the 1930's. The family had a lawsuit against the Mexican government over the death of Francis Irene Barlow and her husband Thaddeus H. Swift and they had to prove lineage. Someone, I don't know who, tried to help her with the line from John Barlow who married Ann Ward thru Mansfield Barlow.

Below is what is thought to be the lineage of Mansfield Barlow, Jr. There were no dates or proof. To prove this lineage, a record of Mansfield Barlow Jr.'s birth - 09 July 1805 - with his parents names needs to be found.

1. John Barlow married Ann Ward in Fairfield, Connecticut      He had emigrated there from Pembrokeshire Wales about 1650
2. John B. Barlow married Abigail Lockwood in Fairfield, Connecticut
3. John Barlow married Ruth 'Sherwood' Drake in Fairfield.    She was the widow of Samuel Drake
4. Samuel Barlow married Sarah 'Sherman' Strong in Fairfield, Connecticut.  She was the widow of Benjamin Strong
5. Jabez Barlow married Elizabeth Hunt in Fairfield, Connecticut

John Barlow married Sarah Whitney in Fairfield, Connecticut

John Barlow born: October 22, 1744, d: ____ Fairfield, Connecticut
Married: 10 January 1769, Sarah Whitney, Fairfield, Connecticut

Children of John and Sarah:

John Barlow 1769-1848   Jabez Barlow  1771-   Mansfield Barlow 1773-    Samuel Whitney Barlow  1775-1852   Abigail Barlow  1778-    Nehemiah Barlow  1781-1846   Elizabeth Sarah Barlow  1783-     Edmond W. Barlow  1786-1865     Amy Barlow     Amelia Barlow     Polly Barlow    Anna Barlow


Mansfield Barlow Sr. married ______ in Fairfield, Connecticut      Source: The Whitney Family of Connecticut

Military Records: War of 1812     Mansfield Barlow, Lieutenant, 32nd Regiment, New York Militia     February 29, 1812; 10th Regiment (Prior's), New York Militia

Mansfield B. Barlow Sr. was the third son of John and Sarah Whitney Barlow and was born in Ridgefield Connecticut, August 17, 1773. He moved to Ballston, New York in 1802 with his parents from Fairfield Connecticut. He is on the 1820 New York census in Saratoga Co and the 1830 in Rensselair Co. He may have moved to Ohio later.  I do not have his date of death at this time.


Mansfield Sr.'s son Mansfield B. Barlow Jr. was born July 09, 1805 in New York- possibly Troy.   He married Ester Mann Daniels March 04, 1827.

They remained in New York until about 1836 or 1837 when they moved to Wilkinson Co Mississippi. The county records at Woodville show that Mansfield Jr. purchased a half section of land on January 01, 1838, from Cato C. West; and on May 20, 1839 he and Esther executed a deed of trust on this property to the Mississippi Union Bank; and on November 15, 1847, they conveyed this property to Luther Electus Backus.

They were listed on the [Wilkinson?] Mississippi 1840 census as follows:

1 male under 5   1 male 5-10   1 male 10-15   1 male 30-40     1 female 30-40

Mansfield Barlow was listed on the land rolls of the state in 1845

In 1846 or 1847 the family moved to Refugio, Texas as missionaries - Probably 1847 since their daughter Mary Elizabeth was born in Mississippi November 1846

According to the Meridian Tribune - Texas newspaper - Mansfield Barlow moved to Marshall, Texas in 1847 where he founded Marshall College. He later moved to Refugio where he founded a college near the coast.   I haven't researched the statement on the founding of the two schools. They were residing there in 1850, and they stayed there until their deaths. Mansfield who was a teacher and Baptist minister died January 30, 1862.  The Refugio Co Marriage Book, 1839-1881 shows M. Barlow, a minister of the gospel, performed marriages from December 31, 1853 to June 06, 1860. He was also a Justice of the Peace. Esther lived on and owned a cattle ranch near Refugio from 1866 until her death October 28, 1882. She is on the Refugio Co Texas 1880 census. It  was a large tract of land on the Mission River about 3 miles from town.

Feb 2015, Roger Barlow writes:  I recently had a business trip to Austin Texas, and parlayed that into a trip to Refugio, TX where I located my great-great and great grandfathers land purchase, identified where the land was, when it was purchased, visited the land, and the gravesites. I also found a number of documents from the town/county identifying debt to the estate of Chauncey Mann Barlow after his early death in September of 1883 at age 45.
Not any of my family or father's relatives has been there ever, so I was blazing new ground, with the intent of discovering things about the Barlow line that went to Texas by way of Wilkinson County, MS from what has been presumed as Troy, NY. The staff at the County Clerks office were helpful, but a property lawyer in the room doing his own research helped me even more, and produced a parcel map (from his office) that showed the original "Town Tracts" from the late 1840s-early 1850s. I then was able to relate the old parcels to the current Refugio County parcel map (I am a cartographer, so the "Where" question is very important to me.) I will generate a report in the next few months tying together what I did find, and relating what was not available. I also visited the cemetery and headstones of my Great Grandfather Chauncey Barlow and the headstone of my great-great Grandparents Mansfield Jr. and Esther Mann Barlow, both located in Oakwood Cemetery, south of Refugio town, and no more the two miles west of the land that Mansfield purchased in 1851 with a small section bounding on the Mission River. Attached please find photos I took Friday January 30, 2015 of those headstones.
Mansfield most probably migrated up the Red River after selling his land in Mississippi, as the mouth of the Red River enters the Mississippi River right at the southern boundary of Wilkinson County where Mansfield had spent a few years. The Red River flows northwest toward northeastern Texas. I need to find more about the river traffic at that time-period of the Republic of Texas. River traffic would have stopped at Natchitoches, LA due to a well documented surface blockage of wood/timber for many miles (one source said 100 miles), and there would have had stagecoach traffic to Commerce Texas. I have found no evidence for Mansfield having a hand in founding what became Marshall College. There were predecessors to what was called Marshall College, but so far on-line searches have been unsuccessful in relating Mansfield Jr to Marshall College. Interestingly the Van Zandt family donated the land for what was Marshall College, and migrated up the Red River as well. The push was to settle Texas with American and American immigrants to further the removal of Texas from Mexican control, so incentives and opportunity were there. A visit to Commerce's local library is likely needed to uncover references to Mansfield's time there. So far no solid lead on why Mansfield went south to Refugio County, not a small trip with a family.
Refugio Mission and County was the central area of settlement for Empressario James Power who negotiated the land from Mexico, retained his large holdings as the Republic of Texas was formed, and then retained the land again as the State of Texas was formed in 1845. Mansfield bought his original Town Tract in 1851 from the Town of Refugio for a bit more than $13 for 214/100 acres. The Empressario died in 1852. Refugio is very flat, but with good rich dark brown soil. During my visit, a portion of what had been the Barlow Ranch had recently been cleared and re-cultivated! The 1880 Agricultural Census shows land in cultivation for corn under Chauncey's name. Chauncey also acquired additional land in a partnership with the estate of the Empressario, to at least a total of 512 acres that I saw in Refugio County records, at least 3 separate transactions.
Chauncey's death caused the County "machine" to pressure the widow of Chauncey, Rosalia to pay various debts documented by the Sheriff, and other local government folks. I have not fully digested all the probate documents that I had copied. We do know that the family was eventually forced from the ranch sometime after mid 1886, as the 1900 Census shows them in Fannin, TX not terribly far from Commerce, TX.

The Refugio Co 1870 census shows EM Barlow, born in NY age 63, a white female, keeping house. The value of the real estate $1,000.00, personal estate $200.00. Also in the house was Henry, age 33, a store clerk; Lewis A. age 40 a farmer with real estate valued at $2000.00; Chancy, age 32, a farm laborer. Also Rosa, age 25, a white female born in Texas; and Elizabeth a white female age 20 born in Texas. In the same county was HM Barlow a white male age 37, born NY, packing store clerk - do not know relationship. Some Early Records of Aransas Co by WB Johnson shows Henry M. Barlow grantee and E.C. Sloan grantor on tax deed August 03, 1853. This could be either Henry or the H.B. listed last on the 1870 census.

1880 Refugio Co Texas:
Esther M. Barlow, age 73, born in New Hampshire  Son: Louis A., age 48, born in New York Granddaughter: Inez Swift, age 8, born in Texas

Both Mansfield and Esther / Ester are buried in the Old Cemetery near Refugio     Tombstone Photo from Roger Barlow, January 2015

They had nine children:

i. Henry Mansfield Barlow born March 09, 1828; died March 07, 1875. Unmarried. Born in New York

Lewis Augustus Barlow born January 30, 1830 or 1832 in New York and died in Austin, Texas January 16, 1911 where he was living at the Old Soldiers Home.    Unmarried.

1900 Travis Co Census   Inmate at the Confederate Home                   Death Certificate
Louis A. Barlow, born December 1830,  age 69,  born in New York

Information from the Confederate Men's Home Roster:

Louis Barlow, born in New York in 1830, gardener came to Texas in 1850 and lived in Blanconia Bee Co Texas. He served in Co F. 8, Texas Infantry, Hobby's Infantry, Bee's Brigade and died on January 16, 1911, aged 81. Buried in the Confederate Field, Section 1, Row C, Number 20     Death Certificate #2321

iii. George Electus Barlow born May 05, 1833     Died in his youth, unmarried, September 29, 1851
iv. Charles Melancton Barlow born June 19, 1835     Died in childhood December 09, 1840

Chauncy Mann Barlow born April 12, 1838 in Wilkinson Co Mississippi     Died at Refugio Texas September 14, 1883, burial in Oakwood Cemetery, Refugio Co Texas.   Tombstone Photo from Roger Barlow, January 2015

Roger Barlow, Feb 2015 wrote:   I found the bill of sale of land in Refugio dated 1851 for 21 and 4/100 acres (Town Tract 68) with shore access to the Mission River to my Great-Great grandfather Mansfield Barlow Jr. My Great Grandfather Chauncey Mann Barlow was given power-of-attorney in 1862 upon Mansfield Jr. death. Chauncey acquired other land in a partnership of some sort, holding as much as 512 acres at his death in September of 1883. I found documents (and made copies) showing that in April 1883 the family and friends of Chauncey filed for Power of Attorney for him. There is no death certificate, and my on-line search for local paper info on his death has been unsuccessful to date. Chauncey died at age 45, leaving a wife, 5 children (at least) and my grandfather (Tilford) in-utero! He was born the following April of 1884. Despite various probate records which I have copies of some, the family lost the ranch sometime late in 1886 or after.

1880 Refugio Co Texas

Chauncey Barlow, 42, Mississippi
Wife: Rosa M. Barlow, 31, Texas
Daughter: Lula, 12, Texas
Son: Horace L. Barlow, 10, Texas
Son: Edwin Barlow, 7, Texas
Son: Walter, 5, Texas
Daughter: Clara, 3, Texas
Daughter: Mollie, 2 months, Texas
Unknown relationship:
A.J. Linaru/Linaw, 45, SC



1900 Ladonia, Fannin Co Texas
Mill Street

Rosa Barlow, August 1845, 54
d: Louisa, October 1867, 32
s: Edwin, October 1873, 26
d: Chara, August 1878, 21
d: Valerice, March 1881, 19
s: Oran, March 1882, 18
s: Tilford, April 1884, 16

Is it Clara, her daughter, or Charo, her daughter in law?

1920 Dallas Co Texas

Rose M. Barlow, 74, Dallas
s: Charles, 39, Texas
d: Valerie, 37, Texas

1920 Hunt / Greenville Texas

Edwin D. Barlow, 47, Texas
d: Kathleen, 17, Texas
hk: Willie Glascock, 31, Alabama  
bo: Eddie Glascock, 10, Texas

* This transcription was really a mess, Charles may very well be Clara or Charo, her daughter in law. A copy of the original census needs to be viewed for true identification.

His children were:

Walter Adair Barlow born ca 1875 Texas, died after 1936

Edwin Douglas Barlow born ca 1873 in Texas, died in Greenville Hunt Co Texas? after 1936

Valeria Estelle Barlow died in Dallas Texas? after 1936.    She may be the Lula on the 1880 census, if so she was born ca 1868

1922 Dallas City Directory   Valeria Barlow, photographer, r. 1415 Garrett

1924 Dallas City Directory    Valeria Barlow, retoucher Browne and Brn., h. 1507 Garrett


Horace Littleton Barlow born ca 1870 in Texas.  Died in Calfornia? after 1936   Married Charro Eloise _____

Dallas 1922 City Directory

Charra E. Barlow, Southwestern Letter Ser., h. 1415 Garrett, Rosa M. Barlow, widow of Chauncey, r. 1415 Garrett, Valeria Barlow, photographer, r. 1415 Garrett


Tilford Mann Barlow (Roger Barlow writes: Died in St. Louis Missouri, July 4th, 1969. He married Grace Ione Bertam 23 June 1926, of Belleville Illinois. The had one child, my father Bertram Lee Barlow. He worked in a music publishing firm in St. Louis. Bertram married Nancy Budzien, 3 children Roger, Rebecca, Richard

Not listed on 1880 census  

  Note:  The 1880 census Refugio Co Texas listed 3 children that I didn't have:  Lula born ca 1868, Clara born ca 1877, and Mollie born ca 1880. All born in Texas

Martha Jane 'Mattie' Barlow born February 18, 1840, in Wilkinson Co Mississippi    Died December 14, 1927 at San Marcos, Texas.
Married F.M. 'Frank Marion' Swift Sr., born March 29, 1822 - on November 01, 1860.     The marriage was performed by her father


Adele Swift married ______ Butler. She died before 1936


Ruth Butler married _____ Lee

William Cathy Butler

Hal Swift Butler.    Died Los Angeles California?

Mary F. Swift married _____ Woodworth

Charles Mansfield Swift born March 10, 1863

Forrest Bedford Swift died in Del Rio ? Texas. Married Lou ______

Bertha M. Swift married ______ Dix.    Died San Antonio Texas?

Irene F. Swift married A.B. Rogers.   Died San Marcos Texas?

Aletha P/Pearl? Swift married ______ Lockhart.   Died New York?

Wilhelmine B Swift.   Died Long Island New York?

Welden Swift

Frank Marion Swift, Jr. born August 11, 1861

Mattie Mann Swift born January 22, 1869. Married ____Johnson

All Martha and Frank Swift's children except Adele were alive in 1936. Martha spent her winters in San Antonio and San Marcos with her daughters and the summers with her daughter Aletha Lockhart in California and on Long Island.


Merril Judson Barlow born September 01, 1842 Wilkerson Co Mississippi, died 1928 or 1929 in San Antonio.   He came to Texas from Whitestown, Mississippi in 1845 and settled with his parents at Refugio. For years he was a merchant at Cotulla Texas. In later life he and his wife, Fannie - born ca 1853 in Texas, spent some time in travel and had their home in San Antonio Texas. They are on the 1880 census for Live Oak Co Texas.

They had one child, Edna, born 1876 in Texas who married Jord Irwin and lived in San Antonio Edna died after 1936

LaSalle County Texas    Jourd J. Irvin married 26 May 1898 Edna M. Barlow

1880 Live Oak Co Texas

M.J. Barlow, age 37, born in Mississippi    Wife: Fanny, age 27, born in Texas   Daughter: Edna, age 4, born in Texas

1920 San Antonio Bexar Co census

M.J. and Fannie are living in the household of her son-in-law, Jerod J. Irvin, he is aged 74, she is aged 68.

Texas Death Records  Barlow  M.J., April 04, 1929, Bexar, #19382        Barlow M.J. Mrs., December 27, 1928, Bexar, #51087

There were five mercantile businesses in the early 1880's:

M.J. Barlow and Company, R. M. McLeod, R. Richardson, John A. Kerr, J. P. Davis and J.K. Berretta.

Confectionary stores were operated by T.D. Morgan and J.J. Egan. J.J. Burk operated the hotel and livery stable.

W.N. Hall was the jeweler, D. Sampson was a contractor and G. Thompson was a builder.

BRIEF HISTORY OF COTULLA La Salle County Historical Commission

In the early days of Cotulla, there was no bank of any sort, so people took their money to M.J. Barlow, as he did have a small safe or they hid it at home. L.A. Kerr later had a large safe.  He and T.R. Keck built a small vault and started keeping money for the residents of the town. Eventually Kerr and Keck opened the national bank of Cotulla. Kerr did not stay with the venture long and Keck became the sole owner of the bank, which was named Stockmens National Bank. The bank was continuously operated by members of the Keck family, until a few years ago when they sold the controlling interest.

BRIEF HISTORY OF COTULLA La Salle County Historical Commission

Old Cotulla Cemetery, Joseph H. Barlow, born January 12,1879 - died March 08, 1949.  Joseph Homer Barlow was the son of James Riley Barlow and Mary Jane Goodman,  born January 12, 1879 Missouri or Kentucky and died March 08, 1949  Palestine, Anderson Co Texas.

Is there a relationship between Joseph Homer and Merril Judson Barlow? Is he even a part of the Fairfield families?

The structure to the right of the M. J. Barlow store was replaced in 1913 by the brick building below.

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Francis Irene Barlow born October 28, 1844 in Wilkinson Co Mississippi.    Married Thaddeus H. Swift - born May 01, 1840; on February 27, 1868 in Refugio Texas.   They lived on Souse Creek and she and her husband were killed by Mexican bandits June 07, 1874 near Refugio.   Irene was in her 30's when a band of Mexicans went into her home on the Mexican border near Refugio to rob her husband of a large sum of money he had received for wool. He had left the money in a bank, but the Mexicans killed her and her husband. See J. Frank Dobie's 1929 book "A Vaquero of the Brush Country" pages 69- 75 for the details of the deaths and aftermath.

They left 3 children:

Mattie Mann Swift married ______ Johnson.   She was born Jan. 22, 1869 in Refugio. She lived in San Antonio     Died after 1936

Inez M. Swift born 1872 in Refugio Texas, married ______ Armstrong.   She died after 1936   On the 1880 census for Refugio Co she was living with  her grandmother Esther

Child Swift


Mary Elizabeth Barlow born November 9, 1846, in Mississippi. She was called both Lizzie and Mollie.   She married Robert A. Avirett June 06, 1876 in Refugio.

He was a Civil War veteran who had been interred in a Northern prisoner of war camp. They moved to Meridian, Bosque Co Texas. He owned his own butcher shop until his death at age 45. They had three children who lived to adulthood. Their son Roy R. Avirett was my grandfather.

The Meridian Tribune said at Mary Elizabeth Barlow Avirett's death May 16, 1929, that "after the Civil War she made extended visits with her relations in New Orleans and New York, also in New Haven, Connecticut, with her cousins, the Rogers Brothers manufacturers of silverware." It went on to say that she had lived in the same house in Meridian which her husband had built for her for 50 years and she was very much attached to it. She was a very attractive person -small and dainty- with a very clear and lovely speaking voice; and she was always cheerful. She was 83 when she died and enjoyed social events, guests, trips, etc.


Other sources:

Department of Archives and History of the State of Mississippi      Barlow Family Bible    Records of the Texas Confederate Home at Austin

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