Reginald Barlow in 'The Queen's Husband'

Reginald Barlow in 'Old Lady 31'

Reginald Barlow in 'It Happened Out West'  1937

Movie Scene

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"Character People"
by Ken D. Jones; Arthur McClure & Alfred E. Twomey

Reginald Barlow in 'Last Days of Pompeii'    1935

Book Cover Movie Scene
Left to Right;
Marcus (Preston Foster), Flavious (David Holt), Leaster (Wyrley Birch) and "The Janitor" (Reginald Barlow)

Horsefeathers - Paramount Publix Corporation, 1932
with Reginald Barlow and Groucho Marx

Reginald Barlow and Groucho Marx

'Outside Looking In' with Reginald Barlow

Though autobiographies are rarely dramatized, Maxwell Anderson has called Outside Looking In, which opens the season at Greenwich Village Theatre from Jim Tully's Autobiography of Tramp Life. Amon, the tramps thus brought into the theater is "Baldy," played by Reginald Barlow, a character actor, who was a member of the New Theatre Company, and who originated the farmer in Bernimo's The Yellow Jacket.

Carlo Leonetti

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