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Edmund Barlow of Malden Massachusetts

         From the research of Edson Barlow


Edmund Barlow was baptized on October 01, 1626, at Turton in Lancashire, England, and is believed to be a son of James Barlow (c.1597- ) of Turton. [9] He died on December 19, 1697, probably at Malden, Massachusetts. His will was dated May 16, 1696, was proved on December 24, 1697, and mentioned his wife and four daughters; three grandchildren, James, Elizabeth and Mary Barlow; two grandchildren, Edmund and Elizabeth Chadwick; and daughter-in-law Elizabeth Townsend. [10]

There is no record of Edmund Barlow's arrival in New England. The extant records place him at Charlestown, Massachusetts, when he married in 1650 and he was recorded at Charlestown before November 1664, so he probably came to America in the 1640's.

Edmund Barlow married Mary Pemberton around 1650 at Charlestown. She was probably born early in 1636 at Charlestown. She was baptized there on [3][2] 1636 [April 03, 1636] and was a daughter of James and Alice Pemberton, who had come from England in 1630 in Winthrop's Fleet.

Edmund and Mary Barlow's children, who were born probably at Malden, Massachusetts, were:


Mary Barlow was born in 1652 and she died on June 18, 1724.

She married John Chadwick on October 30, 1674, at Cambridge, Massachusetts [11]
He was born on March 17, 1651, and was a son of John and Joan Chadwick.   He died on September 2, 1707 [12]


Edmund Barlow was born, say, around 1655. He died in 1695 at Surinam in South America.

The administration of his estate was granted to his father on Nov 18, 1695, and the inventory amounted to œ18 [10]

2 iii. James Barlow was born in 1659.
3 iv. Thomas Barlow was born, say, around 1662.

Elizabeth Barlow was born, say, around 1665.

She married James Whiting on September 19, 1686, at Malden. He died in 1708.

  vi. Sarah Barlow was born, say, around 1670. She married Thomas Grover

Deborah Barlow was born in 1676. She died on May 15, 1749, at Mansfield, Connecticut.

She married James Hovey around 1694 at Malden. He was born in 1674 at Brookfield, Massachusetts, and was a son of James and Priscilla (Dane) Hovey.

During the French and Indian Wars he was taken to Canada as a prisoner.

After Deborah Barlow's death in 1749, he married second Elizabeth ---- and he married third Susanna Dexter around 1750. He died in 1765.

Second Generation

James Barlow was born in 1659 at Malden, Massachusetts.  He died on March 16, 1689/90, at Suffield, Connecticut [13]

James Barlow moved to the Connecticut River area of Massachusetts and took the Oath of Allegiance at Hadley, Massachusetts, on February 08, 1678. He had fifty acres on High Street in Suffield granted to him on August 10, 1680, by the committee appointed for such purpose. He settled and conducted his farm there. At the time Suffield was in Massachusetts, but when the border was later re-established, Suffield was in Connecticut.

James Barlow married Sarah Huxley on January 10, 1687/8, at Suffield. [13] She was born in 1675 at Hartford, Connecticut, and was a daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Spencer) Huxley who had moved to Suffield from Hartford in 1678. After James' death she married second Ebenezer Smith around 1693 at Suffield. He was baptized in 1668 at Northampton, Massachusetts, and was a son of Samuel and Mary (Ensign) Smith. He died on September 15, 1728, and Sarah married third Martin Kellogg of Suffield on October 05, 1732, at Suffield [13] Martin Kellogg was born on November 22, 1658, at Boston and was a son of Joseph and Joanna (Foote) Kellogg.

The only child of James and Sarah (Huxley) Barlow was:


James Barlow was born on January 27, 1688, at Suffield. [13]

He married first Mary Harmon, a daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Skinner) Harmon, on April 01, 1714, at Suffield [13] and they had nine children born at Suffield. Between 1732 and 1752, James moved to Granville, Massachusetts, where his first wife died and he married second Mary White on October 17, 1753, and had two more children.

He died on August 28, 1758, at Granville and was buried there in the West Cemetery [14]


Thomas Barlow was born, say, around 1662 at Malden, Massachusetts. He died in 1691 at Barbados in the West Indies. [9] His will was dated August 05, 1684, and gave his wife all of his estate until her death when it would go to his two brothers and sisters. The inventory of his estate was taken on October 01, 1691, and consisted of a house and 1/2 acre below it, 3-1/2 acres of marsh on Molton Island, 5 acres of pasture, and œ150. His funeral was in Barbados and cost œ9. [10]

Thomas Barlow married Elizabeth Mellins on October 29, 1681, at Charlestown, Massachusetts. [15] She was born on September 04, 1659, at Charlestown and was a daughter of James and Elizabeth (Dexter) Mellins of Charlestown. [10]

On March 15, 1693, she married second Samuel Townsend who was born on July 12, 1661, at Chelsea, Massachusetts, and was a son of Samuel and Abigail (Davis) Townsend. Samuel died on November 18, 1723, at Malden. She died on November 20, 1699, at Malden and was buried there in the Old Malden Burying Ground.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Barlow were:


Elizabeth Barlow was born on September 19, 1686, at Charlestown [15]

She married Benjamin Hurd on September 05, 1706, at Charlestown. [15] He was born on October 31, 1678, and was a son of Jacob and Anna (Wilson) Hurd. He died on November 08, 1750.

Their child was Elizabeth Hurd who was baptized on December 23, 1716, at Charlestown.


Mary Barlow was born in 1690 probably at Charlestown.

She married Francis Moore on May 27, 1708, at Boston, Massachusetts. [6] He was a blacksmith at Boston.

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