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William 'Billy' Barlow

--Barlow Dog and Pony Show--

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From the research of Charles O. Sanders, with contributions of John F. Barlow
Billy Barlow who was murdered in 1914 Argenta, North Little Rock, AR - I have no idea who this guy was. He was of course identified as a "widely known minstrel" at he time of his murder.   Last census 1910 (and only one I can ID him in) lists his occupation as "Odd jobs". So whatever he once was, he was no longer doing it. The closest thing to an ID for what he once did was this found on a circus website:
Olympians of the Sawdust Circle

BARLOW, BILLY. (1849? - October 10, 1914)   Clown, with trained dogs and monkeys, 1868. Died at Argenta, AR, age 65.
That's it. I found a few more news reports on his murder - and I believe I identified who is widow re-married. But whoever Billy was, he wasn't as widely known as we have been led to believe by the accounts of his murder. I don't believe he is in any way related to Milt G. Barlow - and I'm not at all sure he's even a Barlow. Seems that the song Billy Barlow spawned a lot of fake Billy Barlows. And Milt's success caused many more to take the stage name Barlow.
Decatur Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois)   04 August 1886

J. W. Vogel, press agent for McIntyre & Heath's minstrels, was in the city today. The troupe, with Milt Barlow, Billy Armstrong and others, will appear at the opera house, Tuesday evening, Aug. 10th.
The Daily Northwestern   (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) 12 August 1886

McIntyre & Heath's minstrels, with Billy Barlow, will appear at the opera house Monday evening next.
The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette   (Fort Wayne, Indiana) 10 May 1907

LAGRANGE, Ind., May 9. - The Barlow dog and pony show, which was the afternoon and evening attraction for quite a crowd of people who have a brain storm over every show tent and pony parade that comes their way, is presided over by Mr. Barlow, of South Milford. He was once a resident of Lagrange and for a time did quite a prosperous drying business. His aggregation and work at Lagrange have been quite favorably mentioned. His show is keeping pace with the leading attractions of its sizein the country. Whatever a Lagrange county man attempts to do he is expected to "make good" or stand disfranchisement.
Argenta Ward 3, Pulaski, Arkansas (Hill Twp)   Olive Street    Census Image
Page: 70A   ED 148     #69/77 
Enumerated 16 April 1910   First marriage for both, married 12 years, 8 children born, 3 living
H.J. Mayse, head, age 32, born in Arkansas, both parents born in Mississippi  
Hattie Mayse, age 37, born in Arkansas, father in Texas, mother in Pennsylvania
Edith Mayse, daughter, age 7, born in Arkansas
Mildred Mayse, daughter, age 4, born in Arkansas
Vera Mayse, daughter, age 2, born in Arkansas
#69/78  His 2nd marriage, her first, married 2 years, 1 child born, 1 living
Barlow, William, head, age 58, he and both parents born in Illinois
Odd Jobs (Billy Barlow)
Gertrude, wife, age 23, born in Texas, both parents born in Germany
William, son, age 8 mo, born in Arkansas
Conicidence or relationship???
Argenta Ward 3, Pulaski, Arkansas (Hill Twp) Olive Street    Census Image
Page: 76A   ED 148   #188/271
Enumerated 21 April 1910
First marriage for both, married 11 years, 5 children born, 5 living
Martin J. Barlow, Head, age 37, born in Ohio, father born in New York, mother born in Ohio
Minnie Barlow, wife, age 37, born in Arkansas, both parents born in Georgia
Anna Barlow, daughter, age 10, born in Arkansas
Mae Barlow, daughter, age 8, born in Arkansas
Leah Balrow, daughter, age 6, born in Arkansas
Jackson Barlow, son, age 4, born in Arkansas
Ralph Barlow, son, age 8 mo, born in Arkansas

Note: M.J. Barlow, the only child of a minister in 1880 Leon Co Texas
Martin J. Barlow and wife Minnie B. along with dau Anna in 1900 Center Point, Howard, Arkansas in household of Martin's parents.
Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950 Record
Name: Wm Barlow
Death Day: 10 Oct 1914
County: Pulaski
Volume Number: 57   Roll Number: 19141923   Certificate Number: 1264
BARLOW, William    10 Oct 1914
Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941
Record Name: Gertrude Williams
Spouse Name: John H. Bixler
Marriage Date: 4 Sep 1916
Marriage County: St. Joseph
Source Title 1: St. Joseph County, Indiana
Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Records South Bend City Marriage
Source Title 3: W. P. A. Book Numbers Indicates Location of Record
Book: 28 OS   Page: 118
South Bend Ward 1, St Joseph, Indiana   ED 228   Page: 108A       Census Image
Enumeration date: 05 Jan 1920 W. King Street   #14/17

John Bixler, head, age 51, born in Indiana, father born in Indiana, mother born in Michigan
Gertrude M. Bixler, wife, age 33, born in Texas, both parents born in Germany (wid of Billy Barlow)?
William J. Bixler, son, age 11, born in Arkansas  (son of Billy Barlow)?
Laura G. Bixler, daughter, age 8, born in Arkansas (dau of Billy Barlow)?
Genevieve Bixler, daughter, age 20, divorce, she and both parents born in Indiana
New York Times     October 10, 1914         Copy of Original     

MINSTREL BADLY WOUNDED AND WIFE KILLED BY A BURGLAR    (This article was in error, Billy was killed, his wife was not!)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct 9. - William Barlow, formerly a widely known ministrel, was probably fatally wounded and his wife killed late last night by an unidentified negro, who forced his way into the Barlow home at Argenta, a suburb of Little Rock.
A posse has started in pursuit of the negro.
Arkansas Democrat    October 10, 1914     Arkansas Democrat       Copy of original article

BARLOW MURDER STILL A MYSTERY "Billy" Barlow Dead at County Hospital, but Officers Still Working on Various Theories "Duece" Long Still Held.

An inquest over the body of Mr. Barlow will be held by Coroner M.P. McNeil at 7:30 o'clock this evening in the under-taking rooms of Owens and Ricks in Argenta. A large number of neighbors have been subpoenaed to testify concerning the tragedy.

"Billy" Barlow was 60 years of age. He was well-known in theatrical and circus circles wide fame. His wife is 23 years of age. They had been married six years. Their two children, Billie, aged 5, and Laura, aged 2, are being cared for at the home of E.W. Scott, 2127 Maple street.

Not entirely satisfied with the theory that "Billy" Barlow met his death at the hands of Manuel "Duece" Long, or of any other negro, Sheriff W.G. Hutton and his deputies and G.F. Campbell, chief of the Argenta police force, were engaged today in searching for new evidence, which if found may throw an entirely new light up on the mysterious tragedy which was staged in the Barlow home at 1322 East Washington street, Argenta, on Thursday night.

"Billy" Barlow died shortly before 1 o'clock this morning at the Pulaski Co Hospital, never having regained consciousness after he was struck in the head with a hatchet on Thursday night by some unknown assailant. The hope that he would at least regain consciousness long enough to throw light on the mystery was never realized.

Mrs. Barlow, who was severly cut about the head, and whose face was beaten almost to a pulp,is still confined to her bed at the County hospital, but physicians are sanguine of her recovery. She still affirms that the atrocious crime was the work of a short, heavy-set negro, but to officers she has qualified her identification of "Duece" Long by stating that she "thinks he is the man, but would not swear to it." She admits that she had difficulty in distinguishing the features of her alleged assailant because of the fact that the lamp in the room was burning very low.

Officers are by no means convinced that Long is the person who is responsible for Barlow's death, although he is being confined in the State penetentiary pending further developments. His brother, George Long, who was arrested with him and taken to the County hospital yesterday afternoon for identification, was released this morning. Mrs. Barlow immediately rejected him as a possibility. She said her assailant was much shorter in stature.
The Atlanta Constitution  (Atlanta, Georgia)    10 October 1914


Little Rock, Ark., October 9, - William Barlow, formerly a widely known minstrel, and his wife were probably fatally wounded late last night by an unidentified negro who forced his way into the Barlow home at Argenta, a suburb of Little Rock. A posse is in pursuit of the negro.
Neighbors attracted by cries for help found Barlow, who is 65 years old, with his head badly battered and his wife, a young woman, with her throat cut. They were hurried to a hospital, where it was stated their chance for recovery was slight.
Barlow, for a number of years, traveled through the south with minstrel organizations. Several years ago he established his residence in Argenta and conducted an advertising agency here.
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