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Barlow Block, c1900

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Barlow and Co. Dealers in Hardware, 129 Main Street, Sing Sing, N.Y. The leading hardware house in Sing Sing, and, in fact, all along the Hudson Valley, is that of Messrs. Barlow and Co. The business of Barlow and Co. was established in 1844 by the father of the senior member of the present firm, who with S.S. Jarvis formed the firm of Barlow and Jarvis. In 1849 Mr. W.H. Barlow bought Mr. Jarvis' interest when the firm became J. Barlow and Son. In 1844, the business was conducted in a small wooden building, one and one half stories high. In 1852 the business had increased to such an extent that the firm was obliged to build a three-story brick building, 25 x 80 feet, on the same ground of the wooden one, which was removed with goods in it to the adjoining lot. In 1859 Mr. Barlow bought out his father's interest, and the business was continued in his name until October 9, 1872, one year after the great Chicago fire, when Sing Sing was visited with the most destructive fire even known, destroying the greater part of the business portion of the place. Shortly after this fire Mr. Barlow formed a co-partnership under the name Barlow, Miller and Dearing. In 1872 the present firm was formed, Mr. Geo. H. Barlow succeeding Mr. Dearing in the store at 129 Main St. Mr. W.H. Barlow and Mr. Geo. H. Barlow, in March 1873, purchased the lots of Mr. Wilson Patterson, on the corner of Main street and Central avenue, also the property adjoining, belong to Leonard Mott, where they erected the six buildings known as Barlow Block.

The stock is unusually large and comprehensive, being accomodated in three floors, each 25 x 80 feet in dimensions. It includes full lines of hardware, with specialites of builders and cabinet hardware; also carpenters and blacksmiths tools; pocket and table cutlery, granite war, wooden and willow ware, and house furnishings goods generally. An important deptment is that devoted to office, hall, parlor and cooking stoves, ranges and furnaces, all of the heaviest castings and newest styles, with all the latest improvements, and sold cheaper than by any house in the trade. Tin, copper, and sheet iron work is also a specialty, a fine shop being connected with the concern; also plumbing and gas and steam fitting are executed by competent journeymen. messrs. Barlow and Co. deal in all kinds of agricultural implements, and have, in fact, an emporium of the hardware trade and its kindred branches. To meet the requirements of their widely developed trade, in February, 1887, they started a branch store at Croton-on-Hudson, under the supervision of W.E. Barlow, son of the senior member of the firm. A large force of hands is employed, and a thorough system of organization, and we have never stepped inside a finer hardware house. Handling their goods in such large lots the firm can sell to jobbers and dealers at desirable quotations. Both partners are natives of Sing Sing, and have permanently resided here. Mr. George H. Barlow is a young merchant of superior ability, and unremitting in his attention to the various duties devolving upon him; Mr. William H. Barlow is possessed of vast practical experience, great business sagacity and conservative judgment. He is a large property owner in the village of Sing Sing, and is the owner of the fine block on Main street in which his store is located, and so familiarly known as Barlow Block.

Photos from Ossining Historical Society, used by permission

Barlow Block c1865

Barlow Hardware c1865

Barlow Block, c1872

Barlow Hardware c1872

William E. Barlow

New York Times    May 11, 1945

January 23, 1866 - May 07, 1945


OSSINING, N. Y. May 10

William E. Barlow of Ossining, who for more than fifty years was the owner of Barlow & Co., a hardware concern in Croton, died Monday in his home. His age was 79.

He was a Mason and a member of the Shattemuc Yacht Club.

He leaves a widow, Nellie Lockwood Barlow; a daughter, Mrs. Arthur H. Franklin of Ossining; and a son Edson L. Barlow of Montclair, N.J.


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New  York Times    May 02, 1938

Ossining Hardware Merchant a  Former Town Trustee


OSSINING, N. Y., May 01

John Curry

John Curry Barlow, retail hardware dealer died today at his home here after an illness of three months. He was 68 years old.  Born in Ossining Mr. Barlow was president of Barlow & Co. of Ossining, a firm founded by his grandfather, John Barlow, in 1844. He served as town trustee from 1909 to 1915 and was town supervisor for three successive terms from 1919 to 1925. He was a trustee of the Ossining Hospital and belonged to the Westchester Lodge, F. and A.M., of with he was a Past Master.

Surviving are his widow, the former Josephine Barton Bassett of Brooklyn; a daughter, Mrs. Edward Winslow Kane; a son, Dr. G. Barton Barlow of Englewood N.J., and a brother, William E. Barlow.

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