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Ancestors and Descendants of Wayne Brewster Barlow of Rochester New York

Includes Barlows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio and Michigan as well as in New York                                                           From the research of Kent Barlow

Generation 1
Edmund Barlow was born October 1626 in Turton, England and died 19 December 1697

He married Mary Pemberton who was born c1636

Generation 2
James Barlow was born 1659 in Malden Massachusetts and died 16 March 1689/90 in Suffield Connecticut

He married 10 January 1688, Sarah Huxley, who was born 1675, in Hartford Connecticut

Parents of Sarah Huxley:  Thomas Huxley - died 21 July 1721    Sarah Spencer - born c1646 and died 24 October 1712

Generation 3
James Barlow, Jr. was born 27 January 1688 in Suffield Connecticut and died 28 August 1758 in Granville Massachusetts

He married Mary White on 17 October 1753 in Granville Massachusetts

Generation 4
Benjamin Barlow was born 04 March 1758 in Granville Massachusetts and died 23 September 1831 in Lima, New York

He married Phebe Doud who was born 22 January 1761

Parents of Phebe Doud:
Isaac Doud, born 30 January 1729/30 in Middletown, Connecticut and died 29 March 1761
Phebe Stow, born 19 January 1734/35 & died 03 December 1813 in Pomfet, Vermont
Married 09 December 1754 in Middletown, Connecticut

Generation 5
Benjamin Barlow, Jr. was born 18 February 1780 in Granville Massachusetts, and died 21 September 1856

He married Nancy Crownover, who was born 20 November 1786 and died 04 December 1833

Generation 6
Edmund Doud Barlow was born 16 October 1829 in New York and died 18 February 1899 in Atlas Michigan

He married Mary Rockafeller, who was born 17 August 1839 in Atlas Michigan and died 29 April 1873 in Atlas Michigan

Generation 7
Addison James Barlow was born 06 March 1859 in Atlas Michigan and died in November 1946

He married Lucy Ann Sayre on 23 July 1885 in Atlas Michigan    Lucy was born 22 November 1863, & died 15 December 1928

Parents of Lucy Ann Sayre:   Daniel Brewster Sayre, born October 1830 and died 20 December 1855    Caroline Hawks

Generation 8
Edmund Brewster Barlow was born 27 June 1886 in Atlas Michigan and died 26 June 1976 in Fairwater Florida

He married 11 November 1909, in Ohio, Josephine Muenscher.   Josephine was born 06 August 1890 in Sandusky Ohio and died 04 March 1933 in Rochester, New York

LONG-TIME SKILLED CRAFTSMAN - Edmund B. Barlow of 89 Dalkeith Rd., who was retired after a lengthy career in the telephone industry.

Barlow was foreman of the Stromberg-Carlson model shop at the time of his retirement. His service in the field of telephony dates back to the early days of telephone pioneers more than 40 years ago. Most of his work has been devoted to experimental and research aspects. His introduction to telephone work began in 1904 in Elyria, Ohio, when he joined the Garford Manufacturing Company. He came to Rochester and became associated with Stromberg-Carlson in 1916.

Barlow, who is a member of the Telephone Pioneers of America, has had a part in the growth of the telephone to the vast system it is today. He confined himself mostly advancements in the field during his work in the experimental laboratory which later became the model shop.


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September 15, 1950 Rochester Times Union Rochester New York

Generation 9
Wayne Brewster Barlow was born 06 September 1912 in Elyria Ohio & died 19 December 1995 in Rochester New York. He was buried in Whitehaven Cemetery, Rochester New York.

We Congratulate Wayne B. Barlow on his 39th Birthday Today

Wayne B. Barlow of 95 Elmcroft Rd., won' t have much time to celebrate his 39th birthday today. He will be hard at work on his first book, a college text for music appreciation. It's title will be "Foundations of Music."

Barlow walked into Eastman School of Music when he was 10 years old and took his first music lesson. He has studied there ever since.

Following years of piano, violin and organ lessons, Barlow received bachelor's and master's degrees in music from Eastman School. Then followed a doctorate of philosophy in composition, the first such degree to be awarded in this country.

In addition to his work on his textbook, Barlow is kept busy in his position as executive secretary of Eastman School's graduate department. In addition to administration work, he teaches graduate courses in music acoustics, composition, and orchestration. Dr. Barlow also instructs in University Extension School and is organist and director of music of St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

In his spare time, he builds electronic equipment and takes color photographs. His interest & skills in electronic devices led him to develop and electronic tuner now being used by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and several high fidelity record players used by the Eastman School. Barlow considers his major work the "Mass in G" performed this year by the Eastman Senior Symphony under his direction.

He said last night that a selection he wrote in 1937, "The Winters Passed," a rhapsody of Appalachian folk songs for oboe and strings, was included on a recent television drama. He explains he missed hearing the music himself, but several of his friends called his attention to it.

Mr. Barlow and his wife, Helen, have two children, Robert, 11, and Joan, 8. Their son plays the concert harp, and their daughter, the piano.

Mrs. Barlow is a graduate of Oberlin, and later received a master's degree from the University of Southern California.

The Rochester Times Union Rochester, New York September 06, 1951

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Wayne Barlow, Eastman composer    OBITUARY

Wayne Barlow, a composer and a faculty member of the Eastman School of Music for 50 years, died Dec. 17 after a long illness. He was 84.

Mr. Barlow, in 1937, was the first person in the United Stated to receive a doctoral degree in music composition.

He served as guest composer and lecturer at many colleges and universities around the country. In 1968, he founded the Eastman Electronic Music Studio which combined his childhood fascination with electronics and his love of music.

"He was a prolific composer who wrote very attractive music," said Robert Freeman, the former Eastman director.

"His pieces were widely known in America. Everything he did here, he did with ability, with integrity, and with dedication."

Mr. Barlow, who was born in Elyria, Ohio, graduated from Monroe High School in Rochester. He recieved his bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from Eastmans.

He served on the Eastman faculty from 1937 to 1978. He was chairman of the department of composition from 1968 to 1973, director of the Electronic Music Studio from 1968 to 1978 and dean of graduate studies from 1973 to 1978.

Mr. Barlow received awards and grants for work in Denmark, Belgium, and Holland. His compositions ranged in form from sacred music, works for full symphony orchestra and pieces that included pre-recorded tape.

Freeman recalled a well know piece for oboe and strong orchestra, entitled, "The Winter's Passed," which he said probably celebrated the end of the season in Rochester.

Mr. Barlow's commissioned compositions also covered a wide range. His commissions included works for the Indianapolis Symphony, the Catholic Diocese of Rochester and one for the Penfield School Distric called Woodpecker with Long Ears.

His most recent and largest combined orchestral and choral work was The Seven Seals of Revelation, based on the Book of Revelations and commissioned and performed by the Brevard School of Music in North Carolina.

He served as music director at Christ Episcopal Church and organist and choirmaster at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

He is survived by his wife, Helen Barlow of Rochester; a daughter, Joan B. Donat and her husband, Klaus Donat of Arizona; and two grandchildren.

A funeral service was held Saturday at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 25 Westminster Road.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Rochester NY   Tuesday, December 24, 1995

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Generation 10
Robert Wayne Barlow was born on 24 November 1939 in Rochester New York and died on 30 September 1989 in New York. He was buried in Whithaven Cemetery, Rochester, New York.

Robert received his bachelors degree from the Eastman School of Music, his DMA from the Juillard School of Music.

Robert Barlow, harpist, dies

Robert W. Barlow, a prominent harpist in New York City and native Rochesterian, died Sept. 30, 1989, at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City after a brief illness. He was 49.

"He wanted to use his talent to enrich the lives of other people" said his mother, Helen Barlow of Rochester. "He felt that he had been given a gift that he could offer to others."

The son of Wayne and Helen Barlow, Mr. Barlow graduated from the then - Monroe High School, the Eastman School of Music, and the Julliard School of Music in New York City. He began studying the harp at the age of 8 and made his solo debut with the Rochester Civic Orchestra at age 15.

"While at Julliard, he studied with Marcel Grandjaney, a noted harpist and teacher," Wayne Barlow said. "He was commended by Grandjany for his exceptional talent and mastery of the harp as a solo instrument."

Mr. Barlow was the first harpist with the U.S. Air Force Symphony Band in Washington. He appeared with numerous orchestras and toured with many leading ballet companies, including the Russian Bolshoi Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet. Mr. Barlow was permanent first harpist for the American Ballet Theater at the time of his death and also gave lessons at his home in New York City.

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Mr. Barlow enjoyed art, and also built a circular home for himself at Lake Kirk in Putnam County his father said.

Besides his parents, Mr. Barlow is survived by his sister and brother-in-law, Joan and Klaus Donat of Arizona, and a niece and a nephew.

A funeral was held October 5 at St Paul Episcopal Church. Burial was in White Haven Memorial Park, Perrinton.

Joan Barlow was born in Rochester New York
She was married to Klaus Donat in Mexico
Joan has a bachelors degree in music from Boerlin University.   Following that, she received a masters degree in psychology from Bucknell University

Klaus, who was born in Austria, has a degree in Physics

Children of Joan and Klaus are:

Heidi Donat has studied art in California and Arizona      Wolfram Donat received his masters degree in music at the University of Anchorage

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