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Henry Barlow, son of Thomas Barlow I

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1. HENRY2 BARLOW (Thomas1) was born c1726 in Caroline Co Virginia, and died c1815 in Garrard Co Kentucky

He married JUDITH

Rhio's Graphic's  Bunches of Barlows   Pages 3 - 5

Henry Barlow may possibly have been the oldest son of  Thomas Barlow, but the fact has not been proven. One source says he was born in 1726 in Caroline County, but Caroline County was not formed until 1728. The date may be correct, but a more likely choice of counties of birth is Hanover.

Louisa County Deed  Book C, 1759 - 1765,  shows that on 27 May 1760,  Henry Barlow witnessed a deed for James Coleman of Orange County, who may be his father-in-law.   Henry named his oldest son James.    The Coleman deed was also witnessed by James Meriwether (1729-1792),  a great uncle of the explorer, Meriwether Lewis, who was in Albemarle County.

On 19 November 1761, James Coleman, gent., of  Orange Co. sold to Henry Barlow, and John Carlton, planters of Orange County,  400 acres in Albemarle County on the upper side of Chestnut Mountain, the waters of Pritty's Creek, adjoining William Cradock and  [John] Dowell,  the land to be divided between the said Barlow and Carlton by a specified line.   The witnesses  were James Meriwether, Ambrose Coleman, and Daniel Farguson, John Vaughn, James Coleman, Jr., and Thomas Jones.

See Copy of the orginial document: Coleman vs. Barlow

Louisa County Virginia  Deed book A, page 56-69 shows:

..14 March 1742-43 Phillip Wilson of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co., Planter, to James Coleman of St. Thomas Par., Orange Co, Gent., 29 pounds, 10 shillings, currt. money, 400 acres on  west side of  Little Mountain in  afsd. par ...... William  Craddock's corner, granted to Timothy Dalton by patent;  by him conveyed to said Wilson by deed proved in Hanover Co., by Joseph Martin, and Ambrose Joshua Smith.

This is the 400 acres later purchased by John Carlton and Henry Barlow.   The Chestnut Mountain is a part of the range called the Little Mountains or the Southwest Mountains, which extend from Orange County, southward to form the present dividing line between Louisa and Albemarle Counties.   The Barlow-Carlton tract was on or near Turkey Run, which flows into the east side of Pritty's Creek. The land of  James Isbell,  Thomas Land, and William Sumpter lay a little to the north, closer to the Orange County line.   The fact that Henry Barlow and John Carlton purchased land together indicates a family connection --  perhaps they married sisters, or perhaps Henry Barlow's wife was a Carlton prior to her marriage.  John Carlton's wife was Elizabeth Wallace. From the foregoing, it would appear  that the Barlows and the Carltons were in Orange County before settling in Albemarle, a little south of the Orange line.  Orange County Order Book 6, page 675, dated 1762,  records a court case in  which Ambrose Coleman vs. Henry Barlow and John Calton (sic) which was dismissed with the  defendants agreeing to pay the plaintiff his cash.   However, no Orange County deeds have been found for either John Carlton or Henry Barlow. Elizabeth Carlton, widow of John Carlton, and her son, Thomas, sold  the land on Pritty's Creek 10 March 1778 as given in Albemarle County Deed Book 7, pg 157-158:

....between Thomas Calton of the Province of Carolina and his mother, Elizabeth Calton, of County of Albemarle,....and Daniel Farguson,  of the County of Albemarle .... dividing line  between Thomas  Calton and  Henry Barlow ... Richard  Dowell's  line .....  Ambrose Dowell's line .... Daniel Farguson's line .... to John White's line ... to dividing line between Henry Barlow and Thomas Calton....

This would  indicate that Henry Barlow remained in Albemarle County after the Carltons  moved to North Carolina.  Further proof is found in the 1782 Albemarle County Property Tax Records which shows Henry Barlow with 3 males over 21, one slave, 10 cattle and 3 horses.  The same tax list shows James Barlow with one male over 21, one slave, 4 cattle, and 3 horses. 
The 1785 State Census of Albemarle County Virginia shows:

Henry Barlow -  5 white souls - 1 dwelling  -3 other buildings James Barlow -  5 white souls - 1 dwelling  5 other buildings

This census does not list blacks but "other buildings" includes slaves cabins; the other buildings probably included  one such cabin, as most householders were listed with one or two "other buildings" -- probably a barn, smoke-house, or crib.  The 1787 tax list shows Henry, James, and Henry, Jr.

Henry Barlow sold 213 acres of Albemarle County land to Thomas Walker, Jr., and 68 acres to James Barlow in 1787 [Book 9, page 467].   James Barlow and his wife, Lucy, sold  the 68 acres to Madison Breedlove of  Orange County   [Book 9page 467],  which was witnessed by Henry  Barlow, Jr.    It  is thought that this may have been the same time when Henry moved to Kentucky.

Dorothy Wulfeck states in Marriages of  Some Virginia Residents, 1607 - 1800, Volume I,  that James Barlow of Albemarle County married on 13 January 1780  Lucy Edwards of  Louisa County.   Louisa County Will  Book 3, page 386, shows James Barlow as a purchaser at the estate sale of Samuel Carr on 11 April 1791.   Henry Barlow had a son named James.

Albemarle County Deed Book 9 page 372,  indentured dated 25 August 1788 refers to Elizabeth Carton, wife of  Lewis Carton, as the daughter of  the late Joseph Eve, and Mary Ayers, wife of Robert Ayers, as the widow of Joseph Eve.   The deed was witnessed by Henry Barlow, Jr. and Thomas Robbins of Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Henry Barlow had a son named Henry, Jr.

George Carlton says that Henry's Barlow's wife, Judith, was a Livingston, but he gives no basis for his statement.    Poe suggests Judith may have been a daughter of  James Coleman or a sister of either John Carlton, or John's wife,  Elizabeth (nee Wallace). Given the lack of information, the only definite thing which can be stated is that the maiden name of Henry's wife is not known at this time. Note:  one other researcher shows Judith's maiden name to be Land. Other sources:

Census of 1789 Fayette Co Kentucky    -  Census of 1790 Woodford Co Kentucky

From Mary Truitt Vermiglio at Rootsweb World Connect; her gedcom titled: Truitt and Branson Ancestors:

Henry sold about half of his estate to English emigrants. He did not put on quite as much style as his father but still loved his race horses and hunting. He was a devout member of his father's old church. (Particular Baptist Church)

Vol. 34, Kentucky Register, Pages 5, 6, 7, 15, 19 and 179, mention of Henry and Judith Barlow, James Barlow and Samuel Sheppard, in minutes of Great Crossing Church.

22 July 1794 - Order Book A - Scott Co Kentucky p. 30 - Henry Barlow be exempt from county levis - he being old and infirm.

January 1811 - Deed Book A p. 195 - Scott Co Kentucky p. 196 - partially burnt records talks about dividing land in Ohio belonging to son William, mentions James Barlow, Mildred Barlow, Frankey Shepard, children of dec'd Barlow and children of dec'd Elizabeth Land, also son Thomas.

Deed Book 1 - Scott Co Kentucky p. 24 - Henry Barlow and Wife Judith talks about son Williams property in Kentucky and Ohio.
Nov ?? - Deed book B p. 75 Scott Co Kentucky - Burnt Records

05 August 1816 Will Book B p. 329 - Scott Co Kentucky - administration Thomas Barlow and George Marshall
Children of Henry Barlow and Judith are:
2 i. JAMES L.3 BARLOW  born 1757, and died in Louisiana in 1828
ii. MILDRED BARLOW  born 1758, and died 1842, did not marry
THOMAS BARLOW  born 10 September 1760, and died 30 January 1825
Some researchers say he married Susan Childs Isbell, while others say she was the wife of Thomas Barlow, son of Reverend John Barlow.

See:  Thomas Barlow and Susan Childs Isbell

According to Maude Crowe, 'Descendants of First Families of Virginia and Maryland, Thomas, son of Henry Barlow who died c1814 in Garrard Co Kentucky. Janette O'Boyle has traced Thomas to Illinois and Tennessee, where he married Elizabeth Nicholas. Along with other researchers, that family has been traced to the present. See: Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth Nicholas     DNA testing shows a 1 marker difference in the 25 marker test, and 2 marker difference in the 37 marker test between the persons testing for Bunches of Barlow's (Kit #21897) and Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth Nicholas, (Kit #32008).  Myself, not having enough knowledge of the DNA markers, cannot determine if this is a close enough match to show a close relationship, or a more distant one.  If anyone more knowledgeable of the DNA testing might be able to draw a better conclusion as to what these mis-matched markers might mean, please do not hesitate to explain.
3 iv. ELIZABETH ISBELL BARLOW born 1762, and died 1795-96
4 v. HENRY BARLOW, JR.  born 1763, and died 1805.
5 vi. FRANCES 'FRANKEY' BARLOW  born 1765, and died 01 February 1849
vii. WILLIAM BARLOW, born 1767, and died 1807, did not marry.
Generation 3
2. JAMES3 L. BARLOW (Henry2, Thomas1) was born in 1757, and died in 05 November 1827 in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.

His wife is said to be LUCINDA "LUCY" EDWARDS, whom he married on 13 January 1780 in Virginia.
Extracted from:   "A History of the Watershed of the Ouachita River and the Florida ParishesMorehouse Parish.

Captain Davenport arrived in 1806, and was followed soon by Walter S. White  and JAMES BARLOW. These three were the first settlers in Prairie Mer Rouge.   The next of the early group of pioneers was Captain A.A.H. Knox, who lived for many years on a tract of land a little more than a mile from the site of the present town of Mer Rouge.  JAMES BARLOW was a prosperous Kentucky  planter,  coming from  his home at Georgetown in that state with his four marriageable daughters to establish an imported Anglo-Saxon group in the Northeast Louisiana wilderness.   Polly Barlow became Mrs. Davenport, Lucretia married twice .. first to Charles L. Hewitt, by whom she had several children, later she married Benjamin Murrell.  Elizabeth married twice, James L. Henderson and Colonel E.K.W. Ross.   Amanda married Colonel A.A.H. Knox.

Monroe, Louisiana Survey Land Claim Map Report of the Comissioner of the General Land Office of Monroe, Louisiana
Document #4 by the Senate Report Committee, 1851

pages 369 and 370

........Louisiana, the heirs of James L. Barlow, deceased, do hereby give notice under the provisions of an act of Congress entitled "An act for the settlement of certain classes of private land claims with the limits of the Baron de Bastrop grant, and for allowing pre-emptions to certain actual settlers, " &c., approved March 3, 1851, that, as the heirs of the aforesaid, we claim, by lineal descent, a certain tract of land lying and being in the Prairie Mer Rouge, called the Barlow tract, now cultivated by Mrs. Amelia Brown -- said tract being bound as follows: "beginning at a stake the in Prairie Mer Rouge, ten acres on a line south seven degrees east from said Morehouse's corner of a far called Belle Grove, near a pond in the prairie, called Alligator pond--running from the said stake the same course to Andrew Latting's and John Hamilton's corner, in said prairie; thence south three degrees east with said Latting's line to a stake, making a line of ten acres front; thence west forty acres to the beginning, containing four hundred arpens, more or less;" that said tract forms the part of a whole tract occupied and cultivated by the said Barlow, as appears by a plat hereto attached and made a part of this application. The siad heirs likewise give notice, under the provisions of the act aforesaid, that they claim, by virtue of siad right of descent, and other tract, though the same is the part of the whole which they claim by this application, as appears by the said plat -- said tract being adjoined and adjacent to the other tract above described, and called the "King and Merriwether" tract; and the said tract is bounded and described as follows: "beginning at a post in the said Prairie Mer Rouge, being the said corner of Barlow's four hundred acre tract, running thence south three degrees east, fifty-nine poles; thence west two hundred and seventy-eight poles to a post; thence north three degrees west, twenty-eight poles to a hickory; thence west one hundred and twenty-two poles, to a post; thence north three degrees west, thirty poles; thence east, along said Barlow's line of four hundred acres aforesaid, to the beginning, containing one hundred and forty-nine acres and eighteen poles; and likewise the following described adjoining tracts, which are a part of the said "King and Merriwether" tract as appears by the said plat hereto attached, and consequently a part of the whole tract here claimed to wit: two adjoining tracts called the Merriwither tract, lying adjoining the southwest corner of the "King" tract above described, and being bounded, each as follows: as shown by plat hereto attached, to wit: (first tract,) beginning at Reuben Merriwether's corner, three ironwoods and a dogwood; thence eight-seven poles, to six dogwoods; thence north one hundred and fifty poles, to a large oak; thence west one hundred and thirty-three poles, to two gums, in Rueben Merriwether's line south, to the beginning, containing one hundred arpens; and the second part of the said Merriwether tract being bounded as follows: beginning at the six dogwoods, corner of Elizabeth Merriwether's, thence east sixty-seven poles a corner, two hickories and two ash and a sweet haw; thence north one hundred and fifty poles, to a corner, a sassafras, and three hickories; thence west sixty-seven poles to a large black oak, corner to Elizabeth Merriwether; thence south crossing the "Gully Douglas," one hundred and fifty poles to the beginning, containing one hundred arpen -- both of the said Merriwether tracts above described forming the part of the whole Barlow tract, called "Merriwether," and so marked ont he plat hereto attached.

Applicants represent that the different named tracts herein described, and which they claim under the provisions of said act, have been in cultivation and occupancy for upwards of thirty-five years. That the tract termed the Merriwether tract, being composed of the original tract of Elizabeth Merriwether and Mildred Merriwether, has been attached to the tract called the "King" tract, or Barlow tract, for over thirty-five years; that the said tract was purchased by the said James Barlow, for the purpose of giving to the whole Barlow tract a quantity of wood-land, which as necessarily required, and the said Merriwether tract being so attached, has always been considered as a part of the whole tract occupied and cultivated the the said Barlow and others for over thrity-five years.

Applicants further represent that all the tracts herein set forth (making the said Barlow tract) are within the limits of the Bastrop grant, the whole forming a body containing, more of less, eight hundred arpens, as will appear by the land plat. Wherefore they represent that, after a careful examination of the deeds which form the chain of title of applicants, from Baron de Bastrop, authentic copies of which will be offered and put on file in due time, and the evidence given on trial, you give them a favorable report on the claim, composed of the different claims set up herein, all of which have been regularly handed down by said titles, from DeBastrop to their said ancestor, James Barlow.   
Jas. O. McEnery, Att. for Applicants
May 2006

Gil White, whose family currently owns the property and homeplace of James L. Barlow in Louisiana is interested in having it named on the historical register, but needs further documentation to do that.  If anyone can help Gil in his quest, please contact him directly by clicking his name and sending him an e-mail.  Click thumbnail to view an old photo of the homeplace, the family is Gil's ancestors (White and Huffman), and not related to the Barlow family as far as we know, but have owned the property for many generations.                          Click on photo to enlarge
James L. Barlow Homeplace
Children of  James Barlow and Lucy Edwards are:   (They had five children, only four are known)     A possiblity exists that William Barlow of Georgia could be the 5th child
ii. LUCRETIA BARLOW married 1.) CHARLES L. HEWITT / ASHLY HEWIT  20 December 1817 in Morehouse Parish Louisiana.  She married 2.) BENJAMIN MURRELL
7 iii. ELIZABETH BARLOW born c1785 in Virginia, and died c1865 in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana
iv. AMANDA BARLOW married COLONEL ANDREW A.H. KNOX 25 May 1825 in Morehouse Parish Louisiana
THOMAS BARLOW - not verified--
He married NANCY TENNELLE / TENILLE, daughter of Benjamin Tennelle on August 01, 1810 in Ouachita Parish Louisiana
No dates for Thomas or Nancy, but  'Descendants of Rachael St. Julian Wicker and 2nd husband, Benjamin Tennille' shows that Nancy was the married 2nd to Henry St. Bry.  (URL to that page no longer valid, October 2006)
Information for the following family comes from John Terrell Wayland's database on Rootsweb World Connect Project
3. ELIZABETH ISBELL3 BARLOW (Henry2, Thomas1) was born c1762 in Virginia, and died 1795-96, in Scott Co Kentucky

She married JOHN LAND c1780.   The son of Thomas Land and Anne Sumter, he died c1804 in either Scott or Jessamine Co Kentucky
Children of Elizabeth Barlow and John Land are:
8 i. MILDRED4 LAND, born 27 December 1782 in Kentucky.
9 ii.
HENRY LAND, born 25 December 1784 in Kentucky, and died 27 December 1827 in Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co Kentucky, with burial in Taylor Ridge, Mt Lebanon, Jessamine Co Kentucky.
iii. JOHN FISHER LAND, born 02 December 1786 in Kentucky, and died c1849.
He married 1. REBECCA W. COSBY, 27 MAY 1818 in Madison Co Kentucky.    He married 2. POLLY TAYLOR RENFROE, 06 September 1842.
10 iv. JUDITH LAND, born 22 October 1788 in Kentucky.
v. WILLIAM LAND, born 07 December 1790 in Kentucky, and died c1815.   He married SUSANNAH / SUSAN WOOD.
11 vi.
JAMES LAND, born 14 October 1792 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, and died 24 July 1866 in Sullivan Co Indiana, burial in the Land Family Cemetery, Haddon Township, Sullivan Co Indiana.
vii. NANCY LAND, born 02 October 1794 in Scott Co Kentucky.   She married WILLIAM A. MASTERS
viii. ELIZABETH LAND, born 01 January 1796 in Scott Co Kentucky, and died 09 April 1880 in Adams Township, Decatur Co Indiana.
She married WILLIS GULLEY on 06 November 1817 in Madison Co Kentucky.
4. HENRY3 A. BARLOW, JR. (Henry2, Thomas1)  born 1763 in Woodford Co Kentucky, and died 1805 in Garrard Co Kentucky.

He married NANCY ANN REYNOLDS who was born in 1774 in North Carolina.
  From "Genealogy of the Barlow Family" by J.W. Barlow and Land Family compiled by Miss Mattie Davis and Mrs. Wm. H. Smith

15 December 1795 - Lincoln Co Kentucky      Deed Book C / page 25

Henry Barlow and Nancy his wife of Lincoln, Kentucky to Benjamin Sutton - land on Dicks River

Deed Book F - 1827-29    page 319 - Scott Co Kentucky

Listed as children of Henry Barlow the second, dec'd., who was a son of Henry Barlow

Betsy W. married Benoni West - Lucinda married William Sutton - Mariah married Currency Crowder - America L. married __ Crowder - Nancy Barlow, and  Henry A. Barlow

Records in Garrard Co Kentucky

Estate papers of Henry A. Barlow, include Guardians' Bond for Henry Reynolds and Ann Barlow, guardians of Elizabeth Barlow, Cinda Barlow, Nancy Barlow, Mariah Barlow, Henry A. Barlow, Odensey Barlow, and America Lawson Barlow, dated 04 May 1810.
Children of  Henry Barlow and Nancy Reynolds are:
12 i. HENRY4 BARLOW  born in 1801, and died in 1865
She married CUSSANEY/CLARENCE/CURRENCE CROWDER in 1819 in Garrard Co Kentucky. The son of Sterling Crowder and Mary Jemima Bowdry, he was born c1797 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, and died August 04, 1853 in Allen Co Kentucky.
She married SAMUEL LAWRENCE CROWDER on 09 April  1821 in Gerard Co Kentucky.  The son of Sterling Crowder and Mary Jemima Bowdry, he was born c1799 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
15 vii. ELIZABETH WALKER 'BETSY' BARLOW born 1836 in Boyle Co Kentucky, and died 1908 in Garrard Co Kentucky
5. FRANCES 'FRANKEY'3 BARLOW (Henry2, Thomas1)  born in 1765, and died February 01, 1849.

She married SAMUEL S. SHEPARD on 27 March 1792.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky 
Edited by William Henry Perrin O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882         Part I

Samuel S. Shepard, jeweler, Georgetown; is a grandson of Samuel Shepard, who was born in New Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in 1765.  He emigrated to  Kentucky before she became a State, riding, it is said, through on horseback.  He settled at Georgetown when there were only a half dozen houses in the place, building the first tavern ever erected in the place, which was headquarters and a rendezvous for the pioneer hunters of territorial times.  He married Miss Frankey Barlow, March 27, 1792, at Georgetown.   She was born in 1765 and this is one of the earliest marriages of which we have any record. Samuel Shepard was a pioneer lawyer and surveyor.   He was chairman of the Georgetown Board of Trustees, and represented Scott County in the State Legislature in 1804. He had four sons and one daughter.   William Tompkins, born March, 1793; Alpheus Xavier Francis, born October, 1795; Thomas Jefferson, born January 15, 1801; James Madison, born September, 1802; and one daughter born in 1807, but died when twelve years old.  James M. Shepard  never married and was elected to the State Senate from the Counties of  Scott and Fayette.

Children of Frankey Barlow and Samuel Shepard are:
16 iii. THOMAS JEFFERSON SHEPARD  born 15 January 1801
iv. JAMES MADISON SHEPARD  born September 1802.  He never married and was elected to the State Senate from the counties of Scott and Fayette, Kentucky
v. DAUGHTER SHEPARD  born in 1807, and died at 12 years of age
Generation 4
MARY 'POLLY'4 BARLOW (James3, Henry2, Thomas1) born in Georgetown, Scott Co Kentucky.

She married Captain JOSIAH D. DAVENPORT on 22 September 1811 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana.  He was born 1771 in Rhode Island, and died 13 February 1835 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.
Biographical Memoirs from Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana    --Part I continued--

In 1805 Josiah Davenport, a citizen of Rhode Island, met in the city of New Orleans, Mr. Abraham Morehouse, a citizen of Kentucky.  Josiah Davenport was in the merchant marine service, and commanded the vessel "Cleopatra," running between Savannah, Georgia, and Liverpool, England.  Mr. Morehouse had contracted with Baron de Bastrop, a Spanish baron, to induce immigration of white families into that portion of Louisiana lying east of the Ouachita river on the lands since known as the Bastrop Grant. In this undertaking, Mr. Morehouse was retarded from carrying out the plan, for lack of means.  On meeting Capt. Josiah Davenport he elicited his interest in the scheme and the Captain readily agreeing to the enterprise, he sold his vessel and loaned Mr. Morehouse sufficient money to carry out his purpose, engaging to go with him in the wilderness.   Their trip by barge from New Orleans to Point Pleasant on Bayou Bartholomew lasted forty-two days. Captain Davenport settled at Prairie Mer Rouge, nine miles east of Point Pleasant, and there engaged in planting.  He was a man of great energy and enterprise, well fitted to become a pioneer, and did much to promote the growth and development of his section. He erected the first gin house in what is now the parish of Morehouse, and soon after settling here was married to Miss Polly Barlow, a lady born and educated in Kentucky. 

Children of Polly Barlow and Josiah Davenport are:  (according to the sketch, other children were born, these are all that is known)
18 ii. AMELIA DAVENPORT, born 25 November 1822 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana and died 22 May 1877.
Information for the Ross family comes from:  Descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown and Allied Families by Mrs Annie Mims Wright, originally published in 1911 by Consumer Stationary and Printing Co. in Jackson, Mississippi and reprinted in the 1970s by Conger Printing Co, Inc; 1619 Chattahoochee Ave N.W.; Atlanta, Georgia 30318, 352-1916
ELIZABETH4 BARLOW (James3, Henry2, Thomas1) born c1785 in Virginia, and died c1865 in in Caldwell Parish Louisiana

She married 1.) JAMES L. HENDERSON
She married 2.) COLONEL ELI KERSHAW ROSS, on 01 November 1818 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana. He was born 09 August 1746 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg North Carolina to Arthur Brown Ross and Hannah Conger Colonel Ross had been married twice previous to Elizabeth, 1rst to Elizabeth Hill and then to Mrs. Sarah Collier. He had several children prior to his marriage to Elizabeth.
Children of Elizabeth Barlow and Ely Ross are:
i. JOHN RANKIN5 ROSS, born 01 January 1820 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died c1874.
19 ii. MORGAN OVERTON ROSS, born 04 October 1821 in Morehouse Parish Louisiana
iii. LAVINIA QUINCY ROSS, born 31 October 1825 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana
Information for the following family comes from:  Oxford and Wilkerson Genealogy, Rootsweb's World Connect Project
8. MILDRED4 LAND, (Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 27 December 1782 in Kentucky.

She married JOSEPH RENFRO, son of Peter Renfro and Eleanor Hunter on 26 April 1803.
Children of Mildred Land and Joseph Renfroe are:
HENRY4 LAND, (Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 25 December 1784 in Kentucky, and died 27 December 1827 in Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co Kentucky, with burial in Taylor Ridge, Mt Lebanon, Jessamine Co Kentucky.

He married ELEANOR 'NELLIE' HOSICK on 18 January 1809 in Madison Co Kentucky. The daughter of Alexander Hosick, Sr, and Sarah Tolle/Tolly, she was born 30 September 1789, and died 28 February 1863 in Mount Lebanon, Jessamine Co Kentucky, with burial in the Land Family Cemetery.
Children of Henry Land and Eleanor Hosick are:
20 i. AMERICA5 LAND, born 06 October 1809, and died 23 August 1855, burial in Oakland Cemetery, Moberly, Randolph Co Missouri
ii. LUCINDA LAND, born 17 June 1811
21 iii. FOUNTAIN WILLIAM LAND, born 02 January 1815
iv. LEROY M. LAND, born 26 June 1817 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
v. SOPHRINA W. LAND, born 02 Janurary 1821 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
vi. HENRY LAND, born 17 June 1823
vii. EMILY LAND, born 06 March 1826
22 viii. JOHN THOMAS LAND, born 17 June 1828, and died 31 October 1893, Clay Co Missouri and burial in Big Shoal Cemetery.
JUDITH4 LAND, (Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 22 October 1788 in Kentucky.

She married PETER RENFRO, JR., son of Peter Renfro and Eleanor Hunter or Hester Richardson, on 29 December 1812 in Madison Co Kentucky. He was born c1745 in Orange Co Virginia, and died after 1840, probably in Madison Co Kentucky.  Note: Their seems to be some confusion as to which of Peter's wives mothered Peter.
Information for this family comes from Dave Sanders Database, he cites the sources below.

Note from Susan: Throughout this family, I have found various spellings of Renfro.....for this site, I will simply use the Renfro spelling, but please be aware that it may not be the particular spelling of the individual families.

Dave Sanders cites sources:

  Land & Tithe List Unknown 1767 Taken by Hugh Innes for Pittsylvania Co Anno. Dom.

  In 1790, Peter was living in Georgia

  Tax List and Records:
1783      Madison Co Kentucky   100 acres on the Kentucky River
1784 Madison Co Kentucky   100 acres on the Kentucky River
1785 Madison Co Kentucky   100 acres on the Kentucky River
1787 Madison Co Kentucky   100 acres on the Kentucky River
1788 Madison Co Kentucky   100 acres on the Kentucky River

22 May 1799 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 8 Peter Renfrow 1 m over 21 - 1 horse
25 June 1800 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 21 Peter Renfrow 1 m over 21 - 1 horse
01 May1801 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 21 Peter Rentfro 1 m over 21 - 2 m 16-21 - 2 horses
03 May 1802 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 25 Peter Rentfro 1 m over 21 - 2 m 16-21 - 2 horses
12 May 1803 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 25 Peter Renfrow 1 m over 21 - 3 horses
19 May 1804 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 27 Peter Renfro 1 m over 21 - 1 m 16-21 - 3 horses
10 May 1805 Madison Co Kentucky, pg 27 Peter Renfro 1 m over 21 - 1 m 16-21 - 3 horses

  Census Records:
12 August 1800 Madison Co Kentucky   Peter Rentfrow
1810 Madison Co Kentucky   Peter Rentfrow
1 M 0<10  1 M 10<16   3 M 16<26
1 M 26<45
2 F 0<14  1 F 10<16 1 F 16<26 
1 F 26<45
1820  Madison Co Kentucky Pg 104 - 110  #104/14 Peter Renfrow
Adjacent to Samuel   Also listed: Peter, III and Joseph  
1830 Madison Co Kentucky #157/127 Peter Rentfroe,Sr
1 M 30<40    1 M 89-90
1 F 20<30    1 F 60<70
1840 Madison Co Kentucky   Samuel Renfrow

  Miscellaneous Records:
Court Records Franklin Co Virginia 1801-1803  
Court Action Franklin Co Virginia 1804 Peter and William Renfrow
Minutes: Bk 1:245 Robertson Co Tennessee 1803 Witnessed the will of Wm. McClish
  Peter Rentfroe signed 12 April 1802
Marriage bond of Rebecca Renfroe and John Land
From Renfro Surname at Genforum

I'm especially concerned with the Peter Rentfro you speak of. I believe, if I interpret what you wrote correctly, that Peter, along with Moses, Isaac, James, Joseph & 2 Williams went to the Cumberland Area in 1780. Is that correct? When was Peter Renfro killed? You say he was killed near present day Nashville.

There is a Davidson Co., TN (really N.C.) deeded 840 acres of land on Cumberland to George Pirtle dated 9 Sept. 1780 - proven by oath of William Fletcher in Davidson Co. July term, 1790.

Then there is a deed/grant - land surveyed Nov. 26, 1785 for Peter Rentfro - warrant No. 581- 640 acres in Davidson Co. on Cumberland to Peter Rentfro. Grant signed by Samuel Johnston dated July 13, 1788.

On a 1798 Property tax list for Montgomery Co., TN Peter Rentfro heirs is listed. There was also a James Rentfro on the list.

Peter Rentfro witnessed the will of Wm. McClish in Robertson Co., TN dated 13 Nov. 1802. Peter Rentfro was listed on a petition to general assembly of TN 1803 from Robertson & Montgomery Counties to make new county - son of Wm. McClish, John McClish, was also on the list. (Dickson County was formed from Motgomery & Robertson Counties in 1803.) In 1805 Dickson County (court minutes) James Rentfro was on a jury. Peter Rentfro is mentioned often between 1804 & 1810.

26 Nov 1808 in Dickson Co., TN Nathaniel Johnson deeded land on Barton's Creek to Peter Rentfro. 14 Feb 1810 Dickson Co. John McClish gave to Peter Rentfro property (horses, cattle, etc. - property willed to Jane McClish, now Jane Rentfro, wife of Peter Rentfro by Janes deceased husband, William McClish. Jane Johnston married William McClish in Davidson Co. 10 Nov. 1794.) 7 June 1810 Peter Rentfro of Dickson Co. sold land to Henry Grimes - land where Peter now lives. 11 Sept. 1810 Dickson Co. Peter & Jane Rentfro of "Murry? Co. (Maury Co., TN) sold land to John McClish on Barton's Creek. (They moved to Maury Co., TN from Dickson Co., TN)  By 1817 Peter & wife were in Wayne Co., TN, as were various others who had previously lived in Dickson Co. He was listed there on the 1820, 1830 & 1840 census. This Peter Rentfro was born between 1760-1770 somewhere - per 1840 Wayne Co. census. He must have died before 1850 because there are no Rentfros on the census. It's believed he had no kids - none were listed on any of the census.
I would like to know who this Peter Rentfro was - who his father was & where he lived. Any help will be appreciated!   Thanks. Joan

Teresa Renfro replies:
We believe that this Peter is the son of William Renfro b. 1734 d. 1830 Maury Co., TN. A Peter was on the Poll Tax with This William about 1810 Maury Co., TN. Most of his childen are well known, but Peter and Joshua were a new find Mr. Knight said, who did some genealogy for a friend.
Children of Judith Land and Peter Renfro are:
23 iv. REBECCA RENFRO, born 08 December 1817
v. JAMES M. RENFRO, born c1823
vi. EMILY MILDRED RENFRO, born 11 October 1824 in Madison Co Kentucky, and died 29 April 1915 in Madison Co Kentucky
vii. NANCY B. RENFRO, born c1834. She is mentioned in the will of her uncle, Thomas Land, dated 10 July 1851
JAMES4 LAND, (Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 14 October 1792 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, and died 24 July 1866 in Sullivan Co Indiana, burial in the Land Family Cemetery, Haddon Township, Sullivan Co Indiana.

He married 1. JANE WILLIS on 12 March 1817 in Jessamine Co Kentucky     Bondsman: John Willis, Consent - MB - Mary Boatman
He married 2. PERMELIA HELMS on 16 September 1830
Children of James Land and Jane Willis are:
i. MARY ANN5 LAND, born 10 December 1882 in Indiana.
She married ISAAC R. LAMB. He was born c1806 and died 22 September 1876 in Sullivan Co Indiana, burial in Snyder Cemetery.
24 ii. NANCY LAND, born 08 September 1823 in Sullivan Co Indiana.
iii. JOHN LAND, born c1828
Child of James Land and Permelia Helms is:
iv. LEROY S.5 LAND, born 02 February 1852
Information for the following family from: Families of Brinkley, Tatum, Shipley, and Richter, by William Brinkley / Rootsweb's World Connect Project
12. HENRY4 BARLOW (Henry3, Henry2, Thomas1)  born in 1801, and died in 1865.

He married MARY K. WHITE in 1850
1rst Div, Garrard Co Kentucky   26 Aug 1850  pg 237  #529/560     Census Image
Henry Barlow, age 48, Farmer, $6510, born in Kentucky
Mary I. Barlow, age 25, born in Kentucky
Lancaster, Garrard Co Kentucky  16 June 1860  pg 37  #235/239  Census Image
Henry Barlow, age 58, born in Kentucky                                     
Mary K. Barlow, age 42, born in Kentucky
Wm. P. Barlow, age 9, born in Kentucky
Mary A. Barlow, age 4, born in Kentucky
W.T.B. White, age 28, teacher, $1100, born in Kentucky
Wm D. Marksbury, age 21, teacher, $100, born in Kentucky
Sally White, age 47, born in Kentucky
Lancaster, Garrard Co Kentucky  25 June 1870  pg 428  #406/404
Census Image 1               Census Image 2
Mary K. Barlow, age 54, Keeps house, $14,000/2400, born in Kentucky
Wm. Barlow, age 19, Farmer, born in Kentucky
Mary A. Barlow, 14, born in Kentucky
Sally White, age 58, no occupation, born in Kentucky
Henry Byers, black, farm laborer, born in Kentucky
Lancaster, Garrard Co Kentucky  04 June 1880, pg __   #59/60     Census Image
Samuel J. Bowen, age 29, Farmer, born in Kentucky
Mary A. Bowen, wife, age 23, born in Kentucky
William Bowen, son, age 5, born in Kentucky
Carrie Bowen, daughter, age 3, born in Kentucky
Hattie Bowen, daughter, age 11 mo, born in Kentucky
Mary K. Barlow, mother-in-law, age 65, born in Kentucky
William P. Barlow, brother-in-law, age 28, born in Kentucky
Fannie G. Barlow, sister-in-law, age 19, born in Kentucky
Henry A. Barlow, age 3 mo, born April in Kentucky
James Pollard, black, servant, age 20, born in Kentucky
Children of Henry Barlow and Mary White are:
i. WILLIAM P.5 BARLOW born in 1851.   He married FANNIE G. and had son, HENRY A., born April 1880.  No further records after 1880.
ii. MARY A. BARLOW born in 1856.  She married SAMUEL J. BOWEN, and had children:  WILLIAM, CARRIE and HATTIE BOWEN. No further records after 1880.
LUCINDA4 BARLOW  (Henry3, Henry2, Thomas1). She died in January 1830 in Gerrard Co Kentucky.

She married WILLIAM SUTTON on 14 November 1815 in Garrard Co Kentucky. He was born 28 May 1788 in Garrard Co Kentucky, son of John Sutton and Anne Pope. He died 03 December 1873, burial in the Old Taos Cemetery, Buchanan Co Missouri. After Lucinda's death, he married Elizabeth Hampton, and had several more children.
Children of Lucinda Barlow and William Sutton are:
i. HENRY O.5 SUTTON born 16 November 1816 in Garrard Co Kentucky, and died 23 March 1895.
He married LUCY JANE  KEMPER on 14 May 1847 in Garrard Co Kentucky.
ii. MARY ANN SUTTON born 16 June 1818 in Garrard Co Kentucky and died c1851.
She married 1.)  ISAAC MARKSBURY  28 February 1837 in Garrard Co Kentucky.     She married 2.)  JOHN CHEATHAM  05 July 1845
iii. BENJAMIN SUTTON born 07 October 1819 in Garrard Co Kentucky.  He married FRANCIS WHITE
iv. WILLIS WILLIAMSON SUTTON was born 04 February 1821 in Garrard Co Kentucky and died 02 March 1899.   He married MARY MORGAN  23 March 1853
v. LUCINDA SUTTON born 22 December 1823 in Garrard Co Kentucky.  She married ALFRED ALBERT COLEMAN
vi. ALEXANDER SUTTON born 23 July 1826 in Garrard Co Kentucky.  He married ADELINE F. KENNEDY
vii. NANCY B. SUTTON born 08 June 1830 and died 27 March 1900.   She married WILLIAM WONER  21 February 1849
14. ODENSEY4 BARLOW (Henry3, Henry2, Thomas1)

She married ALEXANDER KERSEY on 01 January 1825 in Gerrard Co Kentucky
Child of Odensey Barlow and Alexander Kersey is:
15. ELIZABETH WALKER4 'BETSY' BARLOW (Henry3, Henry2, Thomas1) born 1836 in Boyle Co Kentucky, and died 1908 in Garrard Co Kentucky

She married BENONI WEST on 07 December 1814
Child of Elizabeth Barlow and Benoni West is:
16. THOMAS JEFFERSON4 SHEPARD (Frankey3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born January 15, 1801 in Georgetown, Scott Co Kentucky.

 He married 1.) AMANDA SMITH in November 1830      He married 2.) MRS. ELIZA 'WOODRUFF' MORFORD in 1852
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky 
Edited by William Henry Perrin  O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882  Part II

Thomas Jefferson Shepard, was born in Georgetown.   He was self-educated, having spent only three months in school, yet he became a good scribe and an extensive reader.   At the age of 16 he entered an apprentice in a jewelry house of his older brother to learn the trade. They manufactured the early brass wall clocks, which sold at from $120 to $130, and it is said that the first clock he ever made is now in the possession of a Georgetown lady.   He worked here until 1828, when he went to Louisville, Kentucky, and worked there for Beard & Ayres.  He returned to Georgetown in 1831, and bought out the jewelry establishment of his brother, and conducted the business for forty years.   He died in February, 1875.  He was married the first time to Miss Amanda Smith, of this county, in November 1830, and raised three children, of which there if but one son living, Clifton R. Shepard, a planter at Ladonia, Arkansas.  His second marriage was in 1852, to Mrs. Eliza Morford, whose maiden name was Woodruff.   There were two sons born of this marriage, viz:  Thomas J. Shepard, jeweler, at Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Samuel S., the subject of this sketch, born in Georgetown; started in the jewelry business in 1871, as the business partner of his brother and conducted business under the firm name of Shepard Bros., until 1880, when S.S. became the sole proprietor of a prosperous business.
Children of Thomas Shepard and Amanda Smith are:
i. UNKNOWN5 SHEPARD died before 1882
ii. UNKNOWN SHEPARD died before 1882
iii. CLIFTON R. SHEPARD, a planter at Leona Arkansas
Children of Thomas Shepard and Eliza Morford are:
Generation 5
17. JAMES BARLOW5 DAVENPORT (Polly4, James3, Henry2, Thomas1)   He married SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN   (J.C. Davenport)
Biographical Memoirs from Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana  Part II

The eldest son of  this  marriage was  James Barlow Davenport, who was the father of  the subject of this memoir.   His entire life was passed in the Prairie Mer Rouge neighborhood and like his father Josiah D., he was a successful planter and was always interested in all enterprises for the benefit of the community in which he resided.  He was noted for his liberality and open-heartedness even in those days of  hospitality and his house was always open to those prospecting for homes and the contents of his corn bins ready to be divided with new settlers.
Children of James Barlow Davenport are:
26 iv. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 'C.C. DAVENPORT' born 08 October 1837  (J.C. Davenport)
18. AMELIA5 DAVENPORT (Polly4, James3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 25 November 1822 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana and died 22 May 1877.

She married 1. DAVID M. BROWN who was born 29 April 1812 in Jefferson Co Mississippi.    She married 2. DR. WILLIAM L. CLARK
Child of Amelia Davenport and David Brown is:
27 i. JULIA MALVINA6 BROWN, born 10 February 1841 in Mer Rouge Louisiana, and died 24 July 1914 in Corrigan, Texas, and burial in Bienville Parish Louisiana.
19. MORGAN OVERTON5 ROSS, (Elizabeth4, James3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 04 October 1821 in Morehouse Parish Louisiana

He married ADELINE E. ANDERSON on 13 March 1854 in Columbia, Caldwell Parish Louisiana. She was born in October 1836 in Yazoo City, Yazoo Co Mississippi.
Children of Morgan Ross and Adeline Anderson are:
i. SARAH ELIZABETH 'BETTY'6 ROSS, born June 1857 in Columbia, Caldwell Parish Louisiana
ii. JOHN MORGAN ROSS, born c1860 in Columbia, Caldwell Co Louisiana
iii. MARY A. ROSS, born c1863 in Columbia, Caldwell Co Louisiana
iv. MARGARET TELMAN ROSS, born 01 January in Columbia, Caldwell Co Louisiana
AMERICA5 LAND, (Henry4, Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 06 October 1809, and died 23 August 1855, burial in Oakland Cemetery, Moberly, Randolph Co Missouri

She married WILLIAM F. ROBERTS, on 23 December 1829 in Jessamine Co Kentucky.
Children of America Land and William Roberts are:
i. JOHN SALVAGE6 ROBERTS, born 23 September 1832 in Kentucky
ii. HENRY ROBERTS, born c1835 in Kentucky
iii. MILTON ROBERTS, born c1836 in Kentucky
iv. ANN E. ROBERTS, born 25 February 1839 in Kentucky
v. LEROY ROBERTS, born c1842 in Kentucky
vi. WILLIAM FOUNTAIN ROBERTS, born 12 October 1843 in Moberly, Randolph Co Missouri
vii. ELLEN MAY ROBERTS, born c1846 in Randolph Co Missouri
viii. LOGAN ROBERTS, born c1853 in Randolph Co Missouri
FOUNTAIN WILLIAM5 LAND, (Henry4, Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 02 January 1815 in Kentucky, and died 13 January 1899 in Jessamine Co Kentucky.

He married MARTHA MORTON WILLIS on 10 July 1847 in Madison Co Kentucky. She was born 22 September 1819 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
From Willis Genealogy, by W.G. Willis, Rootsweb's World Connect Project

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine Co Kentucky

FOUNTAIN LAND was born January 2, 1815, and is a son of Henry and Eleanor (Hosac) Land, natives of Scott County, Ky. Henry was a son of John Land, of Virginia. To the union of Henry and Eleanor Land eight children were born: America, Lucinda, Fountain, Leroy M., Sophia W., Henry, Emily and John. June 10, 1847, Fountain married Martha M. Willis, of Madison County, Ky. They have four children living: Ellen, Henry, William L. and Albert M.; two deceased: John M. and an infant.

Apparently Martha had previously been married to a Willis.
Children of Fountain Land and Martha Willis are:
ii. HENRY BARLOW LAND, born 08 April 1851
iii. WILLIAM L. LAND, born c1854 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
JOHN THOMAS5 LAND, (Henry4, Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 17 June 1828 in Kentucky, and died 31 October 1893 in Clay Co Missouri, burial in Big Shoal Cemetery.

Child of John Land and Elizabeth Willis is:
i. LEELAH BARBARA6 LAND, born 07 April 1864 in Clay Co Missouri.
23. REBECCA5 RENFRO, (Judith4, Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 08 December 1817 in Madison Co Kentucky

She married DAVID SANDERS.   He was born 23 December 1803 in South Carolina.
Family information from David Weaver Genealogy at Rootsweb's World Connect Project, as well as the following letter

I was on one of my patented wild goose chases when I ran across your file on WorldConnect pages. I was very impressed by documentation you reference in your files. You've done a lot of great work. Would love to exchange info with you on Renfros and related families. I'll try to be brief which is hard for me to do -- everything I write turns into a novel. But since I don't know if these folks are a major interest of yours I'll try not to bore youwith too much detail. My interest in Renfros starts with Rebecca Renfro (b.8 Dec 1817) daughter of Peter Jr. (your Peter III) and Judith Land. She married my gg grandfather David Sanders (b. 23 Sep 1803, SC) and is my gg grandmother. David's brother Ausburn (your Osborne) b. 18 Nov 1806, married Emily Mildred Renfro (b. 11 Oct 1824), younger sister of Rebecca.

I notice you show Rebecca and Mildred's kid sister, Nancy B. Renfro as marrying James Duncan. My senior 1st cousin, who is a pro of sorts at this, showed same marriage. However I am convinced this was another Nancy B. Renfro, no relation to our folks -- at least not daughter/sister one. Our most ancient family historian,who was born before Nancy B. died described her as "an old maid spinster whonever married." Initially we figured she erred in her recollections, but last year we found a "Nanny B. Renfro" unmarried in 1860, 1870 and 1880 census' living in household of another David and Ausburn Sanders sibling -- that of their older sister Cynthia Sanders (b. 29 Jun 1801) who married James Hagan (afairly wealthy landowner in Madison County). Nannie B. Renfro is listed in census' as a "Domestic", which she probably was, but she must have been a very special "Domestic" as she is buried in Hagan plot in Richmond Cemetery next to (actually at foot of) James and Cynthia's graves. Anyway her tombstone shows "Nannie B. Renfro" born 01 March 1835 and died 14 Feb 1901. However, I could be wrong -- so you won't hurt my feelings if you arrive at different conclusion.

One other area we differ is as to husband of Narcissus Rebecca Renfro (sister of Peter Jr/III). We both show her 2nd husband as Isaac Butcher, but we have her first husband as old John Land Sr himself. John's 1st wife, Elizabeth Barlow died in child birth of Elizabeth 1 Jan 1796, after which we believe he married Narcissus. Show John F. Land, son of old John Land and Elizabeth Barlow, as marrying 1st, Elizabeth Renfro, kid sister of of Narcissus and Peter, Jr/III. John F. then married Rebecca Cosby 03 Nov 1817 and then Mary Taylor 6 Sep 1842. The above Elizabeth is your ? Land who married Willis Gully 6 Nov 1817. The Elizabeth Renfro that married Jesse Taylor, I show as daughter of Joseph and Mildred. (Also John that married Mary Wright, I have as son of Joseph and Mildred). Rev Joseph Renfro (m. Mildred Land) is of special interest to me as he is probably the Joseph Renfro who performed marriage ceremonies for both our Renfro/Sanders marriages. I believe you also have him performing a marriage or two as I recall. Would love to compare his signatures if you have copy marriage documents you referenced. As to documentationI can email right out, I have marrage documents for Renfro/Sanders marriageswhere Peter was bondsman and gave his consent -- also Joseph's certifications that he performed marriages. And have some deeds, heir type stuff, tombstone pics, etc -- and 1 pic of Rebecca (wife of David and dau of Peter). Anyway be happy to share any or all.

Just reviewing your file and would love to seethat 10 Jul 1851 Jessamine will of Thomas Land. And fascinated by your SC deed references for Renfros on your Peter Jr page -- since my Sanders' came from same area -- and oddly enough there were a John Land Jr and Sr from that area (they died there so not same that died in Madison, but interesting just the same).
Children of Rebecca Renfro and David Sanders are:
MARY ELIZABETH6 SANDERS, born 15 February 1864 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, and died 12 April 1890 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, burial in Sanders Cemetery, Jessamine Co Kentucky.
She married JOHN THOMAS COBB, on 13 September 1882 in Jessamine Co Kentucky. He was born 22 October 1855 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, and died 16 November 1933 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, burial in Cobb Cemetery, Jessamine Co Kentucky
JUDITH ANN SANDERS, born c1845 in Garrard Co Kentucky, and died before 1882 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, burial in David Sanders Cemetery,Taylor Ridge Pike, Jessamine Co Kentucky.
She married NATHAN MATTHEW COBB on 30 March 18643 in Jessamine Co Kentucky. He was born c1844 in Fayette Co Kentucky, and died 19078 in Jessamine Co Kentucky, burial in Cobb Cemetery, Jessamine Co Kentucky.
iii. JAMES WESTON SANDERS married MINERVA MASTERS on 21 March 1864 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
iv. OLIVE JANE SANDERS married BENJAMIN WILLIS on 08 January 1863 in Jessamine Co Kentucky.
v. AMANDA ELLEN SANDERS married JOHN D. EADES on 16 July 1863 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
vi. PETER FLUELLEN FRED MARTIN FROST SANDERS married MARY JANE REYNOLDS on 24 September 1868 in Madison Co Kentucky.
vii. DAVID COLUMBUS SANDERS married KATE HILL on 09 January 1879 in Madison Co Kentucky
viii. REBECCA DEA SANDERS married JAMES W. LAND, JR. on 24 December 1868 in Jessamine Co Kentucky
ix. WILLIAM THOMAS SANDERS married ELIZABETH L. HUNTER on 18 December 1878 in Jessamine Co Kentucky.
x. OLIVER JOHN SANDERS married LETHA PERKINS on 01 January 1877 in Madison Co Kentucky
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SANDERS, born 22 September 1858 in Madison Co Kentucky, and died 14 September 1925 in Madison Co Kentucky.
He married ALICE CHANEY. The daughter of William Chaney and Nancy Keene, she was born in April 1858, Madison Co Kentucky, and died 20 April 19835 in Madison Co Kentucky.
24. NANCY5 LAND, (James4, Elizabeth3, Henry2, Thomas1) born 08 September 1823 in Sullivan Co Indiana.

She married JOEL O. WALTERS, 28 March 1848 in Carlisle, Sullivan Co Indiana. He was born 18 January 1824 in Sullivan Co Indiana.
"History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, State of Indiana, from the earliest time to the present; together with interesting biographical sketches, reminiscences, notes, etc.: Chicago: Goodspeed Brothers and Company, publishers. 1884 Sullivan Co Indiana, Haddon Township, page 761

JOEL O. WALTERS was born in the eastern part of Kentucky January 18, 1824, one of seven children born to Luke and Evarilla (Lamb) Walters, natives of Virginia, who settled in Kentucky in an early day, moving thence to Sullivan County in 1830, and living in Haddon Township the balance of their lives. Subject came with his parents to Indiana when nearly seven years of age, received the ordinary education of the day, and was reared to farming, owning at the present time 300 acres of excellent land. He was married, March 28, 1848, to Nancy Land, and to their union were born ten children, five of whom are living--Mahala, October 15,1851; John W., September 12,1856; Martha A., November 1, 1859; William J., September 17, 1861; and Permelia, April 28, 1865. Mrs. Walters is a daughter of James and Jane (Willis) Land, and was born in this township, September 8, 1823. Subject and wife and all his children are members of the Christian Church at Providence, near Paxton. Mr. Walters had two grandfathers in the Revolutionary war, two uncles in the war of 1812, two cousins in the Mexican war, and three brothers and one cousin in the late rebellion--not one of whom, in either struggle, was shot or wounded, although all took active parts. He is a Democrat, and takes an active interest in the temperance cause, as well as in all public enterprises.
Children of Nancy Land and Joel Walters are:
i. JOHN W.6 WALTERS, born 12 September 1856
ii. WILLIAM J. WALTERS, born 17 September 1861
iii. PERMELIA WALTERS, born 28 April 1865
iv. MAHALA WALTERS, born 15 October 1851 in Sullivan Co Indiana.    She married JAMES A. WILLIS, on 21 April 1873 in Sullivan Co Indiana.
v. MARTHA A. WALTERS, born 01 November 1859
ELCINDA5 WEST, (Elizabeth4, Henry3, Henry2, Thomas1)

She married ISAAC THOMAS MONTGOMERY, 30 October 1855 in Boyle Co Kentucky. The son of Isaac Newton Montgomery and Nancy Sally Stone, he was born 27 August 1827 in Mercer Co Kentucky.
Children of Elcinda and Issac:
i. MARY6 MONTGOMERY, born c1857 in Kentucky
ii. MATTIE MONTGOMERY, born c1859 in Kentucky
iii. NANCY MONTGOMERY, born c1868 in Kentucky
Generation 6 
26. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 'C.C.'6 DAVENPORT (James5, Polly4, James3, Henry2, Thomas1) was born 08 October 1837  (J.C. Davenport)

He married MARY EMMA ANDREWS on 05 November 1863  
Biographical Memoirs from Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana  Part III

On the home plantation October 08, 1837, C.C. Davenport was born.  Until the age of fourteen years he attended the school of his neighborhood, then commenced clerking in his father's store, in fact, he shared equally with his father the control of their entire business.   At the age of seventeen he entered the Georgetown College of Kentucky, from which he graduated in 1857.    From that time until the commencement of hostilities between the states he with his brothers Josiah and John and his sister Eliza S., now the wife of Dr. Robert Cotten, a prominent physician of Birmingham, Alabama, resided at the old homestead.

In 1861 Louisiana, seceding from the Union, found these three brothers ready and willing to enter the confederate army.   As to how well they discharge their duties they will leave to their comrades to attest.  C.C. Davenport went out as lieutenant in the Twelfth Louisiana Infantry, in the Army of Tennessee, and served in all the engagements in which his command participated, and by virtue of promotion he was made captain of his company.

Josiah entered the service as a member of the Third Louisiana Regiment, Army of Missouri, and held the rank of lieutenant at the time of the surrender.

John, who was then but fifteen years of age, went out as a private in a company known as the Davenport Rebels, which was named in honor of Capt. C.C. Davenport.

The former was in the Army of Northern Virginia and was in fifty-three active engagements and at the surrender at Appomattox,  he was the only commissioned officer of his regiment left to report and sign paroles.  He held the rank of second lieutenant.

In 1861 C.C. Davenport was elected to the house of representatives and served two years.  In 1872 he was again elected to the Louisiana legislature on the John McEnery ticket, but that government failing to be recognized by the President, the McEnery legislature was disbanded.   In 1879 he was elected a delegate from Morehouse Parish to the constitutional convention.

Throughout his career he has been actively engaged in planting and merchandising.   In 1882 he, with a few friends, was largely instrumental in inducing the Construction company to locate the Houston, Central Arkansas & Northern railroad at Mer Rouge, Lousiana.

On November 05, 1863, he was married to Miss Mary Emma Andrews, the daughter of a neighboring planter.   Her Christian virtues, training and education had well fitted her to become the wife of a man active in business enterprises, and a mother of whom any child might be fond and proud.

Although Captain Davenport has reached the age of fifty-three years, he is still  active in business and labors for the advancement of every enterprise tending to benefit his home and community. Through his efforts, with his own means, the entire town of Mer Rouge has been laid off, streets graded and hundreds of water oaks planted to add beauty and pleasure to the town.   He has manifested his faith in the future prospects of this place by erecting one of the finest business houses in the South, which, in convenience and ornamental finish would add to, the appearance of any city. He is also the owner of a number of other buildings of substantial structure and ornamental appearance and, in fact, is a live, progressive and pushing business man, well calculated to perform his duties as a citizen, friend, husband and father with faithfulness and credit.

He is the father of six children: A.H., Guy, Joseph A., Ida, Mary Emma and Leon, all of whom still reside with their parents.

Mrs. Davenport is a member of the Episcopal church, and she and her husband are leaders in the social circles in which they move.
Children of C.C. Davenport and Mary Andrews are:
JULIA MALVINA6 BROWN, (Amelia5, Polly4, James3, Henry2, Thomas1) born 10 February 1841 in Mer Rouge Louisiana, and died 24 July 1914 in Corrigan, Texas, and burial in Bienville Parish Louisiana.

She married WILLIAM MICOU WASHBURN on 29 March 1863 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana
Children of Julia Brown and William Wasburn are:
JOSEPH STORRS7 WASHBURN, born 22 June 1880 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 31 October 1968 in Monroe Louisiana, burial Riverside Cemtery, Monroe Louisiana.
He married VIOLA GERTRUDE WALKER on 03 August 1904 in Gibsland, Bienville Parish Louisiana.
DAISY WASHBURN, born 27 January 1865 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 22 February 1866 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana.
EDWIN THOMAS WASHBURN, born 09 April 1866 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 08 October 1893 in Gibsland, Bienville Parish Louisiana.
iv. MARGARET AMELIA WASHBURN, born 26 December 1867 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 24 August 1875.
v. LENA MAY WASHBURN, born 03 May 1869 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 24 July 1929 in Gibsland, Bienville Parish Louisiana
DAVID ABNER WASHBURN, born 11 November 1870 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Lousiana.
He married CORINE ELISE WALTERS on 16 August 1899 in Shreveport Louisiana.
vii. WILLIAM MICOU WASHBURN, born 23 January 1873 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana.
He married MARY LEONA MCCOY on 22 July 1896 in Gibsland, Bienville Parish Louisiana.
viii. JULIAN BROWN WASHBURN, born 20 December 1875 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 01 September 1882 in Bastrop Louisiana.
ALLEN EUGENE WASHBURN, born 15 April 1878 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, and died 10 October 1932 in New Orleans, Louisiana, burial in Metarie Cemetery, New Orleans, Lousiana.
x. LINTON WASHBURN, born 06 August 1882 in Prairie Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish Louisiana
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