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From the Desk of Edson Barlow

Barlows in Colonial New England

John Barlow of Fairfield Families

Descendants of
John Barlow

Fairfield Connecticut
John F. Barlow

Barlow, Denton
Rowland, Denton, Carman & Halstead
Sue Montgomery-Cook 

Ancestors and Descendants of
Earl Mayne Barlow, Jr.
Fairfield Connecticut - Portchester New York
Earl Mayne Barlow &  Krisan Barlow Davies

Edward Frederick Leitz
Son of Jacob Leitz and Nellie Barlow
Barbara Button

Descendants of
Ellis Barlow & Anne Reddish
Lancashire Eng to Fairfield, Conn
Doug Norman

Record of the Descendants of 
Samuel Barlow Esther Hull
Aaron Barlow Olmstead & Dev Clifford

Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania
Thomas P. Barlow & Francis Anica Preble
England, Pennsylvania & Connecticut

Edwin C. Barlow
Connecticut to Michigan
The Enterprise - Williamston, Ingham Co Michigan

Ebenezer Hill of Redding Connecticut
Grandson of Ebenezer and Sarah "Barlow" Hill
The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary 
of Notable Americans

John Henry Barlow son of David Scott Barlow
Commemorative Biographical Record of Fairfield Co Connecticut

Brigadier General
John Whitney Barlow
Collaberation of Records

Descendants of
Edmund Barlow
Fairfield Connecticut to Delaware New York
John F. Barlow

Abel Barlow & Esther Treat
Southbury Connecticut to Windham New York
Sylvia, Edson Barlow & John F. Barlow

George Barton Barlow, M.D.
s/o John Curry & Josephine Barton "Bassett" Barlow

Encyclopedia of Biography
Stephen Barlow
Fairfield Co Conn to Crawford Co Penn

Collaberation of Records
Howard Dunham Barlow
Voice of Firestone

Collaberation of Records
William H. Barlow

Grandson of Edmund Barlow

The Leading Citizens of Delaware Co NY
George Barlow
Grandson of Edmund Barlow

Ancestors of
Elizabeth Barlow

d/o David Barlow III & Hannah Patchen
Frank McKane

Talcott Barlow 1825-1898
Commemorative Biographical Record of Fairfield

Edmund Barlow of Massachusetts

Ancestors of
Wayne Brewster Barlow
Beginning with Edmund of Malden Massachusetts
Kent M. Barlow
Descendants of
Francis Barlow
England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Idaho, & Utah
Richard D. Winmill

George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts

Descendants of
Solomon Nye Barlow

Phyllis Stengl

Otis P. Barlow - Barlow Gold
May 1995 Barlow of Barlow Newsletter

George Barlow and Jane Beme Besse
Direct lineage to Edna Mae Barlow and Henry Jones
 Kari "Burke" Gaudette

Richard A. Owen and Elizabeth J. Barlow
Meriden Connecticut
Historic Record of the Town of Meriden, Connecticut

George M. Barlow
Groceries and General Merchandise
West Stafford, Connecticut
Gold Medal Flour Calendar and Advertising

Unknown origins

Descendancy Chart of
Richard Barlow  1824-1886
Ireland - Hartford Connecticut
Edson Barlow

Descendancy Chart of
Thomas Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut
Edson Barlow

Descendancy Chart of
George Barley / Barlow
Milford Connecticut
Edson Barlow

Ancestors and Descendants of 
George Herbert Barlow
England, NJ, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky & Missouri
Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer Co NJ

Boce Barlow
Judge and Connecticut State Senator
The Hartford Courant

European Roots

James Barlow and Anna Cruise
Ireland- Connecticut- Kansas
Lester Pence Barlow
Consulting Engineer
Railroad Magazine - Martin-Barlow Aerial Bomb
Obituary NY Times

Border Photo: John Henry Barlow

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