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Bill Barlow, Journalist

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Bill Barlow - (1857-1910)
By Kristy Cox
Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wyoming

Bill Barlow was a man of many names. He had three different aliases, Morris C. Barrow, Merris C. Barrow, and professionally Bill Barlow.  He had a very successful and wide-ranging career from journalism to politics. (Beard 279)

I. Personal Biography

On Bill Barlow's birth certificate it named him as Morris C. Barrow but throughout his life he developed two other names. He was the son of Reverend Robert C Barrow. He was born on October 4, 1857 in Canton, Pennsylvania.  He moved to Nebraska as a child and became involved in the printing business. (279)

He then moved to Laramie, Wyoming, and became a postal clerk.  In 1880 he gradually shifted back to journalistic work.  During this time he adopted the pen name Bill Barlow. With this name he became very well known.  So much, in fact, that many of his friends never realized his original name. (279)

In 1886 he moved for the last time to Douglas, Wyoming, where he established the first newspaper in Converse County, Bill Barlow's Budget.  This newspaper has had a lot of success. It is still being printed today.  He lived in Douglas until he died on October 9, 1910. (279)
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II. Professional Biography

Starting in 1876 Barlow had a long and successful career in journalism with various other jobs along the way.  From 1876-1878 he leased and published the Tecumseh (Nebraska) Chieftain.  Next as a postal clerk he moved to Laramie Wyoming.  Up until 1886 he achieved editorial status in several newspapers from Laramie to Rawlins.(279)

After moving to Douglas, Wyoming and establishing the ever-popular Bill Barlow's Budget, which made its appearance on June 9, 1886. This happened to be only three short months before the railroad chugged it's way through town. (279)

Barlow published a small monthly magazine called Sage Brush Philosophy, whose circulation stretched beyond that of the sparsely populated Wyoming . In 1879 he returned to journalism. (279)

Upon establishment of the U.S. Land Office in Douglas Mr. Barrow was appointed by President Harrison as its first receiver.  He held this office for several consecutive terms. He was also mayor of Douglas for two successive terms, and served in the Wyoming Legislatures of 1894 and 1896, during which he was chief clerk of the House. In case you were wondering, he was a Republican.  (Beard 280)

The year after he died the book The World Of Just You and I was published by his wife Minnie Barrow.  It was published under the name Merris Barrow. (280)

III. List of Titles

Bill Barlows' Budget Newspaper
Sage Brush Philosophy Magazine
The World of Just You and I
Various Newspapers

IV. Works Cited

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This essay was submitted by a student of Nathel Coca, an English teacher at Campbell County High School in Gillette, Wyoming.
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